Europe’s Latitude V. US Former Soviet Region Compared In .

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Europe’s Latitude v. USFormer Soviet Region Compared inLatitude & Area with the United States1

Satellite View of Europe3,800 square milesREGIONS2

Continents by Size(sq. km.)Asia44,579,000Africa30,065,000North America24,256,000South 00Oceania (incl.Australia)7,687,000Europe: A Peninsulaof Peninsulas?ORA Peninsula of Asia?3

Europe: An Asian Peninsula?Northern PeninsulasSouthern PeninsulasScandinavian PeninsulaJutland ninsula Balkan AnatoleanPeninsulaPeninsula4

PeninsulasJutlandPen.Crimean Pen.Italian Pen.Balkan Pen.Iberian Pen.Anatolean SeaBay ofBiscayDardanellesStraitStrait nean Sea5

The Danube RiverThe Mediterranean Sea: Mare NostrumRiversStrait of Gibraltar& the “Pillars ofHercules”Thames R.Po R.Tagus R.Ebro R. 2,400 miles long & 1,000 miles wide “Crossroads of 3 Continents”Caesarea on theIsraeli coast6

The Danube RiverBikingAlong theDanubeThe Volga RiverWhere Buda& Pest Meet The river is sopolluted that thesturgeon catch hasbeen decreased by60%. Flows through the 12 countries of Germany, Austria,Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia andHerzegovina, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, and theUkraine.The Volga River The longest river in Europe -- 2,300 miles.7

Capitals on the Rivers (1)Why are mostof the capitalsof Europe onmajor rivers?Capitals on the Rivers (2)London on the ThamesParis, right bank of the SeineMoscow on the Moscow RiverBerlin on the SpreePrague on the VltavaBudapest on the DanubeRome on the TiberVienna on the Danube8

What’stheanswer?Answer:They areEurope’s lifeline!Moutains&Caucasus Mts.Alps Mts.PeaksMt. Vesuvius Mt. Olympus Mt. Etna 9

ElevationThe AlpsMt. Blanc in the AlpsUralsCaucasusPyrennesAlpsCarpathiansApennines Cover most of Switzerland, Austria, andparts of Italy and France. Highest mountain in the Alps: 15,771 feet10

The Caucasus Mountains The origin of theword Caucasian.Transylvania in the Carpathian MountainsUral Mountains: “The Great Divide” Home of Vlad Tepeš, theDrakul (“Count Dracula”) Divides the European and Asian sections of Russia.11

The Ural MountainsThe BENELUX CountriesPlains* Belgium* Netherlands* Luxembourg12

Holland’s DikesAmsterdam’s CanalsTheNetherlands:The “Dagger”Pointing at theHeart of Britain!13

apBalticSeaThames R.Bay ofBiscayTagus R.MesetaJutlandPen.10,000 BCE – Ice AgeIberian Pen.Ebro R.Strait ofGibraltarCaspianCaucasus Mts.SeaAlps Mts.Po R.Italian Pen.Crimean Pen.Balkan Pen.DardanellesStraitMt. Vesuvius Mt. Olympus AegeanTyrrhenianSeaSeaMt. Etna PeloponnesianPen.BlackSeaAnatolean Pen.14

Norwegian Fjords Glacierscut deepvalleys inthe oceanduring theIce Age.Earthquake ZonesReykjavik, Iceland:“The Youngest Oldest Country” Volcanoes Hot Springs Geysers15

Mt. Etna, SicilyMediterranean Islands Generally rugged& mountainous. MediterraneanSea so polluted(will take 1000years to clean up).Mt. Vesuvius, Italy Pompeii,79 CESardinia Herculaneum, 79 CECyprus An activevolcanoMalta 1944 eruption16

Eastern EuropeRussia’s 10 Time Zones17

Siberia -- Permafrost A former “gulag”Soviet prison camp.Lake Baikal, Siberia Average temperatures of Januaryvary from 0 to -50 C, and inJuly from 1 to 25 C The oldest and deepestlake in the world. 150,000,000 population. 20% of the world’s totalunfrozen water supply.Trans-Siberian Railroad Completed in 1905.18

Trans-Siberian RailroadEurope’s Latitude v. US The main line runs 5,785 miles.19

ClimateAverage Annual Precipitation20

Europe’s Natural RegionsThe North European PlainThe Northern European Plain -- AnInvasion Route into Asia (& Vice Versa?)21

Steppes: “Soviet” BreadbasketThe SteppesMajor Regional Divisions of theFormer U. S. S. R. 25% of the oldSoviet Union’sfood supply.Chernozen Soil22

Germany’s Black ForestGermany’s Black ForestTundra: The Not-So-Barren LandBelow the Arctic Circle23

LandAgricultural ActivityUse24

RESOURCESOil Export Routes in the Caucasus AreaMajorIndustrialResources25

Acid RainMajorEnvironmentalDisasters& PollutionProblems26

World Population by ContinentsAsiaPopulation Density[People Per Square rth America486,000,000India336.62World14.42South ania (incl.Australia)Antarctica31,000,000no permanentpopulation27

Members of the Indo-EuropeanLanguage FamilyPopulationDistributionPopulationGrowth28


A Peninsula of Asia? 4 Europe: An Asian Peninsula? Northern Peninsulas . Pen. Ocean Iberian Pen. Strait Italian Pen. Balkan Pen. Anatolean Pen. Crimean Pen. Biscay Peloponnesian Pen. r What’s the answer ? W B Arctic o d i e s of a t e Mediterranean Sea North Sea Atlantic . [People

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Latitude & Longitude Facts Various questions on the meaning of latitude and longitude and important lines of latitude and longitude. Understand the concept of latitude and longitude applied together. Apply the use of latitude and longitude together to locate and compare positions between items on maps. Enter the Latitude & Longitude I

location, such as latitude and longitude, involve using a grid system that is superimposed on the earth's surface. B. Overview of Latitude . Latitude defines location on the planet in terms of north or south (Figure 1a). Lines of latitude are also called parallels and define a full circle on the surface of the earth. Zero degrees latitude

Lines of latitude are also called parallels because the lines run parallel to the equator. Each line of latitude is about 69 miles apart. Lines of longitude are called meridians. Latitude and longitude are measured in degrees. equator Latitude and Longitude is written: is the degree ' is the minutes " is the seconds longitude latitude Prime .

LATITUDE Customer Support provides LATITUDE technical and general maintenance support to customers using the LATITUDE NXT system. LATITUDE Customer Support telephone numbers are listed in Table 1. Table1. LATITUDE Customer Support Telephone Numbers Country Number Belgique / België 0800 80697 Danmark 70 10 01 82 Deutschland 069 51709 481 .

Lines of latitude, or parallels, are imaginary lines on Earth's surface that are parallel to the equator. Latitude is the distance north or south from the equa-tor. Latitude is measured in degrees. The equator repre-sents 0 latitude. The North Pole is 90 north latitude and the South Pole is 90 south latitude. North latitudes are in