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4. Classic Info Exchange - Porsche

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Porsche Club News 1/044. Classic Info ExchangePorsche ClassicRay of Hope for Porsche 928 OwnersPorsche Classic has recently closed agap in the supply of spare parts forthe Porsche 928. From now on, therear lights and lens for the 928 frommodel years 1978 to 1986 will be available again. The parts are availablefrom any Porsche dealer, who will alsobe happy to provide any further information you require.Harald BeckerPorsche –leftrightleftrightleftrightleftrightPart 8.631.933.03928.631.934.03

Porsche Club News 1/04Porsche 356 Club Deutschland, Region “Wilder Süden”Club Evening in Zuffenhausen Plant Ishop were on hand to talk about thevehicles and engines currently in theircare. This look behind the scenesmade the guests’ eyes light up, as theywere standing at the birthplace of theirown cars, so to speak.Today, plant I plays a crucial role in thepreservation, care and maintenance ofhistoric vehicles. Here, the individualcharacter of a classic car is faithfullyrevived, so that it effortlessly meetsthe same high demands made of itdecades before.On 14th November 2003, around 50members of the Porsche 356 ClubDeutschland were welcomed byWolfgang Streufert, DepartmentalManager of the “Porsche Exclusive andClassic Center”, in the historic buildings of Porsche plant I. Paying no heedto it being almost winter, most of themhad travelled in their historic vehicles– clear proof of their high regard forthis particular meeting. The invitationfrom the “Porsche Exclusive and Classic Center” was a première, and Wolfgang Streufert co-operated with thePorsche Club Coordination, PorscheClassic, Porsche Deutschland and thePorsche Museum to put together anattractive programme, which beganwith a champagne reception. After a welcome by Wolfgang Streufert and Hermann Maraun from the Porsche 356Club, it was time for the sightseeingtour, on which the guests had thechance to see not only museum pieceslike the Porsche 356 Roadster No. 1and the Porsche 908 Langheck, butalso the brand new Carrera GT.In the “hallowed halls” of the restoration workshops, the visitors found outat first hand what the perfect restoration of a good old 356 really involves.The Porsche “oldie experts” from thevarious specialist areas including pipework, engine construction, chassis/electrics, leatherwork and the paintIn his presentation, Departmental Manager Wolfgang Streufert paid particular attention to the area of restorationin the Exclusive and Classic Center.Here is an extract from his presentation:“When it comes to original Porscherestoration in plant I, preserving valuesis the guiding principle. We view everyPorsche as a work of art. It reflectsour definition of individuality and the19

Porsche Club News 1/04personality of its driver. In order topreserve this individual character, weact according to strict principles. Forexample, almost every item of workcarried out on the vehicle during original restoration is overseen by our specialised team and is performed withinthe factory walls. We also use originalparts or parts specially produced byourselves, in order to preserve theperfect look of the vehicle and primarily to ensure that their technicalfunction is perfect. Ultimately, thevehicle was not just built to look good,it was built to reveal the experience ofdriving a Porsche in typical sportystyle.Our technical capabilities for restoringa Porsche are state of the art andamazingly diverse. For example, thecathodic anti-corrosion immersionbath seals the bodywork and providesoptimum preparation for painting. Theintegration of original restoration workinto the Porsche Exclusive and ClassicCenter gives us access to machines,tools and testing and measuringapparatus far beyond the standardrange of equipment. This allows us toachieve a high degree of specialisation. Within our own factory walls, wehave the opportunity to pass vehiclesthrough all the departments necessaryto preserve the authenticity of aPorsche.Vehicles are not only restored withextreme care and professionalism byexperts, every procedure in a complete restoration is recorded in writtenand photographic documentation. Thisdocumentation is presented to thecustomer in an exclusive hand-madeleather folder, along with an electronicparts catalogue and a brochure fromthe Exclusive and Classic Center. Our20motto is: We don't want your vehicle tobe your only reminder of the restoration.Customers who come to us from allover the world can expect us toapproach everything we do with passion, understanding, friendliness andempathy. This is the way we aim tocontinue our success in the future.“The evening also focused on otherareas. Museum manager Klaus Bischofhighlighted the history of the Porschelegend, while Klaus Boizo told us allabout the activities of Porsche Classic.Porsche Deutschland was represented by Jennifer Biela, while VolkerSpannagel from the central PorscheClub Coordination took this opportunity to get to know the Club members.Before the emphasis shifted to talkingshop in informal groups, HermannMaraun from the 356 Club WilderSüden expressed thanks on behalfof the members present for the suc-cessful and informative evening, whicheveryone had thoroughly enjoyed.Wolfgang StreufertPorsche Exclusive and Classic CentreIf you would like further informationabout restoring your vehicle, pleasecontact Mr. Alexander Schneiderhan,Department VRK11, at any time:Tel.:Fax: 49 (0)711 911 71 50 49 (0)711 911 78 11

Porsche Club News 1/04Bruce Sweetman50 Years of the Porsche SpeedsterCars North America will be providingthe event with two further highlights:the first Porsche 356, the mid-enginedroadster with chassis number 001,and the America Roadster from thePorsche museum will be on display.For accommodation, you can choosefrom four different hotels: the HyattRegency Monterey, Quail Lodge, TheLodge at Pebble Beach and The Inn atSpanish Bay. However, many of therooms have already been booked up.The Porsche Speedster will be celebrating its 50th birthday this year, anda major meeting will be held at PebbleBeach in California to mark the occasion. Everyone is invited to celebratethe most beautiful of all Porsches from25th to 27th June 2004. This is not anofficial Porsche event, but is beingorganised by Big Lake MediaTM.More than 300 vehicles are expectedat the event, including Speedster prototypes, the last two Speedsters produced, the Convertible D prototypeand most of the America Roadstersproduced. Porsche AG and PorscheAn extremely varied programmeawaits all the visitors. Friday will seethe launch of a new book about theSpeedster. Nevertheless, the mostimportant day of the event will beSaturday, as that is when owners willbe presenting their vehicles at aConcours d'Elégance on the lawnsof the Quail Lodge Resort in Carmel.Well-preserved vehicles with a littlepatina, plenty of charisma and anexcellent history will have the bestchance of victory.pants, whose names will be drawn outof the hat, there will be an additionalhighlight. They will be able to thunderaround the Laguna Seca racetrack intheir Porsches, and will be given a souvenir photograph showing them negotiating the famous Corkscrew turn.Saturday will also see the announcement of the winner of our prize draw.Lufthansa has donated two flight tickets worth 16,000.– Dollars. A ticketfor the draw costs 50.– Dollars, anddetails of how to buy one can be foundon our website:http://speedster50thanniversary.comThe website also includes a bookingform, if you want to come and bringyour vehicle, and more informationabout the whole event.Of course, the programme alsoincludes an excursion in the surrounding area. And for 150 of the partici-21

Porsche Club News 1/04Club Porsche France 911 ClassicLe Mans Classic 2004After the traditional Le Mans start, thecars from the six categories will drivethree laps of the 13-kilometre track,meaning that by 4.00 pm on Sunday,all the cars will have been in actionseveral times.Overall, more than 100 Porschescompeted in the historic race at LeMans, but only 40 will be eligible forthe Le Mans Classic to leave room forother manufacturers. The field willinclude at least one example of the550 Spyder, 904, 906, 910 and 917models, as well as the 356 and 911types, as long as they actually startedat Le Mans.The first time it was held, in 2002,many of those who attended heraldedthe Le Mans Classic as the event ofthe year. At that event, 30,000 spectators witnessed the excitement of305 historic racing cars thunderingaround the track, while the presenceof various owners‘ clubs ensured thataround 2,000 more vehicles were ondisplay.This year, more specifically from 23rdto 25th July, it is time for the secondrunning of this major event. Anyonewho wants to drive their sports car onthe trail of the classic Le Mans 24-hourlong distance race should register assoon as possible. Only vehicles thatlined up for a Le Mans race between1923 and 1978 will be eligible to enter.In line with tradition, the starting flagwill fall on the Saturday at 4.00 pm.The field, which is estimated to bearound 350, will be divided into sixgroups by year of construction, andthese groups will take it in turns to lineup:22 Group 1, year of1923 to 1939 Group 2, year of1949 to 1956 Group 3, year of1957 to 1961 Group 4, year of1962 to 1965 Group 5, year of1966 to 1971 Group 6, year of1972 to onconstructionconstructionSpectators will have access to allareas of the circuit that would be opento them at today's 24-hour race, including the Tertre-Rouge, Mulsanne, Indianapolis etc. As well as the actualracing, there will be an interesting supporting programme. This will include amarket for spare parts and car memorabilia, an Oldtimer auction organisedby Coys and, last but not least, theinternational Club event in the CircuitBugatti area, to which the entireOldtimer world is invited.

Porsche Club News 1/04Club area (Bugatti Circuit)These special activities will be available in the Club area (some at additional cost): CateringConcours d’ÉléganceFilms about 24-hour raceAuctionVIP villageChampagne barsClub parties on Saturday eveningDriving on track before and afterraces (two laps following pace car) Art exhibitionTo ensure that the Porsche brand isappropriately represented, as in 2002the organisers have asked the ClubPorsche France Classic to co-ordinatethe participation of the variousPorsche Clubs. Every Porsche Clubshould collect the registrations fromits members and send this to theFrench Club. Each person can calculate the costs individually based on thedetails on the registration form.Club members will enjoy preferentialtreatment at this event, as detailedbelow:Club privilegesIf you come to Le Mans through a Club,you will have privileged access to: Paddock (no jeans – not accessibleto other spectators) Club area (not accessible to otherspectators) Club car park (not accessible toother spectators) Free entry to grandstands (normalprice 20.– Euro)Porsche privilegesThanks to the support of PorscheFrance and Porsche AG, registeredvisitors can enjoy additional benefitsin the Porsche Club area: Supervised car parking, with vehicles arranged by model and yearof construction (additional charge) Each Porsche has its own parkingspace for the entire weekend 500 m2 tent open throughout theweekend Constant supply of sandwiches andhot and cold drinks (additionalcharge) Competitions: Best looking, mostoriginal Porsche, longest journey Picnic baskets (additional charge)etc.Further information about the Le MansClassic is available on the Internet atwww.lemansclassic.comClub Porsche France 911 ClassicPresident: Vincent FlandinTel.: 33 (0)1 43 25 26 80Fax: 33 (0)1 43 25 26 5123

Le Mans Classic 2004(must be returned by 31st March 2004)Reply by post to:Reply by fax: 33 (0)1 43 25 26 51Club Porsche France 911 Classic6, rue Jean du BellayF-75004 ParisTel. 33 (0)1 43 25 26 80Name:First name:Address:Tel.:Fax:E-mail:Porsche Club:Porsche type:Year of construction:Driving licence number:History of car:Photo of car (3/4 view from front)I would like to enter the Concours d’Élegance:YesNumberNoOfficial PorscheClub member*Non-memberEntry main grandstand paddock Club area (per person)g45,00.–g65,00.–Club car park (per vehicle)g5,00.–g5,00.–Picnic basket for Saturday (for 2 people)g50,00.–g50,00.–Picnic basket for Sunday (for 2 people)g50,00.–g50,00.–Club party on Saturday evening (per person)g75,00.–g80,00.–Two racing laps on Saturday or Sunday(per vehicle)g100,00.–g110,00.–Total(*Enclose copy of membership card)Payment:VISATotalEurocard – MastercardName:I would like to pay gby credit card. Card number:Expiry date:Signature:International transfers:IBAN FR 65 20041 01012 43 232 96 A 033 73; Purpose: LMC 2004 plus surname and first nameSignature:Date:

Porsche Club News 1/04Porsche Deutschland GmbHTechno Classica 2004Porsche StandHall 3This year‘s Techno Classica in Essenwill be held from 1st to 4th April. The16th edition of this global exhibitionfor classic cars, motorcycles, spareparts and everything relating to Oldtimers promises to be another greatsuccess. Techno Classica is alreadyone of the best-selling exhibitions inthe entire classic motoring industry.The final figures for 2003 were109,000 visitors and 820 exhibitors.However, it is not just about business.Building up relationships plays a centralrole in the event, which is why representatives from the international clubscene get together in Essen to communicate with one another. Porschefans also get full value for money. Thisyear, Porsche Deutschland GmbH willbe exhibiting, along with nine representatives from the national PorscheClassic Club scene: Club für den klassischen 911 e.V. Porsche Club 924/ 944 Deutschland e.V. VW Porsche 914 DeutschlandClub e.V. Carrera RS Owners Club e.V. Porsche 928 Club e.V.Porsche 356 Deutschland e.V,Porsche Club 968 Deutschland e.V.Porsche 914-6 Club e.V.Porsche-Diesel Club Europa e.V.The setting for this year‘s impressivedemonstration will be a 600 m2 stand,which will be situated in Hall 3 for thefirst time. As well as the vehicles fromthe Porsche Classic Clubs, a range ofother interesting exhibits will be ondisplay. These include a sectionalmodel of a 930 Turbo engine and thePorsche 911 Carrera RSR Turbo fromthe Porsche museum – definitely oneof the highlights of the whole stand.This vehicle is equipped with a 2.1 litreengine, has a power of around 500BHP and can reach a top speed of300 km/ hr.ing its know how by bringing alongsamples of its work and documentation. The so-called living workshop, inwhich visitors can experience for themselves how interior equipment components are manufactured, provides aninsight into the world of spare partsproduction. As a fitting souvenir of yourvisit, you can purchase a limited-edition model of a Porsche 356 A Cabrioon the stand. And of course, a fewsurprises and snacks will be waitingfor you, as always. Whatever you do,don't forget to stop off in Hall 3 duringexhibition week.Georg PrisnerPorsche DeutschlandAs always, the Porsche Club Coordination team will be on hand, and islooking forward to your visit. ThePorsche Classic staff working on thestand will be able to answer all yourquestions about spare parts, while thecustomer centre will be demonstrat-25

Porsche Club News 1/04914 Club HollandInternational Porsche 914 Meeting 2004This year's International Porsche 914Meeting will be held from 4th to 6thJune at Hilversum in the Netherlands.In this beautiful region of lakes andrivers, the Club is offering a three-dayprogramme, with an emphasis ongetting to know people, a relaxed andfriendly atmosphere and shared experience and enjoyment.The programme looks like this:Friday 4th June 2004Afternoon reception and check-in at acentrally located hotel.This will be followed by a short excursion along the typical Dutch canals asfar as the de Vecht river. There, we willboard an Oldtimer party ship, whichwill cast off for an evening cruise. Acelebration dinner will be served onboard.Saturday 5th June 2004Excursion into the green heart ofthe Netherlands. Our destination willbe the “Green Pavilion” (Het GroenePaviljoen). Lunch will be served inthese exclusive surroundings.This will be followed by a guided tourin several languages of the internationally renowned nurseries. There willthen be plenty of time for discussionsand taking photographs; there will alsobe a chance to watch videos of previous Porsche events.A formal dinner and live music will bringthe day to a conclusion.26Sunday 6th June 2004For today, we have arranged an entertaining excursion to the Porscheimporter PON in Leusden.Lunch in the brand new showroom,surrounded by the very latest models,will round off this international event.More information is available from:Chris de CostaTel.: 31 (0)1 81 61 27 90E-mail: decostaj@hetnet.nlPorsche 914 Club HollandPresident: Ivo VerstraeteTel.: 32 (0)36 77 34 74E-mail: ivonicole@pandora.be

Porsche Club News 1/04 18 4. Classic Info Exchange Porsche Classic Ray of Hope for Porsche 928 Owners Porsche Classic has recently closed a gap in the supply of spare parts for the Porsche 928. From now on, the rear lights and lens for the 928 from model years 1978 to 1986 will be avail-able again. The parts are available from any Porsche .