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C OF F EE S Y S T EMContents4 SafetyPrecautions6 CoffeeSystem7 CoffeeSystem Operation16 CareRecommendations17 Troubleshooting19 Wolf2 WarrantyWolf Customer Care 800.222.7820

C OF F EE S Y S T EMCustomer CareImportant NoteThe model and serial number are printed on the enclosedproduct registration card. Both numbers are also listed onthe product rating plate. Refer to page 6 for rating platelocation. For warranty purposes, you will also need the dateof installation and name of your authorized Wolf dealer.Record this information below for future reference.To ensure this product is installed and operated as safelyand efficiently as possible, take note of the following typesof highlighted information throughout this guide:SERVICE INFORMATIONModel NumberSerial NumberIMPORTANT NOTE highlights information that is especiallyimportant.CAUTION indicates a situation where minor injury or productdamage may occur if instructions are not followed.WARNING states a hazard that may cause serious injury ordeath if precautions are not followed.Date of InstallationCertified Service NameCertified Service NumberIMPORTANT NOTE: Throughout this guide, dimensions inparentheses are millimeters unless otherwise specified.Authorized DealerDealer NumberIf your product ever needs attention, be sure to use aWolf Factory Certified Service provider recommendedby our Customer Care Center, or select one from our listof providers available at AllFactory Certified Service providers are carefully selectedand thoroughly trained by 3

SAFETY PRECAUTIONSIMPORTANT SAFEGUARDSWhen using electrical appliances, basic safetyprecautions should always be followed including thefollowing:READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS Make sure the voltage of your electrical systemcorresponds to the voltage shown on the machine. Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handles or knobs. To protect against electrical shock, do not immersecord or plug in water or other liquid. Close supervision is necessary when any applianceis used by or near children. Unplug from outlet when not in use and beforecleaning. Allow to cool before putting on or takingoff parts. Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cordor plug, or after the appliance malfunctions or hasbeen damaged in any manner. Return appliance tothe nearest authorized service facility for examination, repair or adjustment. The use of accessory attachments not recommended by the appliance manufacturer may causeinjuries. Do not let cord hang over edge of table or counter,or touch hot surfaces. Do not place on or near a hot gas or electricburner, or in a heated oven.4 Wolf Customer Care 800.222.7820 Extreme caution must be used when moving anappliance containing hot oil or other hot liquids. To disconnect, turn any control to “off”, thenremove plug from wall outlet. Do not use appliance for other than intended use. The appliance must be properly installed beforeoperation to ensure that no electrical componentsare accessible. Ensure that power is not suppliedto the appliance while installation work, repairs, ormaintenance is performed. Be certain your appliance is properly installed andgrounded by a qualified technician. To guaranteethe electrical safety of this appliance, continuitymust exist between the appliance and effectivegrounding system. It is imperative that this basicsafety requirement be met. If there is any doubt,have the electrical system of the house checked bya qualified electrician. The manufacturer can not beheld responsible for damages caused by the lack,or inadequacy, of an effective grounding system. Do not use an extension cord to connect the appliance to electricity. Extension cord doesn’t guarantee the required safety of the appliance (dangerof overheating). Installation work and repairs must be only performed by a trained technician in accordance withnational and local safety regulations. Repairs andother work by unauthorized persons could be dangerous and may void the warranty.

SAFETY PRECAUTIONSIMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS Only use original spare parts. Only then can themanufacturer guarantee the safety of this machine. Never open the outer casing of the appliance.Tampering with electrical connections orcomponents and mechanical parts is dangerousand may cause machine damage. If the machine is installed in combination with otherappliances, a protective base should be installedbetween the appliance and the unit. Do not install or use outdoors even if installed inthe display cabinet. Only fill the water tank with cold, fresh tap water.Warm or hot water, or any other liquids maydamage the machine. The water should be changed daily to prevent bacteria or mold growth. Do not use mineral water. Mineral water leads toheavy calcium buildup in the machine that candamage the unit. Do not fill anything but coffee beans into the beanscontainer. Do not fill ground coffee in the beanscontainer, it will damage the grinding unit. Sugar can damage the appliance! Caramelizedor otherwise pre-treated coffee beans or othersugar containing beverages must not be put in themachine. Never place a cup with an alcohol-coffee mixtureunderneath the coffee dispenser. Plastic parts ofthe unit could catch fire! The hot water and steam dispensed could causescalding. These functions must be used carefully.Never hold any parts of the body under the steamnozzle or the hot water dispenser. The machinemust never be used to clean objects. Never use a steam cleaner to clean the appliance.Pressurized steam could damage electrical components and cause a short circuit. The appliances must be descaled regularly. Inareas with very hard water the machine may needto be descaled more often. The manufacturercannot be held responsible for damages resultingfrom insufficient descaling. Never make coffee, hot water or steam when theappliance is extracted. Always make sure theappliance is inactive before extracting it. Failure toobserve this precaution could lead to damage tothe appliance! The only exception is adjusting thecoffee mill which must be done with the machineout (see the section “Coffee Mill”).WARNINGPROPOSITION 65 FOR CALIFORNIA RESIDENTSCancer and Reproductive Harm— THESE INSTRUCTIONSTHIS APPLIANCE IS FOR HOUSEHOLD USE 5

C OF F EE S Y S T EMCoffee System FeaturesFEATURES1Product Rating Plate2Control Panel and Display3Coffee Spout4Water Tank5Service Door6LED Lighting7Drip Tray8Main Power Switch (behind control panel)9Handle (to slide unit forward)10Milk Container11Water Spout6125347899Coffee System (EC24/S shown)6 Wolf Customer Care 800.222.78201011

C OF F EE S Y S T EM OPE RATIONControl PanelBUTTONUsing the Appliance for the First TimeUSES1 FillOn Stand by2 SlideAccess extended optionsDelivers hot waterSelects tasteSelects volumeInitiates cycleInitiates cycle and doubles volumeMakes cappuccinothe water tank. Refer to the illustration below.the unit forward and press the main power switchlocated behind the control panel on the right.3 Selectthe desired language. To select, scroll through thelanguages until the desired language is displayed, and hold4 Press. Hot water will be dispensed from the hotwater spout.5 Theunit will turn off automatically after the initial powerup is complete.Makes latte macchiato, caffelatte or frothed milkExit extended optionsSelect next option, move aheadSelect previous option, move backEnterWATER TANKWater tankControl 7

C OF F EE S Y S T EM OPE RATIONExtended OptionsThe extended options feature allow the user to select preferences for the options listed in the chart below.SE T T I N GFUNCTIONRinsingInitiates rinse cycle.Beep EnableEnables or disables audible tone.DescaleInitiates descale cycle. Refer to page 15.DefaultReturns all settings to factory default settings.StatisticsDisplays number of beverages produced.ContrastAdjusts display brightness.HardnessAdjusts water hardness ( hardest).Set TemperatureAdjusts coffee temperature ( hottest).Auto-OffTurns unit off after 15 min, 30 min, 1 hr, 2 hror 3 hr.Auto-StartTurns unit on, rinses and heats at preset time.Adjust TimeAdjusts time of day. Required for auto-start.Energy SavingEnables or disables energy saving mode.Set LanguageAdjusts language.8 Wolf Customer Care 800.222.7820Setting extended options:1 Toenter extended options mode, when the appliance isto access options.on, press2 Pressor to scroll through options, then pressselect the option.3 Pressor to select preferences, then pressenter the preference.4 Pressto exit extended options mode.toto

C OF F EE S Y S T EM OPE RATIONPrior to UseCup PlacementTo ensure all residual oil from the manufacturing processhas been removed, clean the coffee system thoroughlywith hot water and a mild detergent prior to use. Rinse anddry with a soft cloth. Refer to Care Recommendations onpage 16. he adjustable height coffee spout has two outlets. One orTtwo cups can be placed under the spout. Adjust the heightof the spout as close to the cup(s) as possible. Refer to theillustrations below.1 Remove,fill and reinstall the water tank. Refer to theillustration below.2 Usingthe handle, slide the unit forward and open thewhole bean compartment lid. Refer to the illustrationbelow. Fill the compartment, then slide the unit back intoposition.3 InstallCOFFEESPOUTthe water spout or milk container.4 Theunit goes through an automatic rinse cycle uponinitial start up and before turning off. A small amount ofliquid will dispense from the coffee spout during the rinsecycle.Coffee spoutCup placementWHOLE BEANSWATER TANKWater tankWhole bean 9

C OF F EE S Y S T EM OPE RATIONCoffeeW H O LE B EANSMY C O FFEEDo not use oily, caramelized, or flavored beans.The My Coffee setting allows the user to select any volumebetween 1 oz and 7 oz.1 Pressmultiple times to select the desired taste.Choices include extra-mild, mild, standard, strong, extrastrong, or pre-ground.2 Pressmultiple times to select the desired volume.Refer to the chart below.3 Pressto initiate the cycle. Presscycle and double the initiate the4 Adjustthe height of the coffee spout as close to the cupas possible.For all beverages 12 oz (360 ml) or larger, “FILL WATER ANDBEANS, EMPTY TRAY AND GROUNDS” appears on theto initiatedisplay. Once levels have been verified, pressthe cycle.BEVERAGE VOLUMEEspressoShort CoffeeCoffee 3 oz (90 ml)9 oz (270 ml)Long Coffee101 oz (30 ml)Wolf Customer Care 800.222.782012 oz (360 ml)1 Pressmultiple times until “MY COFFEE” isdisplayed.2 Pressand holduntil “MY COFFEE—PROGRAMQUANTITY” is displayed, then release.3 Oncethe desired amount is reached, pressNOTE: You can program a single coffee only.

C OF F EE S Y S T EM OPE RATIONCoffeeP RE-G R O UND C OFFE E1 Pressmultiple times and select pre-ground.2 Usingthe handle, slide the unit forward and open thepre-ground coffee lid. Refer to the illustration below.3 Usethe scoop provided to place one scoop of preground coffee into the funnel, then slide unit back intoposition. NOTE: Using more than one scoop will causethe unit to clog.4 Pressmultiple times to select the desired volume.5 Pressto initiate theto initiate the cycle. Presscycle and double the volume.6 Adjustthe height of the coffee spout as close to the cupas possible.PRE-GROUND COFFEEPre-ground 11

C OF F EE S Y S T EM OPE RATIONCappuccino1 Removethe water spout (if installed).A D JU S TI N G VO LU ME2 Adjustthe froth regulator on the milk container to thedesired amount. Refer to the chart and illustration below.3 Fillwith milk and insert the milk container. Refer to theillustration below.4 Placea cup under the coffee spout, then verify the milkspout is positioned over the cup.5 Pressto initiate the cycle.the cycle is complete, place a cup under the milkspout, then press and hold CLEAN on the milk containeruntil the bar is complete.the milk container and place in the refrigerator.FROTH REGULATORCaffelatteNo FrothLatte MacchiatoSome FrothCappuccinoMost FrothRECEPTACLEFROTHREGULATORFroth regulator12 1 InsertCLEANBUTTONMilk containerWolf Customer Care 800.222.7820the milk container.2 Pressuntil “MILK FOR CAPPUCCINO PROGRAMQUANTITY” is displayed, then release.3 Once6 Once7 RemoveRefer to the chart below for the programmed volume of milkand coffee for cappuccino. The maximum volume of milk islimited to the volume in the container.the desired volume of milk is dispensed, press.4 Aftera few seconds the unit will begin to dispense coffeeand “COFFEE FOR CAPPUCCINO PROGRAM QUANTITY” appears on the display.5 Oncethe desired volume of coffee is dispensed,. The new volume will be maintained until repropressgrammed or default settings are selected.VOLUMECappuccinoMIL KC OF F E E2.4 oz (70 ml)2.7 oz (80 ml)

C OF F EE S Y S T EM OPE RATIONLatte Macchiato, Caffelatte or Frothed Milk1 Removethe water spout (if installed).A D JU S TI N G VO LU ME2 Adjustthe froth regulator on the milk container to thedesired amount. Refer to the chart and illustration below.3 Fillwith milk and insert the milk container. Refer to theillustration below.4 Placea cup under the coffee spout, then verify the milkspout is positioned over the cup.5 Press, pressor to scroll to the desired beverage,to initiate the cycle.then press6 Oncethe cycle is complete, place a cup under the milkspout, then press and hold CLEAN on the milk containeruntil the bar is complete.7 Removethe milk container and place in the refrigerator.FROTH REGULATORCaffelatteNo FrothLatte MacchiatoSome FrothCappuccinoRefer to the chart below for the programmed volume of milkand coffee for each beverage. The maximum volume of milkis limited to the volume in the container.1 Insertthe milk container.2 Press, then pressor to scroll to the desired bevuntil “MILK FOR MACCHIATOerage. Press and holdPROGRAM QUANTITY”, “MILK FOR CAFFELATTEPROGRAM QUANTITY”, or “FROTHED MILK PROGRAMQUANTITY” is displayed, then release.3 Oncethe desired volume of milk is dispensed, press4 Fora Latte Macchiato or Caffelatte, the unit will beginto dispense coffee and “COFFEE FOR MACCHIATOPROGRAM QUANTITY” or “COFFEE FOR CAFFELATTEPROGRAM QUANTITY” appears on the display.5 Oncepressthe desired volume of coffee is dispensed,. The new volume will be maintained until reset.Most FrothVOLUMELatte MacchiatoRECEPTACLEFROTHREGULATORFroth regulator.MIL KC OF F E E3 oz (90 ml)2 oz (60 ml)Caffelatte8 oz (240 ml)2 oz (60 ml)Frothed Milk8 oz (240 ml)NACLEANBUTTONMilk 13

C OF F EE S Y S T EM OPE RATIONHot WaterCoffee MillHot water can be dispensed to make tea or for preheatingcups. Preheating cups will allow beverages to stay hotlonger.GR I N D A D JU S TM EN TIf coffee delivery is too fast or too slow, the grind can beadjusted by turning the grind adjustment dial. Refer to theillustrations below.1 Verifythe water spout is installed, then place a cupunder the spout. Refer to the illustration below.2 Press3 OnceAdjustment must be made while the mill is in operation. Turnthe dial clockwise for faster coffee delivery (coarser grind)and counterclockwise for slower coffee delivery (finer grind). “HOT WATER” appears on the display.the desired volume has been dispensed, press.A D J US T ING VO LUMEADJUSTMENT DIAL1 Verifythe water spout is installed, then place a cupunder the spout.FINER GRIND2 Pressuntil “HOT WATER PROGRAM QUANTITY” isdisplayed, then release.3 Oncethe desired volume has been dispensed, pressThe new volume will be maintained until reset.COARSER GRINDRECEPTACLEWater spout14 Wolf Customer Care 800.222.7820Adjustment dial locationGrind adjustment

C OF F EE S Y S T EM OPE RATIONDescaleUse only EcoDecalk descaling solution.1 Removethe water tank and empty completely.2 Fillthe tank half full with water then add the entiredescaler contents. Reinstall the water tank.3 Installthe water spout, then place a large container,more than 50 oz (1.5 L), under the spout.4 Whenthe appliance is on, press5 access options.or until “DESCALE” is displayed, then. “DESCALING UNDERWAY’ appears on the6 After30 minutes, “RINSING FILL TANK” is displayed.Fill the water tank with water and empty the large container, then reinstall.7 Press. “RINSING PLEASE WAIT” appears on thedisplay.8 Oncethe cycle is complete, “RINSING COMPLETE”appears on the display, then fill the container and press. Pressand then press 15

C A R E R ECO MMENDATIONSCare RecommendationsCLEANINGCoffee systemBefore cleaning, turn the unit off at the main switch and disconnect from the electrical supply. Never submergethe unit in water. Do not wash any components in the dishwasher.Stainless steelUse a nonabrasive stainless steel cleaner and apply with a soft lint-free cloth. To bring out the natural luster,lightly wipe the surface with a water-dampened microfiber cloth followed by a dry polishing chamois. Alwaysfollow the grain of stainless steel.Black glassSpray glass cleaner on a cloth to clean.Control panelUse a spray degreaser to remove fingerprints and food soil. Spray on a cloth before wiping the control panel.IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not spray cleaners directly on the control panel.Coffee spoutClean periodically using a sponge. Remove any coffee deposits in the holes with a toothpick.Water tankClean periodically (about once a month) with a damp cloth and mild dish soap. Rinse and towel dry.Drip trayGrounds containerEmpty and clean the drip tray before the water level indicator protrudes from the cup tray. Empty and clean thegrounds container when “EMPTY GROUNDS CONTAINER” is displayed. Open the service door. Remove andempty the drip tray and grounds container. Wash with warm water and mild dish soap. Rinse and towel dry.Refer to the illustration below.Pre-ground compartmentCheck periodically to verify the pre-ground coffee funnel is not blocked.InteriorAccess by opening the service door. Remove coffee deposits with a sponge and vacuum residue.InfuserClean the infuser at least once a month. Turn the unit off, then open the service door and remove the drip trayand grounds container. Press the two red buttons inward and remove the infuser. Soak in water approximately5 minutes, then rinse and towel dry. Do not use detergent. Replace by sliding the infuser onto the internal support and bottom pin, then press “PUSH” until it clicks into place. Verify the red buttons have snapped out.IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use detergent to clean the infuser. It will remove the lubricant on interior parts.Milk containerUnscrew the lid, remove the milk spout and intake tube. Remove the froth regulator by pulling outward. Referto the illustration below. Wash all components thoroughly with hot water and mild dish soap. Rinse and drybefore reassembling. The components are dishwasher safe; use the top rack of the dishwasher.Milk container lidClean the circuits in the lid after making cappuccino. “PRESS CLEAN” flashes on the display. Place a cupunder the milk spout. Press and hold “CLEAN” on the lid for 5 seconds to initiate cleaning. “CLEANINGUNDERWAY” appears on the display. Hold “CLEAN” until the progress bar is complete. After cleaning, removethe milk container and store in the refrigerator.NDRIP TRAY16 ervice door openNCLEAINFUSERMilk container lidWolf Customer Care 800.222.7820CLEAMILKSPOUTFROTHREGULATORINTAKETUBE

T R O UB LES HO O TINGTroubleshootingO PER AT IO NC O FFEE Q U ALI TYCoffee system does not operate.Coffee is not hot enough. Verify power is on. Preheat the cups with hot water. Verify electrical power to the unit and home circuitbreaker is on. Change the temperature in extended options.Coffee does not have enough crema.Infuser is difficult to reinstall. Before inserting, compress the top and bottom ends ofthe infuser together to adapt to the proper dimension forinstallation. Once inserted, verify the two red buttons have snappedout.“LESS COFFEE” message displayed. Too much coffee has been used. Select a milder tastingcoffee or reduce the quantity of pre-ground coffee.“EMPTY CIRCUIT FILL CIRCUIT” message displayed. The water circuit is empty. Connect the hot water nozzleto deliver water from it, until it flows outand pressnormally.“GENERAL ALARM” message displayed. The interior needs thorough cleaning. Refer to page 16.If the message displays after cleaning, contact WolfCustomer Care at 800-222-7820. Coffee is ground too coarsely. Refer to grind adjustmenton page 14. Verify the type of coffee used is for espresso machines.Extraction time is too slow. Shorten the extraction time by adjusting the grind tocoarser pre-ground coffee. Refer to page 14.Extraction time is too fast. Increase the extraction time by adjusting the grind tofiner pre-ground coffee. Refer to page 14.Coffee does not come out of the spouts. Clean the blocked spouts.Coffee comes out from around service door. Clean the blocked spouts and thoroughly clean thecoffee guide.Water comes out of the spouts instead of coffee. Clean the pre-ground coffee funnel to unblock.Milk does not come out of the milk spout. Verify the intake tube is inserted in the rubber washer inthe intake tube.Milk is not well frothed. Clean the milk container lid. Adjust the frothing regulator. Refer to page 17

T R O UB LES HO O TINGService Maintain the quality built into your product by contactingWolf Factory Certified Service. For the name of thenearest Wolf Factory Certified Service, check the contactand support section of our website,,or call Wolf Customer Care at 800-222-7820. When contacting service, you will need the model andserial number of your product. Both numbers are listedon the product rating plate. Refer to page 6 for ratingplate location. For warranty purposes, you will also need the date ofinstallation and name of your authorized Wolf dealer. Thisinformation should be recorded on page 3 of this guide.Sub-Zero, Sub-Zero & Design, Sub-Zero & Snowflake Design, Dual Refrigeration, The Living Kitchen, Great American Kitchens The Fine Art of Kitchen Design, Wolf, Wolf &Design, Wolf Gourmet, W & Design, red colored knobs, Cove, and Cove & Design are registered trademarks and service marks of Sub-Zero Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries.All other trademarks are property of their respective owners in the United States and other countries.18 Wolf Customer Care 800.222.7820

Wolf Appliance Residential Limited WarrantyFOR RESIDENTIAL USEFULL TWO YEAR WARRANTY*For two years from the date of original installation, this Wolf Appliance product warranty covers all partsand labor to repair or replace, under normal residential use, any part of the product that proves to bedefective in materials or workmanship. All service provided by Wolf Appliance under the above warrantymust be performed by Wolf factory certified service, unless otherwise specified by Wolf Appliance, Inc.Service will be provided during normal business hours.LIMITED FIVE YEAR WARRANTYFor five years from the date of original installation, Wolf Appliance will repair or replace the followingparts that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship: gas burners (excludes appearance), electricheating elements, blower motors (ventilation hoods), electronic control boards, magnetron tubes andinduction generators. If the owner uses Wolf factory certified service, the service provider will repair orreplace these parts with the owner paying for all other costs, including labor. If the owner uses non-certified service, the owner must contact Wolf Appliance, Inc. (using the information below) to receive repairedor replacement parts. Wolf Appliance will not reimburse the owner for parts purchased from non-certifiedservice or other sources.TERMS APPLICABLE TO EACH WARRANTYThe warranty applies only to products installed for normal residential use. The warranty applies only toproducts installed in any one of the fifty states of the United States, the District of Columbia or the tenprovinces of Canada. This warranty does not cover any parts or labor to correct any defect caused bynegligence, accident or improper use, maintenance, installation, service or repair.THE REMEDIES DESCRIBED ABOVE FOR EACH WARRANTY ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT WOLF APPLIANCE,INC. WILL PROVIDE, EITHER UNDER THIS WARRANTY OR UNDER ANY WARRANTY ARISING BY OPERATIONOF LAW. WOLF APPLIANCE, INC. WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES ARISING FROM THE BREACH OF THIS WARRANTY OR ANY OTHER WARRANTY, WHETHEREXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY.Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the abovelimitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may alsohave other legal rights that vary from state to state.To receive parts and/or service and the name of Wolf factory certified service nearest you, contact WolfAppliance, Inc., P.O. Box 44848, Madison, WI 53744; check the contact & support section of our website,, email us at or call 800-222-7820.*Stainless steel (doors, panels, handles, product frames and interior surfaces) are covered by a limited60-day parts and labor warranty for cosmetic defects.*Replacement filters for ventilation hood recirculating kits are not covered by the product warranty.

S I S T EMAS PAR A CAFÉContenido4 Precauciones6 Sistemasde seguridadpara café7 Operaciónde los sistemas para café16 Recomendaciones17 Resolución19 Garantía2 sobre el cuidadode problemasde WolfAtención al cliente de Wolf 800.222.7820

S I S T EMAS PAR A CAFÉAtención al clienteAviso importanteEl modelo y número de serie están impresos en la tarjetade registro del producto adjunta. Los dos números tambiénaparecen en la placa de datos del producto. Consulte lapágina 6 para encontrar la placa de datos. Para fines de lagarantía, usted también necesitará la fecha de instalación yel nombre de su distribuidor autorizado de Wolf. Anote estainformación abajo para referencia futura.Para garantizar que este producto se instale y opere dela forma más segura y eficiente posible, tome nota de lossiguientes tipos de información resaltada en este manual:AVISO IMPORTANTE señala la información que es especial-mente importante.INFORMACIÓN PARA SERVICIOPRECAUCIÓN indica una situación en la que se puedensufrir heridas leves o provocar daños al producto si no sesiguen las instrucciones.Número de modeloADVERTENCIA indica peligro de que se produzcan heridasNúmero de seriegraves o incluso la muerte si no se siguen las precauciones.Fecha de instalaciónNombre de servicio certificadoNúmero de servicio certificadoAVISO IMPORTANTE: En toda esta guía, las dimensionesentre paréntesis son milímetros, a menos que se especifique lo contrario.Distribuidor autorizadoNúmero de distribuidorSi su producto alguna vez necesita servicio asegúresede usar un proveedor de servicios certificado por Wolf yrecomendado por nuestro centro de atención al cliente,o seleccione uno de nuestra lista de proveedores Todos los proveedores delos centros de servicio autorizados han sido cuidadosamente seleccionados y entrenados a fondo por 3

PRECAUCIONES DE SEGURIDADINSTRUCCIONES DEPROTECCIÓN IMPORTANTESAl utilizar aparatos eléctricos siempre se debenseguir precauciones básicas de seguridad, entreellas las siguientes:LEA TODAS LASINSTRUCCIONES Asegúrese de que la tensión de su sistema eléctrico corresponda a la tensión que se indica en lamáquina. No toque las superficies calientes. Use las manijaso perillas. Para protegerse contra choques de electricidad,no sumerja el cable ni lo enchufe en agua u otrolíquido. Es necesario una supervisión cercana cuando elelectrodoméstico lo utilizan niños o se utiliza cercade ellos. Desenchufe cuando no se use y antes de limpiar.Deje enfriar antes de colocar o sacar partes. No usar un electrodoméstico con un cable oenchufe dañado, o después que el electrodoméstico funcione mal o se haya dañado de algunaforma. Devuelva el electrodoméstico al centro deservicio autorizado más cercano para su revisión,reparación o ajuste. El uso de complementos accesorios no recomendados por el fabricante puede ocasionar lesiones. No permita que el cable cuelgue sobre el bordede la mesa o el mostrador ni toque superficiescalientes. No coloque sobre o cerca de un quemador de gaso eléctrico caliente, o dentro de un horno caliente.4 Atención al cliente de Wolf 800.222.7820 Debe tener precauciones extremas al trasladar unelectrodoméstico que contenga aceite caliente uotros líquidos calientes. Para desconectar, coloque el control en “off”,luego desenchufe de la pared. No use el electrodoméstico para un fin que no seael indicado. El electrodoméstico se debe instalar de maneracorrecta antes de ponerlo en funcionamientopara asegurarse de que no queden componenteseléctricos expuestos. Asegúrese de que no sealimente energía al electrodoméstico mientras serealicen trabajos de instalación, reparaciones omantenimiento. Cerciórese de que un técnico calificado instaley conecte a tierra el electrodoméstico. Con el finde garantizar la seguridad eléctrica de este electrodoméstico, debe haber continuidad entre elelectrodoméstico y un sistema efectivo de conexión a tierra. Es imprescindible que se cumplanlos requisitos básicos de seguridad. En caso deduda, pídale a un electricista calificado que reviseel sistema eléctrico de la casa. El fabricante no seresponsabilizará por daños causados por la falta ola deficiencia de un sistema efectivo de conexión atierra. No utilice un cable de extensión para conectar

Short Coffee 3 oz (90 ml) Coffee 9 oz (270 ml) Long Coffee 12 oz (360 ml) MY COFFEE The My Coffee setting allows the user to select any volume between 1 oz and 7 oz. 1 Press multiple times until "MY COFFEE" is displayed. 2 Press and hold until "MY COFFEE—PROGRAM QUANTITY" is displayed, then release. 3 Once the desired amount is .

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Dr. Gerson, Dr. Kelley, Dr. Gonzales, And Others 2. Coffee, A Remarkable Herb What Is Coffee? Growing And Processing Of Coffee The Best Coffee For Coffee Enemas Coffee As A Beverage 3. Effects Of Coffee Enemas Eff

Coffee Machine / User Manual 5 / 147 EN Do not start to cook coffee without putting water into the coffee pot. Do not put any substances apart from coffee, sugar and water into the coffee pot. Do not drink the cooked coffee using the coffee pot. Due to the manufacturing technology, steam and odour may arise at the heating element of your .

drink coffee, coffee samples based on each of the following six brewing methods were analysed: Filter coffee brewed coffee maker, French press coffee, boiling coffee, coffee brewed in mocha pot, home-brewed espresso and espresso from cafes. The water used f

Roasted coffee beans prepared by roasting green coffee beans from coffee tree fruits. This category also includes coffee products prepared by grinding these roasted beans. 0901.21-000 0901.22-000 Instant coffee Coffee in soluble powder, granules, and other solid forms prepared by drying extracts of roasted coffee beans. 2101.11-210 2101.12-121 .

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can distort the roof of a cone roof tank can exceed the design pressure of the tank maximum rateofflowinoroutrate of flow, in or out atmospheric or temperature changes size vent per API 2000 or approved standard min 1 ¼ in. (32 mm) or largest connection.