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MAHARISHI MARKANDESHWAR INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES & RESERCHMULLANA (AMBALA) BHARAT- 133207CENTRAL LIBRARYSr. of National Journals for the year -2020Name of JournalsAn International Journal of Otorhinolaryngology ClinicsAnaesthesia: Essays and ResearchesAnnals of Cardiac AnaesthesiaAnnals of Indian Academy of NeurologyAnnals of Library & Information StudiesAnnals of Maxillofacial SurgeryAnnals of National Academy of Medical SciencesAnnals of Otology and NeurotologyAnnals of Paediatric CardiologyAsian journal of Clinical CardiologyAsian Journal of DiabetologyAsian Journal of Obs. & Gyne PracticeAsian Journal of OncologyAsian Journal of Pediatric PracticeAsian Journal of Transfusion ScienceCardiology TodayCurrent Index of Medical Specialties ( CIMS)Current Medicine Research & PracticeDental Journal of Advance StudiesDESIDOC Journal of Library and Information TechnologyDonald School Journal of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and GynecologyEuroasian Journal of Hepato-GastroenterologyEuropean Dental Research and Biomaterials JournalsEuropean Journal Of DentistryIndian Journal of CardiologyIndian PediatricsIndian Drug ReferenceIndian Heart JournalIndian Journal of Gynecologic OncologyIndian Journal of Allergy, Asthma & ImmunologyIndian Journal of AnaesthesiaIndian Journal of Anatomy & Surgery of Head, Neck & BrainIndian journal of Applied ResearchIndian Journal of Biochemistry & BiophysicsIndian Journal of BurnsIndian Journal of CancerIndian Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases in WomenIndian Journal of Chest Diseases and Allied SciencesIndian Journal of Clinical Anatomy & PhysiologyIndian Journal of Clinical AnesthesiaIndian Journal of Clinical BiochemistryIndian Journal of Clinical PracticeIndian Journal of Community MedicineIndian Journal of Critical Care MedicineIndian Journal of DermatologyIndian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and LeprologyIndian Journal of Endocrinology and MetabolismIndian Journal of Experimental BiologyIndian Journal of Forensic Medicine & ToxicologyIndian Journal of Gastroenterology

. Journal of Hematology & Blood TransfusionIndian Journal of LeprosyIndian Journal of Medical and Paediatric OncologyIndian journal of Medical EthicsIndian Journal of Medical MicrobiologyIndian Journal of Medical ResearchIndian Journal of MicrobiologyIndian Journal of NephrologyIndian Journal of NeurosurgeryIndian Journal of NeurotramaIndian Journal of Nuclear MedicineIndian Journal of Occupational and Environmental MedicineIndian Journal of OphthalmologyIndian Journal of OrthopaedicsIndian Journal of Orthopedic SurgeryIndian Journal of Otolaryngology Head & Neck SurgeryIndian journal of OtologyIndian Journal of Paediatric DermatologyIndian Journal of PainIndian Journal of Palliative CareIndian Journal of Pathology & MicrobiologyIndian Journal of Pathology & OncologyIndian Journal of PediatricsIndian Journal of PharmacologyIndian Journal of Physiology & Allied SciencesIndian journal of Physiology & PharmacologyIndian Journal of Plastic SurgeryIndian Journal of Practical PediatricsIndian Journal of PsychiatryIndian Journal of Psychological MedicineIndian Journal of Public HealthIndian Journal of Radiology and ImagingIndian Journal of RheumatologyIndian Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDSIndian Journal of SurgeryIndian Journal of Surgical OncologyIndian Journal of TransplantationIndian Journal of UrologyIndian Journal of Vascular and Endovascular SurgeryIndustrial Psychiatry JournalInternational Journal of Head & Neck SurgeryInternational Journal of Clinical Biochemistry & ResearchInternational Journal of Contemporary MicrobiologyInternational Journal of Contemporary PathologyInternational Journal of Diabetes in Developing CountriesInternational Journal of EpilepsyInternational Journal of Health & Allied SciencesInternational Journal of Infertility & Fetal MedicineInternational Journal of Keratoconus and Ectatic Corneal DiseasesInternational Journal of Maxillofacial ImagingInternational Journal of Medical Microbiology & Tropical DiseasesInternational Journal of Medical Pediatrics & OncologyInternational Journal of Orthopedic RheumatologyInternational Journal of PhysiologyInternational Journal of Recent Surgical and Medical SciencesInternational Journal of Trichology

107.108.Journal of Anaesthesiology Clinical PharmacologyJournal of Anatomical society of . of Arthro-scopy and Joint SurgeryJournal of Cancer Research and TherapeuticsJournal of Cardiac Critical CareJournal of Clinical Interventional RadiologyJournal of Clinical Ophthalmology & ResearchJournal of Coetaneous and Aesthetic SurgeryJournal of Craniovertebral Junction and SpineJournal of Current Glaucoma PracticeJournal of CytologyJournal of Digestive EndoscopyJournal of Education and Ethics in DentistryJournal of Emergencies Trauma and ShockJournal of Family & Community MedicineJournal of Fetal MedicineJournal of Forensic Dental SciencesJournal of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal RadiologyJournal of Geriatric Mental HealthJournal of Hand & MicrosurgeryJournal of Health and Allied Sciences( Nitte)Journal of Human Reproductive SciencesJournal of Indian Academy of Oral Medicine & RadiologyJournal of Indian Association of Paediatric SurgeonsJournal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive DentistryJournal of Indian Society of ToxicologyJournal of Laboratory PhysiciansJournal of Laryngology and VoiceJournal of Medical PhysicsJournal of Minimal Access SurgeryJournal of Neuroanesthesiology and Critical CareJournal of Neurosciences in Rural PracticeJournal of Obstetrics Anaesthesia and Critical CareJournal of Oral and Maxillofacial PathologyJournal of Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery, Oral Pathology & Oral RadiologyJournal of Paediatric NeurosciencesJournal of Parasitic DiseasesJournal of Pharmacology and PharmacotherapeuticsJournal of Postgraduate MedicineJournal of Postgraduate Medicine Education and ResearchJournal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation & Mental HealthJournal of SAFOGJournal of Social Health and DiabetesJournal of the Association of Physicians of India (JAPI)Journal Oral Biology & Craniofacial ResearchJPOGLung IndiaMedical Journal of Armed Forces IndiaMedico- Legal UpdateNational Journal of Clinical AnatomyNational Journal of Maxillofacial SurgeryNational Medical Journal of IndiaNeurology IndiaOptometry TodayPearl: A Journal of Library & Information SciencePsychological Studies Protection and EnvironmentThe Indian Journal of Nutrition & DieteticsThe Journal of Association of Chest PhysiciansThe Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology of IndiaTropical GastroenterologyUniversity NewsVirus Disease (Formerly Indian Journal of Virology)World Digital LibrariesWorld Journal of Endocrine SurgeryWorld Journal of Laparoscopic SurgeryMAHARISHI MARKANDESHWAR INSTITUTE OF DENTAL SCIENCES & RESERCHMULLANA (AMBALA) BHARAT- 133207CENTRAL LIBRARYSr. No.List of National Journals for the year -2020Name of Journals1Annals of Maxillofacial Surgery2Clinical Dentistry3Dental Practice4Dental Technology

5Endodontology6Journal of Conservative Dentistry7Journal of Cleft lip Palate & Craniofacial Anomalies8Journal of Dental Implants9Journal of Forensic Dental Sciences10Indian Journal of Conservative & Endodontics11Indian Dentist Research & Review (I.D.R.R.)12Indian Journal of Dental Research13Indian Journal of Public Health14Indian Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Research15International Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry16International Journal of Prosthodontics & Restorative Dentistry17International Journal of Oral Health Sciences18Journal of Indian Orthodontics Society19Journal of Indian Prosthodntics Society20Journal of Indian Academy of Oral Medicine & Radiology21Journal of Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry22Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry23Journal of Indian Society of Periodontolgy24Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology25Journal of Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery, Oral Pathology26Journal of Maxillofacial & Oral Surgery27National Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery28Oral Health29Current Index of Medical Specialities (CIMS)30The Traumaxilla31Journal of Advanced Oral ResearchMAHARISHI MARKANDESHWAR COLLEGE OF NURSINGMULLANA (AMBALA) BHARAT- 133207CENTRAL LIBRARYList of National Journals for the year -2020Sr. No.Name of Journals123Indian Journal of Community MedicineIndian Journal of Public HealthAsian Journal of Nursing Education and Research4Indian Journal of Nursing Studies5Journal of Nursing

6Nursing & Midwifery Research Journal7Nursing Journal of India8Nightingale Nursing TimesMAHARISHI MARKANDESHWAR INSTITUTE OF NURSINGMULLANA (AMBALA) BHARAT- 133207CENTRAL LIBRARYSr. No. of National Journals for the year -2020Name of JournalsAsian Journal of ManagementAsian Journal of Nursing Education & ResearchInternational Journal of Nursing Education & ResearchInternational Journal of Advances in Nursing ManagementIndian Journal of continuing Nursing EducationIndian Journal of Practical PediatricsInternational Journal of Psychiatry NursingInternational Journal of Nursing EducationJournal of Nursing Research Society of IndiaNursing & Midwifery Research JournalNursing Journal of IndiaMAHARISHI MARKANDESHWAR PHYSIOTHERAPY & REHABILITATIONMULLANA (AMBALA) BHARAT- 133207CENTRAL LIBRARYList of National Journals for the year -2020Sr. No.Name of Journals1.Indian journal of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy2.Yoga Quest3.Education of Yoga4.International Journal of yogaMAHARISHI MARKANDESHWAR COLLEGE OF PHARMACYMULLANA (AMBALA) BHARAT- 133207CENTRAL LIBRARYS. No. of National Journals for the year -2020Name of JournalsChronicle PharmabizDrug TodayIndian Journal of Chemical TechnologyIndian Journal of Chemistry Section – AIndian Journal of Chemistry Section – BIndian Journal of Medical EthicsIndian Journal of Pharmacy PracticeIndian Journal of Quality Assurance and ManagementIndian Journal of Natural Products & ResourcesIndian Journal of PharmacologyIndian Journal of Health Sciences Journal of Hospital PharmacyInventi Impact: Clinical ResearchInventi Impact: CosmeceuticalsInventi Impact: Med ChemInventi Impact: Pharma Ana & Quality AssuranceInventi Impact: Pharma TechInventi Impact: Pharmaceutical Process DevelopmentInventi Impact: Pharmacy PracticeInventi Impact: Planta ActivaIndian Pharmacist22.Journal of Chemical Sciences23.Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences24.Journal of Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics25.Medicinal & Aromatic Plant ReviewPharmacognosy MagazinePharmacognosy ResearchResonanceResearch Journal of Pharmacy and TechnologyResearch Journal of Pharmacognsoy and PhytochemistryResearch Journal of Pharmacology and PharmacodynamicsResearch Journal of Pharmaceutical Dosage Form and TechnologyClinical Communiques and Medical EducationPerspectives in Clinical ResearchIndian Journal of Community MedicineIndian Journal of Medical ResearchIndian Journal of nephrologyIndian Journal of Research in HomeopathyInternational Journal of Advances Drug DeliveryInternational Journal of Drug Discovery and TechnologyInternational Journal of Health Management and InformationInternational Journal of Pharmacy and Drug Research TechnologyInternational Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical ResearchInternational Journal of Drug Discovery and Pharmaceutical ResearchAsian Journal of Pharmaceutical ResearchInternational Journal of Pharmaceutical Development and TechnologyAsian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and TechnologyInternational Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and AnalysisInternational Journal of Pharmacy Review and ResearchIndian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and ResearchInternational Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and AnalysisInternational Journal of PharmacotherapyInternational Journal Phytopharmacy ResearchInternational Journal of Current Pharmaceutical and Clinical ResearchInternational Journal of Pharmacology and ToxicologyInternational Journal of Advanced PharmaceuticsInternational Journal of Advances in Case ReportIndian DrugsIndian Journal of Heterocyclic ChemistryJournal of Hospital PharmacyMAHARISHI MARKANDESHWAR ENGINEERING COLLEGEMULLANA (AMBALA) BHARAT- 133207CENTRAL LIBRARYList of National Journals for the year -2020

ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING1.IUP Journal of Telecommunications2.IUP Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering3.Indian Journal of Wireless Networks and Communications4.Advances in Wireless and Mobile Communications5.Indian Journal of Microelectronics and VLSI Design6.Indian Journal of Electronics and Microcircuits7.Global Journal of Electronic and Communication Research8.Indian Journal of VLSI and Circuit Design9.Advances in Electronic and Electric Engineering10.Journal of Networking TechnologyCOMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGG.1.International Journal for Computational Vision and Biomechanics2.International Journal of Advanced Computer Engineering3.International Journal of Applied Computing4.International Journal of Bioinformatics and Soft Computing5.International Journal of Software Engineering and Computing6.International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Bioinformatics7.International Journal of Computer Science and Management System8.International Journal of Computer Sciences and System Analysis9.International Journal of Computing and Applications10.International Journal of Computer Science and Software Technology11.International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology12.International Journal of Computer Sciences, System Engineering and Information Technology13.International Journal of Computer Science and Communication14.Karpagam Journal of Computer Science15.Journal of Digital Information Management16.Indian Journal of Computer and Internet Security17.Indian Journal of Modern Techniques in Image Processing18.Indian Journal of advances in computer science and technology19.Indian Journal of Information Sciences and Computer Application20.International Journal of Computational Sciences and Engineering21.International Journal of Advanced Software Engineering22.Indian Journal of Robotics Applications23.Indian Journal of Mobile Communication, Networking and Applications24International Journal of Computer Networks and Comm. Technology25International Journal of Computing and Information Technology26Journal of Information and Computation Technology27Advances in Computational Sciences and Technology

28International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research29Current Development in Artificial Intelligence30Indian Journal of Computer Science31Journal of Innovation in Computer Science and Engineering32Journal of Network and Information Security33International Journal of Distributed and Cloud Computing34International Journal of Knowledge Based Computer Systems35International Journal of Applied Research on Information Technology and ComputingELECTRICAL ENGINEERING1.International Journal of Electrical Energy Systems2.International Journal of Electrical Engineering System Research3.International Journal of Electronics and Computers4.Indian Journal of Advances in Electrical Engineering5.Current Development in Electrical Engineering6.Electrical India7.Journal of Inst. of Engineers India : Series ‘B’ (Electrical Engg., Electronics & Telecommunication Engg.,Computer Engg.)8.India Power9.Journal on Electrical Engineering10.Journal on Power System EngineeringMECHANICAL ENGINEERING1.International Journal of Advanced in Thermal Sciences and Engineering2.International Journal of Manufacturing Science and Management3.Manufacturing Technology Today4Journal of Inst. Of Engineers India: Series ‘C’ (Mechanical Engg, Production Engg., Aerospace Engg.,Marine Engg.)5.Indian Journal of Engineering and Material Science6.Journal on Mechanical Engineering7.Journal on Material Science8Indian Journal of Advances in Tribology9.Inventi Impact : Quality, Statistics & Reliability10Indian Journal of Advances in Mechanical Engineering11.International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Industrial Engg.12.Journal of Mechatronics and Automation13International Journal of Computer Aided Manufacturing14International Journal of Vehicle Structure and Systems15Journal of Inst. Of Engineers India: Series ‘D’ (Metallurgical & Materials Engg. Mining Engg.)16.TIDEE (Teri Information Digest on Energy and Environment)17.Indian Journal of CAD & CAM TechnologiesCIVIL ENGINEERING

1.Indian Highways2.Highway Research Journal3.Journal of the Indian Roads Congress4.Journal of Structural Engineering5.Journal of Inst. Of Engineers India: Series ‘A’ (Civil Engg. Architectural Engg. Environmental Engg.Agricultural Engg.)6.Indian Geotechnical Journal7.National Geographic Magazine8.Down to Earth9.Civil Engineering and Construction Review10.Bridge and Structural Engineering11Indian Journal of Transport ManagementBIOTECHNOLOGY1.Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology & Environmental Sciences2.Green Farming – International Journal of Applied Agriculture & Horticulture Sciences3.The Indian Journal of Agriculture Sciences4.Indian Journal of Biotechnology5.Indian Journal of Natural Products and Resources6.Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics7.Bioscience, Biotechnology Research8Indian Journal of Animal Research9.Indian Journal of Agricultural Research10Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research11.Plant Physiology Reports12.Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology13.Agriculture ResearchMATHEMATICS1.Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics2.Aryabhatta Journal of Mathematics & Informatics3.Journal of Ramanujan Mathematical Society4.Bulletin of the Calcutta Mathematical SocietyPHYSICS1.Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics2.Science ReporterCHEMISTRY1.Indian Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research2.Indian Journal of Chemistry Section A3.Indian Journal of Chemistry Section B

4.Indian Journal of Chemical Technology5.Current Science6.Journal of the Indian Chemical Society7.Rasayan Journal of ChemistrySOCIAL SCIENCE AND HUMANITIES1.Indian Literature2.RemarkingsMAGAZINES1.Bhawan Journal2.Data Quest3.PC Quest4.Electronics For You5.Open Source For You6.CSIR News7.Digit8.Mycorrhiza NewsMAHARISHI MARKANDESHWAR DEPARTMENT OF LAWMULLANA (AMBALA) BHARAT- 133207CENTRAL LIBRARYS. .20.21.22.List of National Journals for the year -2020Name of JournalsAIR Accident Claims and Compensation CasesAIR Cheque Dishonor ReportAIR Civil CasesAIR Law LinesAIR Ready ReckonerAIR Supreme Court SupplementsAll India ReporterAll India Service Law journalAnnual Survey of Indian LawCompany CasesConsumer Protection JudgmentsCorporate Law AdviserCriminal Law JournalEducation Law CasesIndian Bar ReviewJournal of Indian Law InstituteLabour & Industrial CasesLawyers UpdateLegal News &ViewsPunjab Law ReporterRight to Information ReporterSupreme Court Cases

Supreme Court Yearly DigestThe Practical LawyerLaw Herald (A Legal Magazine)23.24.25.MAHARISHI MARKANDESHWAR COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY & BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (HM)MULLANA (AMBALA) BHARAT- 133207CENTRAL LIBRARYList of National Journals for the year -2020Name of JournalsAahar WaysBakery BizBekery ReviewFood & Beverage Business ReviewHotel Business ReviewHospitality OutlookHospitality BizHotels & Restaurants NetworkInside OutsideJohar- Journal of Hospitality Application & ResearchJournal of Food Science and TechnologyVikalapa – The Journal of Decision MakerSr. No. MARKANDESHWAR INSTUITE OF COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY & BUSINESSMANAGEMENT (MCA)MULLANA (AMBALA) BHARAT- 133207CENTRAL LIBRARYSr. No. of National Journals for the year -2020Name of JournalsInternational Journal of Computer and Internet SecurityInternational Journal of Mobile Communication & NetworkingInternational Journal of Information Sciences and ApplicationInternational Journal of Quality Assurance and ManagementInternational Journal of information TechnologyInternational Journal of Computers and ApplicationsIAENG International Journal of Computer ScienceJournal of Computer Science and Information TechnologyMAHARISHI MARKANDESHWAR INSTUITE OF MANAGEMENTMULLANA (AMBALA) BHARAT- 133207CENTRAL LIBRARYList of National Journals for the year -2020Sr. No.Name of Journals1.Abhigyan2.Decision3.Human Capital4.Indian Management5.RBI Bulletin6.Applied Finance7.Marketing Management BehaviourIndian Journal of MarketingIndian Journal of FinanceAMC Indian Journal of EntrepreneurshipArthashastra Indian Journal of Economics & ResearchIndian Journal of Research in Capital MarketsPRABANDHAN: Indian Journal of Mgt.Asian Journal of Management Cases16.17.18.South Asian Journal of Business and Management CasesGlobal Business ReviewIIM Kozhikode Society & Mgt. Review19. Journal of Rural Mgt.Journal of Emerging Market FinanceJournal of EntrepreneurshipJournal of Human ValueVikalpa24.Foreign Trade Review25.26.VisionMetamorphosis: A Journal of Mgmt .Research

32. Indian Journal of Anatomy & Surgery of Head, Neck & Brain 33. Indian journal of Applied Research 34. Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics 35. Indian Journal of Burns 36. Indian Journal of Cancer 37. Indian Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases in Women 38. Indian Journal of Chest Diseases and Allied Sciences 39.

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