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Ingersoll RandDesiccant Air Dryers

Ingersoll RandInnovative Design is Now Within ReachIngersoll Rand heatless and heated blower desiccant dryersare engineered for easy access, maximum efficiency andlong life—delivered in a state-of-the-art low profilepackage making installation and operation a snap!Our low profile design allows for uprightshipping and transportation.Low Profile for Easy MaintenanceLow profile DesignTraditional DesignEasy access to valves makesmaintenance a simple.One look tells you that Ingersoll Randdesiccant dryers are like no others.Our low profile design gives you easyaccess to key maintenance points atoperator level for faster servicing andless downtime. The lower silhouette alsoallows upright shipment and facilitatesinstallation.With manifolds angled toward the centerat operator level, the high performancevalves are easily accessed formaintenance. For example, a typicaldiaphragm valve in a heatless dryer canbe rebuilt in less than ten minutes,without removing the valve from themanifold.2 Desiccant DryersHeavy duty filters

A Heated Blower Dryer with EMScan save you over 20,000 in just 3 years!40,320 Efficient Desiccant and Dryer to Reduce Energy CostsOur optional Energy Management System (EMS) reduces29,916 19,944 purge consumption while maintaining a constant dew point,monitors the dew point and extends the dryer cycle.The solid-state soft starter limits inrush current, making fora smooth start and extending motor life.The dryers are engineered for low pressure drop throughvalve selection, tower size and filter design.On HB models the heater and blower are controlled by outletHeated Blower Dryer with EMSregeneration temperature that shuts off to save electricalHeated Blower Dryerpower once desiccant has been thoroughly regenerated.Heatless DryerEnergyCostsThese calculations are approximations based on the followingassumptions: Heatless model D3300IL, Heated model D3200IB,55 m3/min, 1800 CFM, 400 kW Compressor Motor, 0.07 per kW/hr,80 hours per week, and 40 weeks per year.State-of-the-art Microprocessor Controller Maintains dryer performance at optimum levels,constantly monitors functions and providesmaintenance alerts, minimizing downtime Digital electronic multi-function controller capableof communicating in 17 different languages Modbus compatibleMultilingual Digital Controller LCD display for easy viewingHeavy Duty Filters For Longevity Pre-filters and after-filters protect desiccant anddownstream air from oil contamination and particulatesto help improve air quality, increasing productivity.Desiccant Dryers 3

Selecting the Right Desiccant DryerIt’s all about choices. Whether it’s lower operating costs or alower capital investment that's more critical, Ingersoll Randhas a desiccant dryer that fits your need.What Differentiates Ingersoll Rand Desiccant DryersIngersoll Rand desiccant dryers are designed tovirtually eliminate costly production interruptionsdue to moisture. All of our dryers use twin desiccanttowers and strategically positioned valves for dryingcompressed air. Switching valves are normally openHL Heatless dryers are lowerin capital investment, but maybe more expensive to operatebecause it requires a portionof the dried compressed air tobe diverted from the airsystem for desiccantregeneration.while purge valves are normally closed, to allow airflow through the dryer in case of power loss.Strategically placed filters that remove oil andcontaminants assure only clean, dried air exits thedryer. Every dryer features an IP54 package, providingincreased protection of electrical components,controls and displays. The basic difference betweenthe two dryer technologies is the manner in whichmoisture is desorbed from the desiccant, also knownas regeneration. Heatless dryers use some compressedair to purge the towers of moisture while heatedHB Heated blower dryersrequire the highest initialcapital investment due to thecentrifugal blower, but with noor little diversion ofcompressed air from thesystem for regeneration, itoffers significantly loweroperating costs.blower dryers utilize externally heated ambient air.Both heatless and heated blower dryers have severalstandard features to ensure high quality operationas well as options to customize dryers to fit theneeds of your air system.Features & BenefitsEnergy Management SystemCompressed Air Used for RegenerationControllerEnvironmental ProtectionAvailable Flow RangeConstant Pressure Dew PointFiltration IncludedHigh Performance ValvesPurge LossPressure RatingTower InsulationStainless Steel Pressure LinesDryer BypassHeatless Back-Up Mode4 Desiccant DryersHeatless Desiccant DryerHeated Blower Desiccant DryerOption15%Multilingual DigitalIP54 (Option for IP65)(3.4 - 51.0 m3/min)-40 C (Option for -70 C)Heavy Duty Pre & Post FiltersStandard15%10 bargnot l DigitalIP54 (Option for IP65)(28.3 nm3/min - 226.5 nm3/min)-40 CHeavy Duty Pre & Post FiltersStandard0%10 bargStandardOptionOptionOption

HL Heatless Desiccant DryersTo air systemIngersoll Rand heatless desiccant dryersthoroughly capture moisture in thecompressed air produced as it is directedthrough the online desiccant-filled dryertower of the dryer. As the desiccant in thistower adsorbs water from the air, thedesiccant in the dryer’s offline tower ispurged of moisture and readied for use.This purge occurs when a small amount ofcompressed air is diverted to the offlinetower to push the moisture down and out ofthe tank desorbing the moisture from thedesiccant, also known as regeneration. Thewater extracted from the desiccant is thensafely released as ambient air.From air compressorFrom air compressorHB Heated Blower Desiccant DryersThe HB heated blower models provide thesame easy operation and reliability inmoisture removal of heatless dryers, withincreased energy efficiency in regeneration.The dryers are equipped with dedicateddurable centrifugal blowers to provide purgeBlower air intakeair for regeneration, eliminating the need todivert dry compressed air from the air systemas with heatless dryers. Instead, the blowerdirects ambient air through an externalHeaterheater and then through the offline tower toregenerate the desiccant. This means morecompressed air is available for criticaldownstream applications.To air systemDesiccant Dryers 5

Desiccant Dryer Features and BenefitsABMultilingual Digital ControllerThe digital controller communicates in severallanguages while controlling valve switching as wellas monitor dryer operationsEnvironmental ProtectionIP54 rating providing protection against dust and moisturecontamination (IP65 option for wash down applications)CMotor Protection/Soft StarterReduces inrush current and stress on the mechanical systemDPower SupplyDryer operation can be run with 50 Hz, 60 Hz, andpneumatic (HL models only) power supplyAGHBCDEECentrifugal Blower (available only on HB models)As the heated blower intakes ambient air to eliminate thewasted compressed in heatless regenerationFHigh Performance Heater (available only on HB models)Heats the air used for regeneration to increase moistureremoval efficiencyGDesiccantReliable high strength non-acidic desiccant provides maximumperformance and is easily stored and handledHMufflersReducing noise level for a worker friendly environmentIHigh Performance ValvesExtreme seal high temp butterfly valves centrally angled forease of maintenanceJHeavy Duty Pre & Post FiltersThis filtration system prolongs the life of the desiccant as wellas purifies the air provided to the customer to *ISO Class 1.These heavy duty filters are standard with all desiccant dryerto compliment the robustness of our productsKLIJFKLMSafety Release ValueProtects the dryer from over pressurizationDesiccant TowersRated for continuous 10 bar operation, the towers turn off andon as monitored by the digital controller for regenerationregulationNM Energy Management System (EMS)Humidity SensorReduces purge air consumption by monitoring dryerperformance in low demand situationsN6 Desiccant DryersCool Sweep Modes (available only on HB models)Reduces temperature and humidity spikes automatically

So, how do you select the right desiccant dryer technology?That depends on the variables, such as system demand, compressedair capacity, air quality requirements, and applicable life cyclecosts, that are unique to your compressed air system.Desiccant Dryer SpecificationsModelCapacityHeaterSCFMnm3/min. kWBlowerhp/(kW)In/OutConnection in.WidthDimensions in./(mm)DepthHeightWeightlbs./(kg)D160IL902.8--1.0 3.6--1.0 04.7--1.5 06.2--1.5 08.9--2 012.4--2 0015.5--2 60017.8--2 1,00028.2--3 IL1,20033.9--3 .5 .5122/(1.5)2.0 24.9185/(3.7)3.0 ,00031.1247.5/(5.6)3.0 200IB1,20037.3247.5/(5.6)3.0 600IB1,50044.53015/(11.2)3.0 ,267)98/(2,489)105/(2,667)19,900/(9,035)Referenced to 20 C (68 F) and 1 bar a (14.5 psi a), inlet 35 C (95 F) and 7 bar g (101.5 psi g)Maximum working pressure is 10 bar g (150 psi g)Desiccant is factory installed on all models except D5300IB to D14900IBDimensions and weights are approximatePackage care information tobe inserted regionally.Desiccant Dryers 7

Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies provides products, services and solutions that enhance our customers’ energyefficiency, productivity and operations. Our diverse and innovative products range from complete compressed air systems,tools and pumps to material and fluid handling systems and environmentally friendly microturbines. We also enhanceproductivity through solutions created by Club Car , the global leader in golf and utility vehicles for businessesand individuals.www.ingersollrandproducts.comIngersoll Rand Industrial TechnologiesSwan Lane, Hindley Green,Wigan WN2 4EZ, UKTel: 44 (0) 1942 257171Fax: 44 (0) 1942 254162Email: asgesawebleads@irco.com Ingersoll Rand compressors are not designed, intended or approved for breathing air applications. Ingersoll Rand does not approve specialisedequipment for breathing air applications and assumes no responsibility or liability for compressors used for breathing air service.Nothing contained on these pages is intended to extend any warranty or representation, expressed or implied, regarding the product describedherein. Any such warranties or other terms and conditions of sale of products shall be in accordance with Ingersoll Rand’s standard terms andconditions of sale for such products, which are available upon request.Product improvement is a continuing goal at Ingersoll Rand. Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.Printed in UK. Sept. 09 2009 Ingersoll-Rand Company CPN-XXXXXXXX

HL Heatless Desiccant Dryers Ingersoll Rand heatless desiccant dryers thoroughly capture moisture in the compressed air produced as it is directed through the online desiccant-filled dryer tower of the dryer. As the desiccant in this tower adsorbs water from the air, the desiccant in the dryer

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1. This measure is for the replacement of an existing non-cycling refrigerated compressed air dryer with a higher efficiency refrigerated dryer. 2. Heat of compression desiccant compressed air dryer must replace a non-heated desiccant dryer and a heated/ blower purge desiccant compressor air dryer must replace an existing membrane type dryer. 3.

sources of rework on construction cost performance; and (3) to isolate the root causes of rework and recommend possible solutions for those causes. By comparing the impacts of rework according to project characteristics and by measuring sources of rework, those projects most affected by rework are identified. Additionally, those

from the air, the desiccant in the dryer’s Selecting An Ingersoll Rand Desiccant Dryer off-line tower is purged of moisture and readied for use. The basic difference in the three technologies is the manner in which moisture is desorbed from the desiccant, also known as regeneration. Heatles

lower, a desiccant dryer is the most effective solution. The Ingersoll-Rand ThermoSorb dryer uses twin columns filled with desiccant beads to dry the compressed air. Tiny pores within the desiccant beads trap moisture and remove it permanently from the compressed air supply. The temperature of File Size: 1MB

dryer; therefore, the dryer becomes its own compressed air consumer. It is important to realize that for a basic heatless air dryer, the purge flow is related to the rating of the air dryer, and is not the percentage of the air flowing through it. For a 1000 cfm heatless air dryer, the 15 to 20 percent purge air loss would be between 150 and .

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