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FIRST HOMEBUYER’S GUIDEAll the tips you need to get into your first home sooner.

Buying yourfirst home?Let’s do thisBuying your first home is an exciting time,but one that’s also filled with questions.So, we’ve created this guide to give you anoverview of how things work, make things simple –and ultimately get you into your first home sooner.If you have any questions about stepping intothe market for the first time, our Home FinanceManagers are here to lend a hand, with jargon-freeadvice and dedicated support.2

What’sincluded?01PREPARING TO BUY 4Understanding home loans 6Home loan calculators 7Saving for a deposit 8Family Security Guarantee 902Upfront costs 12Know your budget 13Researching the market 14Approval in principle 15READY TO BUY 16Research the property 18Pre-purchase considerations 03320Choosing the right home loan 21BUYING YOUR PROPERTY 22Making an offer 24Finalise your finances 25Ahead of settlement 26Day of settlement 27


You’ve made the big decision tobuy your first home. What next?Arming yourself with all theright information is the first steptowards securing your first home.We’ve created this guide to helpmake buying your first home easier.Our experienced team of HomeFinance Managers are also here tohelp you along the way. So if you’vegot any more questions, don’t hesitateto reach out to them.5

Preparing to buyReady to buyUnderstandinghome loansBuying your propertyThere are many things to consider in thehome buying journey. A good place tostart is getting up to speed with someof the key terms you’re likely to see.Contract of sale.Stamp duty.This is the legal document thatsets out the terms and conditionsagreed between the buyerand seller.This is a state and territorygovernment tax based on thepurchase price of the property.As it’s paid to the state or territory,the amount will vary depending onwhere you’re located as well as onthe price of the property and otherfactors such as whether you’re afirst home buyer or an investor.Comparison rate.Fixed interest rate.Variable interest rate.This is a tool to help youunderstand the true cost of a loanand is used to compare loans fromdifferent lenders. It’s representedby a single percentage rate whichfactors in some of the fees andcharges relating to the loan, butnot all of them.This refers to an interest rate thatdoes not change for a set periodof time. This type of interest ratemay suit the type of borrowerswho like certainty with theirregular repayments throughoutthe fixed term. You may incurbreak costs if you close a fixedrate home loan before the fixedterm ends, switch to a variable rateor make more than the maximumamount in extra repayments.This refers to an interest rate whichmoves in response to marketinterest rate changes. This meansthe loan repayment could changeduring your loan term. This typeof interest rate may suit the typeof borrowers who prefer flexibilitywith their regular repaymentsthroughout the term.Head to the glossary at for moreterminology around the home buying process.6

Preparing to buyHome loancalculatorsReady to buyBuying your propertyNumbers, numbers, numbers. There’sa lot of them to crunch when you’rebuying your first home. To help you getthe estimates you need, we’ve createda range of handy calculators.How much can Iborrow calculator.Repaymentscalculator.Get an estimate of howmuch you could affordto borrow and what yourrepayments may be.Estimate your monthlyhome loan repaymentsbased on your loanamount.Home savercalculator.Stamp duty andupfront costscalculator.See how long it mighttake you to save for thatall-important deposit.Estimate how muchstamp duty you’ll pay onyour new home and otherupfront costs.Crunch those numbers.Head to tor to explore thesecalculators.7

Preparing to buySaving fora depositReady to buyBuying your propertyIn most cases, you’ll need a depositthat equates to 20% of the propertypurchase price.If you’ve started saving, but still have less than a20% deposit, there’s a number of options availablethat could help you buy a property sooner.Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI).If your deposit is less than 20%, you may need topay what’s called Lenders Mortgage Insurance,which enables you to borrow a larger percentageof the purchase price. With Lenders MortgageInsurance, the lender is protected against the risk ofthe borrower defaulting on the loan, which means youmay be able to apply for a home loan with less thana 20% deposit. This can be included in either yourupfront costs or your loan repayments, so that it’sspread out over the term of the loan.Examples of thresholds for LMIMinimum Deposit %Propertypurchaseprice8LMI notrequiredLMI required20%10%5% 600,000 120,000 60,000 30,000 500,000 100,000 50,000 25,000 400,000 80,000 40,000 20,000 300,000 60,000 30,000 15,000

Preparing to buyReady to buyBuying your propertyFamily Security GuaranteeSaving for a home deposit is no meanfeat. But there’s a way to make it moreachievable, with a little help fromthose closest to you.What is a Family Security Guarantee?If you’re finding it tricky to reach a deposit of 20%or higher on your home loan, that’s where a FamilySecurity Guarantee comes in.It allows a family member to act as Guarantorto secure your deposit, so you have a bit moreborrowing power. This can reduce your Loan toValue Ratio (LVR) to under 80%, which means youcan avoid paying Lender’s Mortgage Insurance(LMI) on top of your deposit.That family member can choose cash (like tuckedaway savings or term deposit funds) or equity fromtheir home to use as security, and they won’t needto give any funds directly to the borrower.If the family member chooses to use cash insteadof their home’s equity, this amount will be put ina special Term Deposit account with Westpac,where it could earn interest.9

Preparing to buyReady to buyBuying your propertyFamily Security GuaranteeHere’s an example of how theguarantee works.If you wanted to borrow 270,000(to cover the loan amount, Stamp Duty,and other costs, but not LMI) for aproperty valued at 300,000.Loan AmountProperty Value 270,000 300,000x100 LVRx10090%With an LVR of 90%, LMI is applicable,which is an added cost.However, if you were to add a Family SecurityGuarantee of 40,000 as additional security,the LVR on your loan reduces.Loan Amount(Property Value FamilySecurity Guarantee amount) 270,000( 300,000 40,000)x100 LVRx10079%With a new LVR of 79%, LMI would no longer berequired, which could be a significant saving.10

Preparing to buyReady to buyBenefits forthe borrower.Buying your propertyBenefits forthe Guarantor.More borrowing power.Maximise the amount you can borrow;up to 100% of the purchase price, pluscosts like Stamp Duty and legal fees.More options.As the guarantee is limited, you canchoose the amount you would like tocommit, up to 50% of the loan value.More to save.A guarantee can help you reduce oravoid Lender’s Mortgage Insurance,saving you money when you needit most.More flexibility.You can be released from theguarantee as soon as the LVR dropsbelow 80%. No need to wait until theloan’s fully repaid.More choice.You may be able to enter the marketsooner, with extra flexibility to choosethe property that’s right for you.Know the risks.If you’re thinking about becoming a Guarantor in the Family Security Guarantee, there are a fewthings you should be aware of first: I t’s a big decision to make, so ensure you’re confident with the borrower’s financial situation(and yours) to handle it. Keep in mind, a single guarantee is able to represent no more than 50% of the guarantor’ssecurity. As guarantor, you’ll have to choose an asset you own to use as ‘security’. That’s the propertyWestpac can claim if a borrower defaults on their loan. If you choose to use a Term Deposit assecurity, the whole deposit amount could be used, depending on the portion the borrower cannotrepay. If you choose to use your home’s equity as security and don’t have cash to pay Westpacupfront if asked, your house may be sold to cover it. While acting as Guarantor, your ability to borrow may be reduced. Make sure you read and understand the full Terms and Conditions of the guarantee, and ensureyou seek the mandatory independent legal advice before making a decision and signingany documents.11

Preparing to buyUpfront costsReady to buyBuying your propertyOn top of the deposit, you’ll need toconsider other upfront costs involved inbuying a property, which may include:Government fees,including stamp duty.Conveyancingand legal costs.Building and pestinspections.Title search andregistration fees.Home insurance prior to settlement,and possibly contents insurancewhen you move in.Quick tip.As a first home buyer, you may be eligiblefor the First Home Owner Grant scheme(FHOG). These are government assistanceprograms that offer first home buyers’incentives to access the property market.This can include financial assistance in theform of stamp duty concessions.For the latest state-based information, chatto your Home Finance Manager or go

Preparing to buyKnow yourbudget13Ready to buyBuying your propertyMaking a budget is an important part of thebuying process. Understanding how muchyou can borrow and what your repaymentswould be can help you plan for success.You’ll also need to consider how much moneyyou need for everyday living expenses andother financial commitments. Your HomeFinance Manager can help you to be confidentwith your plans, every step of the way.

Preparing to buyReady to buyResearchingthe marketProximity totown or citycentre.14Public orcommunitytransport options.Buying your propertyIt’s a great idea to research the propertymarket and the areas you’re considering.This initial groundwork can help you narrow yourproperty search and make you a more confidentbuyer. Below are a few factors to consider.Our Home Finance Managers can provide youwith essential information, such as Suburb andProperty Reports, ensuring you have all theright information at your fingertips.Parks andrecreationalgrounds.Schools andshoppingcentres.

Preparing to buyApprovalin PrincipleReady to buyBuying your propertyTo give you a clear indication of how muchyou can borrow, with the help of your HomeFinance Manager you’re able to obtain anApproval in Principle. This allows you to lookfor properties and narrow your search withconfidence as you will: Know the maximum amount you’ll be ableto borrow and what deposit you may need. Be perceived as a serious buyer by a realestate agent.Once an Approval in Principle is given, it is valid for90 days from when it is approved. However, if youdon’t find a property within this time, you may renewthe certificate for a further 90 days by confirmingyour financial circumstances haven’t changed.15


It’s such a great feeling whenyou finally find the propertyyou want to buy and call home.Before you make an offer or attend theauction, it’s important you carry out allfinal checks on the property you like.Your Home Finance Manager can helpby providing you with a Property Reportfor the home you’re interested in.Property Reports and Guides: While such material is published with permission, Westpac is not responsible for its accuracy or completeness.17

Preparing to buyResearchthe propertyReady to buyBuying your propertyAlways look at the property closely andmake sure it meets your needs.It’s also a good idea to look at comparable propertiesin the area. Understanding what kind of propertiesare in demand and what they’ve sold for can helpyou negotiate the sales process with confidence. Askyour Home Finance Manager about specific propertyreports, which generally include estimated valuationand rental estimates, property history and otherproperty attributes.Property Reports and Guides: While such material is publishedwith permission, Westpac is not responsible for its accuracyor completeness.18

Preparing to buyResearchthe propertyReady to buyBuying your propertyGet the insights you need with our PropertyResearch Tool.Our Property Research Tool is designed to arm youwith the insight and expertise that could give you thecompetitive edge when buying your first home.Whether you’re searching a suburb or a specificproperty, it gives you free access to informationincluding: The estimated value of properties you’re lookingto buy, including sales and valuation history. Suburb trends and demographics. Recent, nearby comparable sales in the area,mapped out for your convenience. Expected rental income and yields.Head to -research to access our PropertyResearch Tool today.Knowledge is power.Having the right info not only helps you havethe right conversations with agents and seller,but could also make you feel empowered andconfident with your property-buying decisions.19

Preparing to buyReady to buyPre-purchaseconsiderationsBefore you commit to anything, it’sessential you do your homework.Here are a few of the big thingsto cover off:Contract of sale.Ensure a copy of theContract has beenreviewed by yoursolicitor/conveyancer.Cooling-off period.Talk to your solicitor/conveyancer to besure you understandthe conditions of thesale. Most states have acooling off period, exceptfor sales at auction whichgenerally do not have acooling off period.Building and pestinspection.If you want to conductany building and/orpest inspections, talk toyour real estate agentto arrange a time forthese inspections to beconducted to ensurethe property is in thecondition as specifiedin the strata reportand/or contract. Aprofessional inspectorcan help identify hiddenissues such as structuraldamage and termites –and determine how theymay affect the propertyover time.20Buying your propertyZoning changesand proposeddevelopments.Double-check yourchosen area’s zoningand whether it could beimpacted by proposeddevelopments that mayaffect your property longterm. You may also needto identify the flood orfire risk for a property.This information cangenerally be found onthe local council website.Protecting yourself.It’s important to considerprotecting your propertywith home and contentsinsurance. There’s alsoLandlord Insuranceoptions should you buyan investment property.Your Home FinanceManager can help youunderstand some ofthe products availableto you and also adviseof any insurances youmay require prior tosettlement. Thereare different types ofinsurances dependingon your needs to ensureyou’re protected, sobe sure to consider theoptions and choosewhat’s right for you.

Preparing to buyChoosingthe righthome loan21Ready to buyBuying your propertyWe understand that one size doesn’t fitall. That’s why we have a wide range ofhome loan options offering you flexibility,certainty and peace of mind.An important factor when choosing a homeloan is to consider whether you would prefer avariable or fixed interest rate or the best of bothworlds. Your Home Finance Manager will provideyou with the options to help you understand thebenefits and make the right decision.


Some days it may seem like yoursearch will never end, but onceyou find a place you love, it allfeels worth it.Whether you’re making an offer, knowingwhat to do once it’s been accepted orgetting across the settlement process,it’s important you understand the finalstages of the buying process. A solicitor/conveyancer can help you navigate thispart of the purchasing journey.23

Preparing to buyMaking anofferReady to buyBuying your propertyBefore you consider making an offer, it’simportant to speak to your Home FinanceManger to ensure your Approval inPrinciple is still valid.Once you’re ready to make an offer on aproperty, you’ll find there are two maintypes of sales.01AuctionTo express your interest as a potential buyer,you’ll need to register as a bidder on the dayof auction.If you make the winning bid, you’ll needto sign the contract and pay a deposit,generally this is 10% of sale price, on the day.02Private saleYou negotiate the sale price with the seller.This is often done through the real estateagent and the negotiation process can takedays or weeks.24

Preparing to buyFinalise yourfinances25Ready to buyBuying your propertyOnce your offer has been accepted, we willneed to finalise your home loan applicationand complete a property valuation.There are a number of documents required toformalise your loan approval before we make a formalloan offer to you. Your Home Finance Manager will beable to help you understand this process and finaliseyour home loan application.

Preparing to buyReady to buyAhead ofsettlementBuying your propertyYou’re now on the home stretch!Property settlement is the legal processof transferring ownership of the propertyfrom the seller to the buyer and isfacilitated by your legal and financialrepresentatives and those of the seller.The ‘settlement period’, from when you sign thecontract to when settlement is finalised, is generally6 weeks, however, it can vary from 4–12 weeksdepending on the agreement.Settlement period: Generally 6 weeks(Can vary from 4-12 weeks depending on the agreement)Sign thecontractSettlementis finalisedThis is a great time to prepare yourself for your new property, including organising:Homeinsurance.26Speaking withutility providers(gas, electricity,internet etc).Completing thefinal inspection ofthe property priorto settlement day.Confirming thedetails of yoursettlement.

Preparing to buyDay ofsettlement27Ready to buyBuying your propertySettlement day is a big milestone as thisis the day you become the owner of yournew property.Generally, the legal and financial representatives willmeet on behalf of you and the seller to finalise thetransfer of property ownership. Once this has beensorted, you’ll be the owner of your first property.Congratulations, it’s time to pick up the keys!

For more informationGo to us on 131 900Contact your nearest branchThings you should know: Credit criteria, terms and conditions, fees and charges apply. The information in this brochure is current as at 23 June 2021 and does not takeinto account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. For this reason, you should consider the appropriateness of the information and, if necessary, seekappropriate professional advice. Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 AFSL and Australian credit licence 233714. W91541 0519.

borrow calculator. Home saver calculator. Repayments calculator. Stamp duty and upfront costs calculator. Get an estimate of how much you could afford to borrow and what your repayments may be. See how long it might take you to save for that all-important deposit. Estimate your monthly home loan repayments based on your loan amount. Estimate .

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to travel the road toward home ownership, take your first step with the RE/MAX Home Buyer's Guide. This guide is a resource to help familiarize you with the home-buying process, and present you with relevant information, including a list of terms, things to consider when choosing a home, and a checklist to help you make the right decisions for you.

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Public Improvement District (PID) Formation Strategic Marketing Plans . udi ng information disclosed to the agent or subagent by the buyer or buyer’s agent. . A license holder acts as a subagent when aiding a buyer in a transaction without an agreement to represent the buyer. A

REAL ESTATE CONSUMER’S AGENCY DISCLOSURE (RECAD): The Listing Company is: The Selling Company is: (Two blocks may be checked) An agent of the Seller An agent of the Buyer An agent of the Buyer An agent of both the Seller and Buyer, and is acting as a limited consensual dual agent Assisting the Buyer Seller as a Transaction Broker /

through a buyer's broker arrangement. A buyer's broker will represent you, not the seller. Once he knows what you're looking for, he can scour his sources and suggest likely boats for you to view, assist in negoti-ating a price, and help with the paper-work. Typically, a buyer's broker gets a commission split from the seller's bro-

PURCHASE AGREEMENT 46. Page 2 Date 47. Property located at . 48. This Purchase Agreement IS IS NOT subject to an Addendum to Purchase Agreement: Sale of Buyer's Property -----k one.)-----(Chec49. Contingency for sale of Buyer's property.(If answer is IS, see attached Addendum.) 50. (If answ er is IS NOT, the closing of Buyer's property, if any, may still affect Buyer's ability to .

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2.3 "Buyer", "Sikorsky", or "SAC" means Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation ("SAC") or the BUYER Affiliate that issues an Order referencing these terms and conditions, and any successor or assignee of Buyer. 2.4 "Buyer's Customer" means the ultimate owner, lessee, or operator of the Goods and

Independent Personal Pronouns Personal Pronouns in Hebrew Person, Gender, Number Singular Person, Gender, Number Plural 3ms (he, it) א ִוה 3mp (they) Sֵה ,הַָּ֫ ֵה 3fs (she, it) א O ה 3fp (they) Uֵה , הַָּ֫ ֵה 2ms (you) הָּ תַא2mp (you all) Sֶּ תַא 2fs (you) ְ תַא 2fp (you