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CERTIFICATE PROGRAM INInterior Design andInterior Architecture“You are well prepared to go out in thefield; you feel competent and confidentbecause you have been given all the skillsyou need to market yourself.”NICOLE EVERETT, CID, LEED AP,GRADUATE OF THE CERTIFICATEPROGRAM IN INTERIOR DESIGN ANDINTERIOR ARCHITECTURE; DESIGNER ATHUNTSMAN ARCHITECTURAL GROUPextension.berkeley.edu1

“Dig in and give it 100 percent right from the get-go.Even if it’s something that you choose not to pursue,you will definitely learn something that you can takewith you in other aspects of your life.”TIM FERK, RECENT GRADUATE OF THE CERTIFICATE PROGRAM IN INTERIORDESIGN AND INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE: DESIGNER ATINTERIOR ARCHITECTSTurn your talent and imagination into a careeras a professional interior designer creatingfunctional and aesthetic environments forwork and play.Prepare for a careerin residential andcommercial design.The Certificate Program in Interior Design and InteriorArchitecture from UC Berkeley Extension prepares youto work in residential and commercial design. Since1984, this program has provided adult students witha comprehensive interior design education that isprofessional, affordable, and available to workingindividuals on a part-time basis.The specific aims of the certificate are to help you:KATHY BISHOP DESIGN COMMUNICATION III Gain a theoretical and historical context as abasis for problem solving. Developcommunication and presentation skills,verbal and technical, including knowledge of themost current computer-aided drawing programs.Learn to drawboth manuallyand digitally. Learn to design in a responsible way that abidesby codes and best practices. Understand sustainability issues and ways to usematerials in the most renewable ways. Create a portfolio that demonstrates yourcompetency and professionalism.The Certificate Program in Interior Design and InteriorArchitecture provides you with a comprehensivecurriculum and prepares you for state and nationalexaminations, including the IDEX California exam,sponsored by the California Council for Interior DesignCertification and the National Council for InteriorDesign Qualification (NCIDQ) exam.IRANG IM DESIGN STUDIO IVWith UC Berkeley Extension’s Certificate Program inInterior Design and Interior Architecture, you gain theeducation and skills to work as a trained professional.Nicole Everett Design Studio III2EVGENIA MERSON DESIGN STUDIO IV3

REQUIREDCOURSESFormerly involved in healthcare, Shekar appreciates thather instructors are practicing professionals. “I always drawsomething positive from them, whether that meansfostering creativity or learning technical skills.”SHEKAR DAVARYA, CERTIFIC ATE PROGRAM IN INTERIOR DESIGNAND INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE STUDENTPhase IPhase III Design Principles and Elements Building Components and SystemsARCH X475 (offered every term) Design Communication IARCH X486.1 (offered every term) Color Theory and Application for InteriorsARCH X412.7 (offered every term) AutoCADARCH X479.1 (offered every term) Design Communication IIARCH X486.2 (offered every term) Design Communication IIIARCH X486.3 (offered every term) History of Architecture, Interiors, andDecorative Arts IARCH X412.4 (offered fall term) Digital Presentation TechniquesARCH X481 (offered spring & summer terms)Phase II Design Studio IARCH X482.1 (offered summer & fall terms) Interior Finishes and MaterialsARCH X480 (offered spring & fall terms) for Interior ArchitectureARCH X483 (offered spring term) Design Studio IIIARCH X482.3 (offered summer & fall terms) Construction DocumentsARCH X414.6 (offered summer term) Business Practices for InteriorDesignersARCH X409 (offered fall term) Design Studio IVORNELA NoVELLO DESIGN STUDIO IVARCH X482.4 (offered spring & fall terms) Portfolio and ProfessionalPresentationARCH X413.5 (offered summer term)ElectivesThis professional certificate requirestwo to four electives that can rangefrom training in new digital softwareto internships and courses tailored tospecific areas of interest.WENDY OLAVE DESIGN STUDIO IFor a list of available electives, seeextension.berkeley.edu/cert/intdes.html istory of Architecture, Interiors, andHDecorative Arts IIARCH X412.5 (offered spring term) ISABEL SOLOMON DESIGN STUDIO III RevitARCH X479.2 (offered every term) Space PlanningARCH X413.8 (offered spring & fall terms) Fundamentals of Lighting DesignLESLIE MURCHIE ADVANCED PRESENTATION SKILLSARCH X484 (offered fall term) Design Studio IIARCH X482.2 (offered spring & summer terms)45

“The interactions with my fellow students is one of the bestparts of the program. We work together on group projects andcome up with ideas and help each other out. I think it’s reallybroadened my mind as a human being, not just as a designer.”JUYUM YIM, CERTIFICATE PROGRAM IN INTERIOR DESIGN AND INTERIORARCHITECTURE STUDENTANIA WITKOWSKI DESIGN COMMUNICATION IICurriculum RequirementsThe curriculum consists of 21 required courses (57 semester units) and two to fourelectives (4 semester units) for a total of 61 semester units.How to Register for Your Professional CertificateIt is recommended that you register for the Certificate Program in InteriorDesign and Interior Architecture prior to beginning Phase II.To register, complete the form at extension.berkeley.edu/cert/register.html andinclude the nonrefundable certificate registration fee.The registration is valid for five years. You must reregister for the certificate if youhave not completed the curriculum during this time.Completion RequirementsAll courses must be taken for a letter grade. To receive the certificate, you mustmaintain an overall minimum 2.5 grade point average (GPA), with a grade of C orbetter in each course. A Certificate with Distinction will be awarded to those whocomplete the certificate with a GPA of 3.9 or higher. Students are expected tocomplete the program within five years of registering for the certificate.Substitutions, Waivers, and TransfersYou should contact the program director directly after registering for the professionalcertificate to request a course substitution, waiver, or transfer credit. After you startthe program, you have 30 days to submit transcripts for proposed course substitutions.Once registered, you must complete the remainder of your certificate requirementsat UC Berkeley Extension.Build a Professional PortfolioThe Certificate Program in Interior Design and Interior Architecture gives youthe design training to build a professional portfolio of work that showcasesyour technical and creative skills that meet the needs of today’s employers.Throughout this brochure, you will find examples of such work produced bystudents in the program.MAYARA TAVARES DESIGN STUDIO IV67

JULIE BODDORFF DESIGN STUDIO IVOpportunities and ResourcesSan Francisco is a vital center of design, enabling Extension to choose the bestprofessionals and experts to serve as instructors and lecturers. Our instructorsrepresent diverse educational, experiential and philosophical backgrounds. Theyprovide inspiration and academic rigor to ensure students the highest-qualitydesign education.The San Francisco Bay Area offers good options for finding employment in theindustry while attending school. Our instructors, Advisory Board, and studentchapters of professional design organizations such as the American Society ofInterior Designers (ASID) and the International Interior Design Association (IIDA)provide you with opportunities for participation, networking and connectingwith mentors.Value of a UC Berkeley Extension Professional CertificateAs the continuing education division of the University of California, Berkeley,UC Berkeley Extension is a respected provider of adult and professionaleducation. This UC Berkeley Extension professional certificate is approved bythe UC Berkeley Department of Architecture and widely recognized as proof ofthe successful completion of a high-caliber, in-depth course of study.Learn MoreFor more information about the Certificate Programin Interior Design and Interior mle-mail: interiordes-unex@berkeley.edutel: (510) 664-7824extension.berkeley.edu/cert/intdes.html 2016 by the Regents of the University of California

The Certificate Program in Interior Design and Interior Architecture from UC Berkeley Extension prepares you to work in residential and commercial design. Since 1984, this program has provided adult students with a comprehensive interior design education that is professional, affordable, and available to working individuals on a part-time basis.

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Are you a newly qualified interior design graduate or an experienced interior designer wanting to start your own business in interior design, but don't know where to start? Perhaps you've worked as an interior designer for years within an agency, but now want to step away from the rigid hours and have more of a work/life balance?

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5. Select the category that best describes the signed certificate uploaded and click on [Display the list]. 6. Within the Certificate List screen select the box next to the certificate that should be used on the device and click the [Certificate Details] button. 7. Within the Certificate Details window click on [Use this certificate]. When

The certificate incorporates all three certificates (Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Health/Sanitation, and Certificate of Authenticity/Free Sale). If you should need a Certificate of Bottling it must be applied for separately using the export certificate letterhead template. 21

(a) A certificate for proof of age (Birth certificate or Board certificate). (b) Pass certificate of the qualifying examination. (c) College/ School leaving certificate.[CLC/SLC] (d) Migration certificate (If applicable) (e) 02 recent passport size colour photographs

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