Genesis 1—2 Genesis 3 Sin Enters The Picture Catch-up Day .

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JANUARY 1Genesis 1—2In the BeginningJANUARY 2Genesis 3Sin Enters the PictureJANUARY 3Catch-up DayJANUARY 4Genesis 6—8Water, Water EverywhereJANUARY 5Genesis 12:1–5, 17:1–22, 21:1–7God’s Promise to AbrahamJANUARY 6Catch-up DayJANUARY 7Genesis 18:16—19:29Goodbye, Sodom and GomorrahJANUARY 8Genesis 24Issac Loves RebekahJANUARY 9Catch-up DayJANUARY 10Genesis 25:19–34, 27:1–40Between BrothersJANUARY 11Genesis 32—33The Deceiver Comes HomeJANUARY 12Catch-up DayJANUARY 13Genesis 37, 41Joseph’s Egyptian AdventureJANUARY 14Genesis 42, 45Family ReunionJANUARY 15Catch-up DayJANUARY 16Exodus 2:3–22A Man Named MosesJANUARY 17Exodus 12:1–42, 13:17—14:31Escape from EgyptJANUARY 18Catch-up DayJANUARY 19Exodus 15:22—17:16Life in the WildernessJANUARY 20Exodus 20:1–21Ten CommandmentsJANUARY 21Catch-up DayJANUARY 22Exodus 32Calf WorshipJANUARY 23Numbers 20Moses Loses His Cool – and MoreJANUARY 24Catch-up DayJANUARY 25Joshua 1, 3Joshua Takes CommandJANUARY 26Joshua 8, 11Conquering the Promised LandJANUARY 27Catch-up DayJANUARY 28Judges 6—7Gideon, the Reluctant LeaderJANUARY 29Judges 13, 16The Weak Strong ManJANUARY 30Catch-up DayJANUARY 311 Samuel 1, 3Calling SamuelFEBRUARY 11 Samuel 8:1—10:1Israel Gets a KingFEBRUARY 2Catch-up DayFEBRUARY 31 Samuel 15God Rejects SaulFEBRUARY 41 Samuel 17David Versus GoliathFEBRUARY 5Catch-up DayFEBRUARY 62 Samuel 5:1–5, 7:1–17Davidic Rule and CovenantFEBRUARY 71 Kings 3:1–28, 4:29–34Solomon, the Wise GuyFEBRUARY 8Catch-up DayFEBRUARY 91 Kings 6, 8Building the TempleFEBRUARY 101 Kings 18:17—19:18Elijah and the Battle of BaalFEBRUARY 11Catch-up DayFEBRUARY 122 Kings 17The Exile of IsraelFEBRUARY 132 Kings 25The Fall of JerusalemFEBRUARY 14Catch-up DayCORAMDEOBIBLE.CHURCH/TOGETHERPAGE 1 OF 2

FEBRUARY 15Ezra 1, 6Rebuilding of the TempleFEBRUARY 16Nehemiah 2, 6Rebuilding the Walls of JerusalemFEBRUARY 17Catch-up DayFEBRUARY 18Esther 3—4, 7Esther Saves Her PeopleFEBRUARY 19Job 1:1—2:10, 42:1–17Job, the Noble SuffererFEBRUARY 20Catch-up DayFEBRUARY 21Psalm 23, 51Psalms of Comfort and ConfessionFEBRUARY 22Isaiah 52:13—53:12The Coming MessiahFEBRUARY 23Catch-up DayFEBRUARY 24Daniel 6A Night in the Lion’s DenFEBRUARY 25Jonah 1—4The Ultimate Fish StoryFEBRUARY 26Catch-up DayFEBRUARY 27Matthew 1:18—2:23, Luke 2The First Christmas: Jesus is BornFEBRUARY 28Matthew 5—7The Sermon on the MountMARCH 1Catch-up DayMARCH 2Matthew 8—9Miracle After MiracleMARCH 3Matthew 13Parable After ParableMARCH 4Catch-up DayMARCH 5Luke 11:1–13The Lord’s PrayerMARCH 6John 11:1–44The Raising of LazarusMARCH 7Catch-up DayMARCH 8John 17—19The Passion of the ChristMARCH 9John 20—21He Lives!MARCH 10Catch-up DayMARCH 11Acts 2Welcome, Holy SpiritMARCH 12Acts 6:8—7:60The First MartyrMARCH 13Catch-up DayMARCH 14Acts 9:1–31Saul Sees the LightMARCH 15Acts 10:1—11:18Good News for GentilesMARCH 16Catch-up DayMARCH 17Acts 13—14Hit the Road, PaulMARCH 18Romans 3, 8Sin and SalvationMARCH 19Catch-up DayMARCH 201 Corinthians 12—13The Most Excellent WayMARCH 21Ephesians 5:1—6:4Children of LightMARCH 22Catch-up DayMARCH 231 Thessalonians 4:13—5:11Jesus is Coming AgainMARCH 24Hebrews 11The Faith Hall of FameMARCH 25Catch-up DayMARCH 26James 1Just Do ItMARCH 271 John 3—4Love, Love, LoveMARCH 28Catch-up DayMARCH 29Revelation 20Judgment DayMARCH 30Revelation 21—22Forever and EverMARCH 31Catch-up DayCORAMDEOBIBLE.CHURCH/TOGETHERPAGE 2 OF 2

APRIL 1Matthew 1MAY 16Luke 1APRIL 2Matthew 2MAY 17Luke 2APRIL 3Matthew 3MAY 18Luke 3APRIL 4Matthew 4MAY 19Luke 4APRIL 5Matthew 5MAY 20Luke 5APRIL 6Matthew 6MAY 21Luke 6APRIL 7Matthew 7MAY 22Luke 7APRIL 8Matthew 8MAY 23Luke 8APRIL 9Matthew 9MAY 24Luke 9APRIL 10Matthew 10MAY 25Luke 10APRIL 11Matthew 11MAY 26Luke 11APRIL 12Matthew 12MAY 27Luke 12APRIL 13Matthew 13MAY 28Luke 13APRIL 14Matthew 14MAY 29Luke 14APRIL 15Matthew 15MAY 30Luke 15APRIL 16Matthew 16MAY 31Luke 16APRIL 17Matthew 17JUNE 1Luke 17APRIL 18Matthew 18JUNE 2Luke 18APRIL 19Matthew 19JUNE 3Luke 19APRIL 20Matthew 20JUNE 4Luke 20APRIL 21Matthew 21JUNE 5Luke 21APRIL 22Matthew 22JUNE 6Luke 22APRIL 23Matthew 23JUNE 7Luke 23APRIL 24Matthew 24JUNE 8Luke 24APRIL 25Matthew 25JUNE 9John 1APRIL 26Matthew 26JUNE 10John 2APRIL 27Matthew 27JUNE 11John 3APRIL 28Matthew 28JUNE 12John 4APRIL 29Mark 1JUNE 13John 5APRIL 30Mark 2JUNE 14John 6MAY 1Mark 3JUNE 15John 7MAY 2Mark 4JUNE 16John 8MAY 3Mark 5JUNE 17John 9MAY 4Mark 6JUNE 18John 10MAY 5Mark 7JUNE 19John 11MAY 6Mark 8JUNE 20John 12MAY 7Mark 9JUNE 21John 13MAY 8Mark 10JUNE 22John 14MAY 9Mark 11JUNE 23John 15MAY 10Mark 12JUNE 24John 16MAY 11Mark 13JUNE 25John 17MAY 12Mark 14JUNE 26John 18MAY 13Mark 15JUNE 27John 19MAY 14Mark 16JUNE 28John 20MAY 15Catch-up DayJUNE 29John 21JUNE 30Catch-up DayCORAMDEOBIBLE.CHURCH/TOGETHERPAGE 1 OF 1

JULY 1Acts 1—2AUGUST 16Philippians 3—4JULY 2Acts 3—4AUGUST 17Colossians 1—2JULY 3Acts 5—6AUGUST 18Colossians 3—4JULY 4Acts 7—8AUGUST 191 Thessalonians 1—2JULY 5Acts 9—10AUGUST 201 Thessalonians 3—5JULY 6Acts 11—12AUGUST 212 Thessalonians 1—3JULY 7Acts 13—14AUGUST 221 Timothy 1—2JULY 8Acts 15—16AUGUST 231 Timothy 3—4JULY 9Acts 17—18AUGUST 241 Timothy 5—6JULY 10Acts 19—20AUGUST 252 Timothy 1—2JULY 11Acts 21—22AUGUST 262 Timothy 3—4JULY 12Acts 23—24AUGUST 27Titus 1—3JULY 13Acts 25—26AUGUST 28Philemon 1JULY 14Acts 27—28AUGUST 29Hebrews 1—2JULY 15Romans 1—2AUGUST 30Hebrews 3—4JULY 16Romans 3—4AUGUST 31Hebrews 5—6JULY 17Romans 5—6SEPTEMBER 1Hebrews 7—8JULY 18Romans 7—8SEPTEMBER 2Hebrews 9JULY 19Romans 9SEPTEMBER 3Hebrews 10JULY 20Romans 10SEPTEMBER 4Hebrews 11JULY 21Romans 11SEPTEMBER 5Hebrews 12—13JULY 22Romans 12SEPTEMBER 6James 1JULY 23Romans 13—14SEPTEMBER 7James 2JULY 24Romans 15—16SEPTEMBER 8James 3JULY 251 Corinthians 1—2SEPTEMBER 9James 4JULY 261 Corinthians 3—4SEPTEMBER 10James 5JULY 271 Corinthians 5—6SEPTEMBER 111 Peter 1—2JULY 281 Corinthians 7—8SEPTEMBER 121 Peter 3—5JULY 291 Corinthians 9—10SEPTEMBER 132 Peter 1—3JULY 301 Corinthians 11—12SEPTEMBER 141 John 1—2JULY 311 Corinthians 13—14SEPTEMBER 151 John 3AUGUST 11 Corinthians 15—16SEPTEMBER 161 John 4—5AUGUST 22 Corinthians 1—2SEPTEMBER 172 John 1AUGUST 32 Corinthians 3—4SEPTEMBER 183 John 1AUGUST 42 Corinthians 5—6SEPTEMBER 19JudeAUGUST 52 Corinthians 7—8SEPTEMBER 20Revelation 1—2AUGUST 62 Corinthians 9—10SEPTEMBER 21Revelation 3—4AUGUST 72 Corinthians 11SEPTEMBER 22Revelation 5—6AUGUST 82 Corinthians 12—13SEPTEMBER 23Revelation 7—8AUGUST 9Galatians 1—2SEPTEMBER 24Revelation 9—10AUGUST 10Galatians 3—4SEPTEMBER 25Revelation 11—12AUGUST 11Galatians 5—6SEPTEMBER 26Revelation 13—14AUGUST 12Ephesians 1—2SEPTEMBER 27Revelation 15—16AUGUST 13Ephesians 3—4SEPTEMBER 28Revelation 17—18AUGUST 14Ephesians 5—6SEPTEMBER 29Revelation 19—20AUGUST 15Philippians 1—2SEPTEMBER 30Revelation 21—22CORAMDEOBIBLE.CHURCH/TOGETHERPAGE 1 OF 1

OCTOBER 1Proverbs 1NOVEMBER 16Psalms 84—85OCTOBER 2Psalms 1—3NOVEMBER 17Psalms 86—88OCTOBER 3Psalms 4—5NOVEMBER 18Proverbs 16—17OCTOBER 4Psalms 6—7NOVEMBER 19Psalm 89OCTOBER 5Psalms 8—9NOVEMBER 20Psalms 90—91OCTOBER 6Psalms 10—12NOVEMBER 21Psalms 92—94OCTOBER 7Proverbs 2—3NOVEMBER 22Psalms 95—97OCTOBER 8Psalms 13—15NOVEMBER 23Psalms 98—99OCTOBER 9Psalms 16—17NOVEMBER 24Proverbs 18—19OCTOBER 10Psalm 18NOVEMBER 25Psalms 100—101OCTOBER 11Psalms 19—21NOVEMBER 26Psalm 102OCTOBER 12Psalms 22—23NOVEMBER 27Psalm 103OCTOBER 13Proverbs 4—5NOVEMBER 28Psalm 104OCTOBER 14Psalms 24—25NOVEMBER 29Psalm 105OCTOBER 15Psalms 26—28NOVEMBER 30Proverbs 20—21OCTOBER 16Psalms 29—30DECEMBER 1Psalm 106OCTOBER 17Psalms 31—32DECEMBER 2Psalm 107OCTOBER 18Psalms 33—34DECEMBER 3Psalms 108—109OCTOBER 19Proverbs 6—7DECEMBER 4Psalms 110—112OCTOBER 20Psalms 35—36DECEMBER 5Psalms 113—115OCTOBER 21Psalm 37DECEMBER 6Proverbs 22—23OCTOBER 22Psalms 38—39DECEMBER 7Psalms 116—117OCTOBER 23Psalms 40—41DECEMBER 8Psalm 118OCTOBER 24Psalms 42—44DECEMBER 9Psalm 119:1–32OCTOBER 25Proverbs 8—9DECEMBER 10Psalm 119:33–64OCTOBER 26Psalms 45—47DECEMBER 11Psalm 119:65–96OCTOBER 27Psalms 48—49DECEMBER 12Proverbs 24—25OCTOBER 28Psalms 50—51DECEMBER 13Psalm 119:97–128OCTOBER 29Psalms 52—54DECEMBER 14Psalm 119:129–176OCTOBER 30Psalms 55—56DECEMBER 15Psalms 120—121OCTOBER 31Proverbs 10—11DECEMBER 16Psalms 122—123NOVEMBER 1Psalms 57—59DECEMBER 17Psalms 124—126NOVEMBER 2Psalms 60—62DECEMBER 18Proverbs 26—27NOVEMBER 3Psalms 63—65DECEMBER 19Psalms 127—129NOVEMBER 4Psalms 66—67DECEMBER 20Psalms 130—132NOVEMBER 5Psalm 68DECEMBER 21Psalms 133—135NOVEMBER 6Proverbs 12—13DECEMBER 22Psalm 136NOVEMBER 7Psalm 69DECEMBER 23Psalms 137—138NOVEMBER 8Psalms 70—71DECEMBER 24Proverbs 28—29NOVEMBER 9Psalms 72—73DECEMBER 25Psalm 139NOVEMBER 10Psalms 74—75DECEMBER 26Psalms 140—141NOVEMBER 11Psalms 76—77DECEMBER 27Psalms 142—143NOVEMBER 12Proverbs 14—15DECEMBER 28Psalms 144—145NOVEMBER 13Psalm 78DECEMBER 29Psalms 146—147NOVEMBER 14Psalms 79—80DECEMBER 30Psalms 148—150NOVEMBER 15Psalms 81—83DECEMBER 31Proverbs 30—31CORAMDEOBIBLE.CHURCH/TOGETHERPAGE 1 OF 1

Matthew 27 Matthew 28 Mark 1 Mark 2 Mark 3 Mark 4 Mark 5 Mark 6 Mark 7 Mark 8 Mark 9 Mark 10 Mark 11 Mark 12 Mark 13 Mark 14 Mark 15 Mark 16 Catch-up Day CORAMDEOBIBLE.CHURCH/TOGETHER PAGE 1 OF 1 MAY 16 . Proverbs 2—3 Psalms 13—15 Psalms 16—17 Psalm 18 Psalms 19—21 Psalms

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