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Welcome1. Agenda2. Ground Rules3. IntroductionsLoan To Own2

Objectives Identify various types of installment loans Identify the factors lenders use to makehome loan decisions Identify how federal laws protect you whenapplying for a loan Identify the questions to ask whenpurchasing a carLoan To Own3

Objectives Explain why installment loans cost lessthan rent-to-own services Explain why it is important to be wary ofrent-to-own, payday loans, and refundanticipation loan services Guard against predatory lending practicesLoan To Own4

What Do You Know?What do you know or want tolearn about installment loans?Loan To Own5

What is an Installment Loan? A loan that is repaid in equal monthlypayments/installments for a specificperiod of time What items can be purchased with aninstallment loan? CarsFurnitureComputersHousehold appliancesLoan To Own6

Secured Installment Loans Have lower interest rates than unsecuredloans Require collateral Examples: Mortgages and home equityloansLoan To Own7

Collateral What does collateral mean? It is an asset you own and pledge to thelender if you cannot repay the loan If you are unable to repay the loan and thecollateral is insufficient to cover thebalance, you are still responsible for: The remaining balance Any fees and interest associated with the loanLoan To Own8

Unsecured Installment Loan Not secured by collateral Tougher underwriting standards thansecured loans Examples: personal loans and privatestudent loansLoan To Own9

Cost of Installment LoansAPRFixed-rate loanFinance Charges Variable-rate loan1. Dollar amount the loan will cost,including: interest, service charges, andloan feesAnswer: Finance charges2. Loan with interest rate that might changeduring any period of the loanAnswer: Variable-rate loanLoan To Own 10

Cost of Installment LoansAPRFixed-rate loanFinance Charges Variable-rate loan3. Cost of borrowing money on a yearlybasisAnswer: APR4. Loan with interest rate that stays the samethroughout the term of the loanAnswer: Fixed-rate loanLoan To Own 11

Identify the TermAPRFixed-rate loanFinance Charges Variable-rate loan1. Stephanie took out a car loan with a 10%interest rate and paid 100 in loanapplication fees. What lending term reflectsthe interest plus the application fee?Answer: APRLoan To Own 12

Identify the TermAPRFixed-rate loanFinance Charges Variable-rate loan2. Michael took out a loan to buy a computer.He must make 24 equal payments over 2years at 10% interest. Which lending termbest describes this type of loan?Answer: Fixed-rate loanLoan To Own 13

Identify the TermAPRFixed-rate loanFinance Charges Variable-rate loan3. Kevin took out a loan for a car. He mustpay 3,000 in interest, service charges,and loan fees. What lending term(s) bestdescribe(s) these costs?Answer: Variable rate loan, Finance chargesLoan To Own 14

Why Do Borrowers Prefer InstallmentLoans? Clear monthly payment amount andrepayment period Lower rates than credit cards Lower loan balances during loan termbecause payment includes principalLoan To Own 15

Purchasing or Leasing a Car What are some questions to ask yourselfwhen looking for a car? Should I get a new or used car?Should I lease or buy?How much can I afford?Should I trade in my old car?Loan To Own 16

Car Loans Versus Car Leases Consider: Ownership potentialWear and tearMonthly paymentsMileage limitationsAuto insuranceCostLoan To Own 17

Financing a Car The car is the collateral for the loan. The title indicates who owns the car. When considering a car loan: Know the costs and how much you need toborrow Shop for the best dealLoan To Own 18

Where to Obtain Car Loans Banks/thrifts Credit unions Finance companies Car dealershipsLoan To Own 19

When Dealers Offer Low Interest Rates The best deal may require: Large down paymentShort loan term (3 years or less)Excellent credit historyParticipation feeLoan To Own 20

Low Interest Rates Ask about: Price of low-rate financing Advantages of paying with cash/using yourown financing Down payment required Limits on the length of the loan Balloon payments, if due at the end of theloanLoan To Own 21

Special Promotions Ask about: Trade-in allowance Limits on special offers Meaning of dealer’s invoiceLoan To Own 22

Auto Service Contracts A promise to perform (or pay for) certainrepairs or services Ask questions before buying auto servicecontracts.Loan To Own 23

Used Car: Warranty Protection Look for the Buyer’s Guide sticker toindicate whether the vehicle is being sold: With a warranty With implied warranties “As is”Loan To Own 24

Alternative Fueled Vehicles Before buying or leasing, consider: Fuel type and availabilityOperating costsPerformance/convenienceEnergy security/renewabilityEmissionsLoan To Own 25

Activity 1: Beware of Dealer-LenderRelationshipsComplete Activity 1 in the Participant Guide.1. Read the scenario carefully.2. Write down some things that Samcould have done differently.3. Be prepared to explain your answers.Loan To Own 26

Structuring a Car Loan Make as large a down payment as possible Consider the total cost of the loan: Example: 15,000 at 4% interest for 36 months 443 versus 48 months 339 a month Total cost: 15,948 versus 16,272 Be cautious about taking on an auto loanterm of 5 years or moreLoan To Own 27

Beware of Car Title Loans You risk losing your car if you cannot pay. They can be costly loans. Example: 1st month: 500 loan 100 interest ( 500 x20%) 600 1 year: 500 loan 1,200 interest ( 110 x12) 240% APRLoan To Own 28

Equity The value of the home minus the debtValue of homeminus debtEquity 250,000- 180,000 70,000 A home equity loan allows you to borrowagainst the value of your home.Loan To Own 29

How Home Equity Loans WorkAppraised value of home: 250,000Lender’s maximum loan-to-value ratio: 80%Maximum you can borrow against the home: 250,000 x 80% 200,000Maximum value of home equity loan: 200,000 - 180,000 (existing mortgage) 20,000Loan To Own 30

Types of Home Equity Loans Home Equity Loan: One-time loan for a lump sum Typically at a fixed interest rate Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Line of credit that works like a credit card Interest rates are typically variableLoan To Own 31

Borrowing Against Your Home What are the advantages of taking out ahome equity loan? Lower interest rates Tax-deductible interest What is the danger of borrowing againstyour home? Losing your home Owing more than your home is worthLoan To Own 32

Right to Rescind/Right to Cancel You have 3 days to reconsider a signedhome equity loan agreement and cancelthe loan without a penalty when you useyour primary home as collateral.Loan To Own 33

Is a Line of Credit Right for You? Can you afford the increased monthlypayments after the introductory periodends or when interest rates rise? Are you comfortable with fluctuatingmonthly mortgage payments? Will you be investing your home equity inanother asset of long-term value?Loan To Own 34

Unsecured Installment Loans Loans used for a variety of personalexpenses with no collateral required Terms: 1 to 5 years Benefits: fast approval times, lower interestrates than credit card rates Drawbacks: Higher interest rates, strictercredit requirementsLoan To Own 35

Refund Anticipation Loans Short-term loans secured by yourincome tax refund Example: Refund: Fees: Check to you: 1,500- 300 1,200Loan To Own 36

Borrow From Yourself First Establish an emergency savings account Save at least 6 months of living expenses Consider making small, simple changes inyour habits or banking practices to saveLoan To Own 37

Comparison Shop If you must borrow money, look at bothtotal dollar costs and APR Example: 75 interest on a 500 loan for 2 weekstranslates into 391% APR! If you pay 75 to renew or roll over the 500loan, you will owe more in fees ( 525) in 14weeks than the original loan!Loan To Own 38

Emergency Options for Cash Talk to your financial institution for loanoptions (e.g., line of credit) Build a savings fundLoan To Own 39

The Four Cs Capacity: your present and future abilityto meet your payment obligations Capital: the value of your assets and yournet worth Character: how you have paid bills ordebts in the past Collateral: property or assets offered tosecure the loanLoan To Own 40

Consumer Protection Laws Equal Credit Opportunity Act Truth in Lending Act Fair Credit Reporting Act Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Fair Credit Billing ActLoan To Own 41

Activity 2: How Lending Laws ProtectYouComplete Activity 2 in the Participant Guide.1. Read the scenario carefully.2. Answer the questions.3. Be prepared to explain your answers.Loan To Own 42

Resolving Complaints Write to the Federal Deposit InsuranceCorporation (FDIC): State the problem Include pertinent information Send copies of documents that may helpexplain your problem Keep the original documents Sign and date your letterLoan To Own 43

Additional Consumer Protection Laws Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act Fair Housing Act Consumer Leasing ActLoan To Own 44

Predatory Lending Practices Includes the use of: Certain marketing tactics Abusive collection practices Loan terms that deceive and exploitborrowers Occurs in mortgage, home equity, creditcard, auto lending, and payday lendingmarketsLoan To Own 45

Subprime Lending Involves extending credit to borrowerswith a poor credit history: Most predatory loans are made to subprimeborrowers, but not all subprime loans arepredatory. Interest rates and loan fees may be higher tooffset the higher costs associated with lendingto these borrowers.Loan To Own 46

Predatory Payday Loans Small cash advances minus the lender’sfees Example: You agree to pay 230 You receive 200 Lender fees: 30 (which equals 390% APR)Loan To Own 47

Predatory Mortgage Lending Practices Excessive fees Abusive repayment penalties Kickback to brokers (yield spreadpremium) Loan flipping Unnecessary products Asset-based lending Steering and targetingLoan To Own 48

Activity 3: Predatory Lending PracticesComplete Activity 3 in the Participant Guide.1. Read the scenario carefully.2. Answer the questions.3. Be prepared to explain your answers.Loan To Own 49

Summary What final questions do you have? What have you learned? How would you evaluate the training?Loan To Own 50

Conclusion You learned about: Secured and unsecured loansThe cost of loansCar loans and auto financingHome equity loansThe Four Cs of loan decisionsPredatory lending practicesLoan To Own 51

Loan To Own 30 How Home Equity Loans Work Appraised value of home: 250,000 Lender's maximum loan-to-value ratio: 80% Maximum you can borrow against the home: 250,000 x 80% 200,000 Maximum value of home equity loan: 200,000 - 180,000 (existing mortgage) 20,000

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6. Loan geography 8. 7. Contractual cash flows for each loan or pool of loans Risk System Data: 1. Loan classes and grades 2. Modification history by loan class 3. Loan renewal and funding history by loan class 4. Loan prepayments history by loan class 5. Loan cash flows not collected 6. Loan grade LGD and PD rates 7. Loan grade charge-off history

last loan of a loan sequence. For more than 80% of the loan sequences that last for more than one loan, the last loan is the same size as or larger than the first loan in the sequence. Loan size is more likely to go up in longer loan sequences, and prin

Loan product - select the type of loan. Basic Home Loan - Get back to basics with our no-frills, variable rate home loan - low interest rate, fees and stress. Flexible Home Loan - Customise to your heart's content. With options to fix, split or offset, you can create a loan to fit your lifestyle. Loan purpose. Primary purpose.

Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure Time Chart 1 TILA RESPA Time Chart 3 Loan Estimate Rounding Chart 5 Closing Disclosure Rounding Chart 9. LOAN ESTIMATE . CFR Reference Loan Estimate Disclosure Annotated 15 H-24(A) Mortgage Loan Transaction Loan Estimate 19 H-24(B) Fixed Rate Loan 31 H-24(C) Interest Only Adjustable Rate Loan 35 H-24(D .

Community Banks( 3B) vs. Regionals( 20B- 100B) Loan Yields vs. Market Rates Attendee Submitted Loan Pricing Case Studies Community Bank ROE and Loan ROE Trends Loan Pricing in a Rising Rate Environment . 5 TRENDS 6.44 5.09 5.11 4.75 5.25 5.75 6.25 6.75 Loan Yields Community Bank Loan Yields Regional Bank Loan Yields

local time. At the special meeting, Home Bancorp's stockholders will consider and vote on proposals that must be approved for Home Bancorp to complete the Sale Transaction (as defined below) with Dupaco Community Credit Union ("Dupaco"). On September 30, 2021, Home Bancorp, Home Savings Bank and Dupaco entered into a Purchase and

Keywords: Loan System, Loan Automation, Loan Application, Design Loan System, Design Loan Application. 1.0. Introduction A loan is an amount of money given to an individual or institution on the condition that it will be paid back over a . Non-functional Specification Non-functional requirements are good to haves. The non-functional .

FEDERAL LOAN BENEFITS. If you have federal loans and anticipate needing or qualifying for federal loan benefits, these will not transfer to a private loan. Public Service Loan Forgiveness: Those who work full-time in qualified public service jobs may qualify to have remaining loan balance forgiven after 120 payments. Teacher Loan Forgiveness:

LOAN EXAMPLE- MINIMIZE BORROWING Loan Balance: Loan Balance: 30,000.00 Monthly Loan Loan Balance: 28,000.00 Monthly Loan Payment: 345.24 Cumulative Payments: 4142891 Payment: 322.22 41,428.

SunTrust Jumbo Maximum Loan Amount SunTrust Jumbo Loan Amounts The SunTrust FHA Jumbo Loan Program code (F30JFX) must be used when the base loan amount meets or exceeds the loan amounts in the table below. If you have a: SunTrust Jumbo Program Code begins at: 1 Unit Property 4 53

VA Cash-Out Net Tangible Benefit Requirements Effective for all VA Cash-Out refinances with loan application taken on or after February 15, 2019, at least one of the following must be met: The new loan eliminates monthly mortgage insurance; or Loan term of the new loan is less than the loan term of the loan being refinanced; or

Nov 20, 2018 · Student loan forgiveness and loan repayment programs provide borrowers a means of having all or part of their student loan debt forgiven or repaid in exchange for work or service in specific fields or professions or following a prolonged period during which their student loan debt burden is high relative t

my loan holder will apply a forbearance of principal and interest on my qualifying loans from the date my loan holder receives my completed loan forgiveness application through the date my loan forgiveness request is approved or denied, unless I notify my loan holder that I want to continue making regular payments during this period; (2) if I

St. Paul Regional Loan Center. 1 Federal Drive. St. Paul, MN 55111. Phone: 1-877-827-3702 (select option) Loan Production: Option 2. Loan Administration: . Roles of Loan Administration. 15. H. OME. R. ETENTION. O. PTIONS Repayment Plan Forbearance Loan Modification VA Refunding. Retention

amended application and an additional credit review. This loan is not a line of credit; 15.Loan origination, collateralization, and loan servicing may be provided by an entity contracted by the MDFB; 16.Loan recipients must produce a business plan either at the time of application or prior to the disbursement of any loan funds.

qHome Equity Credit Line qFixed Rate Home Equity Loan qVariable Rate Home Equity Loan Date Received Log Number . 2/22 Non-Owner Occupied Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan Non-Owner Occupied Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan Fixed Rate Application 611 River Drive Elmwood Park, New Jersey 07407 1-800-363-8115 . FAX: (201) 797-5086 Loan Originator's Name

qHome Equity Credit Line qFixed Rate Home Equity Loan qVariable Rate Home Equity Loan Date Received Log Number . 2/22 Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan Fixed Rate 611 River Drive Application Elmwood Park, New Jersey 07407 1-800-363-8115 . FAX: (201) 797-5086 Loan Originator's Name - _ NMLS# _ Loan Origination Company's Name - Spencer .

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