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Large and HighVoltage MotorsBespoke construction to your needsENGINEERING THE FUTURE

TECO Motor productsand publicationsLarge and HLARGE AND HIGH VOLTAGEMOTOR RANGE FROM TECOTECO’s position as a world leader in thedesign and manufactuing of large inductionmotors is secured by an unfailing commitmentto engineering excellence and technologicalinnovation. For a half a century TECO motorshave been recognized as industry leaders independability and quality.AVAILABLE IN BOTH IEC AND NEMAFRAMES AND SPECIFICATIONS2TECO MOTOR PRODUCTS Low voltage induction motors – IEC and NEMAHigh voltage induction motorsInvertersEddy current variable speed drivesDrip proof motors – LV and HVDC motorsSynchronous motorsVertical hollow shaft motorsHazardous area motorsHigh efficiency motorsBrake motorsStepper motorsSwitchgearTECO PUBLICATIONS AVAILABLE Product overview Advantage IEC/Advantage high and premiumefficiency cast iron motors Advantage Lite Aluminium motors Advantage Lite Brake motors Open Advantage drip proof motors Low voltage (AEJC) High voltage motors (AEJK) Large and High Voltage motors Slip ring motors (AEEQ-AEJS) Advantage Guardian range – high temperatureresistant motors Minicon palm drive Minicon IP65 drive Speecon 7200JA variable speed drives Speecon 7200MA variable speed drives Speecon 7200GA variable speed drives Optim 2000 variable speed drivesVoltage Options: Low voltage to 750Kw ( 690V) 3.3kV from 75kW 6.6kV from 110kW 11kV from 250kW 13.2kV from 500kWMounting Options: Vertical or Horizontal Foot and/or flange configurationsEnclosures: TEFC Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (IC411) TECACA Totally Enclosed, Closed Air Circuit, AirCooled (IC611) TECACW Totally Enclosed, Closed Air Circuit,Water Cooled (IC81W) ODP Open Dripproof (IC01) WPI NEMA 1 Weatherprotected (IC01) WPII NEMA 2 Weatherprotected (IC01)

IntroductionHigh Voltage MotorsCASE STUDY3APPLICATIONCrown Series motors are custom designed to eachcustomer’s specific application. Because of theirdesign versatility and high operating efficiences,Crown Series motors are the logical choice for amultitude of industries including oil and gas, petrochemical, pulp and paper, electric utility, water andwaste water, marine, steel, mining and air separation.Typical application of Crown Series motors includeagitators, blowers, boring mills, pumps, conveyors,crushers, fans, and many more.TILCON QUARRY, SKIPTON, UKIn 1999 TECO-Westinghouse was awarded the contractto supply, test and commission motors and drives tooperate crushers at the UK’s most advanced quarry.The Tilcon Quarry produces up to two million tonnes oflimestone a year. We supplied them with two inductionmotors, including the largest AC variable speed motorin the UK (1000kW 6 pole 690v, TECACA).We also supplied two 12 pulse cubicalised inverters,rated at 450kW and 1000kW and a 2000kva ONAN11kv to 690v stepdown/phase shift transformer.We have project capability experience in the followingindustry sectors, power generation, petro-chemical,mining, paper and quarrying.With our widest ever product range TECOWestinghouse can provide you with motors and drivesto cover virtually every project.

Frame and RotorConstructionWINDING/INSULATION – FORM WOUNDV.P.I. CLASS ‘F’ SYSTEMThe insulation system determines the ‘life’ of a motor.Motor capacity is influenced by the quality of insulation.TECO utilises mica tape as its base material, which isimpregnated with a special epoxy resin. Impregnationis accomplished by immersion of the completelyassembled stator in the special resin using a vacuumpressure cycle. This ensures outstanding resistance toheat, moisture, and chemicals, and guarantees safeoperation even under most severe environmentalconditionsSTATOR FRAMECONSTRUCTIONCrown Seriesmotors use boxframe constructionto provide framesthat have themechanical strengthand stability toassure years ofdependable,economicalperformance. The fabricated steel frames are bracedby heavy steel plate bulkheads and end plates tomake the frames both laterally and torsionally stable.End brackets are reinforced to give the bearings rigidsupport and to minimize bearing stiffness.4STATOR WINDING BRACINGBracing rings of insulated steel or epoxy glass yarnare used. Individual coils are lashed to the ring withglass cord. Impregnated felt packers are used betweencoil sides.Support of thecoil ends isdesigned torestrain shockand vibration ofthe coil endsunder heavyoverloadconditions suchas those whichoccur during fullvoltage starting.ROTOR CONSTRUCTIONTECO-Westinghouse induction motor rotors arerecognised as the most reliable in the industry, andtheir high performance standards are a hallmark ofthe Crown Series motors. Standard constructionutilises copper-copper/alloy bars, a time-proven choicefor rotor construction because it provides maximumperformance and reliability, and high quality siliconsteel laminations to minimise losses resulting in highefficiency values.Connection between rotor bars and end rings arejoined together using silver brazing and a “1 shot”brazingtechniquedeveloped byTECO.Rotorsbalanced to‘N’ grade asper BSEN andNemastandards.

Bearings and TestingBearings5ADVANCED BEARING SYSTEM FORRELIABLE PERFORMANCEThe bearing system used in Crown Series Motors hasbeen designed and engineered for continuous, reliableperformance and ease of maintenance. Both antifriction and split-sleeve bearings are offered. Bearinginsulation can also be added when required.ANTI-FRICTION BEARINGSGrease lubricated roller bearings are mounted directlyinto the bores of the endshields. High quality vacuumdegassed roller bearings are used for long life andquiet operation.SPLIT-SLEEVE BEARINGSOur split-sleeve bearings are spherically seated andself-aligning, thus providing ease of maintenance inall field conditions. Shaft mounted oil rings transferthe oil from the reservoir to the bearing with gravityfeeding back into the reservoir. This bearing systememploys a sophisticated sealing system that isdesigned to eliminate oil leakage along the shaft.The oil ring lubrication process can be easily modifiedfor flood lubrication.Testing100% ROUTINE TESTQuality is emphasised at each step as a motor proceedsthrough each stage of design, assembly and testing.Each motor is given a routine test as required byBS4999, AS1359 or NEMA MG 1 to determine that it isfree from electrical or mechanical defects.Additional special tests beyond the routine test areavailable on request. Tests may be witnessed ifrequired.

DimensionsFigure 1.6Frame No. of Fig.No. 00160014001400160016001800160018002P2P4P & UP2P4P & UP4P6P & UP4P6P & UP4P6P & UP4P, 6P8P & UP6P8P & UP6P8P & UP6P8P & UP6P8P & UP6P8P & UP8P & UP8P & UP8P & 0140014001400140017001700MountingBA BBDimensions in mmNOTES1. Tolerance of shaft extensiondiameter D m62. Tolerance of shaft centreheight H -0-1 for F#630 &below -0-1.8 for F#710 & up3. Tolerance of key width F h94. Usable Shaft Length: EE5. Anti-friction 2Figure 46133094613559711355971135510751075Shaft ExtensionKey Size FrameD E EE G ED F GA 0C710A710A710B710B710C800A800A

DimensionsFigure 3.Frame No. of Fig.No. PolesAAAABB400D 2P450B2P450D 2P500B 2P500D 2P560C 4P560D 2P560D 2P630A 4P630C4P710A4P710B4P800A 6P800B 6P900A 6P900A 8P & ountingBA Dimensions in mmNOTES1. Tolerance of shaft extensiondiameter D m62. Tolerance of shaft centreheight H -0-1 for F#630 &below -0-1.8 for F#710 & up3. Tolerance of key width F h9,of key height GD h114. Usable Shaft Length: EE5. Sleeve bearings6. Provision for noncontactivevibration probe, distance of“C” has to be changed:F#400-450:C 70, F#500560: C 807. F#500B & Below, selflubrication bearing. All othersmust be force 2M42M42Figure 501115Shaft ExtensionKey Size FrameD E EE G ED F GA 10A710B800A800B900A900A7

TECO WorldwideOperationsUNITED KINGDOMAUSTRALIASINGAPORETeco Electric Europe Limited,Teco Building, Marshall Stevens Way,Trafford Park, ManchesterM17 1PP, England, United KingdomTel: 44 (0)161 877 Australia Pty Ltd335-337 Woodpark Road,Smithfield, NSW 2164, AustraliaTel: 61 2 9765 Electric & Machinery (PTE) Ltd18 Chin Bee Drive, Singapore 619865Tel: 65 6265 (New Zealand) LtdUnit 3, 477 Great South Road,Penrose, Auckland, New ZealandTel: 64 9 526 8480Teco Industry (Malaysia) SDN BHD2600 Jalan Perusahaan Baru,Kawasan Perusahaan Prai, 13600Prai, Penang, MalaysiaTel: 60 (0)4 3909908TAIWANINDONESIATeco Electric Europe LtdC/ Sancho Dávila, 8, 4 F28028 Madrid, SpainT 34 91 725 1718Teco Electric & Machinery Co. Ltd49 Wu Kong 6 Rd, Wu-Ku IndustrialPark, Taipei County 248,Taiwan, ROCTel: 886 2 8990 Teco Multiguna ElektroJL Bandengan Utara No. 83/1-3,Jakarta Utara – 14400, IndonesiaTel: 62 21 6626065UNITED STATESHONG KONGTeco-Westinghouse Motor Co.PO Box 227 (78680-0277)5100 N-IH35Round Rock, Texas 78681, USATel: 1 512 255 4141www.tecowestinghouse.comTecoson Industrial, Development(HK) Co Ltd, Rm 3504-07 HongKong Plaza, 186-191 Connaught RdWest, Hong KongTel: 852 2858 3220GERMANYTeco-WestinghouseNiederlassung DeutschlandMarktstraße 6937441 Bad SachsaTelefon: 49 (0)5523 95340SPAIN8MALAYSIANEW ZEALANDTHAILANDTeco Electric & Machinery (Thai)Co. Ltd., 128/1 Soi Watsrivareenoi,Moo 7, Bangna – Trad Road Km 18,Bangchalong, Bangplee,Samuthprakarn 10540, ThailandTel: 662 3371311-20JAPANCANADATeco-Westinghouse Motors (Canada)Inc., 18060-109 Avenue, Edmonton,Alberta T5S 2K2, CanadaTel: 1 780 444 8933www.twmi.comSankyo Co. Ltd, 4th Floor,Maruchin Bldg 1-6-2,Hamamatsucho, Minato-Lan,Tokyo 105, JapanTel: 81 3 3435 9719YOUR LOCAL TECO DISTRIBUTORTECO ELECTRIC EUROPE LIMITEDTeco Building · Marshall Stevens Way · Trafford ParkManchester · M17 1PP · England · United KingdomT 44 (0)161 877 8025 · F 44 (0)161 877 8030E E 2

Low voltage induction motors – IEC and NEMA High voltage induction motors Inverters Eddy current variable speed drives Drip proof motors – LV and HV DC motors Synchronous motors Vertical hollow shaft motors Hazardous area motors High efficiency motors Brake motor

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2 Low voltage General performance IE2 high efficiency motors EN 06-2011 ABB Motors and Generators We provide motors and generators, services and expertise to save energy . Motor range for cast iron motors 71 to 355, 0.25 to 250 kW and aluminum motors is 56 to 250, 0.06 to 55 kW.

the supplier's works. Squirrel-cage and slip-ring motors in mechanical/electrical modifications: Three-phase motors for use aboard ships, squirrel-cage type 0.09 - 490 kW Three-phase motors to IEC/DIN, squirrel-cage type 0.06 - 500 kW Three-phase motors, squirrel-cage type 2.2 - 315 kW Three-phase brake motors 0.12 .

There is a separate manual for e.g. Ex motors ‘Low voltage motors for hazardous areas: Installation, operation and maintenance Manual’ (Low Voltage Motors/Manual for Ex-motors). Additional information is required for some machine types due to special a

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power quality problems such as voltage sag and voltage swell.[1] DVR is mostly used for Low Voltage (LV) and Medium Voltage (MV) applications. DVR protects a sensitive load from distortions in the supply side during faults or . voltage sags often caused by starting of large induction motors, energizing a large capacitor bank and faults such .

catalogue. Section 2 presents ABB's high voltage engineered induction motor range of up to 2800 kW. Engineered motors are made according to customers' specifi cations. This section includes preliminary standard technical data and drawings of engineered motors. All the engineered motors are confi gured and optimized for each order and application.

Rough paths, invariance principles in the rough path topology, additive functionals of Markov pro-cesses, Kipnis–Varadhan theory, homogenization, random conductance model, random walks with random conductances. We gratefully acknowledge financial support by the DFG via Research Unit FOR2402 — Rough paths, SPDEs and related topics. The main part of the work of T.O. was carried out while he .