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Case StudyHow Yerecic LabelDelivers a Fresh B2BEcommerce ExperienceIndustry: Label Manufacturing andLaminates (B2B)ERP: Microsoft Dynamics GP

Yerecic Label began as a small family business inPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, over 50 years ago. They provideengaging on-pack label solutions for the grocery and freshfood industries and have expanded their business to servecustomers across the United States and internationally.Throughout the years, Yerecic has prided itself on providing the latest labeltechnology, such as variable data and microwave-safe packaging, to its customerbase.Initially, the company stored orders and customer data on a home-built systemthat was difficult to maintain and grow.As the customer base grew, they realized the need for an ERP solution andchose Microsoft Dynamics GP because it could handle multiple locations andintegrate with ecommerce solutions.After migrating fully to an ERP solution, another need surfaced: customerrequests for online ordering. k-ecommerce helped Yerecic Label build an onlinestore that improved the ordering process for their sales team and customers.Yerecic Label stock labelsCase Study Yerecic [email protected] k-ecommerce.com2

ChallengeAs their customers grew accustomed to the online ordering platformsoffered by other label vendors, Yerecic knew that ecommerce was thenext step.They needed an ecommerce solution that integrated with MicrosoftDynamics GP and offered a user-friendly ordering experience for theircustomizable products.MicrosoftDynamics GPIntegrationSpecifically, Yerecic Label wanted an ecommerce platform that could:Transfer orders from their ecommercestorefront to their ERP systemUpdate their website with real-timeproduct informationProvide a superior online customerexperienceCase Study Yerecic [email protected] k-ecommerce.com3

SolutionYerecic Label decided on k-ecommerce as theirB2B ecommerce solution after speaking withcustomers and figuring out what features theywanted for online ordering.Since k-ecommerce integrated seamlessly withMicrosoft Dynamics GP, it was the best fit forYerecic’s business needs and their customers’preferences, offering:ÎOrder processing with ERP integrationÎAbility to handle large and complex ordersÎInstantaneous website updates of productinformation from ERP systemÎUser-friendly and visually pleasing customerfacing websiteÎAn online store for customers to place orders atany timeÎUseful resource center and knowledgeablesupport teamk-ecommerce’s platformwas easy to set up andconfigure. The knowledge basehas a wealth of information tohelp you along the way.Kristin Yerecic Scott,Marketing directorCase Study Yerecic [email protected] k-ecommerce.com4

How k-ecommerce helped Yerecicfreshen up their customer experienceDuring the implementation process, k-ecommerce gave Yerecic Label all the tools they needed to create a successful ecommercestorefront and streamline order processing. orrect orders the first time M icrosoft Dynamics GP integration CBefore k-ecommerce, Yerecic’sk-ecommerce sends all orders andsales team would have to reviewcustomer information directly toorder specifications 2-3 times. NowYerecic Label’s existing ERP platformcustomers can get their orders rightthe first time. Time savings on large ordersYerecic Label’s online store can handle commerce store that customerslarge orders, saving valuable time for Elovetheir sales rep team.Yerecic Label’s customers regularlycomment on how the website is Easy product informationvisually pleasing and easy to use.managementCustomers can order any time, whichk-ecommerce’s ERP integration allowssupports the company’s commitmentfor quick product information updateson the the “Speed of Fresh”.Case Study Yerecic Labels U ser-friendly website creationIt was straightforward for the teamat Yerecic to learn the k-ecommerceinterface and build an online storefrontthat customers love. S uperior support and knowledgebasek-ecommerce’s support team wasalways available to help with anyissues, and Yerecic Label found theknowledge base helpful and easy [email protected] k-ecommerce.com5

ResultsYerecic Label significantly improved thecustomer experience by launching anonline store with k-ecommerce. Not onlycould their customers place orders atany time, but the ecommerce and ERPintegration also streamlined YerecicLabel’s order processing.Before launching an online store withk-ecommerce, Yerecic Label’s salesteam had to manuallyprocess all orders.This usually involved2-3 back and forthconversations with eachcustomer to verify thatall specifications werecorrect.Case Study Yerecic LabelsAfter the launch of Yerecic Label’s onlineordering website with easy productcatalog tags and search features,customers can easily send in new ordersand complete the process in a singleinteraction.Best of all, it was easy to learn thek-ecommerce dashboard, and with thehelp of the support team, Yerecic Labelcould easily set up customizations theyneeded for their products.Now, 20% of Yerecic Label’s overalldollar value in orders comes through thewebsite. They can also use data fromk-ecommerce, such as abandoned cartmetrics, to see which orders could havebeen in the [email protected] love the easyto-use ordering system,and now that orders flowthrough the system fasterthan before, the salesteam has more time tofocus on generating newbusiness. k-ecommerce.com6

About k-ecommercek-ecommerce is mdf commerce’s platform for SMBs, providing all-in-oneecommerce and digital payment solutions integrated to Microsoft Dynamicsand SAP Business One.k-ecommerce simplifies and accelerates online growth, offering a completeomnichannel ecommerce solution supporting both B2B and B2C engagement.Strengthening our market positionBy combining k-ecommerce and Orckestra, mdf commerce is strengthening itsmarket leadership position in the digital commerce landscape.ÎÎContact ustoday for moreinformation.The Orckestra headless commerce platform is designed to serve thecomplex needs of enterprise-level retailers and global brands as they unifyomnichannel operations and shopping experiences online or in-store.websitek-ecommerce provides SMBs with intuitive, all-in-one ecommerce anddigital payment solutions that seamlessly leverage ERP data for automation,security and speed.Contact us today for more information.www.k-ecommerce.comCase Study Yerecic [email protected] k-ecommerce.com7

k-ecommerce is mdf commerce's platform for SMBs, providing all-in-one ecommerce and digital payment solutions integrated to Microsoft Dynamics and SAP Business One. k-ecommerce simplifies and accelerates online growth, offering a complete omnichannel ecommerce solution supporting both B2B and B2C engagement. Strengthening our market position

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