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summerat sherwoodC la sses b eg in t h e w eek of J u ne 2, 2021

SCHE D U LE8:15 AM Adult Connect Groups9:30 AM Worship11:00 AM Connect Groups for all ages5:30 PM House of Prayer6:00 PM Worship6:00 PM Kids RockHigh energy, kid-sized worship experience. Eachprogram consists of Clubhouse Sketches, a specialprayer time, youth-led worship and a Bible lesson byPastor Mark Scardino for grades 1st - 5th.what’s h appe ni ng o nsundays

Topical Classes 11:00 AMCHASING GODby Angie SmithMatt CaseyJune 6 – July 11Joy 122Religion is exhausting. Chasing God trying to shape atheology to suit our taste, the times or the current crisesis fruitless. Come learn to follow Jesus and not chase whoyou think He is. Learn to look at Him and not for Him.WHEN WE SAY OUR FATHERby Adrian RodgersMatt CaseyJuly 18 – August 29Joy 122A study of the Model Prayer in Matthew 6. Prayer changesus. How does Jesus want us to live, based on how He taughtus to pray?topicalclasses

8:15 AMClassTeacher Age GroupFAITH 203Life ApplicationFlynt Erickson Couples 50s-60sFELLOWSHIP 101FELLOWSHIP 102FELLOWSHIP 103/104Fishers of MenRuth’s Shining LightLighthouse/MUCCollier Men 70 Wilson Powell Pippin Women 65 Weaver Men 70s-80 WORSHIP 108EncouragersHatcher Couples 60 FoundationsDisciple MakersFIT’nessSingle MomsNew BeginningsHeart and HandsYoung ProfessionalsLegacy BuildersCollegeWeaver Couples 20 Perry Davis Couples 20 Sheets Orr Couples 40s-50sDozier BlandDziuban Couples 30 Dobson Varnadoe Couples 40s-50sMiller Mallery 23-26NeSmith Couples 30s-40sBennett 18-2211:00 202203206207208209210211BarnabasBlueprintsThe conciliationHarrison Johnson Couples 50sLane Ofodolie Couples 30s-40sSmith Couples 50s-60sMartin Wari Davis Ladies 50 Maddox 40 Douglas Couples 60-70sProctor Fallin Couples 40s-50sBland Edmier 27-39Trochez SpanishWORSHIP 103WORSHIP 107WORSHIP 109Living WordGoing DeeperAgapeMathis Couples 60 Dapper Briseno Couples 30sBeall Majors Ladies 60 GYMCornerstoneSpalinger Howell Couples 02103/104105/106107108109201202connectgroupsadult

studentEleva te 11:00 AMAt Sherwood, we believe spiritual growthis important. For that reason, we challengeevery person to do life with other believersin a Connect Group. A Connect Group is anenvironment of biblical community wherestudents can feel welcome and accepted,encounter Christ and His Word and bediscipled. Our groups spend time in God’sWord through Bible-based curriculum.Each group is encouraged to study theBible weekly and hang out quarterly.MIDDLE SCHOOL6TH Grade Boys HOPE 1096TH Grade Girls HOPE 1087TH Grade Boys HOPE 1077TH Grade Girls HOPE 1058TH Grade Boys HOPE 1048TH Grade Girls HOPE 103HIGH SCHOOL9TH Grade Boys HOPE 1079TH Grade Girls HOPE 10210TH Grade Boys HOPE 20210TH Grade Girls HOPE 20611TH Grade Boys HOPE 20811TH Grade Girls HOPE 209E le m e n ta r y 11:0 0 A Mconnectgroupselementary1st Grade A JOY 2011st Grade B JOY 2032nd Grade JOY 2053rd Grade A JOY 2063rd Grade B JOY 2074th Grade A JOY 2104th Grade B JOY 2085th Grade JOY 211collegeECM 11:00 AMCollege students meet every Sundaymorning to discuss and read God’s Wordtogether. This time together is led byRyan and Stephanie Bennett in Faith 211.

COLLEGE6:30 PM – 8:15 PMHope Building Worship CenterEach week, college students get the opportunity to engagewith God in worship and be challenged to hear from God’sWord. Free dinner is provided every week from 6:30 PM –7:15 PM. Worship begins at 7:15 PM.w h at’s h appe ni ng o ntuesdays

DISCOVER SHERWOODStaff Member FAITH 206Come and learn what it means to be part of Sherwoodand how you can plug in. This four-session introductionto the church will help you learn about the mission andvision of our church. We will tour you around much ofour facility and help you begin to find out where God hascalled you to get involved.BIBLE STUDIES FOR LIFEDaniel Joiner FAITH 207The Bible Studies for Life group will study “The ChurchGod Desires” by Randy Fields (7 sessions). This studyexamines Jesus’ messages to seven different churches inthe Book of Revelation.HOPE IN LIFE’S DIFFICULTIESRev. Gary Hadden FAITH 210Hope in Life’s Difficulties is a Bible study to help us applyBiblical hope and to show us how to entrust ourselves toGod in all seasons and circumstances.EXPLORE THE WORDCurtis Driver FAITH 211Come mine the depth of Ephesians. This study is a verseby verse examination of one of the most practical booksin the New Testament. Learn more about this roadmap tobecoming more like Jesus.w h at’s h appe n i ng o nwednesdayswednesdayscl as s e s be gi n at 6 : 3 0 PMPl ea s e n o t e, w e w ill not h ave classe s J u l y 7 t h .CHOIR ORCHESTRAChoir WORSHIP 107Orchestra WORSHIP CENTERNo choir or orchestra rehearsal in July.

HORIZONTAL JESUS6:30 PM FAITH 209June 2 - June 30by Tony EvansSteve Dzuiban Billy GuinDiscover how your vertical relationship with God is connectedto horizontal relationships with others. Loving God is verticallove. Loving others is horizontal love. Jesus showed Hisdisciples how these two loves are intertwined in practicalways. While our relationship with God is based on faith alone,He warns and encourages us to see that the way we treatpeople affects our experience of Him. In this study, you’lllearn how to apply biblical principles drawn from severalone-another passages in Scripture. In doing so, you’ll reapblessings in your vertical relationship with God.BOOK OF PHILIPPIANS6:30 PM FAITH 209July 14 – August 4Steve Dzuiban Billy GuinAlthough Paul was writing from prison, joy is a dominanttheme in this letter. The secret of his joy is grounded in hisrelationship with Christ.DISCIPLESHIP STUDIES6:30 PMThe Hope Center at the Coke Plant(925 Pine Avenue)June 2 – August 4Scott DobsonDiscover how to understand, accept and assist in spreadingthe Gospel of Jesus Christ in our local’sstudies

EVERYDAY THEOLOGYby Mary Wiley6:30 PM FELLOWSHIP 103 104June 2 – July 28Holley RichardsonTheology is the study of God, what He has done, is doingand will do in the world. And it’s not just for those withformal education or those who work at your church. It’s foryou in your everyday moments, questions and decisions.It’s for the big and little, the exciting and mundane. Ourtheology is the basis of our faith and touches every partof our existence. In this 8-session study by Mary Wiley,explore 8 essential doctrines: Scripture, God, Jesus, theHoly Spirit, humanity, salvation, the church and the endtimes. Know God more deeply as you examine thesefoundational truths.*Childcare is available for all studies.Workbooks may be purchased in The Source.women’sstudies

childrenPRESCHOOL POWERHOURZK3-K4 JOY Building 1st FloorChildren ages 3 and 4 will experience Preschool PowerHourz.Each week we will take a deeper look at our Gospel Projectlesson, visit the playground and hang out with friends!WILD AND WACKY WEDNESDAYK5-5th JOY Building 2nd floorElementary students will enjoy games, worship and a Biblelesson in the Kids Rock theater and also recreation timewith their friends in the gym.studentsMIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL6:00 PM Game Room/Cafe/Basketball6:30 PM Optional Prayer Time in Youth Worship Area6:45 PM Middle School & High School WorshipEVENTSJune 7-11 MS/HS Summer CampJune 28 MS/HS Wild Adventures TripJune 30 ELEVATE at the Sports ParkJuly 5-8 Student Leadership University 101July 20 Beach DayJuly 28 ELEVATE at the Sports ParkAugust 11 Back to School BashPlease visit for more detailsabout all our summer events.

LIFE SKILLS CLASSESJune 510:00 AM - 1:00 PMHope Center at the Coke PlantSewing Class (13-18 years old)July 1010:00 AM - 1:00 PMHope Center at the Coke PlantSheetrock Repair Class (for teens)For more information, visit DAYSAt Sherwood, the statement “Prayer leads us to love God, growtogether, serve others and change the world” is something welive out. As we look for more ways to put this into practice, we areserving our community once a month through Serve Days. Makesure to save the dates below. Bring your family and serve withyour church as we impact Albany for Christ.For more information, visit orcall 229-883-1910.what’s h appe ni ng onsaturdaysJuly 171:00 PM - 3:00 PMFood deliveryVisitationSports & RecreationWrite Prayer CardsAugust 211:00 PM - 3:00 PMFood deliveryVisitationSports & RecreationWrite Prayer Cards

VISITATIONATRIUM by WELCOME DESKmore onsaturdaysVisitation is one of the ways Sherwood keepsin close contact with a growing congregation.Visitation encompasses visiting first-time guestswho live in the community, guests who arenew to the community or new members of thecongregation.Saturday, July 03 11:00 AM – 1:00 PMSaturday, July 17 11:00 AM – 1:00 PMSaturday, July 31 11:00 AM – 1:00 PMIf you would like to join the visitation team, pleaseemail Pastor Ken Bevel at kenb@sherwoodbaptist.netor call the church office at 229-883-1910.

For more information on classes and schedule,please call 229.883.1910 or to the schedule will be postedon our website.

Weaver Couples 20 Perry Davis Couples 20 Sheets Orr Couples 40s-50s Dozier Bland Dziuban Couples 30 Dobson Varnadoe Couples 40s-50s Miller Mallery 23-26 NeSmith Couples 30s-40s Bennett 18-22 Harrison Johnson Couples 50s Lane Ofodolie Couples 30s-40s Smith Couples 50s-60s Martin Wari Davis Ladies 50 .

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Sherwood, OR 97140 Lake Oswego, OR 97035 503-625-5522 503-699-9825 Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge Sherwood Family YMCA 16507 SW Roy Rogers Road 23000 SW Pacific Hwy. Sherwood, OR 97140 Sherwood, OR 97140 503-590-5811 503-625-9622 Friends of the Re

should be paid on-line using a VISA or Master Card, credit or debit card. From the Sherwood High School web page, click on the "Sherwood High School Payments" button. To pay obligations on line, please follow the instructions below: 1. Go to Sherwood High School's website. 2. Scroll down and click on "Sherwood High School Payments Click .

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A significant issue facing the City of Sherwood is traffic management. There are two factors that have a significant impact on the traffic volume in the area; 1. The City of Sherwood's population has grown by over 9,000 people since 1999 2. Pacific Highway (99W) has become a major north-south regional route and Tualatin-Sherwood

Thank you for purchasing the M501 Fluid Bed Dryer from Sherwood Scientific Ltd. If you need spare parts or service please contact your local distributor in the first instance, or Sherwood Scientific Ltd office at the address below: - Sherwood Scientific Ltd. 1 The Paddocks Cherry Hinton Road CAMBRIDGE England CB1 8DH Tel 44 (0)1223 24 34 44