Legal Aid Payments To Firms 1 July 2020 To 30 June 2021

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Legal Aid Payments to Firms 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021The payments to firms are for legal services provided by approved providers under the legal aid schemes andmay not have been made directly to any individual named in this report. The payments include the fees ofapproved providers, including those claimed on behalf of other approved providers, and disbursements forgeneral office costs, travel costs, and special disbursements, which include fees for agents, expert witnesses,forensic tests, interpreters and special reports, such as medical or valuation reports. Information abouthourly rates and the fixed fees in criminal, family and civil cases is available oviders/legal-aid-lawyers/224,467,529.95Firm NameCityA G V Rogers - BarristerA J Bailey - BarristerA J Hamblett - BarristerA M SceatsA Mobile Lawyer - Kelly Hennessy LawA N Garrett - BarristerA R L LawyersA W Clarke LegalAA Law LtdAarif Rasheed - BarristerAaron Dooney - BarristerAaron Kashyap - Barrister & SolicitorAaron Te Koha BarristerABC Law LimitedAccess Law LimitedAdam Couchman - BarristerAdam J Holland - BarristerAdams HeskethAdams LawAdrian Olney - BarristerAdriana Pinnock - BarristerAdrienne Wing - BarristerAinslie Hewton - Barrister & Solicitors'Akesa Elaine Tagi - BarristerAlan Cressey - Barrister & SolicitorAlex Ashmore - BarristerAlex Steedman - BarristerAlexander LawAlexandra Beaumont - BarristerAli Bendall Law LimitedAlice Collins - Barrister and Solicitor Mutu LawAlisdair M P RossAlison Douglass - BarristerAlison King BarristerAlison MacMillan - BarristerAlister JamesAllan Cooke - BarristerAloalii Ulu - BarristerAlpers & Co - Northwest Law OfficeAmanda Taylor t/a Taylor LawAmber Parlato - Barrister & SolicitorAmokura Associates LimitedAmy Baker Law LimitedAmy Lake - BarristerAnderson LawAndrea JonesAndrea King LawAndrea Wilburn - BarristerAndrew Beck - BarristerAndrew Belcher - BarristerAndrew Comeskey - nChristchurchLower ucklandAucklandOamaruChristchurchGisborneTe AucklandAucklandChristchurchHamitonPalmerston NorthKerikeriTaurangaChristchurchPalmerston cklandGST Exclusive 821.4441,140.9248,078.37103,422.71

Andrew Finnie - BarristerAndrew Hill Law LtdAndrew L SimpsonAndrew Laurenson Bank ChambersAndrew McKenzie - BarristerAndrew Rice - BarristerAndrew Schulze BarristerAndrew Speed - BarristerAndru Isac - BarristerAndy Wei - BarristerAnesha Dhanji - BarristerAngela Corry - BarristerAniva Hansen - BarristerAnjeet Singh - BarristerAnn C Leonard - BarristerAnna Brosnahan-BarristerAnna Stevens LawAnnabel Cresswell - BarristerAnnabel Ives - BarristerAnnabel Maxwell-Scott BarristerAnne Fisher - BarristerAnne Stevens - QC - BarristerAnne Toohey - BarristerAnne-Marie Percy - BarristerAnnette Page - BarristerAnnette Sykes & Co LimitedAnn-Marie Beveridge - BarristerAnselm Williams - BarristerAnthony G F C Bouchier - BarristerAnthony Pereira BarristerAntoinette Vujnovich - BarristerAntony Shaw - BarristerAnya Gartner - BarristerApril Kelland - BarristerArmstrong BartonArmstrong ThompsonAshleigh Spencer - BarristerAspiring Law Limited t/a Aspiring LawAssure LegalAwhina LawB S Yeoman LimitedBalme LawBamford LawBarbara Hunt - BarristerBarden & CoBarry Hayes BarristerBarter Law LimitedBateman LawBatt LawBay LegalBay of Plenty Law LimitedBeachside Legal LimitedBean Law LimitedBelinda Inglis - LawyerBelinda Sellars - BarristerBell & GrahamBell and CoBen Keith, BarristerBen Snedden - BarristerBennett Employment Law LimitedBerman & BurtonBerry & Co - OamaruBest Practice Law Ltd T/A Best Practice LawyersBill Dawkins LawBill Nabney - BarristerBillingsBlair Piper BarristerAucklandRotoruaAucklandNew tonAuckland aWellingtonHamiltonLower inMastertonHastingsRotoruaMount InvercargillTaurangaNew 540,738.1742,601.461,146,050.68192,060.0298,400.72

Blair Strang - BarristerBlake Dawson - BarristerBligh LawBloem & AssociatesBMC LawyersBoyd LawBoyle MathiesonBraithwaite Law LimitedBramwell Bate LimitedBrandts-Giesen McCormickBrannigansBrenda Donald - BarristerBrett Ravelich - BarristerBrian Foote - LawyerBrian Kilkelly - BarristerBridge LawBridget Byers - BarristerBridget Murphy - BarristerBridget Pereeti LawBrintyn Smith - BarristerBronwyn Moore - BarristerBrook Law LimitedBruan Bond and Lomas LimitedBruce Hall - BarristerBruce Scott Muller LawBryony Millar - BarristerBT LawBuchanan GrayBullock and AssociatesBurley Castle Hawkins LawyersBush Forbes LimitedBushra Rashid Family Law BarristerC & M LegalC C Watkins - BarristerC E Church - Hawkes Bay LawC J LawC M Ruane - BarristerC MURRAY EARL - BARRISTERC S LawC Yardley - BarristerCallum Fredric, BarristerCam Robertson - BarristerCameron & CompanyCapital LawCara Gelston - BarristerCargill Stent Clarke LawCarla Leader LawCarlile DowlingCarol Morgan - BarristerCarolina Tiumalu - BarristerCaroline Hickman - BarristerCarolyn Browne - BarristerCarruthers and WetherallCastlefinn Law (Global) LtdCastlefinn Law LimitedCastleview Law LtdCate Andersen - BarristerCathedral Lane LawCatherine A Wilson - BarristerCatherine Andrew - BarristerCatherine Cull - BarristerCatherine Goode BarristerCatherine Harold LawCatherine HeyCatherine McGeorge - BarristerCatherine TownsendCathie Sheat - Barrister and gaTaurangaAucklandNew ingtonNew PlymouthTaupoLower .071,132.0011,092.6253,466.226,176.2977,098.62

Cavanagh LawChecketts McKay Law LimitedCheryl Kelly - BarristerChris LaHatte - BarristerChris Merrick - BarristerChris NichollsChris Nolan - BarristerChris Patterson - Barrister LimitedChris Tennet - BarristerChristina Hinchco - BarristerChristina LeechChristina Riddell - BarristerChristine Lynch BarristerChristopher J LangeChristopher MorrallChristopher MustonChristopher Persson - BarristerChristopher Stevenson - BarristerChristopher WhiteCilla Dickinson - BarristerCity LegalClair Elder LawClaire Farquhar BarristerClaire Mullord Law - BarristerClark BoyceClearwater & AssociatesClint Rickards - BarristerCN LawColleen Harding - LawyerColleen Newton - BarristerCommunity Law CanterburyCommunity Law South AucklandComplete Legal LimitedConnect Legal TaranakiConway Lane Law LtdCooney LawCooper Campbell LawCooper Cross LimitedCooper LegalCorban RevellCorcoran French -ChristchurchCornerstone LawCourtney LegalCraig G TuckCraig Horsley - BarristerCraig SmithCrawford Nelson LawCribb & Co - Barristers & SolicitorsCruickshank PrydeCuba Family Law LimitedCullinane Steele LimitedCuningham TaylorCushla Webster - BarristerD C McCaskill - BarristerD I Brown - BarristerD I Brown - Barrister (Timaru)D J Ansley - BarristerD J BlaikieD J H StringerD J R Malcom, T/A Redwoods LawD J Taffs - BarristerD L Bates - BarristerD R Legal LimitedD Reece - BarristerD S Niven - BarristerD&S LawDale Dufty - dLower HuttChristchurchAucklandLower andHastingsTaurangaNew PlymouthAucklandChristchurchAucklandPukekoheNew PlymouthRangioraCambridgeLevinPalmerston Mount 7.20415,262.0998,462.45311,721.18

Dan Gardiner Law - BarristerDana George - BarristerDaniel Schellenberg - BarristerDaniel Shortland - BarristerDaniel Watkins Barrister and Solicitors LtdDaniel Watkins Barristers & Solicitors Ltd T/A Watkins LawDaniell Associates LimitedDanielle L Beston - BarristerDanielle Mills-Godinet, BarristerDaniell-Smith and CoDarrell Hart - LawyerDarrell Ratima - BarristerDarren Nairn - BarristerDavenports City LawDavid Allan - BarristerDavid Bunce - BarristerDavid Dickinson - BarristerDavid Goldwater - BarristerDavid Holloway - BarristerDavid Jackson - BarristerDavid Mayall BarristerDavid More - BarristerDavid Oliver - Employment LawyerDavid P Weaver - BarristerDavid Rice & AssociatesDavid Sayes - BarristerDavid Slater - BarristerDavid Wang - BarristerDavid Young - BarristerDavidson Armstrong & CampbellDavis LegalDean & Coleman LawDeb Inder - Barrister & MediatorDeborah Henderson - BarristerDeborah Manning - BarristerDenham Bramwell LawyersDenise Johnston - BarristerDenise Wallwork - BarristerDerry Hill Legal LimitedDesmond Lynton O'ConnorDevon Kemp - BarristerDevoy LawDewhirst LawDiana Shirtcliff - Barrister & SolicitorDiane Ransfield - BarristerDixon and Co LawyersDixon LawDMK Law LtdDonald Dickson - BarristerDonald Matthews - BarristerDonna Wingham - BarristerDonna-Maree Cross - BarristerDorothy Owen-TanaDorrington Poole & PartnersDouglas Ewen - BarristerDouglas Hall - Barrister & SolicitorDouglas Papalii - BarristerDownie StewartDr Elizabeth Gresson Barrister, Gresson LawDrury LawDuncan Cotterill-ChristchurchDuncan Cotterill-NelsonE J BruenE R BrownE S W Law LtdE.A. LawEagles Eagles & tchurchNelsonChristchurchHamiltonDunedinHavelock ock 733,495.01

Eastbay Law LimitedEastside LawEdith Te Whata - BarristerEdmonds JuddEdmonds MarshallEilidh Hook - BarristerElaine Ward - BarristerElizabeth Ann Hall - BarristerElizabeth Bulger - BarristerElizabeth Ross - BarristerElla Burton - BarristerElliot Lynch - BarristerEmma Gibbs - BarristerEmma Priest - BarristerEmma Riddell - BarristerEmma Van SonEngland LawEpsilon LawEric Forster - BarristerErika Pearson - BarristerEsme Killeen - Barrister & SolicitorEthan Huda BarristerEverist Gilchrist Lawyers LimitedEwan Eggleston - BarristerExeo Legal LimitedEymard Bradley - Barrister & SolicitorF Hogan - BarristerFairbrother Family LawFamily Law CentreFamily Law Centre - Whangarei LimitedFamily Law ResultsFamily Law Solutions LimitedFamily Law Specialists LimitedFamily Matters Sally Woods Lawyer LimitedFarquhar Law LawyersFergus SteedmanFern Law LimitedFidow Law LimitedFiona Guy Kidd - BarristerFiona Patterson - BarristerFionnuala Kelly - BarristerFletcher Vautier MooreFonua Law LtdForgeson LawFoster Law LimitedFrances Boyd - BarristerFrances Iggulden - BarristerFrances Joychild QC - BarristerFrances Williams LawFrancis Handy - Barrister & SolicitorFrank Minehan - BarristerFrank Pereira - BarristerFredric LawFreeman LawFrench Burt PartnersFyfe & Doherty Legal InvestigationsG A AndersonG A Paine - BarristerG C McArthur - BarristerG LascellesG N Bradford - BarristerGabriel HaydnGareth Bodle BarristerGarry Pollak & Co LtdGarth O'Brien & AssociatesGary GotliebGary L TurkingtonWhakataneHamiltonWaimamakuTe ucklandNelsonAucklandHastingsWhangareiPalmerston ltonPoriruaWhangareiTaupoPalmerston herstonNelsonAucklandTe hAucklandAucklandAucklandAucklandTe 36

Gascoigne Wicks LawyersGavin Boot LawGavin English - BarristerGaye Gray - BarristerGenevieve Haszard - BarristerGeoff Fulton - BarristerGeorge Burns BarristerGeorge Linder - BarristerGeorgina Packer - BarristerGerard Walsh - BarristerGifford DevineGillian Thomas - Barrister & SolicitorGina Jansen Lawyers LtdGisele A M Schweizer - BarristerGlasgow HarleyGlen Prentice-BarristerGlenda Murphy's LawGo LegalGold Legal LtdGovett Quilliam - New PlymouthGowing & Co Lawyers LtdGraeme Edward Minchin - BarristerGraeme Newell - BarristerGraeme Timms BarristerGrant Amer - BarristerGrant Anson - BarristerGrant Fletcher - BarristerGrant Tyrrell - BarristerGrantham Law (2020) LimitedGrantham Law LimitedGreg Lloyd - BarristerGregor Allan - BarristerGregor Morison - BarristerGresson Dorman & CoGretel Fairbrother - BarristerGuardian ChambersGull LawGuyon Foley - BarristerH O'ConnellH R Bodle - Barrister & SolicitorHaigh LyonHainsworth Powrie LawHamertons Lawyers LimitedHamish Fletcher LawyersHamish Senior LawyerHan Na Kim-BarristerHand Picked Investments t/a Good LawHannah Cheeseman - BarristerHannah Cuthill - BarristerHannah Douglas - BarristerHannah Stuart BarristerHannam & Co LawyersHansen LawHarmans LawyersHarrington Legal LimitedHarrison ByrneHarry Redwood - BarristerHart & AssociatesHarvena Cherrington - Barrister & SolicitorHarvey E Juran - BarristerHarvey LawHayley Carson LawHeather Rogers - BarristerHeeni Phillips-Williams - BarristerHeimsath AlexanderHelen Bowen - BarristerHelen Croft - ower 123New landAucklandPalmerston andNew .818,823.00

Helen Walsh BarristerHelmore StewartHenderson ReevesHenry Laubscher - BarristerHerman Roose - BarristerHewat GaltHigh Street Law LimitedHika LawHine EagleHockly LegalHolbrook LawHoldaway LawHolland Beckett LawHolmden HorrocksHope & Associates LegalHorsley ChristieHugh DrummondHugh Leabourn - BarristerHugo Young LawHunter Guy de Groot BarristerHutt City Law LtdI M AntunovicIan Brookie - BarristerIan Hard - BarristerIan MillerIan Murray BarristerIan Robertson & CoIan Telford - BarristerIdesi Legal LimitedIese M Tata - Barrister & SolicitorInder Lynch - Manukau CityInder Lynch - PapakuraInland RevenueInland Revenue DepartmentInland Revenue DepartmentInland Revenue DepartmentInnes Dean Lawyers LimitedInsight LegalIoana Uca - BarristerIorns and CoIsaac Koya - BarristerIswari Jayanandan - BarristerIzard WestonJ Anderson - BarristerJ Day - BarristerJ Francis - BarristerJ Hague - Barrister and SolicitorJ I WalkerJ Kovacevich - BarristerJ W Mackey - BarristerJ W Watson - BarristerJacinda Younger - Barrister & SolicitorJacobs Florentine LawyersJacqueline BlakeJai Moss - BarristerJames Alexander Hope - BarristerJames Carruthers BarristerJames Carter Law LtdJames Coleman - BarristerJames GurnickJames Maddox BarristerJames Rapley - BarristerJamie Waugh LawJan Leaming BarristerJane Anderson - BarristerJane Greenhill - BarristerJanice Harland AucklandInvercargillAucklandLower iltonHamiltonHAMILTONPalmerston AucklandWhangareiPalmerston NorthPalmerston 83.08

Janine Bonifant BarristerJannah Stringer - BarristerJARED BELL - BARRISTERJarom KeungJarrod Griffin - BarristerJD Dallas - LawyerJean McCormick - BarristerJeanette Mehrtens - BarristerJefferies Law LimitedJennifer G Connell & AssociatesJennifer Holden - BarristerJennifer Philson - BarristerJenni-Maree Trotman - Barrister & MediatorJenny Beck LawJenny Verry - BarristerJeremy Bioletti - BarristerJeremy Sutton Barrister LimitedJessica MacLellan LawyerJessica Tarrant-BarristerJewelly McVay - BarristerJim Meates Law LimitedJim Takas - Barrister & SolicitorJMJ Lawyers LimitedJo Hosking - BarristerJoan W Davis - BarristerJoanne Price - Barrister and SolicitorJoanne Wickliffe - BarristerJohann Schlebusch - BarristerJohanna Robertson - BarristerJohn A Westgate - BarristerJohn Adams - BarristerJohn B Gerard - BarristerJohn Black - BarristerJohn Corby - BarristerJohn Dean Law OfficeJohn Goddard BarristerJohn Green - BarristerJohn Hickey - Barrister & Solicitor (trading as HickeyLaw)John K Fraser Law LimitedJohn M Holmes - BarristerJohn Mather - BarristerJOHN MCDOWELLJohn Miller LawJohn Munro - BarristerJohn Pennick - BarristerJohn Sandston - BarristerJohn Scott Jefferson - BarristerJonathan Eaton QCJonathan Hudson - BarristerJonathan Natusch, BarristerJonathan Wiles - BarristerJonathon Ross - BarristerJoon Yi BarristerJoseph Tupaea - Barrister and SolicitorJosh Lucas-BarristerJoynt AndrewsJudith Ablett-Kerr ONZM QCJudith Malcolm - BarristerJudith Moore Barrister LimitedJudith Walshe - BarristerJulia Robertson - BarristerJulia Sanders - LawyerJulie A Young - BarristerJulie-Anne Kincade Queens CounselJustin Graham - BarristerJustin Wall - BarristerJustine King GisborneHamiltonWellingtonLower DunedinAucklandAucklandWaiheke IslandWellingtonUpper HuttWhangareiAucklandAucklandAucklandLower 04.87375,437.53182,444.2495,312.0060,478.37

K Barron-Afeaki S.C. - Barrister-At-LawK Buchanan - BarristerK H Cook - BarristerK J McMenamin & SonsK J NALLYK L Chalmers - BarristerK S HADLOW - BARRISTERK3 Legal LimitedKahui LegalKaimai Law BethlehemKapi Mana Legal Services LtdKaren Bailey - BarristerKaren Feint Queens CounselKaren Feltham-BarristerKaren Hanna - BarristerKaren LindbergKaren McQuinlan - Barrister & SolicitorKaren Quinn - BarristerKarl Trotter - BarristerKarun Lakshman - BarristerKate Blackmore BarristerKate Leys - BarristerKatherine Basire - BarristerKatherine Henry - BarristerKathryn Maxwell - BarristerKathryn Penrose - BarristerKathryn Vesty - Barrister and SolicitorKathy Jackson - BarristerKatie Hogan BarristerKatie Lane LawKatrina Hamblin - BarristerKaupare Law LimitedKeam LawKeil & AssociatesKeith Owen - BarristerKelly Johnson - BarristerKelly Neill LawKennelly LawKent Arnott - BarristerKerry Burroughs - SolicitorKerry Gore - BarristerKerry Tustin - BarristerKerryn Beaton QC - BarristerKERSIE KHAMBATTA - BARRISTERKevin Brosnahan - BarristerKevin LambKevin PrestonKevin Smith Law LimitedKidd LegalKieran Tohill Law LtdKilbride Law LimitedKilian & Associates LawyersKim Meyer LawKim Susan HoldenKingi Snelgar - BarristerKings Chambers - BarristerKiran Paima - BarristerKirkeby LawKirsten Gray BarristerKirstie Barr - BarristerKirsty May - BarristerKiwilaw Mediation and Advocacy LimitedKoo Telle LawyersKowhai LegalKristina Savea - BarristerKristy Morgan BarristerKyle J Bendall - ucklandWellingtonWellingtonAucklandAlexandraUpper 888,935.6625,485.00

L HerzogL O SmithLance LawsonLance Lawson (incorporating Beachside Legal)Lara Caris - BarristerLarry Alexander - Barrister & SolicitorLaura Findlater LawLaura O'Gorman - BarristerLaurie Murdoch - BarristerLaw Aid International ChambersLaw and Justice LimitedLayburn HodginsLe Pine & CoLeanne Kenny - BarristerLee Jack LawLee Lee Heah - BarristerLegal AF LimitedLegal Associates LtdLegal HubLegal PlusLegal RemediesLegal SolutionsLegal Works LtdLeighvi Maynard - Barrister & SolicitorsLen Anderson - Queen CounselLen Caley - BarristerLeo Hayes Watson Barrister & SolicitorLeo LaffertyLeon Penney - BarristerLesieli Mafi BarristerLester Cordwell - BarristerLevy Dante Ang StrangLiberty Law BarristersLiesje Garraway-Lina - BarristerLila Tu'iLincoln Burns - BarristerLinda Drummond Barrister LtdLinda Fulton - BarristerLing Ly - BarristerLinwood Law LimitedLisa Awatere - BarristerLisa Hansen - BarristerLisa MacLennan - BarristerLisa Samusamuvodre - BarristerLivingston & Livingston LimitedLloyd Troon LawLMC Law LimitedLoader Legal LimitedLott Law LimitedLouis Wilkins - BarristerLouise Garthwaite BarristerLouise Reed - BarristerLP LAW LimitedLucie Scott - BarristerLucy Smith - BarristerLyall & ThorntonLynda Stevens Law OfficesLynn Hughes BarristerM B J Curran - BarristerM B Ryan - Barrister & SolicitorM H McIvor - BarristerM HeadifenM J Mellin - BarristerM J Phelps - BarristerM J Porner - BarristerM Kennedy - BarristerM McCartyAucklandAUCKLANDRotoruaMount ew ikoheAucklandAUCKLAND onAucklandAucklandLower HuttAucklandHamiltonPalmerston 8,818.00483,438.2995,144.00139,282.568,374.79

M Pitch LawyerM R Scherb - BarristerM S Gibson - BarristerMaciaszek Br

Alison King Barrister Wanaka 895.86 The payments to firms are for legal services provided by approved providers under the legal aid schemes and may not have been made directly to any individual named in this report. The payments include the fees of

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