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orchestratinginnovationA premier mixed-use development with 645,000 square feetof office space, Coda will serve as the core of collaboration andpinnacle of innovation in Midtown Atlanta’s Tech Square. Witha first-of-its-kind Class T office environment, Coda is designedto facilitate interactions between start-ups, Fortune 500companies, university affiliates, researchers and students. Theproject combines creative workplace design with cutting-edgeresearch labs, comfortable communal spaces, industry eventspace, as well as unique retail concepts and restaurants/bars.Delivering in 2019, Coda will provide companies the rareopportunity to co-locate with others who are embedded in theGeorgia Tech innovation ecosystem — home to some of thetop engineering and computer science programs in the world.Technology pioneers and enthusiasts alike will intermingle onCoda’s campus, evoking an undeniable vitality.Combining research with industry and data computation withClass T office space, Coda will connect every component ofTechnology Square and orchestrate Atlanta’s innovation district.class-t[klas-tee, klahs-tee]adjective1:Inventive, co-locate workplacedesign that facilitates collaboration,drives action, propels growth, andadvances breakthroughs betweenresearch and industry.

office space // 645,000 SFhigh-performance computing space/data center // 80,000 SFstreet level retail space // 30,000 SFoutdoor living room // 20,000 SFcollaborative areas on each floor

a new mix of usesCoda integrates business innovation and institutional researchin a completely new way, fueled by a high-power computingcenter and connected to the energy of Midtown Atlanta withinspired retail and dining elements.Collaborative core. Coda will drive fast-trackedconnections through intentional cross-tenant “neighborhoods”with collaborative lounges on each floor of the building.Access to talent. Georgia Tech is one of the nation’spremier engineering institutions with an inventive ecosystemin Tech Square where research grows into new technologiesthat change the way we live and work. Companies with a TechSquare address have unparalleled access to top local talentfrom over 50 colleges and universities in the surroundingMetro Atlanta area.24-hour gathering spot. More than just an officebuilding in a thriving tech hub, Coda features The Plaza withseveral dining and retail options, innovation showrooms,research facilities, and a high-power computing center.Environmental design. With a goal to achieve LEEDPlatinum certification, several building advancements will beincorporated at Coda including chilled beams to help controltemperature, grey water to be captured and reused in coolingtowers for the high-power computing center, automatic shadingsystems to control sunlight, and much more.Smart building. Wired for success, Coda’s mixeduse concept will simplify the workday and create a seamlessexperience for tenants, so they can focus on innovating.

Collaborative coreHigh-performance computingGeorgia Tech19,000 SF Available2119,000 SF Available201937,000 SF Leased13,000 SF Leased24,000 SF Available181737,000 SF Available21,000 SF AvailableGeorgia Tech1621,000 SF AvailableGeorgia Tech1521,000 SF AvailableGeorgia Tech14Georgia TechGeorgia Tech13Georgia Tech12Georgia Tech11Georgia Tech10Georgia Tech921,000 SF AvailableGeorgia Tech821,000 SF AvailableGeorgia Tech721,000 SF AvailableGeorgia Tech6Georgia Tech514,000 SF Leased7,000 SF25,000 SF Co-working Available425,000 SF Co-working Available3Tech showcase 10,000 SF2Lobby retailConference space1

37,000 SFfloorplatesGeorgia Institute of Technology is recognized for:Ranking Program45Best Undergraduate Engineering ProgramGraduate Public Affairs Informationand Technology Management6Undergraduate Computer Engineering6Graduate Artificial Intelligence6Graduate Computer Science Systems7Graduate Computer Engineering8Graduate Computer Science Theory9Graduate Computer Science10Undergraduate Management Information Systems

collaborative coreCoda will drive fast-tracked connections throughintentional cross-tenant “neighborhoods” withcollaborative lounges on each floor of the building.““.there’s an interconnectivityand energy that comes withthat mix of people that’sjust energizing.Victoria BorgesCommunity Member (Marketing Consultant)

75575location400Strategically positioned in Technology Square, a multi-blockneighborhood in Midtown Atlanta, Coda is powered by theinfectious energy of the nearby Georgia Tech innovationecosystem and surrounding innovators. This thrivingentrepreneurial hub is an ideal area for tech advancementand enthusiasts.Coda’s location in Midtown allows for a nearly endlessrange of experiences. As Atlanta’s second largest businessdistrict, Midtown is a vibrant community with a focus ona true work-live-play concept. The balance of commercial,residential and outdoor recreation areas position Midtownas one of the top neighborhoods in the city. The communityis also home to some of Atlanta’s most popular restaurants,theaters, art galleries and museums.8575400285285782028528520857567585High walkability and close proximity to MARTA and majorhighways make Coda the smart place for the savvy to meetand mingle. Nearby major Atlanta arteries include I-85,I-75, Hwy 78, Spring Street and West Peachtree Street NW.Public transit options are easily accessible with the NorthAvenue MARTA Station a short walk away as well as six14TH STneighboring bus stations.7512TH SToffice developmentmultifamily developmentWE S T PN O R T H S I D E D R NW85over 3,000 units planned by 2019HTRPEACHTREE PL7TH ST NEJUNIPER ST NENW8TH ST NEPEACHTREE STEE S TNCRSPRING STWILLIAMS ST NWEAC10TH STREET6TH ST NEGEORGIA INSTITUTEOF TECHNOLOGYMARIEN O R THTTAPKWYNWSTSIDEDRTECHSQUARETECHWOOD DR NWTECH5TH ST NENWNORTH AVENUE NW5TH ST NE4TH ST NE3RD ST NE

Photo: Courtesy of Georgia TechPhoto: Courtesy of Georgia TechTech Square 2002Tech Square 2007Atlanta’s innovation hubSince Georgia Tech started this initiative in 2001, Technology Square has experienced immense growth andcontinues to thrive as companies flock to the area. At the core of this innovation hub, Coda will serve as acatalyst for tech breakthroughs throughout the region.Area factsGeorgia is the 4th largest in the nation fortelecommunications services6th largest information industry employer inthe U.S. with 3rd fastest growth projected overthe next 10 years13 of the nation’s top 20 FinTech firms have apresence in Georgia; four are headquartered hereMore than 2,700 IT post-secondary degreesgranted annuallyA top state for health IT with eight of the nation’stop 100 health IT companies, including No. 3ranked McKessonAtlanta is the 2nd best city in the U.S. for Millennialsopportunity zonetax creditsOpportunity Zone Designation allows for significant statetax credits to companies bringing new qualifying jobs to theState of Georgia located at Coda. Companies can enjoy anincome tax or payroll tax credit equal to 3500/qualifyingnew job per year for five years.

The DeveloperPortman Holdings (Portman) is a commercial real estatedevelopment company with a long history of creating valuethrough world-class real estate projects, specializing in mixeduse, office and hotel properties. Since the 1950s, Portmanhas taken a full-service approach to the development process,resulting in more than 60 million square feet of premium realestate located around the world. The firm’s unique expertise inownership and in all phases of the development process, fromdesign through ongoing management and exit, allow teamsto produce attractive, risk-adjusted returns through uniquecontributions to the built environment.Architect, InteriorsJohn Portman & Associates (Portman) is an internationallyrenowned architectural design firm with offices in Atlantaand Shanghai. Established in 1953, Portman has morethan 60 years of experience in designing mixed-use urbandevelopments, hotels, office buildings, multi-unit residentialcomplexes and exhibition centers. Portman projects can beseen in more than 60 cities worldwide. The firm’s architecturetranscends national borders by striving for universal humanappeal, enhancing the environment for users and providing asound investment for owners and operators.In partnership with Georgia Techwww.codatechsquare.comTravis Garland // 404.614.5422 // [email protected] Lott // 404.995.2169 // [email protected] Bellamy // 404.995.2221 // [email protected] Viente // 404.995.6551 // [email protected]

Coda integrates business innovation and institutional research in a completely new way, fueled by a high-power computing . center and connected to the energy of Midtown Atlanta with inspired retail and dining elements. Collaborative core. Coda will drive fast-tracked . connections through intentional cross-tenant "neighborhoods"