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2005Should the Educational Reforms in NewOrleans Serve as a National Model for OtherCities?Charles J. HatfieldHatfield and Associates, LLCCo-Founder of Research on ReformsEmail: chatfield@researchonreforms.org3/06/20122011

On March 1st, Senator Mary Landrieu held a roundtable discussion in Washington D.C. with hercolleagues and staffers to tout the improvements in New Orleans Public Schools since Hurricane Katrina.She was recently quoted in The Times Picayune as saying that because of the “ charter schooldevelopment; New Orleans has become a national leader in education reform.”1 The focus of thisroundtable discussion was a recent report issued by New Schools for New Orleans (NSNO) and aresearch group called Public Impact from North Carolina titled “New Orleans-Style Education Reform: AGuide for Cities.”2 Among the many conclusions on achievement presented in this report, three of themost salient are that New Orleans has experienced significant achievement gains since Katrina in 2005;New Orleans has decreased the achievement gap between its students and the state’s average; andNew Orleans has decreased the number of students attending failing schools.The report does not assess individual school achievement results using the current letter gradeclassifications implemented for the 2011-12 school year.3 In addition, the achievement resultspresented were combined for the three separate and distinct governing entities in New Orleans:Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB), Recovery School District (RSD), and the schools that are run directlyby the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE). The aggregation of achievement data inthis manner makes it impossible to determine whether, and to what extent, the RSD has provided thepoor, disadvantaged, and public school students with the quality education originally promised asjustification by the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) to dismantle the Orleans Public SchoolSystem. Thus the purpose of this critique is to present another perspective on the achievement progressmade by the RSD after 6 years of direct control by the LDOE. This critique counters the majorachievement conclusions presented in the report by utilizing the following methods:a.Examining the current school achievement levels in terms of the new letter grade policy ofthe LDOE the 2011-12 school year (See Appendix A);1“Sen. Mary Landrieu to showcase New Orleans school system” The Times Picayune, Bruce Alpert, 6/27/2011.2Brinson, D., Boast, L., Hassel, B. C., & Kingsland, N. (2011). New Orleans-style education reform: Aguide for cities: Lessons learned, 2004–2010. New Orleans, LA: New Schools for New Orleans. Retrieved stylereform.pdf3“ The letter grades policy was enacted by lawmakers in the 2010 Legislative Session. The legislation wassponsored by the House Education Chairman, Austin Badon, with the express intent to give parents and others aclearer measure of how a school is performing. The legislation was signed by Governor Bobby Jindal and becameAct 718.”LDOE – Letter Grades for Schools, 2010, www.doe.state.la.us./topics/lettergrades.html2

b. Disaggregating the current achievement status of each school separately for each the threeseparate, governing entities in New Orleans; andc. Disaggregating student enrollment as a function of type of school and its assigned lettergrade.Contrary to the questionable significance of the achievement gains reported by NSNO and PublicImpact, the 2011-12 letter grades assigned to RSD charter and traditional schools demonstrate the verylow level of academic performance that still exists in these schools after 6 years of direct control by theLDOE. Appendix B presents the 2011-12 student enrollments for all of the public schools in New Orleanswith the associated letter grade assigned to each school by the LDOE. A cursory examination of the RSDschools clearly shows that the general achievement level of the vast majority of RSD schools, asmeasured by the assigned letter grades, is pathetic at best. Some of the major highlights that can beobserved from the tables with respect to the current achievement levels of the RSD after 6 years are asfollows: 100% of the 15 direct-run RSD schools assigned a letter grade received a “D” or “F” as comparedto 20% of the 5 OPSB direct-run schools graded; 79% of the 42 charter RSD schools assigned a letter grade received a “D” or “F” as compared to0% of the 11 OPSB charter schools graded; Of the RSD students attending direct-run schools with letter grades, 100%, or 5,422, areattending schools with assigned letter grades of either “D” or “F;" Of the RSD students attending charter schools assigned a letter grade, 76% ,or 15,040, areattending schools with assigned grades of either “D” or “F"; Schools that were just opened or opened for less than three years were not assigned a lettergrade at this time; Although the RSD’s public relations machine glorifies the tremendous gains made over 6 years,the overall performance of the RSD in New Orleans remains at or near the bottom in Louisiana,i.e., RSD received an overall letter grade of “D” as compared to the overall letter grade of “B”received by the OPSB; The state will raise the failing bar from a SPS below 65 to SPS below 75 for the 2011-12 schoolyears. Unless there is significant improvement among the current “D” and “F” and “C” schools,there will be a significant increase in the number of failing and poor performing RSD charter anddirect run schools.3

Under the new letter grade system, Louisiana’s accountability goal now states that all schoolswill achieve a School Performance Score (SPS)4 of 120 or a letter grade of A by the spring of 2014. Thereare only about 2 ½ years left to achieve this goal. Studies by ROR have continued to document theachievement failure of the RSD based on the expectations of Louisiana’s accountability program. 5,6,7,8,9Yet, the public continues to be fed the propaganda by the LDOE, RSD and various support advocacygroups such as Educate Now! and New Schools for New Orleans as to the tremendous progress made bythis reform movement. 10, 11 Based upon the results presented in Appendix B, it is rather ridiculous foranyone to claim that New Orleans has become a national leader in education reform and therebyshould serve as a national model to other cities.4School Performance Scores are based on the following calculations: K-5 Schools – Attendance Index(10%), Assessment Index (90%); K-8, 7-8 Schools – Attendance Index (5%), Dropout Index (5%), andAssessment Index (90%); 9-12 Schools - Graduation Index (30%) and Assessment Index (70%)http://doe.louisiana.gov/data/school accountability reports.aspxSchool5Ferguson, Barbara, New Orleans Schools Decline Following State’s ‘Double Standard Takeover, February 20, 2010,www.researchonreforms.org6Ferguson, Barbara, RSD High School Test Results Show Alarming Trend, May 20, 2010,www.researchonreforms.org7Hatfield, Charles, Recovery School District’s Myth of Educational Turnaround in New Orleans, June, 2010.www.researchonreforms.org8Hatfield, Charles, RSD and NOPS after 4 Years, October 13, 2009. www.researchonreforms.org9Hatfield, Charles, The Recovery School District is a “District in Academic Crisis”, 9/30.2010,www.researchonreforms.org10Leslie’s Notebook: Edition 3, May 2009, Analysis of the Spring 2009 Test Scores, .php?option com content&view article&id d 1%3Acurrent-news&Itemid 5511RSD Press Release 10/14/2009 “Collective Scores for New Orleans Schools Improve Dramatically Over Four YearPeriod” www.rsdla.net/Media/Press/Release.aspx?PR 13404

APPENDIX AT a ble B2R e vise d P e rforma nce La be ls for 2011 a nd 2012Letter Grades Schools will be Given in 2011 and 2012 Based on Their SPSPerformance LabelsSPS Range (2010-11)SPS Range (2011-12)ABCDF (Academically 90-74.9Note: In 2011-2012 and beyond, the F range will be 0-74.9 and the D range will be 75.0-89.9Source: Accountabiity At A Glance, Louisiana State Department of Education, December,20105

APPENDIX B2011-12 School Enrollment and Achievement LevelsKe y to T a ble sOPSB Direct-Run: Schools not taken over by the state and directly run by theOrle a ns P a rish S chool Boa rd (OP S B)OPSB Charter: Schools chartered by OPSBRSD Direct-Run: R e cove ry S chool D istrict (R S D ) directly run schools.These are schools taken over by the state in 2005 and still directly operated by RSD (not charters)RSD-Charter: Charter schools created by the state RSD agencyBESE Charter: Charter schools created by the Boa rd of E le me nta ry a nd S e conda ry S chools (BE S E )ACSA: Charter schools operated by the largest charter management organization, theAlgie rs Cha rte r S chool Associa tion (ACS A)S ource of P ublic S chool S tude nt E nrollme nt D a ta (Multiple S ta fomanagement/student enrollment data.htmlS ource of Le tte r Gra de s by S icaffairs/press release.aspx?PR 15666

Oct. 2011Multi-S ta ts by S iteCompile d byCha rle s H a tfie ldR e se a rch on R e formsOrle a ns P a rish S chool Boa rd (OP S B)Management TypeOPSB Direct-RunOPSB Direct-RunOPSB Direct-RunOPSB Direct-RunOPSB Direct-RunOPSB Direct-RunOPSB Direct-RunOPSB Direct-RunSchoolArchitecture, Design & Engineering High SchoolBenjamin Franklin Elem. Math and ScienceEleanor McMain Secondary SchoolMahalia Jackson Elementary SchoolMary Bethune Elementary Literature/TechnologyMcDonogh #35 Senior High SchoolThe Alternative Learning InstituteYouth Study CenterOPSB Direct-Run arterCharterCharter (ACSA)Charter (ACSA)Audubon Charter SchoolBenjamin Franklin High SchoolEdward Hynes Charter SchoolEinstein Charter SchoolLake Forest Elementary Charter SchoolLusher Charter SchoolNew Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics HSRobert Russa Moton Charter SchoolWarren Easton Senior High SchoolAlice Harte Elementary Charter SchoolEdna Karr Secondary SchoolOPSB Charter Total2011-12 MFP Oct1Total Funded2011 SchoolSchoolLetter GradeEnrollment1955517415833686910622BB BCF2,8787107305834434781709370268881648928A AB C A A B BA C B 7,7487

Oct. 2011Multi-S ta ts by S iteModifie d byCha rle s H a tfie ldR e se a rch on R e formsR e cove ry S chool D istrict (R S D )Management TypeRSD Direct-RunRSD Direct-RunRSD Direct-RunRSD Direct-RunRSD Direct-RunRSD Direct-RunRSD Direct-RunRSD Direct-RunRSD Direct-RunRSD Direct-RunRSD Direct-RunRSD Direct-RunRSD Direct-RunRSD Direct-RunRSD Direct-RunRSD Direct-RunRSD Direct-RunSchoolA.P. Tureaud Elementary SchoolAbramson Science and Technology SchoolBenjamin Banneker Elementary SchoolDr. Charles Richard Drew Elementary SchoolF.W. Gregory Elementary SchoolG.W. Carver High SchoolH.C. Schaumburg Elementary SchoolJames Weldon Johnson SchoolJohn McDonogh Senior High SchoolJoseph A. Craig SchoolL. B. Landry High SchoolMary D. Coghill Elementary SchoolMurray Henderson Elementary SchoolPaul B. Habans Elementary SchoolSarah Towles Reed Senior High SchoolSchwarz Alternative SchoolWalter L. Cohen High SchoolRSD Direct-Run2011-12 MFP Oct1Total FundedEnrollment2011 1245340257DD FF DD F FFD FFFFF 5,9828

Oct. 2011Multi-S ta ts by S iteModifie d byCha rle s H a tfie ldR e se a rch on R e formsR e cove ry S chool D istrict (R S D )(Continue d)Management TypeRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterSchoolAkili Academy of New OrleansAndrew H. Wilson Charter SchoolArise AcademyArthur Ashe Charter SchoolBatiste Cultural Arts Academy at Live Oak ElemBenjamin E. Mays Preparatory SchoolCrocker Arts and Technology SchoolDr. M.L.K. Charter School for Science & Tech.E. P. Harney Spirit of Excellence AcademyEsperanza Charter SchoolGentilly Terrace SchoolInternational High SchoolJames M. Singleton Charter SchoolJohn Dibert Community SchoolJoseph S. Clark Preparatory High SchoolKIPP Believe College Prep (Phillips)KIPP Central City AcademyKIPP Central City PrimaryKIPP McDonogh 15 School for the Creative ArtsKIPP New Orleans Leadership AcademyKIPP Renaissance High SchoolLafayette Academy of New OrleansLagniappe Academies of New OrleansLake Area High SchoolLangston Hughes Academy Charter SchoolMcDonogh #28 City Park AcademyMcDonogh #42 Elementary Charter SchoolMiller-McCoy AcademyMorris Jeff Community SchoolNelson Elementary SchoolNew Orleans Charter Science and Math Academy2011-12 MFP Oct1Total FundedEnrollment2011 5334BD DDFFDC DFDDFB B BCDD FDD DFDDC9

Oct. 2011Multi-S ta ts by S iteCompile d byCha rle s H a tfie ldR e se a rch on R e formsR e cove ry S chool D istrict (R S D )(Continue d)Management TypeRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD - CharterRSD Charter (ACSA)RSD Charter (ACSA)RSD Charter (ACSA)RSD Charter (ACSA)RSD Charter (ACSA)RSD Charter (ACSA)RSD Charter (ACSA)RSD Charter (ACSA)SchoolNOLA College Prep Charter SchoolP. A. Capdau SchoolPride College Preparatory AcademyReNEW Accelerated High School #1ReNEW Accelerated High School #2ReNEW at Reed ElementarySamuel J. Green Charter SchoolSciTech Academy at Laurel ElementarySojourner Truth AcademySophie B. Wright Inst. of Academic ExcellenceSuccess Preparatory AcademyThe Intercultural Charter SchoolAlgiers Technology AcademyDwight D. Eisenhower Elementary SchoolFannie C. Williams Charter SchoolHarriet Tubman Charter SchoolMartin Behrman Elementary SchoolMcDonogh #32 Elementary SchoolO.P. Walker Senior High SchoolWilliam J. Fischer Elementary SchoolRSD Charter Total2011-12 MFP Oct1Total FundedEnrollment2011 607464520642488890626DDFDFFDFDD DB FC D 22,80110

Oct. 2011Multi-S ta ts by S iteCompile d byCha rle s H a tfie ldR e se a rch on R e formsBoa rd of E le me nta ry E duca tion (BE S E )Management TypeBESE CharterBESE CharterBESE CharterBESE CharterBESE CharterSchoolInternational School of LouisianaLouisiana Virtual Charter AcademyLycee Francais de la Nouvelle-OrleansMilestone SABIS Academy of New OrleansNew Orleans Military and Maritime AcademyBESE Charter TotalDistrict SUMMARYOPSB T ota lR SD T ota lBESE T ota lT ota l Orle a ns Pa rish Public School Enrollme nt:T ota l Cha rte r School Enrollme nt in Orle a ns Pa rish:* T oo fe w schools with le tte r gra de s to be me a ningful2011-12 MFP Oct1Total FundedEnrollment2011 LetterGrade627124653395102B D2,4232011-12 MFP Oct12011 DistrictTotal FundedLetter GradeEnrollment10,62628,7832,423BD*41,83232,972 (79% )11

OPSB Charter Lake Forest Elementary Charter School 478 A OPSB Charter Lusher Charter School 1709 A OPSB Charter New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics HS 370 B OPSB Charter Robert Russa Moton Charter School 268 B-OPSB Charter Warren Easton Senior High School 881 A OPSB Charter (ACSA) Alice Harte E

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