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Medtronic MiniMedNorthridge, CA 91325 omE.U. RepresentativeMedtronic B.V.Earl Bakkenstraat 106422 PJ HeerlenThe Netherlands31 (0) 45 566 8000www.medtronicdiabetes.com6025179-012 071608REF MMT 7335 2008 Medtronic MiniMed. All rights reserved.CareLink is a trademark of Medtronic MiniMedParadigm , Paradigm Link , and Bolus Wizard are registered trademarks of MedtronicMiniMedBD Logic is a trademark of Becton, Dickinson and CompanyLifeScan , OneTouch Profile , OneTouch Ultra , OneTouch UltraSmart , OneTouch Basic , OneTouch FastTake , OneTouch SureStep , and OneTouch Ultra 2, OneTouch UltraLink , OneTouch UltraMini , and OneTouch UltraEasy are trademarks of LifeScan,Inc.Ascensia , Glucometer , Ascensia DEX , Glucometer DEX , Ascensia DEX 2,Glucometer DEX 2, Ascensia DEXTER-Z II, Glucometer DEXTER-Z , Ascensia ESPRIT 2, Glucometer ESPRIT , Glucometer ESPRIT 2, Ascensia ELITE XL, Glucometer ELITE XL, Ascensia BREEZE , Ascensia CONTOUR , and Bayer CONTOUR LINK are registeredtrademarks of Bayer Corporation, Diagnostics DivisionPrecision Xtra is a trademark of Abbott Laboratories, Inc.FreeStyle is a registered trademark of TheraSense, Inc.FreeStyle Flash is a trademark of TheraSense, Inc.Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft CorporationAdobe and Acrobat Reader are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems, IncorporatedU.S., International, and foreign patent applications are pending.

ContentsChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 31Introduction1Overview2Features2Security2Related documents3Assistance4Supported devices5Equivalent devices6Ordering6How to use this guide7User safety7Indications for use7Warnings7Contraindications8Navigating the system8Overview8Opening CareLink Pro10Workspaces12Main Menu bar12Toolbar13Patient tabs13The Guide Me feature14Turning Guide Me on and off14Button option14Menu option14Learn More links14Help system15Getting Started15Before you begin16Primary system tasks17Opening and closing patient records17Opening patient records17Closing patient records18Setting system preferencesMedtronic CareLink Pro User GuideContentsi

Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 618General preferences20Patient profile preferences20Choosing data fields20Adding a custom field21Changing the order of data fields21Finalizing patient profile preferences21Patient Lookup preferences21Choosing data to display22Changing the column order22Finalizing patient lookup preferences22Report Generation preferences23Choosing data to display23Changing the column order23Finalizing report generation preferences24Profile workspace24Before you begin25Adding new profiles25Completing required fields25Editing patient profiles25Deleting patient data from the system26Linking to CareLink Personal (optional)26Linking to an existing account28Sending an e-mail invitation29Unlinking a patient’s CareLink Personal account from CareLink Pro29Getting data from a linked account31Hardware setup31Before you begin32Connecting devices32Overview of hardware setup33Hardware connection diagrams36Devices workspace37Before you begin37Adding a device37Adding a Medtronic pump40Adding a meter42Making a device active or inactive42Inactivating a device42Re-activating a deviceMedtronic CareLink Pro User GuideContentsii

Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 942Deleting a device43Reading device data45Reports workspace45Before you begin46Creating reports46Opening the Reports workspace46Selecting the reporting period46Data calendar47Selecting source data to include48Checking for device data48Getting additional device data (optional)50Verifying report settings51Selecting report types and inclusion dates52Generating reports53About reports53Adherence Report53Sensor and Meter Overview Report54Logbook Report54Device Settings Snapshot54Daily Detail Report54Exporting data56System administration56Before you begin57Applying software updates57Automatically receiving updates57Turning off automatic updates58Manually checking for updates58Backing up and restoring the database58Backing up a database58Restoring a database59When the system is unavailable60Troubleshooting60General application use errors60Privileges to download software upgrades over the Internet61Not connected to the database61Forgot the clinic password for CareLink Pro61Device read errors62Report creation errorsMedtronic CareLink Pro User GuideContentsiii

62Multiple data entries for the same date63System is going to ignore data63Backup and restore errors63The database cannot be locked63A database backup or restore is not completing63A restore database fails63Uninstalling the softwareIcon table64Appendix A65CSV data65Column data definitions67More about CSV files67If data is not displaying as expectedGlossary68Index73Medtronic CareLink Pro User GuideContentsiv

1IntroductionWhat’s in this chapter Overview: page 1 Assistance: page 3 Supported devices: page 4 How to use this guide: page 6 User safety: page 7OverviewThank you for choosing Medtronic Diabetes as your partner in helpingyou and your patients better manage diabetes therapy. We believeyou will benefit from CareLink Pro software’s leading edgetechnology and simple, menu-driven user interface.This user guide describes how to use CareLink Pro to acquire, storeand report patient treatment and diagnostic data. It also describesthe option to access pump, meter, and sensor-based glucose datayour patients have uploaded to CareLink Personal, a Web-basedtherapy management system that works with CareLink Pro.CareLink Pro User GuideIntroduction1

FeaturesCareLink Pro is diabetes therapy management software for a personalcomputer (PC). It includes these features: Patient records can be created to store data gathered from apatient’s device as well as therapy data from their CareLink Personalaccount. Data from insulin pumps, monitors, and blood glucose meters can besent to the system, stored, and then used to generate reports. As an option, it interfaces with the CareLink Personal system,allowing access to device data patients have stored there. This isideal for creating current reports between office visits, and maymake the need to read device data during office visits unnecessary. Different treatment reports can be created from device data storedin the patient’s record. Reports facilitate answers to therapyconcerns such as patient adherence, patterns and exceptions. The system alerts you when software updates are available to bedownloaded and installed. This ensures you have access to the latestfeatures. There is a Guide Me feature to help users who are new to CareLinkPro. It gives hints and tips about the tasks they are performing. An integrated help system is available throughout the software toprovide information on specific areas of interest.Security CareLink Pro can be password protected. Transmission of patient data from CareLink Personal is encryptedusing industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.Related documentsEach of these Medtronic MiniMed documents has device-specificinformation that is not covered in detail in this user guide.NOTE: For meters fromother companies, seethe instructions themanufacturer includedwith the meter. Paradigm Insulin Pump User Guide Sensor Features User Guide ComLink User Guide CareLink USB User GuideCareLink Pro User GuideIntroduction2

AssistanceMedtronic MiniMed provides a number to call for residents of theUnited States and Canada for guidance with software problems. Thehours are Monday through Friday from 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.Pacific Standard Time.SupportContact information24 Hour HelpLine(800) 646-4633 or(818) 576-5555MiniMed Web sitewww.medtronicdiabetes.comCareLink Pro User GuideIntroduction3

NOTE: Some devicessupported by thissoftware may not beavailable in allcountries where thissoftware is approvedfor use.Supported devicesCareLink Pro gets data from the following devices.Insulin pumpsMedtronic MiniMed pumps508MiniMed Paradigm pumps511, 512, 712, 515 and 715Paradigm REAL-Time System522 and 722522K and 722KManufacturerBlood glucose metersMedtronic Diabetes partnerdevices: LifeScan OneTouch UltraLink OneTouch UltraSmart LifeScan: Bayer: Ascensia BREEZE BD: Logic Ascensia DEX Bayer Ascensia DEX family,including these compatiblemeters: Ascensia ELITE Bayer Ascensia ELITE family, including thesecompatible meters:Bayer CONTOUR LINKBD Paradigm Link Blood Glucose MonitorOneTouch Profile OneTouch Ultra OneTouch Basic OneTouch FastTake OneTouch SureStep OneTouch Ultra 2OneTouch UltraMini OneTouch UltraEasy Ascensia CONTOUR Ascensia DEX 2Ascensia DEXTER-Z IIGlucometer DEXTER-Z Ascensia ESPRIT 2Glucometer ESPRIT Glucometer ESPRIT 2Ascensia ELITE XLCareLink Pro User GuideIntroduction4

ManufacturerBlood glucose metersPrecision Xtra Abbott Accu-Chek AvivaRoche Abbott FreeStyle , FreeStyle Flash FreeStyle Papillion MiniFreeStyle Mini Optium Xceed Precision Xceed Accu-Chek CompactPlusAccu-Chek CompactAccu-Chek ActiveCommunication devicesfor use with the Medtronic MiniMed 508Pump. (See the Com-Station User Guidefor details about the required hardware.)Com-StationComLinkfor use with the MiniMed Paradigm Pump.(See the ComLink User Guide for detailsabout the required hardware.)Paradigm Link Blood GlucoseMonitorfor use with a MiniMed Paradigm Pump.(See the Paradigm Link Blood GlucoseMonitor User Guide for details about therequired hardware.)CareLink USBfor use with a MiniMed Paradigm-seriesinsulin pump.Data communications cablefor use with third-party blood glucosemeters. Each meter manufacturersupplies a data communications cable.Equivalent devicesWhen you add a device to the system, you select its make and modelfrom a list. If a device make and model is not on the list, refer to thefollowing table to find an equivalent one to use.If your patient uses one of these devices Select this deviceBayer Ascensia DEX 2Bayer Ascensia DEX Bayer Ascensia DEXTER-Z Bayer Glucometer DEXTER-Z BayerAscensia ESPRIT The Bayer Ascensia DEX 2Bayer Glucometer ESPRIT Bayer Glucometer ESPRIT 2CareLink Pro User GuideIntroduction5

NOTE: Meters can beordered from theirrespective companies.If your patient uses one of these devicesSelect this deviceBayer Glucometer ELITE XLThe Bayer Ascensia ELITE XLOrderingContact one of the following to order Medtronic MiniMed products: 1-800-646-4633 1-818-362-5958How to use this guideNOTE: This user guideshows samples of thesoftware screens. Thescreens of the actualsoftware may beslightly different.Refer to the Glossary for definitions of terms and functions. Theconventions used in this guide are defined in the following table.Term/styleMeaningClickpress the left mouse button over an object on thescreen to select itDouble-clickpress the left mouse button twice over an object on thescreen to open itRight-clickpress the right mouse button over an object on thescreen to display another window or menuBold textused for a menu option or menu path. For example:Patient New PatientUPPER CASE textindicates a button. For example: SAVEItalicized textused for screen and field names. For example: ReportsscreenIndentedshows paths to files or directories. For example:C:\Program Files\MM CareLink ProNOTE:CAUTION:WARNING:additional informationwarns of a hazard which, if not avoided, may result inminor or moderate injury to the software program orequipment.notifies you of a potential hazard which, if not avoided,could result in death or a serious injury. It may alsodescribe potential serious adverse reactions and safetyhazards.CareLink Pro User GuideIntroduction6

User safetyIndications for useThe CareLink Pro system is intended for use as a tool to help managediabetes. The purpose of this system is to take informationtransmitted from insulin pumps, glucose meters and continuousglucose monitoring systems, and turn it into CareLink Pro reports. Thereports provide information that can be used to identify trends andtrack daily activities—such as carbohydrates consumed, meal times,insulin delivery, and glucose readings.Warnings This system is intended to be used by a healthcare professionalfamiliar with the management of diabetes. System results are not intended to produce medical advice and shouldnot be relied upon for such purpose. This product should only be used with the supported devices listed inthis document. (See Supported devices, on page 4.) Patients should be advised to monitor their blood glucose levels atleast 4 -6 times a day. Patients should be advised not to make any changes to theirtreatment without consulting their healthcare professional. Patients should be advised to make treatment decisions based onhealthcare professional guidelines and meter BG results, not glucosesensor results.ContraindicationsThis software should not be used with devices that are not listed inSupported devices, on page 4. Nor should this product be used for thetreatment of medical conditions other than diabetes.Before opening this software, close any of the following software thatis currently running on your computer: CGMS System Solutions Software Solutions Pumps & Meters Software Guardian Solutions Software ParadigmPAL CareLink Personal Solutions Software for CGMS iProCareLink Pro User GuideIntroduction7

2Navigating the systemWhat’s in this chapter Overview: page 8 Opening CareLink Pro: page 8 Workspaces: page 10 Main Menu bar: page 12 Toolbar: page 12 The Guide Me feature: page 13 Learn More links: page 14 Help system: page 14OverviewUse this chapter to familiarize yourself with the CareLink Prographical user interface (GUI). The user interface includes menus, atoolbar, a navigation bar, workspaces, and a Guide Me window.Opening CareLink Pro1CareLink Prodesktop iconDouble-click the CareLink Pro icon on your computer desktop.If your clinic requires you to enter a password, the login screen isdisplayed.CareLink Pro User GuideNavigating the system8

a. Type your password into the Password field.b. Click LOGIN.NOTE: Requiring apassword is an optionalfeature that is setduring the installationprocess.The startup screen is displayed.2To start a new patient record, click NEW PATIENT. To open a patientrecord from a list of patients in the system, click OPEN PATIENT.NOTE:If you see amessage that thesystem is unavailable,it means a databasebackup or restore is inprogress. See When thesystem is unavailable, onpage 59 for moreinformation.add new patientaccess patient listdisplay/hide the Guide Mewindowactiveworkspacemain menusReportsworkspace buttonDevicesworkspace buttonProfileworkspace buttonnavigation barstatus barCareLink Pro User GuideNavigating the system9

WorkspacesNOTE: See the otherchapters of this userguide for details aboutthe workspaces andhow to use them.If you have a patient’s record open, you can click one of the buttonson the navigation bar to display the corresponding workspace. Usethese workspaces to enter or select information to perform CareLinkPro tasks for that patient. Profile: Allows you to maintain such patient information stored asname and date of birth. This workspace also allows you to link to apatient’s CareLink Personal. Devices: Allows you to store information required to read a patient’sdevices. Reports: Allows you to select parameters and choose reports to begenerated for the patient.Until a profile is added and saved for a patient, only the Profileworkspace is accessible for that patient. Until devices are added for apatient, only the Profile and Devices workspaces are accessible forthat patient.CareLink Pro User GuideNavigating the system10

WorkspacesProfileProfile workspaceDevicesDevices workspaceReportsReports workspaceCareLink Pro User GuideNavigating the system11

Main Menu barThe following shows the options available through the main menu.Some of these menu options can also be accessed using the keyboardshortcut listed next to the menu option (e.g., Ctrl N for NewPatient). You can also use the navigation bar or the toolbar to accesssome menu options.ToolbarThe CareLink Pro toolbar provides quick access to frequently usedfeatures. The toolbar contains the following buttons.ButtonNameFunctionalityAdd PatientOpens a Profile workspace so you can adda new patient record to the system.Open PatientOpens the Patient Lookup table where youcan choose an existing patient’s record toview.Guide MeDisplays or hides the Guide Me window.Click for context-aware system hints.CareLink Pro User GuideNavigating the system12

Patient tabsOnce you open a patient record, a tab is displayed along the toolbarwith the patient’s name on it. When a tab is active, it means thatpatient record and workspace are active, and you can performCareLink Pro tasks for the patient.inactive tabactive tabCLOSEbuttonA patient’s record can be made active simply by clicking on theirpatient tab. To close their record, click the CLOSE button on theirClose buttontab.The Guide Me featureA Guide Me feature is provided throughout CareLink Pro. It opens awindow with context-aware hints and tips for actions you might takefrom the part of system that is active. Guide Me windows might alsoinclude learn more links. When clicked, these links take you to therelevant section in the online help for more details. The Guide Mefeature is enabled by default. However, you can turn it off at anytime.CareLink Pro User GuideNavigating the system13

Turning Guide Me on and offButton optionGuide Me button Click the GUIDE ME button to either turn Guide Me on or off.Menu option Select Help Guide Me to select or deselect the feature.Learn More linksLearn More links take you to a related topic in the online help system.They are provided throughout the system, within Guide Me windowsor the software. Click learn more if you are unsure how to proceedor what values to enter.learn more linkHelp systemThe help system is available to assist you as you use CareLink Pro. Itprovides information about how to perform tasks in the software.To access the help system, do one of the following: Select Help CareLink Pro Help. Press the F1 button.CareLink Pro User GuideNavigating the system14

3Getting StartedWhat’s in this chapter Before you begin: page 15 Opening and closing patient records: page 17 Setting system preferences: page 18This chapter guides you through starting the CareLink Prosoftware, opening and closing patient records, and settingpreferences that apply to all patients in the system.Before you beginIf this is the first time you are using CareLink Pro, you should besure to set the General preferences (see General preferences, onpage 18). These preferences determine how certain items displayin the software and in reports, and how you want the system tocommunicate with the Internet.Preferences can be set at any time. You may want to wait untilyou are familiar with the CareLink Pro software to set the otherpreferences.CareLink Pro User GuideGetting Started15

Primary system tasksThe following table outlines the main tasks you will want to performwhen first setting up and using CareLink Pro. It also tells you whichpart of this user guide discusses each task.StepLocationFamiliarize yourself with the CareLinkPro GUI.Chapter 2, Navigating the systemDefine the global system options yourclinic will use.Setting system preferences, onpage 18Create profiles for each of yourpatients.Adding new profiles, on page 25Link to your patients' CareLink Personalaccounts.Linking to CareLink Personal(optional), on page 26Add your patient's pump and meters totheir profile.Adding a device, on page 37Read data from your patient's pump andmeters.Reading device data, on page 43Set up and generate reports for each ofyour patients.Creating reports, on page 46Regularly back up the CareLink Prodatabase.Backing up a database, on page 58Update the CareLink Pro software.Applying software updates, on page 57CareLink Pro User GuideGetting Started16

Opening and closing patient recordsOpening patient recordsAs many as six patient records can be open at one time. If you havenot yet created any patient profiles, see Adding new profiles, onpage 25.1Open PatientbuttonNOTE: If you receive amessage that you havetoo many patientrecords open, click OK,close a record, andcontinue.Select File Open Patient, or click the OPEN PATIENT button. Apatient list similar to the following is displayed.2Locate the patient’s listing by typing some or all of their name in theFind a Patient field. When the patient’s listing is highlighted, clickOPEN, double-click the listing, or press ENTER. You can also navigatethe list by using the up and down arrows on your keyboard.The patient’s Devices (if devices have not yet been added) orReports workspace is displayed.3To see the patient’s Profile workspace, click the PROFILE button onthe navigation bar.Profile buttonClosing patient records1Make sure the patient record you want to close is active (the tab ishighlighted).2Do one of the following:a. Select File Close Patient.b. Click the CLOSE button on the patient tab.close buttonc. Press Ctrl-F4.CareLink Pro User GuideGetting Started17

Setting system preferencesThese preferences apply to all patients in the system. For preferencesthat affect only individual patients, see Verifying report settings, onpage 50.Preferences are displayed in the following groups: General–Glucose units–Carbohydrate units–CommunicationsTroubleshootingPatient Profile– Select and arrange data fields on patient profiles.Patient Lookup– Modify and change the order of fields displayed when you chooseOpen Patient to view a list of patients.Report Generation– –Choose the data fields you want to display when selecting DailyDetail report input from the Data table.General preferences1Select Tools Options. The following window is displayed.2Click to select the option button for the value you want:CareLink Pro User GuideGetting Started18

–Glucose Units: mg/dL or mmol/L–Carbohydrate Units: grams or Exchangesa. If you selected Exchanges for Carbohydrate Units, type theappropriate number in the grams are equal to 1 Exchange field.3For the following Communications, click to select the check box(enable), or to clear the check box (disable):–NOTE: Make sure youfollow the guidelines ofyour clinic or ITdepartment whensetting communicationpreferences.Automatically check for software updates: if selected, anotification will be sent to each system running CareLink Prowhenever a software update is available. The active user willthen have the opportunity to download and install the updates.To prevent this from occurring and institute a controlleddistribution of software updates, you can clear this check box.–4Synchronize with CareLink Personal: If you want the system toautomatically synchronize your patients' CareLink Personal dataeach time you open their profile, select the Synchronize withCareLink Personal check box. If you clear this check box, you willhave to manually synchronize the CareLink Personal data for eachpatient.Click to select or clear the check box in the Troubleshooting section.If the check box is selected, the application will save a record ofdevice reads for troubleshooting purposes.5Click OK to save the General preferences.CareLink Pro User GuideGetting Started19

Patient profile preferences1Select Tools Options.2Click the Patient Profile tab. The following window is displayed.Use the check boxes to choose the fields you want on the profile. Use the up and downarrows to put the fields in order.Choosing data fieldsNOTE: First and LastName cannot beremoved.1Use the check boxes to add the fields you want.2To remove a field from the profile, clear its check box.3To make a field required, select the check box in the Requiredcolumn. Any field that is required must be filled in before a profilecan be created.Adding a custom field1Select the check box to the left of an empty custom field.2Enter text to name the field (e.g., Emergency Contact). This is thefield name that will display on the patient profile.3To make the field required, select the check box in the Requiredcolumn.CareLink Pro User GuideGetting Started20

NOTE: To remove acustom field from theprofile, clear the checkbox next to the field(s)you want to remove.Up & DownarrowsChanging the order of data fields Select the field you want to move, and click the up or down arrow tomove it. (The arrows at the top and bottom move a field all the wayto the top or bottom of the list.)Finalizing patient profile preferences When the Field Order list has all the fields you want in the correctorder, click OK.Patient profiles now have the fields and field order you justselected.Patient Lookup preferences1Select Tools Options.2Click the Patient Lookup tab. The following window is displayed.Use the check boxes to choose the data you want on the Patient Lookup table. Use theup and down arrows to put the columns in order.Choosing data to display Use the check boxes to select the type of data you want to display,or to clear data you do not want to display on the Patient Lookuptable.CareLink Pro User GuideGetting Started21

NOTE: First and LastName cannot beremoved.Changing the column order To change the order of columns on the Patient Lookup table, selectthe column to move, and click the up or down arrows. (The arrows atthe top and bottom move a data column all the way to the top orUp & DownarrowsNOTE: The data columnat the top of the ColumnDisplay Order list willdisplay in the firstcolumn of the PatientLookup table. The datacolumn at the bottomwill be displayed in thelast column of thetable.bottom of the list.)Finalizing patient lookup preferences When the Column Display Order list has all the data you want in thecorrect order, click OK.The Patient Lookup table will now have the data and column orderyou just selected.Report Generation preferencesThe Data Table is displayed during the selection portion of the reportgeneration process. This table should include data the healthcareprofessional finds most useful in deciding the dates for which theywant to see Daily Detail reports.NOTE: To see how thesepreferences apply tothe Data Table duringreport creation, seeSelecting report typesand inclusion dates, onpage 51.1Select Tools Options.2Click the Report Generation tab. The following window is displayed.Use the check boxes to choose the type of data you want on the Data Table. Use the upand down arrows to put the columns in order.CareLink Pro User GuideGetting Started22

Choosing data to display Use the check boxes to select the type of data you want to display orclear data you do not want to display on the Data Table.Changing the column order to move, and click the up or down arrow. (The top and bottom arrowsUp & DownarrowsNOTE: Items at the topof the Column Order listwill display in the firstcolumn of the DataTable. Items at thebottom will bedisplayed in the lastcolumn of the DataTable.To change the order of columns on the Data Table, select the columnmove a data column all the way to the top or bottom of the list.)Finalizing report generation preferences When the Column Order list has all the data you want in the correctorder, click OK.The Data Table will now have the data and column order you justselected.CareLink Pro User GuideGetting Started23

4Profile workspaceWhat’s in this chapter Before you begin: page 24 Adding new profiles: page 25 Editing patient profiles: page 25 Deleting patient data from the system: page 25 Linking to CareLink Personal (optional): page 26A profile is similar to the cover page of a medical chart. It storespatient data such as name and date of birth. A profile is requiredbefore device data can be gathered and used for therapy reports.The Profile workspace also allows you set up a link to a patient’sCareLink Personal account. Once the link is established, you canretrieve patient data stored on CareLink Personal anytime—withoutthe need to have the patient present.Before you beginYou may want to customize your patient profiles so they contain onlythe type of information you want to collect. To learn more, seePatient profile preferences, on page 20.Also, a username and password is required when you set up the link toa patient’s CareLink Personal account. The patient must be present tosupply this data.CareLink Pro User GuideProfile workspace24

Adding new profilesEach time you add a patient to the CareLink Pro system, you muststart by filling out a profile for them.Add PatientbuttonNOTE:To add or changefields on the patientprofile, click customize fields. SeePatient profilepreferences, on page 20.1Select File New Patient, or click the ADD PATIENT button.The Profile workspace is displayed (see the example on page 11).2Fill in the fields in the Patient Profile section.3Click SAVE.The new patient profile is added to the CareLink Pro database. Amessage is displayed that confirms the profile was saved.Completing required fields1If a required field is not complete when you save a patient profile, amessage is displayed next to that field. You will not be allowed tosave the profile until you make an entry in the field.2Complete the field.3Click SAVE.4When the confirmation message displays, click OK.Editing patient profiles1Make sure the patient’s Profile workspace is open.2Click EDIT.3Edit the data in the Patient Profile section as needed.4Click SAVE.A message is displayed that confirms the profile was saved.Deleting patient data from the system1Make sure the patient’s Profile workspace is open.2Verify that this is the patient you want to delete. Deleting a patientprofile also removes all of their data from the CareLink Pro databaseand cannot be undone.3Click delete patient record above the synchronization section ofthe profile.A message is displayed to alert you that all of the patient’s data willbe eras

Medtronic MiniMed provides a number to call for residents of the United States and Canada for guidance with software problems. The hours are Monday through Friday from 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Support Contact information 24 Hour HelpLine (800) 646-4633 or (818) 576-5555 MiniMed Web site

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