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Rotary WingProgram UpdateCraig R NixonFlight Curriculum ManagerUSNTPS1

Capable of safely operating aircraft beforethey are “mature”Need to find problems early in the programThe “bridge” between developers and users“Never take a test pilot to a meeting. Whenunder pressure, they have the annoyinghabit of blurting out the truth.”USNTPS2

The end of WWWW-2 and the dawn of the “Jet Age” spurredthe formation of four test pilot schoolsEmpire (UK) Test Pilot School Established 1943 at Boscombe Down, EnglandUSAF Test Pilot School Established 1944 at WrightWright-Patterson AFB, Ohio Moved to Edwards AFB, CaliforniaUSN Test Pilot School Established 1945 at NAS Patuxent River, MarylandFrench Test Pilot School (EPNER) Established 1946, moved to Istres 1962USNTPS3

Established 1945 Milestone Events Rotary Wing Syllabus 11 Month Syllabus Airborne Systems Syllabus Short Course DepartmentUSNTPS1961197319751997New Academic/Office Building – 1993 Staff Spaces 120 Seat Auditorium 5 Classrooms Simulation Labs / IT Support Locker rooms Exercise Center Break Areas with Vending Machines4

Royal Air ForceRoyal Swedish Air ForceRoyal Australian Air ForceRoyal Norwegian Air ForceRoyal Netherlands Air ForceSingapore Air ForceFinnish Air ForceSpanish Air ForceItalian Air ForceIsraeli Air ForceSwiss Air ForceGerman Air ForceUSNTPSIndian Navy/Air ForceFrench Navy/Air ForceRoyal NavyRoyal Australian NavyCanadian ForcesJapanese Forces5

Academic Instructors - 12Flight Instructors - 27 21 Military (multi(multi-service)3 Civil Service3 ContractorAircraft 41 aircraft 12 different modelsAdministrative Staff - 22 Operations Budget FacilitiesMaintenance - 187 DyncorpSikorskyL-3Active Duty 320Staff/Student/ContractorUSNTPS6

Front Office Commander, LTC Greg Fortier, USA Executive Officer, LtCol Tim Davis, USMCThe ChiefsCAI, John O’Connor, CDR USN (ret)CFI, CDR Anthony Fortescue, USNTypical Student Senior O-31000 Flight HoursCombat VeteranEngineering DegreeThey are wonderfulUSNTPS7

45 Million4500 Sorties Flown6500 Flight Hours1100 Academic Hours300 Simulation Periods72 Long Course Students200 Short Course StudentsUSNTPS8

Two Classes AnnuallyThree syllabi Fixed Wing (pilot/engineer)Rotary Wing (pilot/engineer)Airborne Systems (NFO/engineer)11 Months in duration PrePre-arrival trainingT-6 NAS PensacolaT-38C Randolph AFBH-72 Grand Prairie, TXH-60 Indian Town Gap, PA 530 Academic hours 100 Sorties/120 flight hours 25 Technical reportsUSNTPS9

Classroom Lab and Simulation Exercise Briefing Flight Demonstration Data Flights Technical Report Review/Debrief/CritiqueUSNTPS10

Classes 145 & 146USNTPS11

UH-72A (5) Navy Owned (FAA COTS) Rotary Wing Syllabus Flying Qualities and Performance Integrated Systems AFCS Eval Fully InstrumentedUSNTPS12

UH-60L (5) Army Owned / Funded Aircraft Rotary Wing Syllabus Flying Qualities and Performance Fully InstrumentedUSNTPS13

OH-58C (4) Army Owned / Funded Aircraft Rotary Wing Syllabus Flying Qualities and Performance Autorotational Landing Evaluation ADS-33USNTPS14

C-12C (4) Army Owned / Funded Aircraft Fixed/Rotary Wing Syllabus Multi-Engine Familiarization Asymmetric Power Effects Navigation Systems Evaluation Handling Qualities and PerformanceUSNTPS15

Primary Systems Aircraft CALSPAN Owned/Flown Cockpit Mockup HUD 2 Moving maps Instructor Station APG-66(V)2 RADAR MX-15 Electro Optical SystemUSNTPS16

X-26A GLIDER (2) Fixed/Rotary Wing Syllabus High Lift to Drag Evaluation Un-powered Flying Qualities AerobaticsUSNTPS17

Qualitative EvaluationsUSNTPS18

There are still three halves to each day Flying Academics Report Writing530 Academic Hours120 Flight Hours70 Events18 Test Plans (Data Cards Huge)25 Reports (Oral & Written)15 Different AircraftUSNTPS19

Airspeed Calibration OH-58 with chase aircraft Trailing BombUH-60 or UH-72 Perf Model Development Engine Performance and OperationHover IGE & OGEVertical ClimbLevel FlightForward Flight Climb & DescentPerformance Exam & CheckrideUSNTPS20

Introduction to Handling Qualities (UH-72)Forward Flight (UH-60) Statics Dynamics Control ResponseLow Airspeed (OH-58) Pace TruckStaticsControl ResponseADS-33 CourseHQ Exam & CheckrideUSNTPS21

Automatic Flight Controls (UH-72) Flight Control DescriptionSystem Integration & DisplaysControl Response TypesNormal Operating ModesAttitude Hold (pitch, roll, yaw)Altitude HoldAirspeed HoldTurn CoordinationNavigation Modes Degraded Operating Modes Mission AssessmentUSNTPS22

Our “Critical Test” Event (OH-58)Test PlanInitial Familiarization FlightAutorotational “Refresher” FlightAutorotational Landing AssessmentHeight-Velocity Curve DemonstrationClass PresentationUSNTPS23

Familiarization Flights in T-6 & C-12Jet Aircraft Orientation Flight (T-38)Performance and Stalls (C-12)Longitudinal Stability (C-12 / T-6)Lateral-Directional Stability (C-12 / U-6)Asymmetric Power (C-12)High Lift to Drag (X-26)USNTPS24

RW VSS-1 [Sensitivity & Damping] (TPS SIM)RW VSS-2 [Advanced Topics] (NRC B-412)CALSPAN VSS Lear Jet LongitudinalLateral-DirectionalS&C Review/OverviewAdvanced Flight ControlsDevelop Control Laws in TPS SimulatorFly and Fix in CALSPAN LearCOMING SOON! USNTPS VSS Helo (UH-72)USNTPS25

Cockpit EvaluationIntegrated Systems Demonstration (ASTARS)FLIR LabFLIR Evaluation (ASTARS)RADAR Systems Familiarization (TPS Sim)RADAR Systems Evaluation (MH-60R Sim)Over 100 hours of AcademicsUSNTPS26

Developmental Test – IIA (DT-2) Team of two International or DoD partners Mini-program from planning to reporting Test Plan (50 pages in five days) Executive Review Board Four flights – six hours Final Report (150 pages in nine days)USNTPS27

Verification and validation of complexintegrated systemsUAS “Autonomy”Obtaining and retaining highly qualifiedtesters in the face of a DoD draw-down.USNTPS28


Exercise Center Break Areas with Vending Machines 4. USNTPS Indian Navy/Air Force French Navy/Air Force Royal Navy Royal Australian Navy Canadian Forces Japanese Forces Royal Air Force Royal Swedish Air Force Royal Australian Air Force . Israeli Air Force Swiss Air Force German Air F

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Skin which are necessary for the strength of the wing. The main function of these is to distribute the payload and the forces which act on the aircraft wing including shear forces, tensile forces and direct forces. 1.1 Basic definition of wing parts 1.1.1 Spar Longitudinal member in the wing. Generally wing having two

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1. PAWG 173 Financial Management Procedures April 2020. This publication was developed by the Pennsylvania Wing Finance Office to inform the units below wing level of the procedures for the Wing Banker Program. This document is a working document, containing the procedures for processing income and expenses, as well as periodic reporting of the units.