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APPENDIX AVCS Procurement Action PlanThe purpose of this action plan is to facilitate implementation of the recommendations of the report of the Communities Review Committee‘Supporting the Local Voluntary and Community Sector through Procurement’. The content has been developed jointly by council officers andrepresentatives of the local voluntary and community sector. Progress in implementing the action plan will be reviewed annually by theCouncil’s Third Sector Strategic Forum with the involvement of Voluntary Action Islington and Islington Community Network.KeySCP: Strategy and Community Partnerships, Islington CouncilICN: Islington Community NetworkLS: Legal Services, Islington CouncilSPT: Strategic Procurement Team, Islington CouncilVAI: Voluntary Action IslingtonRecommendation 1: Forward Planning ProcurementRefActionWho leadsWhenComments1.1Publish a forward plan of procurement opportunitiesover 100k (aggregate value), ideally a year inadvance, and promote it via VAI E-News.SPTUpdated andpublishedquarterlyAll available information will be published.VAI to promote a link to the Forward Plan aspart of their monthly funding updates on VAIE-News.1.2Use the Council’s Third Sector Strategic Forum (TSSF)to encourage commissioners to plan ahead andpromote procurement opportunities below 100k.Every twoCommissioners months whenTSSF meetsCommissioners to inform VAI of thesesmaller procurement opportunities so theycan be included in funding updates.1.3Promote link to the Council’s Contract Opportunitiesweb page via the VAI website and VAI E-News.VAIMonthlyLink to current contract opportunities to beincluded in funding updates.1.4Arrange provider events for bidders to understand moreabout proposed procurements.SPTAs requiredInformation is published as part of tenderadvertisement.1.5Identify procurement opportunities that are particularlysuitable for a consortium approach and help consortiaof local organisations to form to bid for these contracts.CommissionersAs requiredVAI/ICN1.6Use the Directory of Islington’s VCS to helpcommissioners develop lists of local organisations thatare well placed to deliver particular services.VAIUpdate Directoryduring 2013/14;review annuallyCouncil provides resources for capacitybuilding from the VCS Grants Fund.Additional resources may be required toenable VAI to update and develop theDirectory.1

1.7Arrange ‘Meet the Buyer’ events.SPTDates to bepublished1.8Publicise training opportunities for: Consortia Bidding Workshop Effective Bid Pricing Workshop Effective Tender Writing Workshop How to be successful at PQQ stage Understanding Terms and Conditions WorkshopSPTAt least three ofeach workshopper year.1.9Improve consistency in the quality of commissioningprocesses across Council departments.SPT/As requiredCommissionersDates will be published on the Selling to theCouncil web pages and promoted via VAI ENews.Dates for 2013/14 have been published onthe Selling to the Council web pages andwill be promoted via VAI E-News.Feedback from VCS suggests that currentexperiences are variable.Recommendation 2: Long Term PlanningRefActionWho leadsWhenComments2.1Maintain commitment that, where possible, allcontracts and grants should be for at least three years.SPTAs per contractadvertisementThis is a commitment in the VoluntarySector Compact.2.2Islington Council will challenge proposedprocurements for short durations as part of goodpractice and the work of the Procurement Board.SPTAs requiredProcedures are in place for this to occur.2.3Maintain ongoing dialogue with VCS organisationsthroughout the life cycle of contracts, and especially inthe final year, so that they can position themselves toapply for future contracts or plan ahead for losingfunding when contracts end.As requiredFeedback from VCS is that some funders(e.g. the Lottery) are more upfront aboutwhether funding is likely to be renewed andthis allows organisations more time to planahead.2.4Develop decommissioning guidance including templateletters to notify end of contract period.In placeTo be included on Council intranet andshared with ICN. SPT has ‘exit strategy’guidance for commissioners for the final 12months of contracts.CommissionersSPT2

Recommendation 3: Proportionate Procurement ProcessesRefAction3.1Advise and (where necessary) challengecommissioners to achieve proportionality inprocurement processes.3.2Who leadsWhenCommentsSPTAs requiredImportant to consider the costs of procurementrelative to the value of the contract. SPT havemodels of best practice for commissioners touse.Training session for commissioners to be provided bythe Council on proportionate procurement.SPTAs requiredTo be made available to commissioners.3.3VCS to bring to the Council’s attention any exampleswhere proportionality in procurement is not beingachieved.VAI/ICNAs requiredThere is a commitment in the Compact tosimplicity and proportionality in processesrelative to the amounts involved.3.4Commissioners should consider TUPE implicationswhen awarding or reassigning contracts.CommissionersAs requiredSPT can provide some guidance linked withadvice from Legal Services.3.5Senior management to provide effective oversight ofcommissioning processes and sign off decisions oncontract awards.SPTAs requiredSPT to develop resources which will deliverconsistency across the Council. ProcurementBoard to provide oversight of functionality.3.6Timetables for procurement to be published to biddersat earliest reasonable opportunity.SPTAs required.To be made available with relevant stage oftender.3.7Commissioners to provide quality feedback on eachstage of tender process to bidders.SPT/CommissionersAs requiredSPT will work with commissioners to introducereasonable standards.3.8Proper assessment to be made whether a grant or acontract is to be undertaken.As requiredIslington Council is committed to issuing grantsand/or procuring contracts in line with statutoryrequirements for each.LS3

Recommendation 4: Specify Community BenefitRefActionWho leadsWhenComments4.1Prepare guidance for commissioners, procurers andcontract management on the Public Services (SocialValue) Act 2012.SPTIn place (April2013). SPT tomeet ICN withinsix months toreview/updateguidance.Guidance has been prepared to show howsocial value can be considered as part ofsupply chain management processes. Aflexible approach, using broad questions,gives local VCS more opportunity todemonstrate social value.4.2Continue to invite service users and representatives ofVCS organisations to sit on tender panels and providetraining to support them where appropriateSPTAs requiredStandardised training procedures for serviceuser involvement to be adopted.Recommendation 5: Demonstrate ImpactRefActionWho leadsWhenComments5.1Arrange workshops to help local VCS organisationsget better at demonstrating social value and thedifference their services make to residents.VAI/ICNAs requiredCouncil supports through its funding forVCS infrastructure e.g. to VAI, networks andforums, and community hubs.5.2Raise awareness of resources designed to helpidentify, assess and provide evidence of impact, andpromote their use locally.As requiredExamples: Social Impact Toolkit on VAIwebsite; NCVO Code of Good ImpactPractice; NEF Guide to Social Return onInvestment.VAI/ICN4

Recommendation 6: Gap AnalysisRefActionWho leadsWhenComments6.1Continue to map all funding to VCS on an annual basisand publish on the VCS funding pages of the Council’swebsite.SCPAnnually2012/13 completed and published. Mappingof 2013/14 is underway.6.2Give detailed feedback to organisations when they failto win tenders.CommissionersAlreadyhappeningIt is a legal requirement for feedback to beprovided as part of a tender process.6.3Develop guidance on providing feedback in general ontender evaluations.SPTCompletedGuidance available upon request.6.4Use the annual VCS Conference and other relevantforums to assess the health of the voluntary sector inIslington, including risks facing local organisations, andto promote awareness of support services available.VAI/ICN tocoordinate2013 VCSConference is onSaturday 23NovemberLinks to one of the key messages fromdelegates at the 2012 VCS Conference.Recommendation 7: Closer CollaborationRefActionWho leadsWhenComments7.1Islington Council and Cripplegate Foundation, as theprimary funders of small frontline organisations, towork together to share knowledge and information.SCP andCripplegateFoundationAt least threetimes per yearEnsure that funding from Community Chestand from Local Initiatives Fund iscomplementary and avoids duplication.7.2Encourage local funders to attend the annual VCSConference in order to gain a better understanding ofthe needs of local organisations.VAI/ICNAnnuallyLocal funders to be invited to provide stallsand participate in workshop discussions.July 20135

Procurement Board to provide oversight of functionality. 3.6 Timetables for procurement to be published to bidders at earliest reasonable opportunity. SPT As required. To be made available with relevant stage of tender. 3.7 . Commissioners to provide quality feedback on each stage of tender process to bidders. SPT/ Commissioners As required