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VPLS Multicast Challengesand OptionsMarc LasserreRiverstone NetworksMPLS Japan 20051

Problem Statement2

Multicast Optimizations Traffic Delivery To receivers only Tracking Joins/PrunesBandwidth Usage Minimize number of copies3

Traffic Delivery Optimization IGMP/PIM snooping Snooping on ACs not an issue Amount of (S,G) state to be maintained is boundedCan be performed at different points of the ACs Snooping on core PWs can lead to a large amount of state to bemaintained per PE Processor load for snoopingMemory to maintain (S,G)IGMP Snooping E.g. PE, MTU, DSLAM, CPEDefined in draft-ietf-magma-snoopPIM Snooping Defined in draft-hemige-serbest-l2vpn-vpls-pim-snooping4

Multicast Options Trade-off between: L3 Multicast solutions aim to optimize b/w usage draft-rosen-vpn-mcastL2 Multicast solutions aim to keep the corestateless State maintained in the coreOptimization of bandwidth usageOptimality of multicast draft-ietf-magma-snoopHybrid model draft-raggarwa-l2vpn-vpls-mcast5


Replication Limitations Ingress replication as defined in current VPLS draftscan lead to inefficient bandwidth usage in VPLScore Multiple copies of the same multicast frame sent Over shared physical pathsNumber of replications performed in h/w Introduces latency & jitterLimits the maximum number of VPN members that canefficiently receive multicast7

Bandwidth Optimization So far, replication within metro networks has notbeen an issue Simple topologies (rings or very few P routers between PEs)Average number of sites per VPN typically small (between5 and 20)Hierarchical VPLS constructs distribute replication acrossmultiple nodesWith more complex topologies, multicast applications,use of p2mp LSPs leads to better bandwidthutilization8

VPLS Multicast Drivers Broadcast video/radio delivery Carrier based servicesE.g. regular TV channelsDedicated multicast streams Business based servicesCustomer video feeds Financial information E.g. Bank video advertisements in branch officesE.g Reuters, TIBCOVideo conferencing E.g. NetMeeting9

VPLS Multicast Enhancements10

Broadcast TreesShared Broadcast Tree One broadcast tree across VPLSinstances Dedicated Broadcast Tree One broadcast tree per VPLSinstance Rooted at each VPLS PERooted at each VSI Used to carry all customers’bcast & mcast traffic Used to carry one customer’sbcast & mcast traffic Applicable to both L2bcast/mcast and L3 mcastMinimizes amount of multicaststate in the coreVPLS/VC agnosticRequires support of draft-ietfmpls-rsvp-te-p2mp Applicable to both L2bcast/mcast and L3 mcastMinimizes amount of multicaststate in the coreVPLS/VC agnosticRequires support of draft-ietfmpls-rsvp-te-p2mp Ideally suited for residentialBroadcast Video/Radio delivery Ideally suited for BusinessBroadcast Video delivery11

Multicast TreesDedicated Multicast Trees Several trees per VPLS instance Rooted at each sourceUsed to carry efficientlycustomer’s specific mcast trafficApplicable to IP mcast onlyRequires support of draft-ietfmpls-rsvp-te-p2mpRequires a discovery procedureof multicast membership in core Aggregate Multicast TreesTo map (S,G) to correctmulticast treeSuited to business customerswith multiple multicast streamswith high b/w requirements Use of p2mp trees to a defined set ofPEs across VPLS instancesRequires label coordination(upstream allocation) Per mcast group VC label fordemultiplexingOnly applicable to IP trafficRequires a discovery procedure ofmulticast membership in core PIM/IGMP snooping“signaling” protocol to advertizemembership (LDP or BGP)Suited to business customers thatneed to exchange multicaststreams12

Discovery Protocolfor Multicast Trees Several options available Use of IGMP/PIM snooping on core PWs Use of LDP extensions to carry mcast membershipinformation draft-qiu-serbest-l2vpn-vpls-mcast-ldp Use of BGP or PIM as defined in draft-raggarwa-l2vpn-vpls-mcast13

VPLS Dataplane Changes Use of default p2mp tree instead of ingressreplication for: Non-Use of default p2mp tree for All customer broadcast and multicast data trafficAll customer broadcast & mcast control trafficUse of multicast FECs to map customer mcasttraffic to appropriate mcast data trees (Options 3& 4 only)Encoding of mcast VC label for aggregate treesPHP turned off except for aggregate trees14

VPLS Control Plane Changes IGMP/PIM snooping on ACsRSVP-TE mcast extensionsIGMP/PIM snooping on PWEs for multicast trees Optional if use of “signaling” protocolPIM refresh reduction turned off for multicasttreesPIM support in Ps for multicast treesBGP/PIM/LDP mcast state signaling over PWEsfor aggregated trees15

Issues to be resolved Additional complexity for multicast treesAggregate trees have add’l requirements: Protocols for discovery and upstream allocation Current PWE/VPLS use downstream unsolicited label advertisementComplex heuristics and/or knobs to decide when to set up newaggregate treesWhich discovery protocol is best suited? Snooping, PIM, BGP, LDP?Subject for future discussion16


draft-qiu-serbest-l2vpn-vpls-mcast-ldp Use of BGP or PIM as defined in . PIM support in Ps for multicast trees BGP/PIM/LDP mcast s

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Multicast tree within an end-to-end VPN service will somewhat optimize bandwidth (especially at the edges of the network or within a specific LSP), it will do nothing to optimize Multicast bandwidth between LSPs Assume three nodes, S, L and L'. S is a multicast source; while L and L' are multicast listeners. SL is an LSP that

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1 This specification is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee F18 on Electrical Protective Equipment for Workers and is the direct responsibility of Subcommittee F18.35 on Tools & Equipment. Current edition approved Nov. 1, 2017. Published December 2017. Originally approved in 1981. Last previous edition approved in 2013 as F711 – 02 (2013).