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Brand GuidelinesDow Core Visual Identity and Brand Voice - SummaryAn addendum to The Dow Chemical Company Visual IdentityNote: Use interactive Table of Contents to access pagesquickly and highlighted links throughout to access resources.www.brand.dow.comMarch 2018— VERSION 1

Use the interactive Table of Contents to access pages quicklyand the highlighted links throughout to access resources.Table of ContentsIntroductionThe Dow Brand CenterBrand StrategyBrand FrameworkBrand Pillars Promise AttributesDow Branded ExpressionsDow Key MarketsThe Core Visual Identity ElementsIntroductionDow Diamond LogoCreating Special LogosCreating Themed GraphicsColor PaletteColor Palette ExceptionsTypographySituational ImageryDow ScriptDow IllustrationUsing Color BlocksInfographics and IconsVisual Identity System ApplicationIntroductionEnterprise CommunicationsInternal CommunicationsExternal 62728-3132-33Brand VoiceOverviewExpressing the BrandBusiness TemplatesStationeryPowerPoint 38394041-43Product BrandingProduct Names and Logos - Examples44The Brand at WorkAdvertising - CorporateAdvertising - BusinessBusiness LiteratureTradeshow (Experience Marketing)Online Identity4546474849The Dow Brand Center is our central library for all brand assetsand guidelines. All Dow employees and vendors with a currentDow contract are eligible to access the Brand Center.Please visit the Brand Center to login or request an account.343536372www.brand.dow.comMarch 2018— VERSION 1

IntroductionReturn to Table of ContentsThe Dow Brand CenterThis summary of how the Dow Visual Identity Systemapplies to communications for Dow businesses andfunctions is adapted from information on the Dow BrandCenter. Because the Brand Center is a live asset, thematerial presented in this document will be updatedperiodically to reflect any important changes on theBrand Center.Details and templates for the application of the DowVisual Identity system are available on the Brand Center.Agencies, designers and business communicators canalso contact the brand team for brand training at any timeto insure that all new material created is on brand.https://brand.dow.com3www.brand.dow.comMarch 2018— VERSION 1

Brand StrategyNext Evolution of Same GraphicReturn to Table of ContentsBrand FrameworkThis framework illustrates how our brandfoundation is designed to align with andsupport our business foundation.The brand foundation outlines what makesDow unique. It guides all that we do as acompany, especially the steps we take toconsistently deliver on our promise to provideSolutions for Human Progress. The logo,promise, pillars, attributes and expressioncome together to shape how the Dow brandlooks, sounds and acts. Only throughconsistent application of these elements canDow truly be known as a solutions provider.OUR VALUESBUSINESS FOUNDATIONOur VisionIntegrityRespect forPeopleBRAND FOUNDATIONLogoBRAND PROOFBrand StatementDow is the global science andtechnology leader–DeliveringSolutions for HumanProgress at the intersection ofthe sciences and our marketsTo be the most valuable andrespected science company inthe worldOur MissionBrand PromiseTo passionately create innovationfor our stakeholders at theintersection of chemistry, biology,and physicsSolutions forHuman ProgressBrand ExpressionCorporate AdvertisingCampaignDow Visual IdentitySystemDow-Olympic BrandingBrand PillarsOur StrategyProtecting ourPlanetInvest in a market-drivenportfolio of advantaged andtechnology-enabledbusinesses that create valuefor our shareholders andcustomersPeople:Sophisticated Problem SolversSolutions:Tackling Societal ChallengesMarkets:Delivering (sustainable) solutionsat the intersection of science andmarketsPerformance:Creating value and piringStraightforward4www.brand.dow.comMarch 2018— VERSION 1

Brand StrategyReturn to Table of ContentsBrand PillarsBrand PromiseBrand AttributesThe brand pillars are the DNA of our organization.They are the conceptual foundations of our vision,which gives focus to our efforts to create a strong,consistent brand.Built from our pillars, our brand promise is the unifyingpurpose that guides us towards our highest potential. It isour long-term view of what success means for our business,and we take action every day to create that future. Ourbrand promise is how we differentiate ourselves from ourcompetitors, make ourselves relevant and create success.Brand attributes refer to the combination of traits thatguide the personality of our company. They guide themanner of all of our communications, whether verbal(written or spoken) or visual elements (typography,imagery or color).The ideas expressed in each of the brand pillarsare the foundation of every action we takeor message we develop. The pillars range fromaspects of our current character to those fulfillingour greatest potential.PeopleSophisticated problem solversSolutionsTackling societal challengesMarketsDelivering (sustainable) solutions atthe intersection of science and marketsPerformanceCreating value and competitiveadvantageIt is also the singular focus that acts as our rallyingcry. For our key audiences, it provides a clear picture ofwho we are and what we do.Solutions for Human ProgressAt Dow, we succeed by combining science,understanding and creativity to re-imagine andre-engineer what is vital to human progress.With our world-class expertise, partnershipapproach and future-focused technologies,we solve global challenges in the areas ofenergy, consumerism, health and nutrition,infrastructure and transportation.Working closely with our customers, wedeliver products and solutions that create valueand competitive advantage while positivelyimpacting the world we live in. Collectively, ourefforts have lasting results, creating higherperformance for our customers and reshapingthe world around us to build a better futurefor everyone.Everything we say or do should resonate withour style and tone. After interacting with us,our audiences should think of these qualities indescribing us.ConfidentWe know what we’re talking aboutEngagingWe draw you inInspiringWe spark the imaginationStraightforwardWe say what we mean5www.brand.dow.comMarch 2018— VERSION 1

Brand StrategyReturn to Table of ContentsDow Branded ExpressionsIntroductionTo support the transformed Dow, our brand has been designed with three forms of branded expression:1. Dow Visual Identity System:Our primary form of expression which is evergreenand can be used anytime.1. Dow Advertising:Secondary form of expression – Dow Evergreenadvertising templates may be used anytime;pre-approved Corporate Ads may be leveragedduring the life of the corporate campaign.1. Dow-Olympics Partnership:Secondary form of expression – may be leveraged through2020, the duration of Dow’s partnership with the Olympics.The Dow-Olympics Partnership illustrates Dow’s strategictransformation into a technology-focused, market-driven,customer-centric organization. It also enables the Company todemonstrate the significant roles chemistry and science play inathletics and in everyday life. However, it is equally important tocontinue leveraging unprecedented opportunities to pursue significant revenue opportunities in the host countries, and beyond.Visit the Dow-Olympic site on the Dow Intranet to learn more onhow to leverage the Dow-Olympic Partnership in your brandedcommunications.The following pages provide general guidelines for the Dow Visual Identity System and Dow Advertising,to be used in conjunction with the approved Dow templates found on the Brand Center.6www.brand.dow.comMarch 2018— VERSION 1

Brand StrategyReturn to Table of ContentsDow Branded ExpressionsDow Visual Identity System - OverviewThe Dow Visual Identity System is a set of design and writingtools that helps us express our brand consistently acrossall media and all regions. Every successful business has arecognizable and unique brand. As a company’s brand andreputation grows, customers can easily associate the brandwith the company. The Visual Identity System is the part ofbranding that helps us portray our company and products ina consistent way. This promotes recognition to further buildand support the brand. Branding is not just the company’slogo – it is the company’s face to the world. Presentingcommunications that are consistently branded will help Dowdeliver its messaging as a unified brand, while leveragingthe Visual Identity tools and templates which deliver costefficiencies.CollateralInfrastructure & Transportation SolutionsWaterWater SolutionsDow Microbial ControlSolutions for Industrial Water TreatmentPutting YouIn ControlEventsWeb PresenceVideo/TV7www.brand.dow.comMarch 2018— VERSION 1

Brand StrategyDow Branded ExpressionsDow Advertising - OverviewReturn to Table of ContentsIMPORTANT NOTE: As with all legally trademarked names,the name “DOW” should never be translated.Dow has two vehicles for delivering advertising messages:1. Dow Corporate Advertising positions the company as a whole to help builda positive reputation with our customers. Please visit the Corporate Advertisingpage of the Brand Center to leverage our library of pre-approved Corporate ads,or contact the brand team for any special corporate advertising requests.2. Dow Evergreen Advertising can be used at any time. Full guidelines and avariety of branded advertising templates are available on the Brand Center.Full Page Bleed ad – horizontal imageFull Page Bleed Ad – Horizontal imageSelect ad template that most closely matches your content and end use ad size. Proportionately size to the ad specifications for your publication.You Don’t Need To Waste EnergyThinking About How To Save it.You don’t do ordinary. Neither do we.So when it comes to energy efficiency, trust theleaders in thermal, air and moisture managementsolutions for the building envelope. Dow has over65 years experience in building products thatoutperform the ordinary. Below grade or above,Dow can help you build from the inside out to notlet the outside in.Select ad template that most closely matches your content and end use ad size. Proportionately size to the ad specifications for your publication.TogeTher, we cansolve anything.DOW BUILDING SOLUTIONS583-BLUE om/japan➁ The DOW Diamond Logo is a trademarks of The Dow Chemical Company 2014 The DOW Diamond Logo is a trademarks of The Dow Chemical Company 20148www.brand.dow.comMarch 2018— VERSION 1

Brand StrategyReturn to Table of ContentsDow Key MarketsTo fulfill our promise of becoming a genuine solutions provider, we needed to rethinkthe way our complex business portfolio goes to market and positions our offerings.It needed to be simple, allowing customers to easily navigate our full offerings in amore intuitive manner — a manner that makes sense to them and one in which theycan find solutions to their needs. It also needed to be more flexible, bringing offeringsfrom across Dow together under one holistic market offering, enabling Dow to positionitself as a larger player offering more solutions in key markets.Dow Key Markets:AgricultureAutomotiveBuilding & ConstructionConsumerElectronic MaterialsEnergy & ow.comMarch 2018— VERSION 1

The Core Visual Identity ElementsReturn to Table of ContentsIntroductionWhen combined, the Dow visual identity coreelements are the perfect toolkit for ensuring that ourvisual identity system is strategically focused andproprietary.The anchoring element is the Dow Diamond logo,the single most important visual identifier of ourbrand and center point of our masterbrand strategy.Each of the other elements is specifically selectedto work with the logo in a way that is visually pleasingwhile providing organization for our applications.Dow Diamond logoTypographyGridDow CorporateSwift Neue LT ProPaletteSituational imageryStrokes10www.brand.dow.comMarch 2018— VERSION 1

The Core Visual Identity ElementsReturn to Table of ContentsDow Diamond LogoGeneral useThe most important and recognizable element of our visual identity is ourDow Diamond logo. It is a visual interpretation of the ideas described in ourbrand strategy and acts as the focus for an extremely effective brand.Primary Dow Diamond Logo*Our Dow Diamond logo consists of three elements that are always used asa unit: the symbol, the logotype and the trademark. The symbol is the redDiamond; the logotype is our company name in white text; and the trademarkis the standard registered trademark symbol.Using our logo consistently ensures that we build equity and recognition.Always use approved electronic logo artwork.All requests for third party use of the DOW Diamond need legalapproval from the Dow trademark department.Alternate Dow Diamond Logo with “notch” **Master logos and detailed logo usage guidelines are availableon the public page of the Dow Brand Center.LEGAL NOTE: As with all legally trademarked names, the name “DOW”should never be translated.11www.brand.dow.comMarch 2018— VERSION 1

The Core Visual Identity ElementsReturn to Table of ContentsDow Diamond LogoMasterbrandWe are using a masterbrand strategy for Dow. Thismeans that our efforts and investments are focusedon strengthening and supporting ONE Dow brand.As a result, all of our individual initiatives benefit froma single strong brand reputation and high credibility,without the additional costs needed to establishindividual brands.Our portfolio is structured to ensure simplicity,allowing customers to easily navigate our offeringsand understand how we provide solutions. It’s aflexible system that allows us to identify relatedofferings across the enterprise, then combine andsell them in new ways.MicrobialControlDon’t lock-up the Dow Diamondlogo with business names.Product NameDon’t lock-up the Dow Diamond logowith product names.The Dow Diamond logo is synonymous with ourentire enterprise and is only used to identify all ofDow. The word “Dow” is used to identify and qualifyour portfolio of offerings. This allows for the easytransfer of equity up and down our portfolio.To preserve the impact of the Dow Diamond logo,it is only used to identify Dow as a complete enterprise, and is not placed in close proximity to otherwords, logos or messages. This ensures that ouriconic logo remains a timeless, powerful identifierof Dow and of all we achieve.Important Note: as shown on this page,business names should NO LONGER be usedas a lock-up logo with the Dow Diamond.Tagline Lock-upDon’t use or create tagline lock-ups tothe Dow Diamond logo. Taglines shouldbe treated as text headlines or textsubheadlines.TAGLINELOGOcreate internalinternalDon’t use or createlogos.without brandinitiative logosteam approval.Don’t use or createproduct logos.Don’t use or create tagline logos.Taglines should be treated as textheadlines or text subheadlines.12www.brand.dow.comMarch 2018— VERSION 1

The Core Visual Identity ElementsReturn to Table of ContentsDow Diamond LogoClear space scenariosClear space refers to the area around the logo thatis kept free of text and graphics to provide the logowith optimum visibility.Scenario 1: Clear space from objectsHalf the height of the Diamond (1/2X) is the minimumclear space between the Dow Diamond logo andapplication edges, objects and graphics.This 1/2X distance is a minimum that is inaccordance with industry standards. It will provideprotection for the logo in most instances. However,the preferred clear space is more than 1/2X.The Dow Diamond logo is most effective whensurrounded by as much open space as possible.Scenario 1 Minimum clear space from edges, objects and graphicsX height of the Diamond1/2X1/2XX1/2X1/2XScenario 2: Clear space from textTwice the height of the Diamond (2X) is the minimumclear space between the Dow Diamond logo and text.Scenario 2 Minimum clear space from textAny deviation from the guidelines shown here requireBrand Council approval. Special considerations,however, will be given to digital applications dueto space limitations.XX height of the DiamondExample text2X2XExample text13www.brand.dow.comMarch 2018— VERSION 1

The Core Visual Identity ElementsReturn to Table of ContentsDow Diamond LogoColor usageUsing the Dow logo consistently ensures thatwe build equity and recognition in our variouscommunications. We have created three differentlogo color-schemes to support a range of productionneeds. All versions may only be used on solidbackgrounds. Full-color185Full-color PANTONEPANTONE 185CCDowDowRedRed(or CMYK equivalent)Full-color versionlogotype is alwayswhite.Only place on solidbackgrounds.Full-color PMS 185 C Dow Red(or CMYK equivalent)The full-color logo is preferred. It is designedto work on both light and dark backgrounds. Usethis logo whenever possible on a white background.The Dow logotype must ALWAYS BE WHITEto ensure contrast and legibility.1-color BlackOnly place on solidbackgrounds.1-color blackUse this logo when the full-color logo is notapplicable. You may reverse Dow logotypeif sufficient contrast is ensured.Colored text is restricted only to issuesof print limitations and on promotionalitems. The Dow logotype should be whitein all other cases.1-color reverseUse this logo when the full-color logo is notapplicable to ensure contrast and legibility.1-color Reverse1-color Reverse SpecializedBlind embossing1-color Reverse Specialized1-color decal on glassBlind debossingOnly place on solidbackgrounds.1-color embroideryBlind etching14www.brand.dow.comMarch 2018— VERSION 1

The Core Visual Identity ElementsReturn to Table of ContentsDow Diamond with “Notch” LogoThe Dow Diamond “notch”, used over the lastseveral years in Dow Corporate advertising campaigns, may now be integrated into all aspectsof the Dow Visual Identity system, when desired(not mandatory). The configuration and spacingmust not be altered from the logo master found onthe Brand Center. The rule is used above o r belowthe Diamond to provide more importance andclear s eparation of the Dow Diamond (see figures1 and 2).Using the rule below (figure 1) is intended for useat the top of a communication or image, whereasusing the rule above (figure 2) is intended for useat the bottom of a communication or image.IMPORTANT NOTES on theDOW Diamond Structure with NotchFigure 1Notch rule below(always in black)The preferred spacing of the "notch" rule isshown below. The space may be tightened up to aminimum of the height of the letter "D" in the wordDOW only when absolutely necessary for tight spaceconsiderations and should not be increased beyondthe spacing shown here.Figure 2Notch rule above(always in black)XThe notch may be used as a rule as shown infigures 1 and 2, or used to cut into the edge of animage when the Dow Diamond sits directly aboveor below the image ( see figure 3).XFigure 3Notch configuration“cut out” of an imageThe space between theDOW Diamond and the"notch" rule is equal to1/4 the width of theDOW Diamond.Relative proportion of the size of the Dow Diamondto the thickness of the notch line: For a 2” wideDiamond, the notch line is .75 pts in thickness.2”When the Diamond is2” wide; notch rule is.75 pts in thickness.NOTE: the notch shape may be used withoutthe rule when applied over an image as shownin figure 3 at left.15www.brand.dow.comMarch 2018— VERSION 1

The Core Visual Identity ElementsReturn to Table of ContentsDow Diamond LogoDon’tsEnsuring consistent use of our logo is a crucial partof building brand equity. In protecting the logo, thereare several things you need to avoid.Solutions For Human ProgressDon’t lock-up the Dow Diamondlogo with business names.Don’t place the Dow Diamondlogo on a background thatprovides poor legibility.Don’t create lock-ups to the DowDiamond logo.Don’t alter the Dow Diamond logoartwork in any way.Don’t place the Dow Diamondlogo on a background thatprovides poor contrast.Don’t create lock-ups to the DowDiamond logo without BrandCouncil approval.Don’t alter the Dow Diamond logoartwork in any way.Don’t place the Dow Diamondlogo on a background thatprovides poor contrast.Don’t add drop shadows to theDow Diamond logo.Don’t alter the logotype inside theDow Diamond logo.Don’t use the Dow Diamond logoas a word.Don’t alter the Dow Diamond logoartwork in any way.Don’t use the 1-color black DowDiamond logo for color printing.Don’t use the Dow Diamond toidentify fleet vehicles, such astractor-trailers, tank cars, shuttlevehicles or rolling stock carryinghazardous materials.Don’t change the typeface of theword “DOW” in the Dow Diamond.Don’t use the Dow Diamond inrepetition as a pattern.Don’t place the word “DOW” in ashape or design element otherthan the official Dow Diamond.Generally speaking, Dow allows partners touse the Dow name in text, however, if the use ofthe DOW Diamond is requested, Dow reservespermission for long standing partnerships( 5 years) who have an established record ofproviding value to the company.All requests for third party use of theDOW Diamond need legal approval fromthe Dow trademark department.16www.brand.dow.comMarch 2018— VERSION 1

MicrobialControlCore Visual Identity ElementsDon’t lock-up the Dow Diamondlogo with business names.Creating Special Logos.Only with brand team approvalDow’s Masterbrand strategy prohibits the use orcreation of any logos other than the Dow Diamond.The development of unique logos for internal groups and initiatives dilutes thepower of the Dow brand, wastes company resources and is not permitted.Exceptions m ay be made for some key corporate initiatives andrequire brand approval.MicrobialMicrobialThe Dow Visual Identity SystemControlin based upon a Masterbrand strategy.This means that our efforts and investmentsare focused on strengtheningControlReturn to Table of ContentsDon’t lock-up the Dow Diamond logowith product names.TEXASProduct NameProduct NameTagline Lock-upTagline Lock-upSITE INITIATIVEand supportingDon’tONE lock-upDow brand.As a result,all of our individual initiativesthe DowDiamondDon’t lock-up the Dow Diamond logobenefit from a singlestrongbrandreputation acredibility, without with e DowDiamond logoDon’tuseor createsite initiativelogo with business names. nd highnames.the additional costs neededestablishindividualbrands with logos forlogotowithbusinessnames.with productnames.logoswithout priorconsultationbusinesses or internal initiatives.with the Brand team.Please note that certain pre-existing logos were reviewed andgrandfathered in as exceptions. New logos are not allowed.Important Note: logos for key Dow initiativesare exceptions in our masterbrand strategy.Example: the global Dow safety programs likeLive It! Drive to Zero. These are developed withguidance from the Brand Team. See below.Don’t use or create internalDon’t use or create internalinitiative logos.initiative logos.Product NameDon’tDon’torDiamondcreate inDon’tuseuseororcreatecreateinternaltagline lock-ups toDon’t usetheuseDowDon’t uselogo.or createtaglinelock-ups toinitiativeproduct logos.the Dowlogos.DiamondTaglinesshouldconjunction with other icons or logos.theTaglines shouldbe treatedasDowtext Diamondheadlineslogo.or headlines.TAGLINETAGLINELOGOLOGODon’t use or createDon’t use or createproduct logos.Don’tuselogos.or create product logosproductwithout prior consultation with theBrand team. Detailed information onproduct logos can also be found in theBrand Center: (agencies –full, password protected Brand Center)Don’t use or create tagline logos.Don’t usecreateastaglineTaglines shouldbe ortreatedtext logos.should be treated as textheadlinesTaglinesor text subheadlines.headlines or text subheadlines.Full details and guidelines for creating logos for internalinitiatives, special events and products are found on theDow Brand Center.17www.brand.dow.comMarch 2018— VERSION 1

Core Visual Identity ElementsReturn to Table of ContentsCreating Themed GraphicsThere is a distinction between the development of a logo andthe creation of a themed graphic. Key messages and images maybe combined to create a themed graphic for a specific program or event.Themes may be carried over with minimal changes for annual programsand events. Themed graphics are never integrated with the Dow logo, nordo they replace or become a new logo. Themed graphics should be usedwithin the content of the message area, and not placed at the top of thecommunication competing with the Dow Diamond, or at the bottom like asignature. It is not a logo, but merely a graphic using type and/or images.New logos are not allowed.Samples of acceptable themed mastheads created withinthe parameters of the Dow Visual Identity System fornewsletters and other communications (graphics are usedwithin approved Dow templates):Do’sDon’tsThese samples are themed text treatmentsthat are created within the parameters ofthe Dow Visual Identity System and haveno Dow Diamond lock-up.The sample LOGOS below were NOTdeveloped within the Dow Visual Identitysystem (colors, fonts, etc.) and have aDow Diamond lock-up, which is not permitted.EventGRAPHICTHEMEDBIGDeliver& Live Easy!18www.brand.dow.comMarch 2018— VERSION 1

Core Visual Identity ElementsReturn to Table of ContentsThemed Text GraphicsSimple text graphics created in the approved Dow fonts and colorsmay be created to provide a graphic element to represent prgram orinitiative. The fonts should not be manipulated or distorted in any way.The text graphic should be used as an element within your communication and not used as a logo to brand your communication. It shouldnever compete with the Dow Diamond.The Dow Diamond should never be incorporated into the text graphic.Please see the examples on this page.19www.brand.dow.comMarch 2018— VERSION 1

The Core Visual Identity ElementsReturn to Table of ContentsColor PaletteDow red is an integral part of the Dow visual identity.It connotes leadership, courage, willpower, vigor,faithfulness and heritage.Primary paletteIt is also a symbol of our commitment to the powerof science and its ability to impact the world ina positive way. It communicates the strength andheritage of our company, as well as the authenticityand creativity of our people.Dow RedC:0 M:92 Y:76 K:0R:232 G:0 B:51HEX: #E80033While our color palette includes an array of vibrantaccent and neutral colors, please keep in mind thatthese colors are used to complement —not compete with — red.IMPORTANT NOTE: The preferred use of color is at100% opacity. Because our Visual System is designedto be clean, concise and direct, the useof tints gradients is discouraged.PANTONE 185 CSecondary palettePANTONE 1235 CDow YellowC:0 M:29 Y:91 K:0R:253 G:187 B:48HEX: #FDBB30PANTONE 221 CDow PurpleC:0 M:100 Y:26 K:38R:145 G:0 B:72HEX: #910048PANTONE 144 CPANTONE 179 CPANTONE 193 CDow OrangeC:0 M:51 Y:100 K:0R:237 G:139 B:0HEX: #ED8B00Dow Dark OrangeC:0 M:79 Y:100 K:0R:241 G:93 B:34HEX: #F15D22Dow Dark RedC:2 M:99 Y:62 K:11R:191 G:13 B:62HEX: #BF0D3EPANTONE 226 CDow MagentaC:0 M:100 Y:2 K:0R:208 G:0 B:111HEX: #D0006FNeutral paletteWhiteC:0 M:0 Y:0 K:0R:255 G:255 B:255HEX: #FFFFFFBlackC:0 M:0 Y:0 K:100R:0 G:0 B:0HEX: #00000025% BlackBlackC:0 M:0 Y:0 K:25R:230 G:230 B:230HEX: #E6E6E650%50% BlackBlackC:0 M:0 Y:0 K:50R:191 G:191 B:191HEX: #BFBFBF75% Black75%BlackC:0 M:0 Y:0 K:75R:128 G:128 B:128HEX: #80808020www.brand.dow.comMarch 2018— VERSION 1

The Core Visual Identity ElementsReturn to Table of ContentsColor PaletteExceptionsDepending upon business needs, there are ocasional brandapproved color palette exceptions that support consumerfacing products, approved product series, or generalcomunication needs.Dow palette color exceptions are used only when:the Dow color palette is inappropriate for your message,it is applied as an accent color, and never used as theprimary color in your communication.Brand Approved ExceptionsTwo brand approved colors for the Dow Packaging andSpecialty Plastics business are used only in support oftheir extensive and cohesive product family.PANTONE 299 BlueIn recognition of the strength and equity of theStyrofoam brand in the Building Solutions business,Pantone 2995 (Styrofoam blue) has been integratedinto the Dow color palette for use within DowBuilding Solutions communications.PANTONE 376 GreenOccasional brand approved exceptions may made tothe core Dow color palette in certain situations whenthe Dow family of red colors present a negativeconnotation (in financial graphics, for example), or forgraphic representation of water where the red colorfamily is not visually appropriate.A few examples from the Packaging & SpecialtyPlastics productlogo series: Please contact the brand team for guidanceon color palette exceptions.21www.brand.dow.comMarch 2018— VERSION 1

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZThe Core Visual Identity y and secondary typefaces0123456789Dow CorporateOur primary typeface is Dow Corporate, a Swiss sansserif. It has a similar character to a number of classictypefaces. The six samples on the right show theapproved weights. Consistency is key to strong brandcommunications, so use this typeface wheneverpossible.Swift Neue LT ProSwift Neue LT provides a balance to the boldsharpness of Dow Corporate. Swift Neue LT is acompact serif typeface that brings warmth andconsistency to secondary copy applications, suchas interior spreads and corporate communications.Dow Corporate and Swift Neue LT Pro typefaceassets are available at the Dow Brand Center.General do’s and don’ts– Typefaces should use the primary and secondarypalette colors at 100% opacity.– Avoid using type with tints, gradients and specialeffects like drop shadows, etc.– Do not manipulate the Dow fonts to changeproportions and configuration of le

The following pages provide general guidelines for the Dow Visual Identity System and Dow Advertising, to be used in conjunction with the approved Dow templates found on the Brand Center. 1. Dow Visual Identity System: Our primary form of expression which is evergreen and can be used anytime. 1. Dow Advertising: 1.

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Dow Corning Dow Corning is a global leader in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation. Through Dow Corning and XIAMETER brands, they provide more than 7,000 products and solutions to meet the needs of customers. Dow Corning is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company. Molykote With Molykote Dow Corning offers

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