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Filing Codes - CivilRevised July EAMENAMAFAAJCAAOS**Conforming Filing - CONFILE (CIV)Abstract of Judgment - AOJ (CIV)Acceptance of Offer of Judgment - ACPT (CIV)Acceptance of Service - ACSR (CIV)Accounting - ACCT (CIV)Accounting and Reports - ACRE (CIV)Acknowledgment - ACKN (CIV)Addendum - ADDM (CIV)Additional Summons - ASUM (CIV)Administrative Record - ADMR (CIV)Advisement of Compliance - AOC (CIV)Affidavit - AFFT (CIV)Affidavit Claiming Exempt Property - ACEP (CIV)Affidavit for Order of Publication - AFOP (CIV)Affidavit for Renewal of Judgment - ARJ (CIV)Affidavit for Service by Publication - ASBP (CIV)Affidavit in Support - AFFD (CIV)Affidavit in Support of Attorney Fees - ASAF (CIV)Affidavit in Support of Default Judgment - ASDJ (CIV)Affidavit of Attempted Service - AFAS (CIV)Affidavit of Compliance - AFOC (CIV)Affidavit of Due Diligence - AFDD (CIV)Affidavit of Judgment Creditor - AFJC (CIV)Affidavit of Judgment Renewal - AJR (CIV)Affidavit of Mailing - AFOM (CIV)Affidavit of Non-Service - AONS (CIV)Affidavit of Petitioner - AFPE (CIV)Affidavit of Posting - AOP (CIV)Affidavit of Publication - AFFP (CIV)Affidavit of Publication of Summons - APSC (CIV)Affidavit of Renewal - AOR (CIV)Affidavit of Service - AOS (CIV)Affirmation - AFRM (CIV)Agreement - AGRE (CIV)Amended - AMEN (CIV)Amended Affidavit - AMAF (CIV)Amended Affidavit of Judgment Creditor - AAJC (CIV)Amended Affidavit of Service - AAOS (CIV)Filing Codes – CivilJuly 13, 2020 Page 1

TPCANACCRANACANSCCCANXCANAmended Answer - AANS (CIV)Amended Application for Entry of Default Judgment - AADJ (CIV)Amended Application of Foreign Judgment - AAFJ (CIV)Amended Case Appeal Statement - ACAS (CIV)Amended Case Conference Report - AMCC (CIV)Amended Certificate of Mailing - ACM (CIV)Amended Certificate of Service - ACOS (CIV)Amended Complaint - ACOM (CIV)Amended Default Judgment - ADJ (CIV)Amended Individual Case Conference Report - AICC (CIV)Amended Inventory - AINV (CIV)Amended Joint Case Conference Report - AMDC (CIV)Amended Judgment - AJ (CIV)Amended Judgment of Conviction - AJOC (CIV)Amended Jury List - AJUR (CIV)Amended Notice - ANOT (CIV)Amended Notice of Appeal - ANOA (CIV)Amended Notice of Appeal (Criminal) - ANOASC (CIV)Amended Notice of Early Case Conference - ANEC (CIV)Amended Notice of Entry of Order - ANEO (CIV)Amended Notice of Filing Application of Foreign Judgment - AMNF (CIV)Amended Notice of Taking Deposition - ANTD (CIV)Amended Order - AMOR (CIV)Amended Order Compromising Minor's Claim - ACMC (CIV)Amended Order to Seal Records - AOSR (CIV)Amended Petition - APET (CIV)Amended Scheduling Order - ASCO (CIV)Amended Subpoena Duces Tecum - ASDT (CIV)Amended Summons - AMDS (CIV)Answer - ANS (CIV)Answer - ANS (CIV)Answer & Counterclaim (Criminal) - CRAACC (CIV)Answer (Business Court) - ANSBU (CIV)Answer (CD, Complex) - ANSCD (CIV)Answer (Criminal) - CRANS (CIV)Answer and Counterclaim - AACC (CIV)Answer and Crossclaim - AACR (CIV)Answer and Third Party Complaint - ATPC (CIV)Answer to Amended Complaint - ANAC (CIV)Answer To Amended Petition (Criminal) - CRANAC (CIV)Answer to Complaint - ANSC (CIV)Answer to Counterclaim - CCAN (CIV)Answer to Crossclaim - XCAN (CIV)Filing Codes – CivilJuly 13, 2020 Page 2

ESCFAXCERJCERTCSERVAnswer to Interpleader - ANSI (CIV)Answer to Third Party Complaint - ANTC (CIV)Answering Brief - ANSB (CIV)Appeal - APEL (CIV)Appeal from Lower Court - APLC (CIV)Appeal from Lower Court (Criminal) - CRAPLC (CIV)Appearance - APPR (CIV)Appendix - APEN (CIV)Application - APPL (CIV)Application and Order for Dismissal Without Prejudice - AOD (CIV)Application for Default Judgment - AFDJ (CIV)Application for Entry of Default - AED (CIV)Application for Examination of Judgment Debtor - AEJD (CIV)Application for Issuance of Commission to Take Deposition - APCOM (CIV)Application for Release of Funds From Blocked Trust Account - ARFA (CIV)Application of Foreign Judgment - NRS 17 - AFJ (CIV)Approval of Creditors Claim - APCC (CIV)Arbitration Commissioners Report and Recommendation - ACRR (CIV)Assignment of Judgment - ASSJ (CIV)Association of Counsel - ASSC (CIV)Assurance of Discontinuance - AD (CIV)Attorney Lien - ALIEN (CIV)Audiovisual Transmission Equipment Appearance Consent - ATEAC (CIV)Audiovisual Transmission Equipment Appearance Request - ATEAR (CIV)Bail Bond - BAB (CIV)Bench Warrant - BNCH (CIV)Bond - BOND (CIV)Brief - BREF (CIV)Case Appeal Statement - ASTA (CIV)Case Conference - CACO (CIV)Case Conference Disclosure Statement - CCDS (CIV)Case Conference Report - CCR (CIV)Case Conference Status Report - CCSR (CIV)Case Management Order - CMO (CIV)Certificate - CRTF (CIV)Certificate for Attendance of Out-Of-State Witness - CAOW (CIV)Certificate of Death - COD (CIV)Certificate of Destruction of Evidence and/or Depositions - CCDE (CIV)Certificate of Electronic Service - CES (CIV)Certificate of Facsimile - CFAX (CIV)Certificate of Judgment - CERJ (CIV)Certificate of Mailing - CERT (CIV)Certificate of Service - CSERV (CIV)Filing Codes – CivilJuly 13, 2020 Page 3

TDECNDAODECLDECDODDFLTCertificate of Service by Facsimile - CSFAC (CIV)Certificate of Service by Fax - CSFAX (CIV)Certification - CER (CIV)Certification of Transmittal - COT (CIV)Change of Address - COA (CIV)Change of Status - COS (CIV)Citation - CITA (CIV)Citation Electronically Issued - CIEI (CIV)Citation to Appear and Show Cause - CASC (CIV)Civil Appeal from Lower Court - AFLC (CIV)Civil Cover Sheet - CCS (CIV)Claim - CLAM (CIV)Commission Issued - COMMI (CIV)Commission to Take Deposition Outside the State of Nevada - COMM (CIV)Complaint - COMP (CIV)Complaint (Business Court) - COMPB (CIV)Complaint (CD, Complex) - COMPC (CIV)Complaint (Frivolous Lien) - COMPF (CIV)Complaint in Interpleader - CII (CIV)Complaint in Intervention - COII (CIV)Complaint With Jury Demand - COMJD (CIV)Confession of Judgment - CONF (CIV)Confession of Judgment (Criminal) - CRCONF (CIV)Consent - CONS (CIV)Consent to Open and Inventory Safe Deposit Box - CSDB (CIV)Consent to Release of Medical Records - CRMR (CIV)Consent to Service By Electronic Means - CSRE (CIV)Consent to Service by Facsimile - CTSF (CIV)Cost on Appeal Bond - COAB (CIV)Counterclaim - CTCM (CIV)Countermotion - CTM (CIV)Countermotion For Partial Summary Judgment - CMPSJ (CIV)Countermotion For Summary Judgment - CMSJ (CIV)Covenant Not to Execute - COVE (CIV)Creditors Claim - CRCL (CIV)Crossclaim - CRCM (CIV)Death Certificate - DEAT (CIV)Decision - DECN (CIV)Decision and Order - DAO (CIV)Declaration - DECL (CIV)Decree - DEC (CIV)Decree of Discharge - DOD (CIV)Default - DFLT (CIV)Filing Codes – CivilJuly 13, 2020 Page 4

AETEAJDEXAPEXMTDefault Judgment - DFJD (CIV)Defendant Deceased - DFDC (CIV)Defendants Case Conference Report - DCCR (CIV)Defendant's Letter of Release of Exhibits - DLRE (CIV)Demand - DEMD (CIV)Demand for Change of Venue - DCOV (CIV)Demand for Jury Trial - DMJT (CIV)Demand for Prior Discovery - DMPD (CIV)Demand for Removal from the Short Trial Program - DRST (CIV)Demand for Security of Costs - DMSC (CIV)Deposition - DEPO (CIV)Deposition Subpoena - DSUB (CIV)Designation of Expert Witness - DOEW (CIV)Designation of Record on Appeal - DROA (CIV)Designation of Witness - DOW (CIV)Discharge Request - DIRE (CIV)Disclaimer - DSCL (CIV)Disclaimer of Interest - DISI (CIV)Disclosure of Documents and Witnesses Pursuant to NRCP 16.1 - DDW (CIV)Disclosure of Expert - DOE (CIV)Disclosure Statement - DSST (CIV)Discovery Case Plan Report - DCPR (CIV)Discovery Commissioners Report and Recommendations - DCRR (CIV)Discovery Conference Status Check - DCSC (CIV)Discovery Order - DO (CIV)Discovery Order to Show Cause: Dismissal - DOSCD (CIV)Discovery Scheduling Order - DISO (CIV)Dismissal - DSML (CIV)Document Filed - DOC (CIV)Early Case Conference - ECC (CIV)Early Case Conference Disclosure Statement - ECDS (CIV)Early Case Conference List of Witnesses - ECLW (CIV)Early Case Conference List of Witnesses & Production of Docs - ECWD (CIV)Early Case Conference Production Pursuant to NRCP 16.1 - ECCP (CIV)Early Case Conference Report - ECCR (CIV)Electronic Service and Filing Order - EFSO (CIV)Errata - ERR (CIV)Ex Parte - EXPT (CIV)Ex Parte Application - EPAP (CIV)Ex Parte Application for Enlargement of Time to Serve - EAET (CIV)Ex Parte Application for Examination of Judgment Debtor - EAJD (CIV)Ex Parte Application to Extend Time for Service - EXAP (CIV)Ex Parte Motion - EXMT (CIV)Filing Codes – CivilJuly 13, 2020 Page 5

JNCCRJMOTJMPSJJMSJEx Parte Motion for Default Judgment - EMDJ (CIV)Ex Parte Motion for Enlargement of Time - EME (CIV)Ex Parte Motion for Order Allowing Examination of Judgment - EXPM (CIV)Ex Parte Order - EXPR (CIV)Ex Parte Order Directing Transfer of Property - ODTP (CIV)Ex Parte Order to Release Medical Records - EORM (CIV)Ex Parte Petition - EXPP (CIV)Exception to Sufficiency of the Sureties - EXSS (CIV)Exhibits - EXHS (CIV)Expert Witness Designation - EWD (CIV)Expert Witness Dislosure - EWDI (CIV)Expert Witness List - LIST (CIV)Fact Sheet - FS (CIV)Filing - FILE (CIV)Filing Fee Remittance - FFR (CIV)Final Accounting - FACT (CIV)Final Discharge Order - FDO (CIV)Finding of Fact and Conclusions of Law - FCL (CIV)Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Judgment - FFCL (CIV)Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Order - FFCO (CIV)First Amended Complaint - FAC (CIV)First and Final Account/Report - FFAR (CIV)First Notice of Compliance with Document Depository - FNCDD (CIV)Foreign Judgment - FJUD (CIV)Fourth Amended Complaint - FRAC (CIV)Fourth Party Complaint - FPCM (CIV)Individual Case Conference Report - ICCR (CIV)Initial Appearance Fee Disclosure - IAFD (CIV)Initial Expert Disclosure - IED (CIV)Injunction - INJ (CIV)Inmate Filed - Complaint - ICOMP (CIV)Inmate Filed - Complaint With Jury Demand - ICOMJD (CIV)Inmate Filed - Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus - IPWHC (CIV)Instructions to the Jury - INST (CIV)Interpleader - INTP (CIV)Inventory - INVY (CIV)Inventory and Record of Value - IRV (CIV)Inventory, Appraisal and Record of Value - IARV (CIV)Joinder - JOIN (CIV)Joinder to Case Conference Report - JNCCR (CIV)Joinder To Motion - JMOT (CIV)Joinder to Motion For Partial Summary Judgment - JMPSJ (CIV)Joinder to Motion For Summary Judgment - JMSJ (CIV)Filing Codes – CivilJuly 13, 2020 Page 6

MATFMAFCMBAPJoinder to Motion in Limine - JMIL (CIV)Joinder to Opposition to Motion - JOPP (CIV)Joint Case Conference Report - JCCR (CIV)Joint Pre-Trial Memorandum - JPTM (CIV)Judge Pro Tempores Bill for Fees and Costs - JBFC (CIV)Judgment - JUDG (CIV)Judgment in Condemnation - JDCD (CIV)Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict - JDNV (CIV)Judgment of Conviction - JOC (CIV)Judgment of Dismissal - JGDM (CIV)Judgment on Arbitration Award - JDAA (CIV)Judgment on Jury Verdict - JGJV (CIV)Judgment Upon Jury Verdict - JUJV (CIV)Jury Instructions - JI (CIV)Jury List - JURL (CIV)Jury Verdict - JV (CIV)Letters Issued - LETI (CIV)Letters of Administration Electronically Issued - LAEI (CIV)Letters of Administration with Will Annexed - LETW (CIV)Letters of Special Administration - LSA (CIV)Lien - LIEN (CIV)Lis Pendens - LIS (CIV)List of Witnesses - LTWT (CIV)Mandatory Discovery and Settlement Conference - MDSC (CIV)Mandatory Pre-Trial Conference - MPC (CIV)Mandatory Pretrial Disclosure - MPTD (CIV)Mandatory Rule 16 Conference Order - MRSC (CIV)Master's Report and Order - MRO (CIV)Mechanic's Lien - MLIEN (CIV)Media Request and Order - MROR (CIV)Mediation Settlement - MSET (CIV)Memorandum - MEMO (CIV)Memorandum of Costs and Disbursements - MEMC (CIV)Memorandum of Points and Authorities - MPA (CIV)Miscellaneous Filing - MISC (CIV)Motion - MOT (CIV)Motion for Appointment - MAPP (CIV)Motion for Appointment of Attorney - MAPA (CIV)Motion for Appointment of Receiver - MARC (CIV)Motion for Arbitration - MARB (CIV)Motion for Attorney Fees - MATF (CIV)Motion for Attorney Fees and Costs - MAFC (CIV)Motion for Bond Pending Appeal - MBAP (CIV)Filing Codes – CivilJuly 13, 2020 Page 7

OTMPORMFPUMPUDMRELMotion for Briefing Schedule - MBSC (CIV)Motion for Change of Venue - MCOV (CIV)Motion for Clarification - MCLA (CIV)Motion for Class Certification - MCC (CIV)Motion for Confirmation of Counsel - HMCC (CIV)Motion for Contempt - MFC (CIV)Motion for Costs - MCOS (CIV)Motion for Declaratory Relief - MDCR (CIV)Motion for Default Judgment - MDFJ (CIV)Motion for Determination of Good Faith Settlement - MDGF (CIV)Motion for Discovery - MDIS (CIV)Motion for Distribution - MFD (CIV)Motion for Entry of Judgment - MEJD (CIV)Motion for Examination - MEXM (CIV)Motion for Examination of Judgment Debtor - HMJD (CIV)Motion for Fees - MFEE (CIV)Motion for Fees and Allowances - MFFA (CIV)Motion for Frivolous Lien - MFRL (CIV)Motion for Good Faith Settlement - MFGF (CIV)Motion for Immediate Occupancy - MIMO (CIV)Motion for Independent Medical Examination - MIME (CIV)Motion for Judgment - MJUD (CIV)Motion for Judgment Notwithstanding Verdict - MJNV (CIV)Motion for Leave to File - MLEV (CIV)Motion for Leave to Proceed in Forma Pauperis - MPFP (CIV)Motion for Mandatory Settlement Conference - MMSC (CIV)Motion for Mediation - MFM (CIV)Motion for More Definite Statement - MMDS (CIV)Motion for New Trial - MNTR (CIV)Motion for Order - MODR (CIV)Motion for Order Designating Case as Complex - PMCL (CIV)Motion for Order Extending Time - MOET (CIV)Motion for Order to Show Cause - MOSC (CIV)Motion for Own Recognizance Release/Setting Reasonable Bail - MORR (CIV)Motion for Partial Summary Judgment - MPSJ (CIV)Motion for Permanent Injunction - MPIN (CIV)Motion for Preferential Trial Setting - MPTR (CIV)Motion for Preliminary Injunction - MPRI (CIV)Motion for Production of Transcript - MPOT (CIV)Motion for Protective Order - MPOR (CIV)Motion for Prove Up - MFPU (CIV)Motion for Prove-up of Default - MPUD (CIV)Motion for Relief - MREL (CIV)Filing Codes – CivilJuly 13, 2020 Page 8

ASJMDSMMDCMDAPSJMDQAMDQJMotion for Sanctions - MSNC (CIV)Motion for Settlement Conference - MSCF (CIV)Motion for Stay of Execution - MSTE (CIV)Motion for Substitution - MSUB (CIV)Motion for Summary Eviction - MSEV (CIV)Motion for Summary Judgment - MSJD (CIV)Motion for Temporary Restraining Order - MTRO (CIV)Motion for Withdrawal - MFW (CIV)Motion for Writ of Attachment - MFWA (CIV)Motion in Limine - MLIM (CIV)Motion in Limine to Exclude Expert Witness - MLIME (CIV)Motion to Add Party - MADD (CIV)Motion to Adjudicate Attorney's Lien - MAAL (CIV)Motion to Admit Evidence - MAEV (CIV)Motion to Amend - MAME (CIV)Motion to Amend Answer - MAMA (CIV)Motion to Amend Complaint - MAMC (CIV)Motion to Amend Information - MAMI (CIV)Motion to Amend Judgment - MAMJ (CIV)Motion to Appear as Out of State Counsel - MAPO (CIV)Motion to Assess Costs - MACO (CIV)Motion to Associate Counsel - MASS (CIV)Motion to Bifurcate - MBIF (CIV)Motion to Cancel Lis Pendens - MCLP (CIV)Motion to Certify Class - MCCL (CIV)Motion to Clarify - MTCL (CIV)Motion to Compel - MCOM (CIV)Motion to Confirm Arbitration Award - MCAA (CIV)Motion to Conform - MCON (CIV)Motion to Consolidate - MCSD (CIV)Motion to Continue - MCNT (CIV)Motion to Continue Trial - MTCT (CIV)Motion to Correct Clerical Mistake - MCCM (CIV)Motion to Determine Exceptions - MDEX (CIV)Motion to Determine Title - MDTI (CIV)Motion to Discharge Attorneys Lien - MDAL (CIV)Motion to Discharge Mechanics Lien - MDML (CIV)Motion To Dismiss - Alternative Motion For Summary Judgment - MDASJ (CIV)Motion to Dismiss - MDSM (CIV)Motion to Dismiss Counsel - MDC (CIV)Motion to Dismiss-Alternative Mtn Partial Summary Judgment - MDAPSJ (CIV)Motion to Disqualify Attorney - MDQA (CIV)Motion to Disqualify Judge - MDQJ (CIV)Filing Codes – CivilJuly 13, 2020 Page 9

RMSTDNMSPRMVIDMVACMVTDMotion to Enforce - MENF (CIV)Motion to Exclude - MEXC (CIV)Motion to Exclude Discovery - MEXD (CIV)Motion to Exonerate - MEXN (CIV)Motion to Expunge Lis Pendens - MELP (CIV)Motion to Extend - MEX (CIV)Motion to Extend Discovery - MTED (CIV)Motion to Extend Time to Serve - MTEX (CIV)Motion to File Counterclaim - MFCN (CIV)Motion to File Crossclaim - MFCC (CIV)Motion to Increase - MINC (CIV)Motion to Interplead - MINT (CIV)Motion to Intervene - MINV (CIV)Motion to Produce - MPRO (CIV)Motion to Produce Transcript - MTPT (CIV)Motion to Quash - MQUA (CIV)Motion to Quash Bench Warrant - MQBW (CIV)Motion to Reconsider - MRCN (CIV)Motion to Reduce - MTRD (CIV)Motion to Reduce Arrears to Judgment - MTRA (CIV)Motion to Rehear - MRHR (CIV)Motion to Reinstate - MRIN (CIV)Motion to Release - MRLS (CIV)Motion to Release Funds - MTRF (CIV)Motion to Release/Discharge Mechanics Lien - MRML (CIV)Motion to Remand - MRMD (CIV)Motion to Retax - MRTX (CIV)Motion to Return - MRTN (CIV)Motion to Revoke Bail - MRBL (CIV)Motion to Revoke Own Recognizance Release - MRVB (CIV)Motion to Seal/Redact Records - MSRC (CIV)Motion to Set Aside - MSTA (CIV)Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment - MSAD (CIV)Motion to Set Bail - MSBL (CIV)Motion to Set Trial Date - MSTD (CIV)Motion to Sever - MSVR (CIV)Motion to Stay - MSTY (CIV)Motion to Strike - MSTR (CIV)Motion to Strike Trial De Novo - MSTDN (CIV)Motion to Suppress - MSPR (CIV)Motion to Take Video Deposition - MVID (CIV)Motion to Vacate - MVAC (CIV)Motion to Vacate Trial Date - MVTD (CIV)Filing Codes – CivilJuly 13, 2020 Page 10

DNEOJNODPNEORMotion to Withdraw As Counsel - MWCN (CIV)Nomination - NOM (CIV)Non Opposition - NONO (CIV)Non-Resident Cost Bond - NRCB (CIV)Not Found Affidavit - NFA (CIV)Notice - NOTC (CIV)Notice and Judgment of Dismissal - NJD (CIV)Notice and Order of Dismissal Pursuant to NRCP 41(a)(2) - NODN (CIV)Notice of Acceptance of Offer - NAO (CIV)Notice of Appeal - NOAS (CIV)Notice of Appeal (criminal) - NOASC (CIV)Notice of Appearance - NOTA (CIV)Notice of Association of Counsel - NOAC (CIV)Notice of Attorney Lien - ATLN (CIV)Notice of Bankruptcy - BANK (CIV)Notice of Briefing Schedule - NBS (CIV)Notice of Change - NCCH (CIV)Notice of Change of Address - NCOA (CIV)Notice of Change of Facsimile Number - NCNU (CIV)Notice of Change of Firm Name - NCFN (CIV)Notice of Change of Hearing - NCOH (CIV)Notice of Compliance - NOC (CIV)Notice of Consolidation - CONN (CIV)Notice of Continuance - NCON (CIV)Notice of Cost Bond - NCB (CIV)Notice of Death - NOTD (CIV)Notice of Default - NOD (CIV)Notice of Deposit - NODE (CIV)Notice of Deposition - NDEP (CIV)Notice of Dismissal - NDIS (

CRANS Answer (Criminal) - CRANS (CIV) AACC Answer and Counterclaim - AACC (CIV) AACR Answer and Crossclaim - AACR (CIV) ATPC Answer and Third Party Complaint - ATPC (CIV) ANAC Answer to Amended Complaint - ANAC (CIV) CRANAC Answer To Amended Petition (Criminal) - CRANAC (CIV) ANSC Answer to Complaint - ANSC (CIV) .

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