Seder Meal April 17 , 6:00pm - Trinity Lutheran Church

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Seder MealM ayMayMayMayMayMayMayMayMayMayMayMay1 – The WELL, Prayer & Healing8 – The WELL12 – Mothers’ Day14 - MAP15 – The WELL16 – ABO Trip to Lancaster19 – 9th Grade Confirmands Dinner22 – The WELL24-26 – Pocono Retreat26 – Summer Worship Schedule Begins27 – Memorial DayJuneJuneJuneJuneJuneJuneJune1 – Jack Frost Golf Tournament6 – CW Baccalaureate Service10 – ABO Picnic11 – ABO trip - Root’s & “Stolen” – Bird in Hand16 – Father’s Day17-21- Music CampJulyJul 3-7 – Trinity Beach CampJul 17 -21 – VBSJul 22 – PPCEaster DecoratingWe will decorate the sanctuary at 8:00am onSaturday, April 20. Adults are invited to come andhelp us prepare the sanctuary.Ministerium Lenten Worship & LunchesThe Conrad Weiser Ministerium continues to sponsor midweekLenten worship services followed by a light lunch. TheseWednesday noon-time services and lunches have been wellattended and give us a great chance to interact with our brothersand sisters in Christ. The service and meal last about one hour,so if you need to return to work you may do so or stay and enjoyadded fellowship. A free-will offering is taken for the ConradWeiser Area Ministerium. This is a great time to get out and bewith others in the midst of this winter season. Come and sharein Christ’s grace!DateApr. 3 –Apr. 10 –Host SiteSt. Daniel’s Lutheran, RobesoniaTrinity Lutheran, Robesonia April 17th, 6:00pmWe invite you to experience amodified Seder Meal, themeal Jesus would haveshared with his disciples onMaundy Thursday.Themeal/service is done bycandlelight in the social hall.It is a meal that recalls the plight of the Israelitesand God’s saving acts. It is a meal rich in traditionand symbolism. Children are invited and will haveseveral opportunities to share in the wonder of thenight, looking for the hidden (a special prize given ifyou find the hidden), and in the breaking of theeggs. Reservations are needed so that we canprepare adequately. A 3 donation is requested tocover the costs of preparation. After the service, weenjoy soup, bread and dessert like a normalWednesday at the Well. Every participant isexpected to bring and share. Please call the churchoffice or use the WELL reservation form to reserve aplace.Lenten Coin Boxes/EnvelopesWe will have a special Lenten collection using thecoin banks we make available or you can use theoffering envelope provided in your pack. Thisyear’s special Lenten offering will be divided between the AllSaints Scholarship Fund and Trinity camperships to helpsupport our youth who want to go to Lutheran Church camp.(Camperships range from 75 to 150 per child.) Thank you foryour generous response to these very worthwhile needs. Yourgenerosity is greatly appreciated!Easter BreakfastTrinity’s ABO Group will behosting our Easter Breakfastagain this year. We hope you willjoin us for our traditional buffet:fresh fruit, doughnuts & muffinsegg strata & creamed dried beef on toastThere is no charge, but donations for the All SaintsScholarship Fund will be accepted. The breakfastwill be served from 7:00 – 9:30am. Reservations aster Breakfast ReservationPlease make the following Reservation:Name:Number of People:

Special Thanks:Thank you to ourMarch newsletter volunteers: GraceWenrich, Bonnie & Nevin Smith,Samantha & Ava Herbine, Ken &Geneva Berger, Judy Titter, DonStripling, Carol Werkheiser, John &Joanna Goodison, Larry & Barbara Schermick, andSherry McGonigle. And Mary Garlin timed it perfectly,arriving at snacktime! Check the calendar fornewsletter assembly dates. All are welcome.Recent Hospitalizations:Kathy Schweizer, John Stoltzfus, Teri Rothenberger,Geraldine Putt, Sherry McGonigle.We extend our Sympathy to: Chris & Greg Werner and family on the death oftheir nephew, Kathy Wagner and David Kramer and their familieson the death of their mother, Annie M. Kramer, Pete Snyder and family on the death of his mother.Congratulations to: Tiffany (Shubrooks) and Cody Bechtel on the birthof their son Weston Russell on March 7th, Sarah and Colin McGrory on the birth of their sonDeclan Frear on March 20th.Happy Birthday to our members 80 Janice Mountz – April 1stCondo 2302, Tradewinds 11101 Second Ave. NorthSurfside Beach, SC 29575George Morneau – April 5th35 Schuylkill DriveWernersville, PA 19565Western BerksShepherding MinistriesCo-Directors: Lisa Snyder andJodi Eisenhauer.Please contact them at 484-2947394 or email them atWesternBerksShepherding@gmail.comfor all appointment schedulingor to inquire about being a volunteer.Dear Friends at Trinity Lutheran Church,Thank you for your generous donation of 3,000 tothe Free Medical Clinic from your Frosted Buns 5Kevent. It is greatly appreciated. Your support willaid us in furthering our mission.More thanks from our college students I just wanted to reach out and say thank you forsending the gift box filled with snacks! It is muchappreciated.–Conner Ritter Thank you for the Valentine’s goody box! It is niceto know our church family is thinking about us.–Morgan Bagenstose & Hannah Smith The Valentine’s care package arrived duringmidterms. Thanks for the reminder of God’s loveand of everyone in Robesonia!–Gabe Grajewski Thank you for making me feel at home when I am300 miles away.–Jessica DuncanJan Morneau – April 15th35 Schuylkill DriveWernersville, PA 19565Phyllis Muir – April 20th231 Copper Beech LaneWomelsdorf, PA 19567John Moyer – April 24th312 Harry Ave.Robesonia, PA 19551 Thank you for the Valentine’s care package.I appreciated all the school supplies and snacks.–Brett Phillips Thank you for the care package. It means a lot tobe thought of by my church community.–Emily NollEASTER FLOWERSIt’s time to order your Easter plants. Please use this form to placeyour order. Cost is 7 per plant, and money must be enclosed withyour order. DEADLINE TO ORDER: April 8th!I would like to order:June Germann – April 30th624 Gring’s Hill Rd.Sinking Spring, PA 19608# LiliesDear Trinity Congregation, thank you to all for yourget well wishes, prayers and cards. All were greatlyappreciated.With sincere gratitude,Vera Cervellero#Tulips#DaffodilsTotal Enclosed @ 7 per plantName:In memory of:In honor of:Please deliver my plant(s) to a shut-in .

Planting seeds and seeing them sproutlooking forward to the day they go into the groundoutside.I’ve thought about this for awhile, and for a few summersthere have been plants in theflower bed on the north sideof the parsonage. But thisyear, it’s getting serious. Theseeds have been planted andhave started to sprout. It’svery exciting to check out the beginnings of a gardeneach morning as I trot down to the boiler room. Theboiler room was the best place to set up the growlight, moderate the temperature AND keep Marley(the cat) away from the little pots. The first seedsup? Brussels sprouts! Slowly some herbsand cukes are starting to surface. It isdefinitely a watching and waiting game,but it’s an exciting one at that. Once theweather is beyond potential frost, it willbe time to do the work outside. When Iwas a kid, my parents had a large gardenin the backyard. From my memory, I don’t recallenjoying any of the gardening work. I’m not surehow much I helped out, except to eat the freshveggies when they were part of summertimedinners. But now, I’m ready to do the work, or atleast prepare to do the work.My next read is Gardening Without Work: For theAging, the Busy and the Indolent by Ruth Stout. (Inregards to the title, I think this book fits me for the‘busy’ part.)The other day I shared a picture of the seedssprouting, along with some pictures from SundaySchool and Fundocy on Instagram. I included aprayer giving thanks to God for seeing seeds that aresprouting. The sprouting I saw that day and prettymuch everyday at Trinity is when God’s word andGod’s plan come to life through the people andministries of Trinity. In Sunday School, the 7th & 8thgraders know that as we end class, we will circle up,pray aloud for our joys and our needs, and thenrecite the Lord’s Prayer together. In Fundocy, our 8th& 9th graders are feeling safe to talk about theirrelationships with friends and parents and not worryabout how others will react. At Breakfast BibleStudy, relationships deepen as we dig into God’sword and how it impacts our everyday lives. At theWell, we are fed with food, friendship,companionship, laughter and worship. In thegrocery store, we strike up friendly conversations aswe randomly bump into one another, or on the roadwhen we are out walking seeingGod’s creation and sharing afriendly hello. You name it, God isat work in this world and is deeplyimpactingourlives,ourrelationships and our community.Keep an eye out for seeds that aresprouting and in the meantime,keep planting, watering, nurturingand checking on them. I know there will be work involved, and from what Icontinue to learn about myself, I can and will maketime each day for the things that bring me joy.Prayer, meditaion, coffee and exercise happen at thebeginning of each day because I know I want or needtime for those things to happen. Any given day in thelife of a pastor (and most other people) is neverexactly the same as the day before. Seeing as I can’tbe certain as to how my day will go, there are certainthings that get priority. (Trust me, having a pastorthat has had time to pray, meditate, caffeinate andexercise is one that will have a clearer head and heartfor the day ahead.) All that being said, I will maketime each day to check on and tend to the garden.I’m excited to see the seeds sprouting and am peace, Pastor JenCollecting Aluminum CansRyan Noyes is collecting and recyclingaluminum cans to benefit the IM ABLEFoundation. The mission of the IM ABLEFoundation ( is toremove obstacles that prevent individuals withdisabilities from being physically active through adaptivefitness equipment grants, inclusive fitness classes andadvocacy for individuals with disabilities. All money raisedfrom recycling the cans will go directly to thefoundation. Please drop off your empty cans (crushed, ifpossible) in the marked bin outside the shed in the mainparking lot near the playground. Thanks for yourcontinued support!

You’re invited! Save the date(s):April 27 & 28This is youth led worship weekend.Come hear the voices of Trinity’syouth as they lead the congregationin worship all weekend. They areexcited to share God’s story as theyshare their voices.Missing A Person?MAP IS for you!April 9th at NoonMAP is Trinity’s grief support ministry.It is intended for anyone who has lost aspouse or another significant person intheir life. We enjoy a home cooked lunchserved in the social hall, and then adjourn to theparlor for conversation. Please sign up on the kioskor call the church office to RSVP. The cost is 5 perperson. We continue to bring healing and findwholeness as we piece it all together.Missionary SponsorshipEvery year, we invite members to sponsorour missionaries for a day. 5 helps to coverour cost in helping to sponsor them in theirservice. There is a calendar on the bulletinboard outside the church office. This is another way for usto reach out with the Good News of Jesus Christ. We hopethat you will consider helping us to achieve our goal ofspreading God’s Word. Sign up and then place the moneyin an envelope in the offering plate marked missionarysponsorship. Thank You.All Saints Scholarship FundTrinity’s All Saints Scholarship Fundcontinues to collect gifts to support ourTrinity members who will graduate fromhigh school and plan to further theireducation at a college or trade school. The amount of thegift will depend upon the amount of money we are able toraise. We are always collecting throughout the year for thisfund and we pray it will continue to encourage our youth tofeel supported and nurtured by the people of this place.This is a great way to remember a loved one while, at thesame time, helping our youth feel connected to those whohave gone before them. Please help us to sustain thisministry by making a gift to the All Saints Scholarship Fund.Guest Sponsor Program BeginsWe have initiated a new programat Trinity for guests who join usfor worship. They will receive aspecial letter from one of ourmembers inviting them to pick acharity from five that we havedesignated. We will make a 10donation in their name to theirdesignation. This is a way ofrewarding those who come to worship. We hope thatit shows the value we place on service at Trinity. Webegin this program this month and we already haveabout 30 people agreeing to be guest sponsors. Thiswas a choice on your Time & Abilities, and we canalways use more participants!When a visitor signs our guest book or friendship pad,we will send one of our sponsors a letter and envelopeaddressed to the visitor who attended worship. Thesponsor will sign the letter, add a personal note, andput the pre-addressed envelope in the mail ASAP.Guests will then call the church office or email theirchoice of charity. The guest sponsor will make theircontribution of 10 to the church so that we can giftthe charity on behalf of the visitor. Our intention is toshow our guests they are valued, and that theirattending has already made a positive change in God’sworld! This sponsorship is similar to sponsoring breador wine but this time you are sponsoring a visitor.New Member GatheringThe next New Member Gatheringwill be on Sunday, April 28th, at2:00pm. This gathering will meetin the parlor and will take less thantwo hours. This is a chance tolearn more about Trinity and itsmany ministries.If you areinterested in attending, please call the church office toRSVP. Child care can be arranged for those who needit, but must be scheduled ahead of time.Breakfast Bible StudyThe Monday morning breakfast Biblestudy is going strong and we have hadmore people than ever join us at8:30am.No exhaustive Bibleknowledge is needed. We have great discussion as weunpack the sermon and the Gospel text we heard theprevious Sunday. We meet in the church social hall. It isalways fun conversation with good food and fellowship.Breakfast is served buffet style for which we ask a 3donation. We finish by 10am. All are welcome!

Consider being a livingKidney Donor!Yep, I am still looking for akidney. If you, or a person youknow, meet the criteria listedbelow, please consider beinga living kidney donor. If youare: between 21 – 65 years of age,mentally and physically fit, non-obese,no major medical conditions (diabetes, heartdisease, cancer etc.), match my B blood type orhave blood type O, (If you don’t know your bloodtype I can help you know how to find that out at nocost.) You must have health insurance to ensurethat you can receive care in the private sector for anyincidentally discovered illnesses revealed during theevaluation. Most transplant related costs will be paidfor by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). I amcurrently registered and on the National KidneyTransplant list and approved for the transplant withthe VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System. Questions?Give me a call - Bonnie Culp, (717) 274-1904 or(717) 228-8543. Thanks for considering a gift of life!Trinity Family Beach CampJuly 3-7, 2019Trinity members and friends are invited to be apart of our Family Beach Retreat. It will beheld July 3-7, 2019. The retreat will be set inWildwood, New Jersey at The Luther Inn.There are fourteen 4-person rooms availableon a first come basis. Additional small children may be putinto the same room if you bring the playpens or sleepingbags. Thus, we can have as many as 56 people enjoyingthis family time together. Retreat flyers are available on thekiosk or call the church office.We Always Need Basket Holders!Is your child in Kindergarten through 2nd Grade?They can help during worship by beinga basket holder during communion. SeeChris Kennedy or call the churchoffice if your child is interested in getting on theschedule. On the job training is included. Giving ofour time & talent starts early!Dear Trinity Lutheran Church, thank you for yourgenerous scout sponsorship of the Conrad WeiserClass of 2019 graduation party. Thanks for helpingto make a safe and fun celebration possible.Would you like to go for awalk? To Jerusalem?Okay it may still be a bitchilly out there, but thegoal is for us to coverthe distance of 5,808miles during the season of Lent. It’s good for usall to get moving just a bit each day, so why notkeep track of your miles and help us complete thejourney?Keep track of your cardio exercises or the milesyou walk, run, cycle, rollerblade, skateboard orcross country ski. This could be the time to begina new family tradition of walking once or twice aweek, or having a family “Just Dance” competitioninside on a chilly day. Be creative! Feel free totake pictures to document your fitness, fun andcreative ways to cover the miles! We started onAsh Wednesday, but you can still join in. If yourworkouts are cardio classes, then 20 minutes one mile. If you walk or run or bike, your milesmay be faster than that .and that’s okay, butevery mile counts!Document your mileage on a log each week andwe will keep track of our journey together throughfootprints around the church. Of course, the goalis to make it to Jerusalem by Easter, but it wouldalso be great to have as many people participateas possible. Are you looking for company on thisjourney? You can make a note on the log sheet,or talk to Pastor Jen and she will pair people up orstart some walking and talking groups.Logs are available on thekiosk to keep track of yourweekly exercise at home.Bring in your weekly totalsonce a week whether youare here on Wednesdays,Saturdays or Sundays. We will keep peopleposted on our progress on Facebook andannouncements at church. Please document yourjourney with pictures on Facebook or Instagram –remember to tag @trinityrobesonia and#walktojerusalem2019.You can also e-mailpictures of yourself or friends walking and/orplaces you see God along the way to Pastor Questions?Comments?Excited? Talk to Pastor Jen.

Trinity’s 55 MinistryNo Dues – No Don’tsApril 15th - NoonABO is our seniors’ ministryfor those age 55 and over. Weenjoy a monthly lunch withfoodthateveryonecontributes. We hear aboutupcoming trips as well as havea short information exchange. Come and enjoysome good food and fellowship. It’s almostspring! Time to get out and about.Lancaster Trip – May 16, 2019Cost 130 per person – Departs 8amWe will depart at 8am for Lancaster Countywhere we will enjoy a magic lantern showabout slavery and the under-ground railroad. We will alsowatch a live interpreter/actor pose as a freed slave and sharestories of the railroad. We will take a bus tour and hearinformation about the under-ground railroad in LancasterCounty. We will enjoy an Amish feast at Plain & FancyRestaurant with fried chicken, sausage, roast beef andchicken pot pie and all the trimmings. Bring your appetite.Finally, we travel to the American Music Theatre to enjoy theirnew show Ovations which highlights their orchestra playingclassics to pop, with live singers bringing to life Sinatra,Bennett, Fitzgerald, Groban, and Buble. We will head homeafter the show and arrive in Robesonia @ 6:30pm.“Stolen” & Roots Farmers MarketJune 11, 2019 Cost - 86Departs at 8:15am/Returns at 5pmJoin us as we travel to Roots Farmers’ Market,one of the largest farmers markets around. Youwill have time to walk around and make purchases.You can even put a cooler under the bus to store yourpurchases. Then, it is off to Bird-in-Hand Restaurant for adelicious buffet lunch, followed by the new musical mystery,“Stolen.” It is set right here in PA when an Amish family’sbaby is stolen. Follow the detective and listen to the out-ofstate reporter as they get into this “different” community .tosolve the crime.2019 Christmas TripHotel Hershey andAmerican Music TheatreDec. 10th - Cost - 95Christmas inWilliamsburgDec. 2-6, 2019Cost: 875 (double) 1,110 (single)Here is the most up to date itinerary:Monday, Dec. 27:00am – Depart from back lot at Trinity9:00am – Rest stop & bathroom breakat fast food11:30am – Lunch stop at Cracker Barrel3:00pm – arrive at The Woodlands5:00pm - Dinner at The King’s Arm7:00pm – Evening program by candlelight in the CourthouseTuesday, Dec. 38:00am – breakfast in The Woodlands9:00am – drop off at the DeWitt Wallace Museum10:45am – Holiday decorating tips – MuseumNoon – Lunch at Peking Restaurant Buffet1:30pm – 3-hour guided tour of Colonial Williamsburg6:30pm – Dinner at Captain’s George’s Seafood Buffet8:00pm - evening program to be determinedWednesday, Dec. 48:00am - breakfast at The Woodlands9:00am – Walking tour of decorations10:00am - Time to explore shops in Colonial WilliamsburgNoon – Lunch at Shield’s Tavern2:30pm – The Spirit of the Season at the Raleigh Tavern4:00pm – return to hotel or explore more on your own5:30pm – Dinner at Campbell’s Tavern7:00pm – Bringing in the Holidays with Venus (stories)Thursday, December 57:00am - breakfast at The Woodlands8:30am – depart for Yorktown American Revolution Museum9:30am – Museum at Yorktown10:00am – Guided tour of Yorktown Museum1:00pm – Boxed lunch at the Jamestown Museum2- 4:30pm – Guided tour of Jamestown5:30pm – Private dinner with Martha Washington talking aboutChristmas traditionsFriday, December 68:00am - breakfast at The Woodlands- check out of hotel9:00am – Free time in Colonial Williamsburg &Merchant’s Square11:30am – Depart for home1:30pm – Lunch stop at Cracker Barrel7:00pm – Arrive back in RobesoniaDeposit of 250 must accompany sign-up, and is nonrefundable after Sept.1st, 2019. Final Payment is dueby October 1, 2019.

April & May Sign-UpsApril 3 - Making Soft PretzelsCost 1.00 each # needed: at 1 I will bring: soup salad breaddessertNumber attending:WELL Activity DescriptionsFor AprilApril 10 - Hope Rescue Meal PreparationApril 3- Making Soft Pretzels!You will get to roll your own pretzel shape, hear the legendof the pretzel, and then enjoy these wonderful, fresh bakedgoodies. Cost 1 each.April 17- Seder MealApril 10- Hope Rescue Meal PreparationAgain, we will be preparing part of the meal served atHope Rescue. These have become special evenings aswe share a meal then work together so others are fed!April 17- Seder Meal Come and enjoy thiswonderful tradition as we observe a Jewish seder. We’llplay some games during the ritual meal, a candlelightdinner with wine as we wait for Elijah. This is the mealJesus celebrated with his disciples. Come andexperience this important festival. Cost 3 per person.April 24- Food Pantry Set-up! We’ll worktogether to help set up for food pantry distribution. Thereis a lot to do and jobs for all ages and abilities.For MAYMay 1- May Day! Join us as we ‘spring’ into actionand help get some planting done for the church.May 8- Preparing for Hope Rescue – We willagain be preparing part of the meal for the Hope Rescuemeal the following day. Recipients are so grateful for ourcontribution.May 15- Decorating Canvas Totes- We’lldecorate our own canvas totes to help cut back on plasticbag use. You can never have too many. We’ll have someminis for the kiddos to do (no charge). Cost 3.00May 22- Patriotic BandanaWreath- Make a fun patrioticwreath just in time for Memorial Dayand July 4th. Using red, white andblue bandanas you’ll want to makemore than one. There will be kid’sactivities, too. Cost 5.00 eachI will bring: soup salad breaddessertNumber attending:Cost 3 per person. # at 3 I will bring: soup salad breaddessertNumber attending:April 24 - Food Pantry Set-upI will bring: soup salad breaddessertNumber attending:Yes, I’m/we’re coming to the WELL!Name:Ph# or e-mail:Amount Enclosed:May 1- May Day!Meal: PizzaI will bring: salad/side dessert:Number attending:May 8- Preparing for Hope RescueI will bring: soup salad breaddessertNumber attending:May 15- Decorating Canvas TotesCost: 3.00 each. #needed at 3 Meal: Sloppy Joe’s (rolls provided)I will bring: Beef BBQ salad/sidedessertNumber attending:May 22- Patriotic Bandana WreathCost: 5.00 each. #needed at 5 Meal: Chicken Tenders and TotsI will bring: side/salad dessertNumber attending:

2019 Treasurer’s ReportGeneral Fund:February Actual IncomeFebruary Actual ExpensesFebruary BudgetYTD Actual IncomeYTD Actual ExpensesYTD Budget 47,614 45,143 52,485 103,745 96,990 105,035The Social Ministry Boardwants to help us all live out thelast line of our missionstatement. So, as often aspossible, we will be lifting upservice opportunities within thechurch and outside the churchin this section of the newsletter.Please serve where you feel called and help us tolive out the love of Jesus Christ.Thrivent Members Every Thrivent member is entitledto two 250 action team grants.We need to leverage thesedollars to help facilitate ongoingprograms of outreach at the church, like 5th Quarter,Family Promise, the Easter Egg Hunt, ChocolateFrosted Buns 5K, God’s Work, Our Hands, etc. Forall of these outreach programs that touch other’slives, we can apply for Thrivent action team grantswhich will help to underwrite some of the costs. So, if you are a Thrivent member and would bewilling to apply for an action team grant, pleasespeak with Pastor Bill. We have the Easter basketproject and other activities for which we can use thisgifting program. Thanks for helping to leverage thismoney to help others! Thrivent Members A lot of money is not being claimed throughThrivent Financial’s “Thrivent ChoiceDollars” program.If you haveannuities or a premium for lifeinsurance over 800 a year, you areeligible for Thrivent choice points. You need to callThrivent at 1-800-Thrivent. Following the automatedsystem, ask for a fraternal person. When you get anoperator, ask if you are eligible for Thrivent choice points.You will need your Thrivent ID number or your socialsecurity number. You may designate yearly to have thosedollars given to Trinity. If you do not do this, this moneyis lost. So please call and make sure that if you areeligible, your money is being forwarded.Do you know about Trinity’s columbarium?There are niches available for purchase. Have youprepared a statement of guidance for yourfamily in the event of your death? Please talkto a pastor or the office staff if youwould like assistance in theseimportant future plans. Sign up as a worship assistant for Easter and HolyWeek servicesVolunteer to help with the Golf Tournament.Help with shelter meals at Opportunity House or HopeRescue Mission; cook or bake and/or help serve themeal.Be a volunteer driver for Western Berks ShepherdingMinistries.Help with the nursery during 10:45am worship.Give items to Operation Christmas Child.Join the senior choir or the bell choir.Talk to Darin, our music director/organist, aboutsharing a musical talent at the 8am worship service.Be a Sunday School helper or substitute teacher.Help coordinate Youth Ministry meals for our youthprogram.Volunteer to help with funeral meals by offering a sidedish or dessert or by setting up/cleaning up.Call to help with our Easter bag project for needychildren in Berks County. Help decorate bags orpurchase items needed to fill the bags.West Berks Mission DistrictAnnual Lenten Prayer Breakfastat 8:00amWednesday, April 17that The Inn at ReadingThe cost is 18 for a breakfast buffet including:breakfast pastries, biscuits, fresh fruit, scrambled eggs,cinnamon French toast, potatoes, bacon, coffee, tea & juiceThe guest speaker will be the Rev. Steven Shussett“Spiritual Well-being:Becoming Who We Were Meant to Be”Trinity plans to reserve a table or two so that we can all sittogether. Please contact the church office if you wouldlike to attend. We need to reserve by April 8th.

Trinity’sJack Frost ScholarshipGolf TournamentJune 1st, 2019Shot-Gun Start at 8:00am 75 per personIncludes Round of Golf with CartBeverages and SnacksKauffman Chicken Dinner and Desserts 5,000 Hole-In-One Prize HoleFour Additional Hole-In-One Prize Holes 2,500 Putting Contest PrizePot of Gold Hole4 Person Scramble, Prizes awarded for 3 FlightsAlso Available:50/25/25 Cash & Prize Raffle TicketsEASTER BAGS FOR UNDER-PRIVILEGEDKIDS IN BERKS COUNTY!!It’s time to start thinking about this special Easter project! Wewill need volunteers to help with this annual Easter Bag Projectwhich benefits the children at The Children’s Home of Reading,Bethany Children’s Home in Womelsdorf, Lifeline, SalvationArmy and Opportunity House. Here is how you can help: We need donations for the babies Easter bags. Theitems needed for these baskets are: baby bottles,sippy cups, drool bibs, lots of diapers, and jarredbaby food. Drop these off at the box in thecollection center at the top of the stairs. Look for registration forms on the kiosk.NOT A GOLFER?You don’t have to be a golfer tosupport the Jack Frost Scholarship GolfTournament. There are many waysyou can help.One way is to be a hole-sponsor. Fora 50 donation, you will get a signdesigned to your specifications.Each sign will be placed at a tee area on the golfcourse. This is a great way to advertise yourbusiness, recognize a favorite cause, or simply toshow your support. Have a friend who is a businessowner? Invite them to sponsor a hole.You can also provide prizes for the raffle held at thetournament. Prizes can be golf items (balls, tees,towels, etc.), any kind of gift cards (restaurants,retail stores, gas, etc.) or any other item you wish todonate. Also, a golf tee will be available in thenarthex with suggested prizes and a collection boxfor your donations.Volunteers are needed the day of the tournament,June 1st. You can opt to begin helping at 7am (helpyourself to coffee and donuts) or begin helping at10am. All volunteers will get a Kauffman’s chickendinner. There are many volunteer opportunities;contact Don Stripling (610.750.3998) if interested. We need volunteers to help set up at 9:00am onTuesday April 1

Apr. 3 – St. Daniel’s Lutheran, Robesonia . Apr. 10 – Trinity Lutheran, Robesonia. Seder Meal April 17. th, 6:00pm . We invite you to experience a modified Seder Meal, the meal Jesus would have shared with his disciples on Maundy Thursday. The meal/service is

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to your Seder table. Please enjoy this 5th edition of Ramah at your Seder Table; a Seder supplement featuring teachings from Ramah educators and supports throughout our community. We hope you enjoy this edition and that it brings a healthy amount of summer sunshine to your springtime Seder table. From

Inject and Eat with Lyumjev People with diabetes currently administer mealtime insulin at different times before, during and after a meal.2 44% at start of meal 21% several minutes before meal 10% during meal 24% 44% after meal at start of meal 21% several minutes before meal 10% during meal 24% after meal

Inject and Eat with Lyumjev People with diabetes currently administer mealtime insulin at different times before, during and after a meal.2 44% at start of meal 21% several minutes before meal 10% during meal 24% 44% after meal at start of meal 21% several minutes before meal 10% during meal 24% after meal

Because a Seder is a ritual that makes an idea tangible. A Seder speaks to spiritual values, and makes an idea concrete. On Pesach, we use horseradish to really taste the bitterness of slavery; we see the haroset and picture the hard labor of our ancestors. Likewise the Seder

April 2016 Vol. 52, No. 7 Some stories get better with each retelling, and the story of the Jews' Exodus from Egypt— as told during the Passover Seder is no different! Come and hear the story again while enjoying dinner with your fellow Temple Israelites. Rabbi Bogosian will lead the Seder in the Great Hall on Saturday, April 23, beginning

Building Window: The time between your first meal and your last meal such as 11am first meal to 6pm – last meal. Cleansing Window: The time between your last meal and your first meal the following day. This would mean from 6pm – 11am the next day. Drink lots of fluids during your cleansing window and feel free to eat several small-medium

(Corporate Officer). Full day event, get a hamper and 10 via expenses for drinks. Andrew Tamplin is doing a morning session, breakout rooms including a live band, quiz, virtual Christmas choir, guided meditation/yoga, virtual pub, pets corner, creative room (cooking workshops, magic tricks, circus skills). Dec 11th.