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SEVENTH CUT-OFF LISTUNIVERSITY OF DELHIMINIMUM PERCENTAGE OF MARKS AT WHICH ADMISSION TO VARIOUS COURSES OF STUDY HAVE BEENOFFERED BY DIFFERENT COLLEGES OF DELHI UNIVERSITY FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2012-2013Arts/Commerce CoursesName of CollegeB.A.B.Com.Acharya Nar. DevAditiMahavidyalayaA.R.S.DBhagini NiveditaBharti CollegeBhim RaoAmbedkarCollege of Voc.StudiesDaulat RamDeen h.(H)Phil.(H)Pol. SED(60-65)CLOSED(42)CLOSED–––B.El.Ed- Test & InterviewB.A. (H)-Social Work- �–(67.5-68.5)*–––(–––)Tourism – 71(61)CLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSED(50) SED)CLOSED(50)–––(54-67)–––(59-67)Less 3% for Girls*Few Seats*Against (62-63)(45)CLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSED(69-70.75)**Less 5%for opting OMSP#Less 10% for Music, Skt., ED(53) 3.5(71)Less 3% for GirlsOMSP – 71 (57)Mgt & Mktg.of Insurance – 74 (56)Mktg. Mgt & Retail Business- CLOSED (59)Materials Mgt.- 71.5 (54)Human Res. Mgt.- CLOSED (64)Small & Medium Enterprises.- CLOSED 5)(68)**Waiting List ContactCollegeLess 2% for GirlsCLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSED(57)*CLOSEDB.A. (H) App. Psychology – CLOSED (60)CLOSED(70)CLOSEDB.A. (H)-Hindi Patrakarita –Centralized Interview*(43)(68)Delhi Coll. of Arts& Com.Dyal ED71(61)CLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSED(67)BA(H) Journalism – C-JETCLOSED*Waiting ListCLOSEDLess 3% for Girls

3Name of Hindi(H)Math.(H)Phil.(H)Pol. Sc.(H)Sanskt.(H)Socio.(H)Dyal Singh (E.)InformationNotReceived– ContactCollegeGargiInformationNotReceived– ContactCollegeHans RajHinduI.P. D(70-71)CLOSED(57) CATECLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSED(70)(65)CLOSED(51) CATECLOSED(65)CLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSED(48-58)*Janki DeviMemorialCLOSEDJesus & MaryKalindiKeshavMahavidyalayaKirori MalLady Shri RamLakshmi BaiMata SundriMaharaja AgrasenMaitreyiMiranda D(70-75)*CLOSED(40.5)CLOSED(70)*– ved– eceived(60)*– ContactCLOSEDCLOSED*Contact CollegeB.A. with Bengali –CLOSED (––)CLOSEDCollegeNo ListNo ListNo ListCLOSEDNo ListNo ListNo (40.5)(48)Received– ContactCLOSEDCLOSEDUrdu – CLOSED(40.5-52.99)Journalism – TestOBC candidates Contact CollegeJournalism & Business Eco. – Test*For non-commerce streamNo ListNotBA(Prg) ASPSM–CLOSED (73-76)*Few SeatsCLOSEDInformationJournalism– Test & InterviewCLOSEDCollegeCLOSED(45)*Contact 49-54)*Kamla NehruCLOSEDCLOSEDPsy.(H)College

4Name of CollegeMoti Lal NehruMoti Lal Nehru .Eco.Eng.HistoryHindiMath.Phil.Pol. LOSEDRam Lal Anand75-77**(63-65)–––(–––)Ram Lal Anand (E)RamanujanRamjasShivajiSatyawati 76)–––(69-74)CLOSED(65)(50) *(63-69)Shaheed BhagatSingh (E)Shri Ram Coll. of Com.S.G.G.S. Coll. of � –––)Less 3% for LOSEDCLOSED(57) CATECLOSEDLess 2% for G except Skt.*Less 5% for GirlsHist. & English*Less 2% for Girls**Less 3% for Girls# Admission against cancellation(CLOSED)(61.2)CATENotReceivedCLOSED– ContactCLOSEDUrdu– 45 (42)NotReceived– ContactAdmission – ClosedBA with Skt.– CLOSED*Only Hindi Medium with combinationof His. & Pol. Sci.CollegeCLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSED(67-70)*3% higher for NonCommerce Stream**Less 5% for GirlsCLOSEDCLOSEDInformation**Less 5% for rmationCLOSED75(70)CLOSEDNot*Less 3% for Girls#Against CancellationCLOSED(50)CLOSEDCLOSEDSatyawati (Eve.)Shaheed ollegeLess 5% for Girls

5Name of CollegeB.A.B.Com.B.Com.(H)Eco.(H)S.G.T.B. KhalsaCLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSEDS.P. M. CollegeCLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSEDShyam 8(65)CLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSED(66)(71)Sri ) D77.5*(60)*84.75*CLOSED(65)*(49) CATEVivekanandaCLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSED(40) CATEZakir Husain (E.)Note: 16, 2012#( )#*CLOSED(70-75)*( )#(CLOSED)( )#CLOSEDReceivedPol. Sc.(H)– H)CLOSEDCLOSED( )#40(40)Appld Psy– 78 (69)Less 3% for Girls*Few SeatsSubject to availability of seats inOBC Category(56)Appld Psy – EDCLOSEDLess 2% for GirlsCLOSEDCLOSEDCLOSEDRemarksPunjabi – All ( LOSEDSri EDSri Aurobindo (E.)Zakir HusainHistory(H)InformationS.G.N.D. KhalsaShyam Lal DCLOSED44(40)CLOSED( )#**Less 3%% for GirlsAppld. Psy.- CLOSED (57-62)CLOSED( )#Persian – All eligibleUrdu- CLOSED ( )#Arabic – CLOSEDPersian– All eligibleBengali – All eligible#Few Seats contact collegeUrdu – All eligible* (All eligible)*(CLOSED)The percentage of marks given are aggregate marks. For detailed information please contact the respective Colleges and the University’s website:‘G’ stands for ‘Girls.The figure mentioned within bracket ‘( )’ indicates cut-off for OBC Category.Cut Off for B.A. (H) English is based on CATE Score 2012.Please contact the College for variation in percentage in a particular Course. It is due to combination of Subjects.*Few Seats

Daulat Ram CLOSED CLOSED 94.75-96.75* (CLOSED) CLOSED CLOSED (69-70.75)* CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED (56) *(72.5)* (40.5) (68) *Waiting List Contact College Deen Dayal Upadhayaya CLOSED CLOSED (70) CLOSED Less 2% for Girls Delhi Coll. of Arts & Com. CLOSED (60 -72) CLOSED (78.5 81) CLOSED (83.75-86.5) (79.5-81) CLOSED (53) CATE CLOSED (62-74) CLOSED .

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E-mail: Website: 8. Cut the cable flush with the hole in the back of the fitting using a cut-off wheel. Cut-off Tool Used to cut cable flush with the end of the Pull-Lock fittings, and to cut excess threads off stud-type Receivers. Includes mandrel and two cut-off wheels. Order CUT-OFF KIT 6.

Version 12.01.2018 v.LiNK Video-inserter VL3-MIB-4 . Read the manual prior to installation. Technical knowledge is necessary for installation. The . Audi Q7 (4M) MMI 7“ OFF OFF OFF OFF Porsche OFF OFF OFF OFF VW Touran OFF OFF OFF OFF Audi TT (8S) ON OFF .

2 write -off/charge off tools contents understanding the difference between a write-off and a charge- off 3 configuring write-off/charge-off memo types 6 configuring write-off/charge-off codes/reason codes 7 writing off a loan 10 beginning the write-off process 10 determining whether the loan is still collectible

Fabric 4 E - cut (8) 2" x WOF strips Fabric 5 D - cut (4) 3-1/2"" x WOF strips Fabric 6 F - cut (4) 6-1/2" squares Fabric 7 G - cut (9) 10" squares, cut each TWICE diagonally (fig. 1) make (36) triangles. Borders Cut (4) 8-1/2" x 66" LOF Binding Cut (7) 2-1/2" x WOF strips Backing: Cut into (2) 2 yard pieces. (fig. 2) WOF - Width of Fabric(fig

n 2. Bernina CutWork Accessory Cut 1 . Cut 1 n 3. Bernina CutWork Accessory Cut 2 . Cut 2 n 4. Bernina CutWork Accessory Cut 3 . Cut 3 n 5. Bernina CutWork Accessory Cut 4 . Cut 4 21014-01_CWA_B

be done when parameters of a new diamond are entered. To change a cut type, click «Shape and cut» box with a mouse. A list of possible values appears. Clicking on a cut type in this list will select this cut. A diamond image in the left half of Diamond Calculator window will change, displaying a diamond of a newly selected cut. 2. Vary cut .

Template/Cardstock Scissors materials: instructions: Print the template Cut along thick solid line, fold along the center line Cut along lines marked Cut 1 and Cut 2. Cut along the card spine between Cut lines 1 & 2 (labeled Cut 3). lines back to back. Unfold.Fold the card again and

1986 Hyundai U.S. (X Series) 7 Cut 35 WF201 1994 Hyundai (X,Y Series) 7 Cut 42 WF301 1989 Hyundai (S,T Series) 8 Cut 43 WF302 ISUZU 1969 Isuzu 6 Cut 29 WF80 1985 Isuzu 6 Cut 30 WF85 1988 Isuzu 8 Cut 33 WF88 1989 Isuzu 8 Cut 34 WF89 7 IN-A-MINUTE AUTO LOCK DECODER INDEX Cuts/ Page