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A Supplemental GuideFor Completing the Alaska Quarterly cluding Geographic CodesState of AlaskaDepartment of Labor and Workforce DevelopmentBill Walker, GovernorODB Manual, Revised July 2015

Each employer doing business in the State of Alaska is required by law to participate in the stateunemployment insurance system. Employers must report the social security number, name, wages,occupation, and place of work on the Alaska Quarterly Contribution Report (Form TQ01C) foreach employee who received wages during the quarter. This booklet helps employers comply withoccupational and geographic coding requirements. Information provided by employers is used in theaggregate to determine training and other labor force needs for the state. Individual information iskept confidential.The Department of Labor and Workforce Development understands the burden reportingrequirements can place on employers. We also know that time spent reporting to governmentagencies takes away from the productivity of your business. However, the information you providehelps us learn more about the composition of Alaska's workforce. We believe that this informationimproves our understanding of the state's economy and helps create a better trained and morecompetent labor pool geared to the needs of Alaska's employers.The Department of Labor established a web site for employers to input information for the AlaskaQuarterly Contribution Report. This was designed to make it easier for employers to comply withAlaska State regulations. To access this site and to get more information about submitting wageinformation online, go to booklet is provided to you in hard copy and can also be found at the state’s web al.pdf We welcome your comments and suggestions.Our Online Help Makes Reporting EasierOur help page, , can assist youwith occupation and area coding.You can also find links to other resources, information about how your data is used,and a contact page.ALASKA DEPARTMENT OF LABOR AND WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENTResearch and Analysis Section, Occupational Database UnitP.O. Box 120015 Juneau, AK 99812-9973Telephone: (800) 478-2771 toll-free in Alaska or (907) 465-2771 collect outside AlaskaFax: (800) 325-9872 toll-free within Alaska or the continental U.S.E-mail:


GUIDE TO CODINGOccupational CodesUse the six-digit code that best describes the activities of the employee. In some cases, the six-digitcode has been expanded to identify occupations important to the state. For instance, seafoodprocessing workers are coded as 51-3022.05.Select a code based on the work actually performed--not the code for jobs for which employees mightbe trained. For example, an employee trained as a Computer Scientist, but working as a Manager,should be coded as a Manager.Read the detailed descriptions of codes you select to insure you have matched to the employee’sduties. Occupations that are similar are often distinguished by key words like routine, non-routine,mechanical, or hand.Supervisors of professional and technical workers are classified with the workers they supervise.Similarly, supervisors, team leaders, and lead workers of sales, service, and production workers whospend at least 20 percent of their time performing work similar to the workers they supervise areclassified with those workers. Supervisors and first-line managers of sales, service, and productionworkers who spend more than 80 percent of their time in supervisory activities are coded separatelyfrom the people they supervise. If no separate category is indicated, code the supervisor with theworkers they oversee.Search for Occupations by Industry!The Research and Analysis Section has createdindustry/occupation cheat sheets. It simplifiesthe task of finding occupations by weeding outthe hundreds of occupations that are notemployed in an industry. Go t.cfmAn occupation that combines two differentactivities is reported with the code for theactivity that requires the highest skill oreducational level. If these levels are the same,report the code for the occupation in which theemployee spends the most time.Employees who changed jobs during a quartershould be reported in their last occupation. Donot list the employee more than once on thesame Quarterly Contribution Report.Code apprentices, student teachers, and trainees in the occupation for which they are training.Identify aides, helpers, and laborers separately if they are not training for the occupation in which theyare helping, or if their work is truly different.If the duties of an occupation are not described in the detailed occupations, code the occupation in theappropriate “All other” residual category.Note: For the online version of this manual, see our web site at f1

Geographic CodesDetermine where the employee performed work within the state. If you are familiar with the geographyof Alaska, you can use the map on page 7 to find the two-digit geographic code. You can also look upthe code for the employee’s place of work in the regional list of geographic codes starting on page 8.The communities listed regionally appear alphabetically.Choose the code for the employee's primary work site during the quarter. Often, employees changework sites from one quarter to another. If your employee worked at different locations during thequarter, code for the most recent primary work site. If the employee travels statewide, for example as asales representative, use the code for the location in which the employee spends the most time.Do not use the home office of the employer unless that is the location where the employee worked.Code employees working out of state as “99”.Code employees working in offshore locations, such as floating fish processors or permanent offshoreoil drilling operations, as “20”.Code employees who received wages but did not work during the quarter as “00”.In 2013 the geographic boundaries of the state changed in two areas. Please change geographiccodes as noted below:Hoonah-Angoon Census Area – Cape Fanshaw, The Five Fingers, Hobart Bay, Port Houghton,Sumdun and Windham Bay have moved from Hoonah Angoon Census Area (98) to PetersburgBorough (88).Petersburg Borough – Alvin Bay, Cape Decision, Coronation Island, Hamilton Bay, Kake, PortAlexander, Rowan Bay, Saginaw Bay, Security Bay, Tebenkof Bay, and Washington Bay have movedfrom Petersburg Borough (88) to Prince of Wales-Hyder (90).Online Alaska Quarterly Contribution ReportingThe Department of Labor recently established a web site for employers to report wage information fortheir employees via the Web. Employers can now submit Quarterly Contribution Reports and havethem received by the State in a 24-hour period. This design makes it easier for employers to complywith Alaska State regulation, thereby avoiding penalty and interest payments due to late reporting. It isalso easier to code your employee’s occupation and geographic codes by using the drop-down boxesincluded in the Web system.To file your Alaska Quarterly Contribution Report online, you must have a valid Alaska EmployerAccount Number, a valid Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), and a personal identificationnumber (PIN). To obtain a PIN, go to and click on the icon forfiling your Quarterly Contribution Reports. PINs are automatically assigned and sent within minutes toyour e-mail address.Note: For the online version of this manual, see our web site at f2

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSHow do I find occupation codes?Search online. Occupation coding help, including industry cheat sheets, is available cfmSearch for a job title. In the “Alphabetical Index of Occupation Titles”, beginning on page 23,locate a job title that you believe best describes the highest skilled job an employee performs.To the right of the job title is the six-digit occupational code. Using this number, refer to the“Detailed Descriptions of Occupations” beginning on page 46 and find the description of the jobduties associated with this code. If the description matches your employee’s duties, then enterthe code in Column 13.Search for a job code. In the “Numeric List of Occupational Codes”, beginning on page 46, youcan locate an occupational code and see if the corresponding occupational title matches thehighest skilled job an employee performs.How do I use the Occupational Manual?Find the appropriate occupational and geographic codes for each of your employees following the“Guide to Coding” on page 1. Record the codes in Columns 13 and 14 of your contribution report form.Can I enter the information online?Yes. The Department of Labor and Workforce Development recently launched a web site that will makeit easier for employers to provide wage information to the State of Alaska. For more information, go to and click on the icon for filing your Quarterly ContributionReports.Why can’t I use my NAICS code in Column 14?The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) identifies the primary activity of yourbusiness. The occupational code identifies the primary duties of the workers employed in yourbusiness. A single occupation, for example an accountant, is found in many different industries.I use a payroll tax service. Will they report my firm’s occupational and geographic codes?Some payroll tax services will report this information. You will need to contact your tax service directlyto arrange for them to report your occupational and geographic codes when they file your quarterlyunemployment contribution report.Why can’t I find my employee’s job title in your alphabetical list?Workers within an occupation may have many different job titles. The Alaska Department of Labor andWorkforce Development follows the Standard Occupational Classification 2010 system. We haveexpanded the list of basic occupations by including many popular job titles. If you cannot find the jobtitle that your firm uses, try looking for an associated or alternative title for that occupation. Forexample, if you have an employee who works as a Building Custodian, you won’t find that job title in thealphabetical listing; however, Custodian, Janitor, and Cleaner are all listed under SOC code 37-2011.Better yet, you can go to our online help page for instructions on how to search for occupation codesonline: .I found the job title for one of my workers, but the duties described are different from the dutiesNote: For the online version of this manual, see our web site at f3

the worker actually performs. Why is that?The job titles that you use to identify occupations within your business may not be the same as theones used in this manual. If your job title does not match the description of duties, scan nearby codesto find a better match or try an alternative job title.Why are there no supervisors listed for most professional occupations?Supervisors of professional and technical workers are classified with the workers they supervise.Similarly, supervisors, team leaders, and lead workers of sales, service and production workers whospend at least 20 percent of their time performing work similar to the workers they supervise areclassified with those workers. Those who spend more than 80 percent of their time in supervisoryactivities are coded separately from the people they supervise. If no separate category is indicated,code the supervisor with the workers they oversee. The key here is the amount of time spent in directsupervision versus the time spent performing tasks similar to the supervised workers.Where do I code a Consultant?Consultants are coded with the occupation they perform, for example, a Computer Systems Consultantis reported as a Computer Systems Analyst (15-1121). General business consultants are reported asManagement Analysts (13-1111).Do I have to use a code or can I just write my employee's title in Column 14?When filing a paper return, a descriptive occupational title is acceptable. We encourage you to usecodes, however, because you know the duties of your employees and can therefore assign the mostaccurate codes. Titles that you report are converted to codes in our office by people who may knowvery little about your particular industry. If you choose to submit a title, please help improve ouraccuracy by being as descriptive and complete as possible. For example, Clerk is not descriptiveenough because there are 26 different occupation codes for clerks. You need to list the type of clerk,such as Accounting Clerk or Payroll and Timekeeping Clerk. Online filing requires submission of a sixdigit occupational code.What if my employee does two different jobs?An occupation that combines two different activities is reported with the code for the occupation thatrequires the highest level of skill or education. If the skill levels are the same, report the occupation inwhich the employee spends the most time. For employees who change jobs during the quarter becauseof transfers, promotions, demotions, or reclassifications, report only their last occupation.Where will I find a carpenter's apprentice?All apprentice workers, including student teachers, are classified with the appropriate skilled tradeoccupation. In this case, the apprentice is coded the same as a carpenter (47-2031).How do I code an employee who assists another employee?Identify aides, helpers, and laborers separately if they are not training for the occupation in which theyare helping, or if their work is truly different. Code apprentices, student teachers, and trainees in theoccupation for which they are training. If the assistant has job duties different from the occupation theysupport, such as Dental Assistant, code the employee separately. If the assistant’s duties are similar tothe occupation they support, such as Assistant Manager, classify the assistant in the same category asthe manager.My employee didn't actually work during the quarter. We paid an after-season bonus. What codeNote: For the online version of this manual, see our web site at f4

do I use?If the employee did not work during the reported quarter, but wages were paid for any reason, recordthe code for the last job that the employee performed while working in Column 13. Record "00" inColumn 14 to indicate that the employee did not work. In this case, the employee’s actual place of workis not reported.My employee only works part-time. Does that change the occupation code I use?No. Part-time employees are reported in the occupation that they perform, regardless of the number ofhours they work.How do I find geographic codes?Online filing requires submission of a two-digit geographic code. There are three methods fordetermining the geographic code for your employees:Search by city or place name within a region. If you know the city or place name where youremployees work, turn to the List of Geographic Codes beginning on page 7. Find the locationname in the list and enter its two-digit code in Column 14.Find the employee’s place of work on the map. If you are familiar with the geography ofAlaska, you can refer to the map on page 7 for the geographic code.Search by city or place name alphabetically. If you know the city or place name where youremployees work, you can search in the alphabetical index starting on page 16. The two-digitcode is listed next to the place name.Why do I have to supply a geographic code? You know the address of my company.Often employees work in locations other than the home office of the employer. The geographic codeshould indicate the location where the employee actually performed work during the quarter.I'm in California. My company has employees working in Alaska, but I don't know what they door where they are.This is best handled by consulting with your firm’s manager or supervisor in Alaska.My employee travels statewide. What is the correct geographic code?Choose the code for the location in which the employee spends the most time.I have a question about my tax rate. Can you help me with that?Sorry, the Occupational Database Unit deals only with occupation and geographic coding. Forquestions about your tax rate or other parts of Form TQ01C, you should contact an EmploymentSecurity Tax Specialist at (907) 465-2757 or toll-free from Alaska or Canada at (888) 448-3527.What if I still have questions or can’t find the proper code for an employee?Try our online help page at . If you still need help,the staff of the Occupational Database Unit will be happy to assist you. Information on how to contactus is listed inside the front cover.Note: For the online version of this manual, see our web site at f5

Map of Alaska for Geographic CodesCODEPLACENorthern Region34Nome Census Area31North Slope Borough33Northwest Arctic BoroughInterior Region47Denali Borough44Fairbanks North Star Borough46Southeast Fairbanks Census Area41Yukon-Koyukuk Census AreaSouthwest Region57Aleutians East Borough58Aleutians West Census Area52Bethel Census Area55Bristol Bay Borough50Dillingham Census Area51Kusilvak Census Area (formerly Wade Hampton)59Lake and Peninsula BoroughCODEPLACEAnchorage Region62Anchorage Municipality61Matanuska-Susitna BoroughGulf Coast Region71Kenai Peninsula Borough73Kodiak Island Borough75Valdez-Cordova Census AreaSoutheast Region85Haines Borough86Juneau, City & Borough95Ketchikan Gateway Borough90Prince of Wales-Hyder Cenus Area87Sitka, City & Borough96Skagway Municipality98Hoonah-Angoon Census Area88Petersburg Borough97Wrangell, City & Borough79Yakutat, City & Borough992000Outside of AlaskaMarine/OffshoreReceived wage but did not workNote: For the online version of this manual, see our web site at f6

NORTHERN REGIONNOME CENSUS AREABeaver Creek34Bessie No. 5 Dredge 34Big Hurrah34Bluff34Brevig Mission34Bunker Hill Crossing 34Cape Rodney34Cape York34Chinik34Council34Dahl34Davidson34Davidsons Landing34Diomede Village34Egavik34Elim34Gambell34Golovin34Granite Mountain34Haycock34Igloo34Iron Creek34King Island34Kingegan34Kougarok34Koyuk34Kuzitrin River34Little Diomede34Lost River34Mary's Igloo34Moses Point34Nome34North River34Northeast Cape34Norton Sound34Perkinsville34Pilgrim Springs34Point Spencer34Port Clarence34Saint Lawerence34IslandSaint Michael34Savoonga34Serpentine nStebbinsSullivan CampTaylorTellerTeller MissionTin CityUkivokUnalakleetAngelicWalesWhite H SLOPE BOROUGHAnaktuvuk Pass31Atigun Camp31Atkasook31Atqasuk31Barrow31Barter Island31Beechey Point31Browerville31Cape Lisburne31Cape Thompson31Chandalar Camp31Chandler Lake31Chariot31Crazy Horse Camp31Davidson Mountains31Deadhorse31Franklin Bluffs Camp31Galbraith Camp31Gordon31Happy Valley Camp31Humphrey Point31Kaktovik31Kokruagarok31Lupine Camp31Meade River31Noatak River31Nuiqsut31Point Barrow31Point Hope31Point Lay31Prudhoe Bay31Slope Camp31Tigara31Tikikluk31Toolik Camp31Umiat31WainwrightWevok3131NORTHWEST ARCTIC BOROUGHAmbler33Bornite33Buckland33Candle33Chicago Creek33Deering33Elephant Point33Kalla33Kiana33Kivalina33Kiwalik33Klery Creek33Kobuk33Kotzebue33May Creek(NW Arctic) 33Noatak33Noorvik33Red Dog Mine33Selawik33Shesualek33Shungnak Village33Utica33INTERIOR REGIONDENALI BOROUGHAndersonBrowneCantwellCarloClearDenali National McKinley 474747474747Note: For the online version of this manual, see our web site at f7

UsibelliWindy4747FAIRBANKS NORTH STAR BOROUGHAurora Johnston44Aurora Lodge44Badger44Bartlett44Berry44Big Bend44Big Horn44Birch Lake44Boyd44Broadmoor44Cache44Chatanika44Chena Hot Springs44Chena Ridge44Cleary Summit44College44Dome Camp44Eielson Air Force44BaseEster44Fairbanks44Farmers Loop44Fort Wainwright44Fox44Garden Island44Gilmore44Goldstream Creek44Harding Lake44Lemeta-Johnston44Moose Creek(Fbk)44Murphy Dome44North Pole44Pedro Dome44Salcha44Two Rivers44University444West Fairwest44SOUTHEAST FAIRBANKS CENSUSAREABig Delta46Boundary46Cathedral Bluffs46Charlieskin Village46Chicken46Delta Camp46Delta Junction46Donnelly46Dot Lake46Eagle46Eagle Village46Fort GreelyForty MileGardiner CreekCampGerstle RiverHealy LakeIndian (SE Fbks)Jack WadeJohnson RiverMcCallum CreekMontana CreekMount DeborahNorthwayNorthway VillageO'Brien CreekScobysSeventymileShaw CreekSouth Fork LodgeTanacrossTangle LakesTen MileTetlinTetlin 646464646YUKON-KOYUKUK CENSUSAREAAGM Camp41Alatna41Allakaket41Anvik41Arctic Village41Baker41Beaver41Berg41Bettles41Birch Creek41Birches41Campion41Canyon ristian41Circle41Circle Hot Springs41Coal Creek41Coldfoot Camp41Cripple Landing41Deadwood41Dietrich Camp41Dunbar41Eureka (Yukon-Koy)EvansvilleFarewell LandingFishhookFlatFolgerFort YukonGalenaGanes CreekGrant CreekGraylingHess CampHogatzaHolikachukHoly CrossHughesHusliaIditarodIndian MountainIndian RiverJuliusKallandsKaltagKokrinesKoyukukLake MinchuminaLivengoodManley Hot SpringsMcGrathMedfraMiller HouseMintoNenanaNikolaiNolanNorth NenanaNowitna RiverNulatoOld Man CampOld RampartOphirPaimiutPoormanProspect CampRailroad CityRampartRubySalmonShagelukSterling LandingStevens VillageStuyahokSulatna 1414141414141414141414141414141Note: For the online version of this manual, see our web site at f8

d T REGIONALEUTIANS EAST BOROUGHAkutan57Belkofski57Cape Sarichef57Cold Bay57False Pass57Fort Randall57Herendeen Bay57Ikatan57King Cove57Morzhovoi57Nelson Lagoon57Pauloff Harbor57Pavlof57Port Moller57Sanak Island57Sand Point57Shumagin Islands57Squaw Harbor57Unga57Unimak57ALEUTIANS WEST CENSUS AREAAdak58Amchitka Island58Atka58Attu58Biorka58Captains Bay58Chernofski58Driftwood Bay58Dutch Harbor58Fort GlennKashegaMakushinNikolskiPribilof IslandsSaint George IslandSaint Paul IslandSand BaySedanka IslandShemyaUmnakUmnak IslandUnalaskaUnalaska Bay5858585858585858585858585858BETHEL CENSUS utluak52Bethel52Cape uk52Chufatoolik52Crooked Creek52Eek52Georgetown52Goodnews Bay52Hungry 2Kwethluk52Kwigillingok52Kwinhagak52Lime Village52Lower Kalskag52Marvel Creek52Mekoryuk52Mellicks Trading52PostMoose skakNapakiakNapaskiakNash HarborNelson pitchukNunivak gakRed DevilSaint Matthew IslandSleetmuteSparrevohnStony RiverTanunakTaylor CreekToksook BayTuluksakTuntutuliakTununakUmkumiutUpper 25252525252525252525252BRISTOL BAY BOROUGHKing Salmon55Koggiung55Libbyville55Naknek55Pederson Point55(Bristol Bay)Red Salmon55Savonoski55South Naknek55DILLINGHAM CENSUS AREAAkokpak50Aleknagik50Clark's 50Kashiagamiut50Note: For the online version of this manual, see our web site at f9

KoliganekManokotakNakeenNew StuyahokNunachuakNushagakNuyakuk LakeNuyakuk RiverPortage CreekProtection PointSnag PointTikchik LakeTogiakTuklung VillageTwin HillsUngalikthlukWood River5050505050505050505050505050505050KUSILVAK CENSUSWADE HAMPTION)AkahamutAlakanukAndreafskyBill Moore'sBlackCape tolikEmangukEmmonakFish VillageFortuna LedgeHamiltonHooper BayIgiakIngrihakKako MarshallMountain VillageNew HamiltonNew KnockhockNilakNililakNunam IquaOhogamiutOld AndreafskyAREA lot StationPitkas

Hoonah-Angoon Census Area - Cape Fanshaw, The Five Fingers, Hobart Bay, Port Houghton, Sumdun and Windham Bay have moved from Hoonah Angoon Census Area (98) to Petersburg Borough (88). Petersburg Borough - Alvin Bay, Cape Decision, Coronation Island, Hamilton Bay, Kake, Port Alexander, Rowan Bay, Saginaw Bay, Security Bay, Tebenkof Bay, and .

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Alaska Airlines Inflight Magazine. Economics 300: Economy of Alaska, Notes-Introduction to Alaska Geography, page 9 Alaska Census Areas For purposes of collecting and reporting economic and social Alaska data, Alaska is divided into 27 “census areas.” These census areas are shown in the map below.

Occupational therapists around the world are obligated to promote occupational rights as the actualization of human rights. This obligation requires addressing occupational injustices, initially named as occupational deprivation, occupational imbalance, occupational marginalisation, and occupational alienation (Wilcock & Townsend, 2000 .

Documentation of occupational therapy services is necessary whenever professional services are provided to a client. Occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants1 determine the appropriate type of documentation structure and then record the services provided within their scope of practice. This document, based on the Occupational .File Size: 540KBPage Count: 9Explore furtherDocumentation & Reimbursement - AOTAwww.aota.orgNEW OT Evaluation and Reevaluation - AOTA Guidelinestherapylog.typepad.comWriting progress notes in occupational therapy jobs .www.aureusmedical.comDocumentation & Data Collection For Pediatric Occupational .www.toolstogrowot.comSOAP Note and Documentation Templates & Examples Seniors .seniorsflourish.comRecommended to you b

1When the term occupational therapy practitioner is used in this document, it refers to both occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants (AOTA, 2015b). Occupational therapists are responsible for all aspects of occupational therapy service delivery and are accountable for the safety and effectiveness of the occupational therapy .

Wholesale Trade, and Construction. Source: Alaska Department of Labor, . employment pie. 2 ALASKA ECONOMIC TRENDS AUGUST, 1998 Alaska Economic Trends is a monthly . the Employment Security Division and published by the Alaska Department of Labor, P.O. Box 21149, Juneau, Alaska 99802-

Alaska Native Language Materials . in the . Alaska State Library . Historical Collections . Compiled by . James Simard . Alaska State Library - Historical Collections . Alaska Department of Education & Early Development Division of Libraries, Archives & Museums . P.O. Box 110571 Juneau Alaska 99811-0571 (907) 465-2925 Fax: (907) 465-2990

All National Banner Unified Champion Schools 518 schools *Denotes a school with 4-year renewal recognition STATE City School Name ALASKA Anchorage Robert Service High School ALASKA Anchorage East High School ALASKA Anchorage West Anchorage High School ALASKA Chugiak Chugiak High School ALASKA Eagle River Eagle River High School ALASKA Eagle River Homestead Elementary School