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FALL 2021PROFESSIONAL AND CONTINUINGEDUCATION SCHEDULEIMPORTANT INFORMATIONACADEMIC CALENDAR - Fall 2021FULL TERM: AUGUST 23 – DECEMBER 14SESSION I: AUGUST 23 – OCTOBER 15SESSION II: OCTOBER 18 – DECEMBER 14August 23First Day of ClassesSeptember 6Holiday – Labor Day – Campus ClosedSeptember 20Census DayOctober 25Registration for Continuing Students Begins (for Spring 2022)November 11Holiday – Veterans Day Observed – Campus ClosedNovember 25-26Holiday – Thanksgiving – Campus ClosedDecember 16-17Grades DueDROP POLICY FOR FALL 2021 SEMESTER16-WeekSession8-WeekSession I8-WeekSession IISep 01Aug 27Oct 22Last day to add classesSep 20Sep 03Oct 29Last day to withdraw from classes without a “W” being recorded; withdrawals fromclasses after this date will be permitted only for serious and compelling reasons andrequire approval by instructors and Extended EducationNov 08Sep 24Nov 19Last day to withdraw from classes for a serious and compelling reason; Withdrawalsafter this date require a petition of exceptionProject Management Certificate Program7th day of courseLast day to withdraw from classes without a “W” being recorded; withdrawals from classes after thisdate will be permitted only for serious and compelling reasons and require approval by instructorsand Extended Education14th day of courseLast day to withdraw from classes for a serious and compelling reason; Withdrawals after this daterequire a petition of exception.REFUND POLICY FOR FALL 2021 SEMESTER100% refund on or before60% refund on or beforeNo refund after16-Week Session8-Week Session I8-Week Session IIAugust 27September 13September 13August 27September 07September 07October 22November 02November 02Project Management Certificate Program (Includes weekend and holidays)100% refundCourse cancellation100% refundBefore first day of class60% refundAfter first day, but before fourth day of classNo refundAfter fourth day of class

COURSE SCHEDULE INFORMATIONCHANGE MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENTCLASSNBRSUBJECT CATALOG NBR TITLE UNITSINSTRUCTOR83453CMOD 8200 CMOD Foundations (2)Nathan Huntnhunt2@csub.edu83454CMOD 8201 CMOD Theory (2)Nathan Huntnhunt2@csub.eduCOST800800DAYS TIME LOCATIONSession I: Aug 23 – Oct 15Tuesdays, 6p-8:30pLocation: and OnlineSession II: Oct 18 – Dec 14Tuesdays, 6p-8:30pLocation: and OnlineDRUG AND ALCOHOL STUDIESSESSION I (August 23 – October 15)CLASSNBRSUBJECT CATALOG NBR TITLE UNITSINSTRUCTORCOSTDAYS TIME LOCATION83442BEHS 8000 Professional Writing (2)Eric Mossemoss@csub.edu550Mon/Wed, 6p-7:30pLocation: Education Bldg 12883443BEHS 8040 Intro to Case Management (4.5)Eric Mossemoss@csub.edu550Tues/Thurs, 6p-9pLocation: BDC 401C83444BEHS 8050 Chemical Dependency Counseling:Individual, Family, & Group (4.5)Dr. Sarah Appletonsappleton3@csub.edu550Mon/Wed, 6p-9pLocation: BDC 401C83445BEHS 8090 Chemical Dependency Assessment (4.5)Jaimi Banksjbanks@csub.edu550Tues/Thurs, 6p-9pLocation: SCI II - 180SESSION II (October 18 – December 14)CLASSNBRSUBJECT CATALOG NBR TITLE UNITSINSTRUCTORCOSTDAYS TIME LOCATION83446BEHS 8010 Intro to Chemical DependencyCounseling (4.5)Beverly Rhodesbrhodes@csub.edu550Mon/Wed, 6p-9pLocation: BDC 401C83447BEHS 8030 Law & Ethics (4.5)Victor Hinojosvhinojos@csub.edu550Tues/Thurs, 6p-9pLocation: Online83448BEHS 8020 Physiology & Pharmacology (4.5)Vanessa Seymourvwilson7@csub.edu550Tues/Thurs, 6p-9pLocation: Online83449BEHS 8060 Personal & Professional Growth (4.5)John Frenchjfrench@csub.edu550Mon/Wed, 6p-9pLocation: Music Bldg 114FULL SEMESTER (August 23 – December 14)CLASSNBR83450SUBJECT CATALOG NBR TITLE UNITSBEHS 8070 Practicum (4.5)INSTRUCTORCOSTJohn Frenchjfrench@csub.edu600DAYS TIME LOCATIONTuesdays, 6p-9pLocation: BDC 154B

GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMSLocation: All courses will be taught online via Canvas http://canvas.csub.edu/CLASSNBRSUBJECT CATALOG NBR TITLE UNITSINSTRUCTORCOSTGEOG 8110 Thinking Spatially – The Fundamentalsof GIS (2)Chris Schultzcschultz3@csub.edu500Aug 23 – Oct 03Tuesdays, 6p-9pSuzanne Baehrsbaehr@csub.edu500Oct 04 – Nov 14Tuesdays, 6p-9pChris Schultzcschultz3@csub.edu500Nov 15 – Jan 02Tuesdays, 6p-9pINSTRUCTORCOSTGEOG 8120 Principles of Cartography (2)GEOG 8130 Online Mapping – Intro to Web GIS (2)DAYS TIMEHUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTCLASSNBRSUBJECT CATALOG NBR TITLE UNITSTom Seetsee@csub.edu83452BA 8041 Managing Human Resources (3)850Adrian NevarezDAYS TIME LOCATIONFull Term: Aug 23 – Dec 14Tuesdays, 6p-8p (hybrid)Location: Dezember Bldg, 402OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND RISK MANAGEMENTCLASSNBRSUBJECT CATALOG NBR TITLE UNITS8343083431INSTRUCTORCOSTDAYS TIME LOCATIONBA 8010 Occ Safety & Risk Mgmt – General (2)Quinlan Brownqbrown1@csub.edu700Session I: Aug 23 – Oct 15Location: BDC 165BTuesdays, 6p – 8:30pBA 8011 Occ Safety & Risk Mgmt – Core (2)Daniel Bustosdbustos2@csub.edu700Session II: Oct 18 – Dec 14Location: BDC 165BTuesdays, 6p – 8:30pINSTRUCTORCOSTPHARMACY TECHNICIANCLASSNBR834348343683438SUBJECT CATALOG NBR TITLE UNITSNURS 8010 Intro to Pharmacy Technician (8)NURS 8020 Intro to Pharmacology & AdvancedCalculation (8)NURS 8030 Pharmacy Technician CertificationExam Preparation (8)J. Pat Personjperson@csub.eduJ. Pat Personjperson@csub.eduJ. Pat Personjperson@csub.eduDAYS TIME LOCATION1500Session I: Aug 23 – Oct 15Tues/Thurs, 6:30p-9p- Location: SCI III - 101Wednesdays 6:30p-9:30p- Location: TBD1500Session II: Oct 18 – Dec 14Tues/Thurs, 6:30p-9p- Location: SCI III - 101Wednesdays 6:30p-9:30p- Location: TBD3000Full Term: Aug 23 – Dec 14Tues/Thurs, 6:30p-9p- Location: SCI III - 101Wednesdays 6:30p-9:30p- Location: TBD

PROJECT MANAGEMENTLocation: All courses will be taught online via Canvas http://canvas.csub.edu/ by R. Dohn Kissinger rdkissinger@att.netCLASSSUBJECT CATALOG NBR TITLE UNITSINSTRUCTORCOSTDATESNBR83342MGMT 8010 Intro to Project Management (1.2)R.D. Kissinger400Aug 24 – Sep 1383426MGMT 8020 Project Planning & Scheduling (1.6)R.D. Kissinger500Sept 14 – Oct 1183427MGMT 8030 Managing the Project Team (1.2)R.D. Kissinger400Oct 12 – Nov 11R.D. Kissinger400Nov 02 – Nov 22R.D. Kissinger400Nov 23 – Dec 13INSTRUCTORCOSTDAYS TIME LOCATION8342883429MGMT 8040 Project Procurement and QualityManagement (1.2)MGMT 8050 Project Ethics and Risk Management(1.2)WORKERS’ COMPENSATION LAWCLASSNBRSUBJECT CATALOG NBR TITLE UNITS83440BA 8090 Intro to Workers’ Comp Law (2)Joel Shermanjsherman@csub.edu85083441BA 8100 Advanced Workers’ Comp Law (2)Joel Shermanjsherman@csub.edu850Session I: Aug 23 – Oct 15TBD, 6p-8pLocation: TBDSession II: Oct 18 – Dec 14TBD, 6p-8pLocation: TBDTextbook list on next page.9001 Stockdale Highway, 30BDC Bakersfield, California 93311Phone: (661) 654-2441 Fax: (661) 654-2447 Website: https://extended.csub.edu/

REQUIRED TEXTBOOKSChange Management and Organizational DevelopmentCMOD 8200/8201 Anderson, Donald L. (2017). Organization Development: The Process of Leading Organizational Change. Fifth Edition. SagePublications, Inc. 2017. Cameron, Esther and Green, Mike (2020). Making Sense of Change Management: A complete guide to the models, tools andtechniques of organizational change. Fifth Edition. New York, NY: Kogan Page, 2020 Hayes, John (2018). The Theory and Practice of Change Management. Fifth Edition. Palgrave, 2018Drug & Alcohol StudiesBEHS 8000No textbooks requiredBEHS 8010BEHS 8020BEHS 8030BEHS 8040BEHS 8050BEHS 8060BEHS 8070BEHS 8090 Addictions Counseling: A Practical and Comprehensive Guide for Counseling People with Addictions by Doyle Pita,Diane, revised and updated edition Uppers, Downers, and All Arounders by Inaba and Cohen, 8th edition Issues & Ethics in the Helping Profession by Corey, Gerald et al., 10th edition Global Criteria: The 12 Core Functions of the Substance Abuse Counselor by Herdman, John, 8th edition Tip 35: Enhancing Motivation for Change in Substance Use Disorder Treatment (available for free derTreatment/PEP19-02-01-003) Matrix Intensive Outpatient Treatment for People with Stimulant Use Disorders: Counselor's Treatment Manual(available for free online Disorders-Counselor-s-Treatment-Manual/SMA13-4152) Substance Abuse Counseling Theory and Practice by Stevens, P. and Smith, R. L., 6th edition Motivational Interviewing and Stages of Change: Integrating Best Practices for Substance Abuse Professionals byTomlin, K. and Richardson, H., 1st edition Becoming Naturally Therapeutic by Small, Jacquelyn, revised edition The Resilient Practitioner: Burnout and Compassion Fatigue Prevention and Self-Care Strategies for the HelpingProfessions by Skovholt and Trotter-Mathison, 3rd edition Global Criteria: The 12 Core Functions of the Substance Abuse Counselor by Herdman, John, 8th edition Co-Occurring Disorders: Integrated Assessment and Treatment of Substance Use and Mental Disorders by Atkins,Charles, 1st edition Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders by American Psychiatric Association, 5th editionGeographic Information SystemsGEOG 8010/8020/8030 - No textbook requiredHuman Resources ManagementBA 8041 - Human Resource Management: People, Data, and Analytics by Bauer et al., 1st editionOccupational Safety & Risk ManagementBA 8010/8011 Occupational Safety and Health for Technologists, Engineers, and Managers by Goetsch, David, 9th edition Human Factors and Behavioural Safety by Stranks, Jeremy, 1st editionPharmacy TechnicianNURS 8010/8020/8030 Math Calculations for Pharmacy Technicians: A Worktext by Beale, Elaine, 3rd edition Pharmacology for Technicians by Ballington, Don, et al., 6th editionProject ManagementMGMT 8010/8020/8030/8040/8050 A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK guide) by Project Management Institute, 7th edition Microsoft Project 2019 Step by Step by Lewis et al., 1st edition Microsoft Project 2010 – 2019 (for PCs) or Project Plan 365 (for Macs) The Team Handbook by Scholtes, Peter et al., 3rd edition Identifying and Managing Project Risk by Kendrick, Tom, 3rd edition Ethics 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know by Maxwell, John C., 1st editionWorkers’ Compensation LawBA 8090/8100 - California Workers’ Compensation Handbook: A Practical Guide to the Workers’ Compensation Law of California byHerlick, Stanford, most recent edition

83342 MGMT 8010 Intro to Project Management (1.2) R.D. Kissinger 400 Aug 24 – Sep 13 83426 MGMT 8020 Project Planning & Scheduling (1.6) R.D. Kissinger 500 Sept 14 – Oct 11 83427 MGMT 8030 Managing the Project Team (1.2) R.D. Kissinger 400 Oct 12 – Nov 11 83428 MGMT 8040 Project Procurement and Quality Management (1.2)

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