Warm-Up Creating A Public Service Advertisement

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Warm-Up?Creating a Public ServiceAdvertisementLessonQuestionLesson GoalsResearch evidenceto support a.Explore the purposeUse appropriateand.of a public serviceadvertisement (PSA).Create aPSA thatpresents amessage.W2KWords to KnowFill in this table as you work through the lesson. You may also use the glossary tohelp you.a set of images and related information that help plan a videoa word or phrase used to attract attention for a certain purposethe attitude of a text or presentation toward the topiccareful study or investigation of a topicmore than one form of communicationdetails that help prove or disprove something Edgenuity, Inc.1

Warm-UpCreating a Public ServiceAdvertisementA Public Service Advertisement’s PurposeA public service advertisement tries toon an importantpeople to take, such as: a social issue. a rule or law. an important piece of local a safety protocol. Edgenuity, Inc.2.

Creating a Public ServiceAdvertisementInstructionSlide2Forms of Public Service AdvertisementsPublic service advertisements use multimedia, or different forms of.PSAsPSAsPSAs Text Speech Video Images Music Animation Graphs or charts Sound effects Images Speech Music Graphs or charts4Slogans in AdvertisingA slogan is a word or phrase that is used to attractand send a.A good slogan is: , simple,, and memorable.A good slogan is not: long, complicated, or hard to Edgenuity, Inc.3.

Creating a Public s and ToneThe tone is theof a text toward the topic. The tone matches theand.Example: Spread fun. Not Flu. Purpose: toparents to give children the flu vaccine Audience: parents of young children Tone:and lighthearted Contrasts the way kids feel with the flu to the fun they havewhen healthy8Comparing Print Ads to Video AdsWhile print ads and video ads have many common elements, eachhas its advantages.Print PSAs:Video PSAs: Focus on one important idea tosupport the Can be Can focus on more than oneidea to support the message Appeal to manyinprint or electronic form Can use additional types of, such asaudio, animation, and video Edgenuity, Inc.4

InstructionCreating a Public ServiceAdvertisementSlide12Elements of a Public Service AdvertisementClaimThe overallfor the advertisementEvidenceReasonStatement thatDetails, statistics, examples,the claimand relevantComparing PSAs to Argumentative WritingArgumentative essays:PSAs: Make an argument, or claim Make anclaim Useand, or Use reasons and evidence forsupportfor support Raise Raise awareness about anaboutan issue Use multimedia Rely on writing Develop the message over severalparagraphs Edgenuity, Inc.5 Get the message across quickly

Creating a Public ServiceAdvertisementInstructionSlide17Choosing an Issue for Your PSAThe first step in creating a PSA is to choose anresearch andissue to.Some topics you have read about include: Food safety Disease prevention Immigration The American DreamResearching to Gather Evidence for a PSAGather ideas by:Topic: Food safety1. Researching ingPSA: Handling food safely Bacteria in food makes people sick. Millions of harmful bacteria can getinto food products, kitchens, andequipment.threesupporting reasons3. Finding evidence tosupport those reasonsRemember to keep in mind: the. the purpose. Edgenuity, Inc.6

Creating a Public ServiceAdvertisementInstructionSlide19Organizing a Public Service AdvertisementOpeningPresent yourBodyGive the mainand.Conclude byreinforcing the claimin a memorable way.evidence.21StoryboardsA storyboard is a set of images and related information that help plan a.A storyboard shows: Important What will Edgenuity, Inc.in the filmduring those moments7

Creating a Public ServiceAdvertisementInstructionSlide21StoryboardsA storyboard can have: imageDescription: Fly-in text reads“Washing cutting boards can helpprevent kitchen bacteria fromspreading to food.” A person looksup from washing a cutting board andsays, “Did you know that only 67% ofAmericans report they always washcutting boards after preparing food?”. a description of the scene. key written or spoken text,Source: http://www.fightbac.orgincludingand evidence. additional 23.information.Continuing the Storyboard with a Second ReasonCircle examples in the description of multimedia elements that will be included inthe video.Description: A teenager wearing oven mitts opens the oven and takes outa cooking turkey. She checks the temperature, shakes her head, puts theturkey back in the oven, and says, “Cooking food to the correct temperatureprevents bacteria from growing.” A chart pops up showing requiredtemperatures for different meats. The teenager narrates, “Steak should becooked to 145 F and poultry should be cooked to 165 F to kill bacteria.”The camera switches back to the teenager, who says, “The only way to besure is by using a food thermometer.”Source: http://www.fightbac.org/safe-food-handling/cook Edgenuity, Inc.8

InstructionCreating a Public ServiceAdvertisementSlide23Building on Your ReasonUnderline the statistical information in the passage.Description: A teenage voice says, “Failing to cook food to a propertemperature can result in food poisoning, a type of foodborne illness.” Anauseated emoticon animates, walks onscreen, and says, “Did you knowthat, according to the New York Times, every year 76 million Americans getfood poisoning? Approximately 5,000 die. But following food safety tips couldhave prevented all that sickness!” He then says, “Excuse me!” and runs offscreen.Source: http://www.fightbac.org/safe-food-handling/cook Edgenuity, Inc.9

Summary?LessonQuestionCreating a Public ServiceAdvertisementHow do you create a public service advertisement to send animportant message?AnswerUse this space to write any questions or thoughts about this lesson. Edgenuity, Inc.10

Advertisement Instruction Elements of a Public Service Advertisement Claim The overall for the advertisement Evidence and relevant Details, statistics, examples, Reason Statement that the claim Comparing PSAs to Argumentative Writing Argumentative essays: PSAs: Make an argument,

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following: DVD 4, Online School #4 and Advanced Vocal Skills, Breather , Warm Up Home and Office or Warm Up in the Car. As you work with our vocal warm up programs on a consistent basis, you should be well on your way to making your voice what you want it to be—strong, supple, well placed and pleasing to the ear.

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