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GRADUATE PROGRAMSUnion Building (UN) 518620 Union DriveIndianapolis, IN 46202Graduate Office: (317) 278-2490Indiana University Graduate School:(317) 274-4023Graduate Non-Degree Program:(317) 274-1577www.iupui.edu/ resgrad

182IUPUI All-Campus Bulletin 2004-06Contents183Administration of Graduate Programs atIUPUI183 IUPUI Graduate Office183 IUPUI Graduate Affairs Committee183Integrity in Graduate Education183General Graduate School Regulationsand InformationEnglish as a Second Language (ESL)Placement TestEnglish ProficiencyGRE (Graduate Record Examination)International StudentsEnrollment/RegistrationFinancial AidAssociate Instructorships, GraduateAssistantships, and ResearchAssistantshipsFellowshipsForeign Language RequirementsGradesStandards of WorkThesisVisiting/Transient Students183184184184184184184184184184185185185185 Indiana University Graduate School185Degree Information185 Purdue University Graduate School185 Admission185Undergraduate Requirements185Classification and Admission185Financial Aid and Admissions185Application185Deadlines186 Academic on Limitations/Full-Time Study186Residence Study Requirements186Transfer Credit186Candidacy186Master’s Degree186Ph.D. Degree186 Master’s Degree Regulations186Advisory Committee186Plan of Study186Non-Thesis Master’s Degrees186Thesis Master’s Degree186Multiple Master’s Degree187 Ph.D. Degree Regulations187Advisory Committee187Plan of Study187Qualifying Examinations187Preliminary Examinations187Thesis188Final Examination188 Publication and Use of Theses188 Graduate Non-Degree Program188 Application Information188 Graduate Non-Degree Policies188 English as a Second Language ProficiencyPolicy for Graduate Non-Degree StudentsWho Are Nonnative Speakers of English189Application to a Graduate or ProfessionalProgram189Financial Aid for GraduateNon-Degree Students189IUPUI Employees and Their Spouses

Graduate ProgramsAdministration ofGraduate Programs atIUPUIIndiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis(IUPUI), a comprehensive campus made up of 19Indiana University and Purdue University schools, is adynamic place where new degree initiatives arefostered. Involvement with society at large and thecommunity in particular is a hallmark of this campus,which changes the flavor of new degree programs.Thus, students will find innovative programs in publichealth, philanthropy, public history, and social workas well as developing programs in informatics andvisual communications. These new and developingprograms enrich the solid foundation of traditionalgraduate programs available at IUPUI. Please see:www.iupui.edu/ resgrad/grad/academicscontent2.htm for a complete listing of the graduatedegree programs at IUPUI.There are three types of post-baccalaureate programsat IUPUI: (1) programs leading to graduate degreesand certificates, administered by Indiana UniversityGraduate School, (2) programs leading to graduatedegrees and certificates, administered by PurdueUniversity Graduate School, and (3) other programsthat are administered mainly by individual schoolssuch as the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Law,Public and Environmental Affairs, Education, Libraryand Information Science, Health and RehabilitationSciences, Music, Nursing, the Kelley School ofBusiness, Informatics, and the Herron School of Art.For information about applying to one of the degreeprograms within these schools, please contact theschool or department offering the degree.At IUPUI, the vice chancellor for research andgraduate education: carries out all graduate programs-relatedassignments made by the chancellor of IUPUI andthe IU vice president for research and the deanfor graduate studies; is the liaison to Purdue University for graduateaffairs and research; collaborates with the associate dean of theIndiana University Graduate School, who is alsodirector of the IUPUI Graduate Office.IUPUI Graduate OfficeThe IUPUI Graduate Office is the administrative centerfor graduate and graduate/professional programs onthe Indianapolis campus. Although no graduatedegrees are granted by IUPUI itself, more than 7,000students pursue one of the 155 graduate-levelcertificates and degrees offered on the IUPUI campusby the Indiana University Graduate School, the PurdueUniversity Graduate School, and Indiana Universityindividual schools. The director of the graduate officeserves as dean of students for all IUPUI postbaccalaureate students in collaboration with theIUPUI dean of students. In addition to the director,the Graduate Office has an assistant director, anassistant dean, a graduate non-degree coordinator,and other support staff.As the locus of graduate administrative activity, theIUPUI Graduate Office has many responsibilities,including the processing of applications and GREscores and the deposit of theses and dissertations forthe Graduate Schools of both IU and PU. The officeprovides staff support for all graduate administrativecommittees, sponsors student organizations (e.g., theGraduate Student Organization, and the PostdoctoralOrganization), counsels post-baccalaureate studentsand prospective students, conducts workshops, holdsorientation sessions, and organizes Graduate Schoolcommencement activities. The IUPUI Graduate Officealso connects IUPUI to a wider graduate communitythrough organizations such as the Council ofGraduate Schools (CGS), the Committee onInstitutional Cooperation (CIC), and the MidwestAssociation of Graduate Schools (MAGS). Perhapsmost importantly, the IUPUI Graduate Office is theanswer center for a wide range of questionspertaining to graduate study, graduate programs, andgraduate student life. In addition, the IUPUI GraduateOffice supports other offices, such as the EnrollmentCenter and the Community Learning Network, inproviding information and documents for generalinquiries. The IUPUI Graduate Office, under theprimary direction of the assistant dean, also carriesout recruiting for campus graduate programs.IUPUI Graduate AffairsCommitteeThe Graduate Affairs Committee at IUPUI is chargedwith overseeing the development of new programs,quality control, recruitment, and other issues relatedto graduate education on the campus. Membership ofthis committee includes the graduate deans or theirdesignee from both Indiana University and PurdueUniversity as well as deans, associate deans, presidentof the Graduate Student Organization, and facultyfrom all of the schools with post-baccalaureateprograms on the IUPUI campus. New initiatives anddirections are discussed and appropriate issues areshared with the respective schools for furtherdevelopment and comment. New program proposalsare reviewed by assigned members of the GraduateAffairs Committee and are discussed and approved bythe full committee. The Curriculum Subcommittee,which is appointed by the Indiana University GraduateSchool associate dean, has the responsibility ofreviewing all new course or course change requestsand providing recommendations to the GraduateAffairs Committee. Approved program or courseproposals are referred to either the IU GraduateCouncil or to the Purdue Graduate School for finalaction before going to the Indiana Commission forHigher Education, if necessary. The FellowshipSubcommittee reviews nominations and selects therecipients of graduate fellowships.183The following pages outline general regulations forgraduate and professional programs on the IUPUIcampus. For specific information about theadmissions process, degree requirements,prerequisites, etc., please contact the school ordepartment offering the degree.Contact information for the IUPUI Graduate Office:620 Union Drive, Room 518Indianapolis, IN 46202Phone: (317) 278-2490Indiana University Graduate SchoolPhone: (317) 274-4023Graduate Non-Degree Program:Phone:(317) 274-1577Fax: (317) 278-2380E-mail: gradoff@iupui.eduIntegrity in GraduateEducationStudents are expected to adhere to the highest ethicalstandards in all their course work and research.Individuals violating that code of conduct are subjectto disciplinary action; such breaches could lead toexpulsion of the student from the university or torescission of a degree already granted. To acquaintstudents more fully with the range of issues relatingto academic integrity, a document entitled “Integrityin Graduate Study” is available, which deals withtopics such as plagiarism, fraud, and conflicts ofinterest, among others. Copies of that document maybe obtained from departmental offices or from theIUPUI Graduate Office, Union Building 518. Everystudent should be familiar with its contents. Graduatestudents are also subject to the provisions outlined inthe Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, andConduct. This document is available by visitinglife.iupui.edu/dos/code.htm.General GraduateRegulations andInformationEnglish as a Second Language(ESL) Placement TestThe IUPUI ESL Program and the Office ofInternational Affairs have joined together toadminister the required English as a SecondLanguage (ESL) Placement Test for students whosenative language is not English. All internationalstudents must take this test prior to registration forclasses even if the TOEFL test has been taken.Because this is a placement test used to accuratelydetermine English language skill level, students donot need to “prepare” for it. The scores are used toassign the ESL classes that best meet students’academic needs and that will provide the favorableEnglish experiences necessary for a successful careerat IUPUI. Students are required to begin the assigned

184IUPUI All-Campus Bulletin 2004-06ESL courses within their first or second semester oncampus. The ESL Placement Test takes approximatelythree (3) hours to complete and consists of threeparts:1. Objective test (1.25 hours): this test consists ofgrammar, vocabulary, and readingcomprehension sections that test knowledge andunderstanding of the English language.2. Written essay (30 minutes): this test assesses thestudent’s ability to write in an organized fashionabout a specific topic in a limited time period.Each topic allows a student to use personalexperience and observations for information,examples, and generalizations. The essay testdoes not require outside source information orspecific knowledge in a certain area, but requiresclear and effective writing.3. Listening test (20 minutes): this test evaluates thestudent’s listening comprehension. The test ispresented in the form of an audio tape, whichincludes questions and statements.Students register in advance for the ESL PlacementTest and pay a testing fee. Students must either beadmitted to study at IUPUI or have filed an admissionapplication in order to register for the test. Forfurther ESL test registration and course and programinformation, contact the ESL program, (317) 2742188, Cavanaugh Hall 301, or write esl@iupui.edu.English ProficiencyApplicants, except those whose native language isEnglish, are expected to submit results of the Test ofEnglish as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The TOEFL isgiven worldwide throughout the year. Information ontesting dates, availability of computer-based tests,locations, and costs may be obtained by writing to:TOEFL/TSE ServicesP.O. Box 6151Princeton, NJ 08541-6151USAIUPUI’s school code number for the TOEFLapplication is 1325. All Purdue University and IndianaUniversity Graduate School graduate teachingassistants/instructors whose native language is notEnglish must demonstrate adequate oral Englishproficiency before being assigned duties involvingdirect instruction of students.GRE (Graduate RecordExamination)Applicants may be required to take the GraduateRecord Examination General Test, Subject Test, orboth (see departmental requirements). Informationconcerning this exam may be obtained from:Graduate Record ExaminationsEducational Testing ServiceCN 6000Princeton, NJ 08541-6000Students may also call a Sylvan Learning Center toschedule the computer-based version of the GRE. It isparticularly important that the GRE be taken if theapplicant:1. is seeking admission to a department thatrequests it (see individual departmentalrequirements);2. wishes to be considered for a fellowship;3. feels that the previous academic record does notadequately reflect the applicant’s ability;4. received the baccalaureate degree from anunaccredited institution;GRE booklets are available in the IUPUI GraduateOffice. Online information about the GRE is availableat www.gre.org.International StudentsThere are special application procedures for thosewho are not citizens of the United States or who havehad their previous schooling outside the UnitedStates. Such individuals should obtain theInternational Application packet from the Office ofInternational Affairs (Union Building, Room 207).Information and an international application may beobtained on the Web.Once enrolled, international students who wish tochange their program of study must first obtain theapproval of the Office of International Affairs. Whensuch approval is granted, application for formalchange of status may then be made to the appropriateschool according to the same procedures governingUnited States citizens.International students must enroll in at least 8 credithours each fall and spring semester in order to meetvisa requirements. Any exceptions to this regulationmust be approved in advance by the Office ofInternational Affairs.Enrollment/RegistrationThe courses in which a graduate student enrollsshould reflect the nature and amount of the student’sstudy and research activities as accurately as possible.Research includes literature reviews and thesiswriting. A candidate for any advanced degree(excluding Indiana University Graduate Schoolmaster’s students) must be registered during thesession in which he or she expects to receive thedegree.Proper registration is the responsibility of the student,the major professor, and the student’s department.The IUPUI Graduate Office staff does not (except inunusual cases) counsel individual graduate studentsrelative to their programs and progress. Necessarycontacts should, in general, be made through thestudent’s department.Financial AidGraduate students interested in obtaining an IndianaUniversity or Purdue University degree at theIndianapolis campus should contact IUPUI’s financialaid office:Office of Student Financial Aid Services425 University Blvd.Cavanaugh Hall 103Indianapolis, IN 46202Phone: (317) 274-4723Associate Instructorships,Graduate Assistantships, andResearch AssistantshipsA large number of associate instructorships, graduateassistantships, and research assistantships areavailable in departments and schools. Some of thesepositions are accompanied by fee scholarships, whichdefray the cost of tuition and fees with the exceptionof special fees and those fees dedicated to debtretirement on physical facilities. Application for suchpositions should be made to the department orschool in which the student wishes to work. Earlyapplication is advisable.FellowshipsA number of fellowships are available to studentsenrolled full time; among them are Graduate Schoolfellowships, fee scholarships, and various privatelyand federally funded awards. Students should indicatetheir interest in these fellowships directly to the majordepartment. Information on, and preliminaryapplication materials for, the National ScienceFoundation Graduate Fellowships may be obtainedfrom:Fellowship OfficeNational Research Council2101 Constitution Avenue N.W.Washington, DC 20418In all cases, early application is advisable. It shouldbe noted that all such award holders are required todevote full time to their studies.Foreign LanguageRequirementsThere is no general requirement of competency inany foreign language. Each department determinesrequirements, if any, and options for satisfying themare obtained from the department.GradesGrade points are assigned at IUPUI according to thefollowing scale; in calculating grade point averages,any plus or minus accompanying a letter grade istaken into account.A 4.0A– 3.7B 3.3B 3.0B– 2.7C 2.3C 2.0C– 1.7D 1.3D 1.0D– 0.7F 0Courses completed with grades below C (2.0) are notcounted toward degree requirements, but such gradeswill be counted in calculating a student’s grade pointaverage. Some departments may require an averagegrade in graduate courses higher than B (3.0), whileothers may count no courses completed with gradesbelow B (3.0) toward degree requirements. No workmay be transferred from another institution unless thegrade is a B (3.0) or higher.The school dean may review a grade record at anytime and may place a student on academic probationif the record justifies such action. When the gradepoint average of a student falls below 3.0, or thestudent is not making sufficient progress toward thedegree, the dean will notify the student that he or shehas been placed on probation. Unless the student

Graduate Programsbrings this record up to a 3.0 grade point average, orbegins making satisfactory progress in the nextsemester of enrollment, the student will not ordinarilybe allowed to continue study at the university.Standards of WorkSuccess in graduate study requires performance of ahigh quality. Pass/not-pass grades are unacceptable. Astudent’s progress will be reviewed each semester bythe department. Any student who fails to perform ona level satisfactory to the advisory committee or thedean may be asked to discontinue graduate study. Thesame scholastic requirements in effect during theregular university year apply to graduate study duringthe summer sessions and to work taken at all IndianaUniversity or Purdue University campuses. The samegrade standards also apply to prerequisite courses.ThesisA master’s or doctoral thesis is a document authored bya student that describes results of original researchundertaken by that student and asserts a position whichthat student is willing to defend. This position shouldnot be construed to prohibit joint or collaborativeresearch endeavors. It is expected, however, that insuch a situation, unique aspects of the broad problemwill be explored by each individual and that the thesiswritten and presented to the final examining committeewill be a personal document describing the student’screative effort and contribution. Students should speakwith their advisor early in their graduate careers whenconsidering a collaborative thesis project. An onlineversion of the Guide to Preparation of Theses andDissertations is available by visitingwww.iupui.edu/ sient StudentsVisiting students in good standing in any accreditedgraduate school who wish to enroll for one semesteror summer session and who plan to return thereafterto their former institution may be admitted asvisiting/transient students if their enrollment can beaccommodated. Visiting/transient students shouldregister as Graduate Non-Degree Program students.Information about the Graduate Non-Degree Programmay be obtained from:IUPUI Graduate Office620 Union DriveUnion Building, Room 518Indianapolis, IN 46202phone: (317) 274-1577fax : (317) 278-2380www.iupui.edu/ resgrad/grad/grad menu.htmIndiana UniversityGraduate SchoolDegree InformationThe Indiana University Graduate School confers thefollowing degrees: M.A. in Applied Communication,M.A. in Economics, M.A. in English, M.A. in History,M.A. in Philanthropic Studies, M.A. in Philosophy,M.A. in Sociology, M.A.T. in Spanish, M.S. in ClinicalResearch, M.S. in Geographic Information Science,M.S. in Geology, M.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics, M.S.in Therapeutic Outcomes Research, M.S. and Ph.D. inAnatomy, Biochemistry, Dental Science, MedicalBiophysics, Medical Genetics, Medical Neurobiology,Microbiology and Immunology, Pathology,Pharmacology and Toxicology, Cellular andIntegrative Physiology. It also confers the Ph.D. inDental Science, the Ph.D. in Nursing, the Ph.D. inPhilanthropic Studies, the Ph.D. in Social Work, andseveral graduate-level certificates.For complete information (including admissionsprocedures) about all of the programs listed above,please contact the department or school directly.Information about these programs may also beobtained through the following URL:www.iupui.edu/ resgrad/grad/academics content2.htmPolicies, procedures, and degree and graduationrequirements of the Indiana University GraduateSchool are published in the Indiana UniversityGraduate School Bulletin. Copies of this bulletin maybe obtained from the following URL:www.indiana.edu/ grdschl/grdblt/bltcont.htmlPurdue UniversityGraduate SchoolAdmissionUndergraduate RequirementsCorrespondence about admission to the GraduateSchool should be addressed to the Graduate StudiesOffice of the department or program to which anapplicant wishes to be admitted or to the GraduateSchool, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907.Applicants ordinarily will be expected to holdbaccalaureate degrees from colleges or universities ofrecognized standing prior to registration as graduatestudents. Applicants for a master’s or doctoral degreeprogram should have achieved a 3.0 (out of 4.0)grade point average or higher for the baccalaureatedegree or have other indicators of outstandingacademic performance.For additional information concerning requirementsfor admission, please consult the specificdepartments or programs at IUPUI to which you wishto apply. Some departments have requirements foradmission that exceed the general Graduate Schoolrequirements.Classification and AdmissionDegree-seeking applicants are those who seek tostudy for a doctoral or master’s degree.Degree-seeking graduate students must showpromise, as judged by academic performance andexperience, of ability to perform advanced study andresearch and must have adequate preparation in theirchosen fields of study. Applicants must submit anofficial transcript from each college or universityattended. If these transcripts are not in English, theofficial original-language transcripts must beaccompanied by certified English translations.For unconditional admission to a degree program,a B or better average in prior study is required.185Individual departments may set higher graderequirements and may require the submission ofadditional evidence of academic performance.A minimal score of 550 on the Test of English as aForeign Language (TOEFL) is required for admissionto the Graduate School for all international applicantswhose native language is not English. See“International Students” in the “General Regulations”section at the beginning of the “IUPUI GraduateOffice” section for more information about TOEFL.Non-degree-seeking applicants are those who wish toattend graduate school for professional and personalenrichment without seeking an additional degree. Seethe “Graduate Non-Degree” section for moreinformation about non-degree-seeking applicants.Financial Aid and AdmissionsStudents desiring financial aid who are interested inearning a Purdue degree while taking classes shouldcontact IUPUI’s financial aid office.Any student who is not fully admitted to a programmay enroll in classes as a Graduate Non-Degreestudent (see Graduate Non-Degree Program below).Students who are not fully admitted to a programshould contact their department to verify theiradmission status. In many cases, students who areGraduate Non-Degree or Special Students do notqualify for financial aid.ApplicationDeadlinesApplication materials to Purdue graduate programs atIUPUI are available from the department in which thestudent is interested in taking classes. Seedepartmental listings in this bulletin or departmentalWeb sites for contact information. All materials forPurdue graduate programs should be submitted tothe school from which the applicant wishes to obtaina degree (e.g., IUPUI School of Engineering andTechnology or IUPUI School of Science).The standard deadlines are given below. However,students should check with the department andprogram to which they are applying, as departmentaldeadlines may differ:Degree-seeking applicants: Deadlines for applicationsfor admission and for graduate assistantships andmost fellowships are established by each department.In order to receive full consideration for availablegraduate appointments, it is generally recommendedthat applications for August entry be received no laterthan February and that those for January entry bereceived no later than August.Non-degree-seeking applicants: Applications for nondegree study should be submitted at least two (2)weeks prior to the first day of classes. Applicationsmay be picked up for the Graduate Non-DegreeProgram in the IUPUI Graduate Office (please seeabove contact information for the IUPUI GraduateOffice).International applicants: All applications from outsidethe United States should be received at least six (6)months prior to the month of entry.

186IUPUI All-Campus Bulletin 2004-06Academic RegulationsEnrollment/RegistrationA candidate for any advanced degree must beregistered during the session in which he or sheexpects to receive the degree. Students in the lastsemester of the thesis option master’s program or aPh.D. program must be registered for a minimum of3 credit hours of research unless specifically excusedthrough the Purdue University Graduate School’sapproval to register for “exam only” or “degreeonly.”Registration Limitations/Full-Time StudyA graduate student normally will register for no morethan 18 credit hours per semester. Graduate studentsholding graduate-staff appointments should note thefollowing limitations applicable to each semester’sregistration:1. those carrying full-time staff duties may registerfor not more than 6 credit hours;2. those carrying three-quarter-time staff duties mayregister for not more than 9 semester hours;3. those carrying half-time duties may register fornot more than 12 semester hours;4. those carrying quarter-time staff duties mayregister for not more than 15 semester hours; theminimum allowable total registration is 3semester hours.The maximum loads are to include all courses,whether undergraduate or graduate level.The above regulations are stated for a 16-weeksemester and must be adjusted for the summersession.Residence Study RequirementsThe total number of hours of academic credit used tosatisfy residency requirements consists of all coursecredit hours that appear on the plan of study, othergraduate course credit hours with grades of C orbetter that appear on the Purdue transcript, andresearch hours that appear on the Purdue transcript.1. Master’s Degree: At least one-half of the total credit hours usedto satisfy degree requirements must be earnedin residence at IUPUI. At least 30 total credit hours are required.2. Doctoral Degree: At least one-third of the total credit hoursused to satisfy degree requirements must beearned (while registered for doctoral study)in continuous residence on the IUPUIcampus. At least 90 credit hours are required. A master’s degree from any accrediteduniversity may contribute 30 credit hours tosatisfy this residency requirement.In fulfilling these requirements, a maximum of 15credit hours will be allowed from any one semester(maximum hours proportional to the length ofsummer session).Transfer CreditCredits earned for graduate study at other universitiesmay be applied toward an advanced degree. Onlycredit hours associated with graduate courses forwhich grades of B or better were obtained will beeligible for transfer. The various departmentsdetermine transfer courses for which an applicantwill receive credit in a particular degree program andany additional conditions under which credittransfers may be made.CandidacyMaster’s DegreeAdmission to candidacy for the master’s degree isgranted after approval of a plan of study by thestudent’s advisory committee, head of the graduateprogram, the school dean, and by the GraduateSchool dean as described below.Ph.D. DegreeAdmission to candidacy for the degree of Doctor ofPhilosophy takes place only after the student haspassed a preliminary examination, which is usuallyadministered near the close of the second year ofgraduate study or when substantially all of the coursework has been completed.Master’s Degree RegulationsAdvisory CommitteeFor each prospective candidate for the master’sdegree, an advisory committee shall be appointed,consisting of at least three members of the graduatefaculty. The duties of this committee are to assist thestudent in the preparation of a plan of study and toadvise him or her during the period of graduatework. In the case of the thesis option, the committeealso advises the student regarding research andwriting of the thesis. The student, with the approval ofthe head of the graduate program, shall select amajor professor. The major professor/studentrelationship must be a mutually acceptable one.When selected, the major professor will act as thechair of the student’s advisory committee and be incharge of his or her research. The advisorycommittee as agreed upon by the major professorand the student, with the approval of the head of thegraduate program, shall be presented to the dean ofthe Graduate School for approval and formalappointment.Plan of StudyA tentative plan of study should be drawn up inadvance of registration for the first semester ofgraduate work, and the formal plan of study must besubmitted to the dean of the Graduate School beforethe final session, preferably during the first semesterin residence.The plan of study shall be appropriate to meet theneeds of the student in his or her chosen field, asdetermined by the advisory committee and approvedby the head of the graduate program, the schooldean, and the Graduate School dean. It shall includethe specific courses the student is expected tocomplete and all other requirements of the particularmaster’s degree being sought. Neither 100- nor 200level courses may appear on a plan of study.Otherwise, requirements for the numerical level (300through 600) of courses are determined by eachdepartment or administrative unit subject to

182 IUPUI All-Campus Bulletin 2004-06 183 Administration of Graduate Programs at IUPUI 183 IUPUI Graduate Office 183 IUPUI Graduate Affairs Committee 183 Integrity in Graduate Education 183 General Graduate School Regulations and Information 183 English as a Second Language (ESL) Placement Test 184 English Proficiency 184 GRE (Graduate Record .

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