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Foreign Currency/International PersonalCurrent Account Price ListPrices effective from 31 May 2016IntroductionThe prices and information in thisleaflet apply to your Foreign Currency/International Personal Current Account.The prices and information in this leafletapplicable to your account form part of theterms and conditions that apply to youraccount.For sterling charges payable on aForeign Currency Current Account or anInternational Personal Current Account, wewill deduct the currency equivalent of thesterling charge.To find out the currency equivalent of anycharge, please call us.Credit interest and overdraft interestrates and interest rate changesOverdraft interest is payable on alloverdrawn balances on Foreign CurrencyCurrent Accounts and InternationalPersonal Current Accounts (includingEuro) at our Currency Standard OverdraftInterest Rate for the relevant currency.Our Currency Standard OverdraftInterest Rates are 7% per annum aboveour currency base rate for the relevantcurrency. Our currency base rates arevariable interest rates which can changefrom day to day (eg, to reflect movementsin the market interest rates for the relevantcurrency). You can find out our currentCurrency Standard Overdraft InterestRates by calling us on 03457 404 404(textphone 03457 125 563) or visiting anyHSBC branch.An agreed margin will not be changedwithout the change being discussed withyou. We will not notify you of changes inour currency base rates as they are variableinterest rates for the relevant currencieswhich can change from day to day.Standard account servicesOur standard account services areour basic services for the day-to-dayrunning of your Foreign Currency CurrentAccount including account maintenanceand processing certain payments intoyour account, internal transfers, cashwithdrawals and payments from youraccount by cheque.Our standard account services do notinclude our additional payment services orother personal services (see the relevantsection of this Price List.)

2Our standard account chargesThe standard account charges in this PriceList are our charges for the provision of ourstandard international account services.US Dollar Savings Account tariffFor details of how we change our standardaccount charges, see the General,Current and Savings Accounts Terms andConditions.Monthly tariff feeBank Accounts – International PersonalCurrent Accounts (also known asForeign Currency Current Accounts)The tariffs for our Foreign Currency CurrentAccounts are set out below. For Eurocurrent accounts, please refer to ‘OneEurope Current Account tariff’ below.Monthly tariff fee 5 fixed monthly fee(or USD equivalent)World Currency Savings Account tariff 5 fixed monthly feeForeign notesCurrency banknotes paid into or withdrawnfrom a currency account are subject to acommission charge of 1%.Additional payment servicesInward paymentsPayments from overseas banksSterling payments payable to a sterlingaccount held with us.One-Europe Current Account tariffEach payment up to 100FreeMonthly tariff fee 5 fixed monthly fee(or EUR equivalent)Each payment over 100 6Item charge 1 (or EURequivalent) for eachcheque issuedForeign currency payments payableto an account in the same currency asthe payment(Includes Euro currency payments toa sterling/Euro currency account heldwith us.)US Dollar Current Account tariffMonthly tariff fee 5 fixed monthly fee(or USD equivalent)Item charge 1 (or USDequivalent) for eachcheque issuedWorld Currency Current Accounts tariffMonthly tariff fee 5 fixed monthlyfee (or currencyequivalent)Item charge 4 (or currencyequivalent) for eachcheque issuedOne-Europe Savings Account tariffMonthly tariff fee 5 fixed monthly fee(or EUR equivalent)Each payment up to thecurrency equivalent of 100FreeEach payment over thecurrency equivalent of 100 6Sterling and foreign currency paymentspayable to an account held with us in adifferent currency from the paymentEach payment up to 100 orthe currency equivalent of 100FreeEach payment over 100 orthe currency equivalent of 100 8

3Payments in favour of any recipientwho is paid by us sending the recipienta cheque direct, or by payment byus to another bank for the account ofthe recipientEach payment 11Outward paymentsPriority Payments1. To accounts heldwith anothermember of theHSBC Group 0 for each transfer2. To non-HSBCmember banks 30 for each transfer3. Where instructionsreceived by post 30 for each transferto non-HSBCmember banksWorldpay paymentsEach payment 9We may charge for all enquiries we receiveabout a payment unless we’ve made amistake, but will tell you what the charge isbefore we start investigating.For international payments, the recipient’sbank, and any foreign bank we may useto send the payment, may also makea charge. You’ll only have to pay thesecharges if you choose “sender to pay allcharges” when you request your payment.Returns OutwardIf we return any debit items we will makethe following charges.Item valueUnder 25FreeOver 25 25Unpaid itemsItems you have paid into yourForeign Currency CurrentAccount or InternationalPersonal Current Account,including Euro accounts,which are returned to usunpaid 4 for eachitem returnedEuro Payments and BIC/IBANIt is mandatory to quote both the BIC andIBAN of the beneficiary on all cross borderEuro payments within the EU or EuropeanEconomic Area (EEA).Other personal servicesChequesStopped Chequesresulting from theft orloss of blank chequesFreeStopped Cheques(other than as above) 12 per chequeSpecial presentationof a cheque 15 per chequeBank DraftsOriginal request for aBank Draft 20 eachCancelling a BankDraft 10 eachPosting a warning ona lost or stolen BankDraft 10 each plus anycharges made bybanks on whichforeign drafts aredrawn

4Foreign ChequesForeign currency cheques (other thaneuros) drawn on a bank anywhere and paidinto your account with us; and sterling/Euro cheques drawn on a bank abroadand paid into your account with us. Theterm ‘foreign cheque’ includes drafts andmoney/postal orders.Negotiation of a Foreign ChequeWe may, at our discretion, credit a foreigncheque to your account without waitingfor it to be paid. If the foreign chequeis subsequently returned unpaid, wemay deduct the amount credited (orre-converted if converted into anothercurrency) from your account together witha return fee of 25.The following charges are based on thegross value (sterling equivalent) of eachforeign cheque.Charge per cheque:If the foreign cheque is returned unpaid,we will deduct a return fee of 28 fromyour account.Charge per cheque 28If sent by courier atyour request 10Foreign cheques (excluding Euro)payable to you, drawn on a bank inthe UK for credit to either a sterling orforeign currency accountCheques drawn on usFreeCurrency ChequeClearing Scheme inLondon 5 eachAll other cheques 15 each, plusdrawee bankcharges if leviedStatementsIssued monthly orless frequentlyFree 21 per monthUp to 100 6Issued daily 100.01 to 5,000 12Issued weekly 3 per month 5000.01 to 10,000 24Issued bi-weekly 1 per month 10,000.01 to 50,000 34 1 per monthOver 50,000.01 60Issued every 3 or4 weeksCopy of issuedstatements 1 per sheetIn addition to our fees, any fees chargedby our agent and/or correspondent banksand/or the bank on which the foreigncheque is drawn will also be deductedfrom your account.Collection of a Foreign ChequeIf you or we, at our discretion, requireconfirmation that a foreign cheque hasbeen paid, we will arrange to clear it ona collection basis. This means that theproceeds will be credited to your accountonly when they have been received by us.Sweeps – Automatic transfersBetween currencyaccounts in the UKDaily search 60 perquarter (currencyequivalent)

5Important informationYou can get further information and writtenquotations from any branch or fromHSBC UK Bank plc, CustomerInformation, PO Box 6201,Coventry CV3 9HW.Telephone 0800 520 420 between 8amand 10pm every day (except ChristmasDay, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day).AccessibilityTo find out more about ouraccessible services please ask at any of our branches.If you’d like this document inanother format such as largeprint, Braille or audio, pleasecontact us on 03457 404 404.A textphone service is available forcustomers with hearing and/or speechimpairment(s) on 03457 125 563( 44 2070882077 from overseas). BSLVideo Relay Service is also available(Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm, excludingBank and Public Holidays) by HSBC UK Bank plc.HSBC UK Bank plc, Customer Information, PO Box 6201, Coventry CV3 9HWRFB1443 MCP48662 03/18 HSBC Group 2018. All Rights Reserved.

a sterling/Euro currency account held with us.) Each payment up to the currency equivalent of 100 Free Each payment over the currency equivalent of 100 6 Sterling and foreign currency payments payable to an account held with us in a different currency from the payment Each payment up to 100 or the currency equivalent of 100 Free

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