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2709 Mail Service CenterRaleigh, NC 27699-2709Division of Health ServiceRegulationHealth Care Personnel Education andCredentialing SectionPhone: 919-855-3970Fax: 919-733-9764N.C. Department of Healthand Human ServicesNURSE AIDE I TRAINING PROGRAMAPPLICATIONPlease Print LegiblyDate:Program number previously assigned, if any:Nurse Aide I Training Program Name:Mailing Address:City:State:Zip Code:State:Zip Code:Site Address:City:County:Administrative Authority Name:Proposed Program Coordinator Name:Title:Telephone Number (include area code):Telephone Number (include area code):E-mail:E-mail:Fax Number (include area code):PROGRAM TYPECommunity College Only (mark all that apply):Nursing HomeWorkforce Continuing EducationProprietaryCurriculumHospitalCareer and College Promise (CCP)Other:PROGRAM PHILOSOPHYThe Nurse Aide I Training program is designed to provide entry level Nurse Aide students with nurse aideskills essential for providing resident care under the general supervision of a registered nurse per 42 CFR§483.152(a)(5)(i) and to successfully meet the competency requirements for listing on the Nurse Aide IRegistry. The program will focus on innovative ways to deliver services that are consistent with providingcompassionate, quality, cost-effective basic nursing care.

PROGRAM OBJECTIVESThis Nurse Aide I Training Program shall provide the resources and enhanced learning opportunities forstudents to develop appropriate nurse aide skills. This will be accomplished through structured,comprehensive, supervised classroom, lab, and clinical experience, consistent with current standards ofpractice upheld by the North Carolina Board of Nursing and inclusive of knowledge and skills required by theOmnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 (OBRA 1987).MINIMUM REQUIREMENTSOBRA 1987 was established to ensure that nurse aides have the education, practical knowledge, and skillsto care for Medicare and Medicaid residents living in a skilled nursing facility or nursing facility.42 CFR §483.152(b) mandates at least a total of 16 hours of training in the following areas prior to any directcontact with a resident: communication and interpersonal skills; infection control; safety/emergencyprocedures including the Heimlich maneuver; promoting residents’ independence; and respecting residents’rights. This information can be found in Modules A – G of the North Carolina State-approved Nurse Aide ITraining Program.Proposed Program Hours:Classroom Hours:Online Hours (if applicable):Clinical Hours:Total Hours:Lab Hours:COURSE SCHEDULEThe blank course schedule included in this application packet should be used to develop your programcourse schedule. The following information should be submitted as outlined in columns shown on theschedule: Day: Use day designations (e.g., Day 1, Day 2, Day 3). Do not use actual dates (ex: “December 1”) orinclude vacation dates, breaks or lunch (ex: “spring/fall” break). Module Letter/Name: Enter each module letter and name. List audiovisuals with run times. Program Hours: One hour equals 60 minutes of instruction, do not include breaks.o Class: Record the number of class theory hours required each day.o Online: Record the number of online hours required each week, if applicable.o Lab: Record the number of lab hours spent in the laboratory each day.o Clinical: Record the number of hours spent in the clinical facility each day. Total hours must be calculated and documented at the end of the class, online (if applicable), lab, andclinical columns. Ensure that totals on the schedule reconcile with proposed hours in the MinimumRequirements section above. Complete and attach the course schedule included in this application packet.PRIMARY INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCENC State-approved Nurse Aide I Curriculum 2019 is your primary instructional resource which includesteaching guides, curriculum

The Nurse Aide I Training program is designed to provide entry level Nurse Aide students with nurse aide skills essential for providing resident care under the general supervision of a registered nurse per 42 CFR §483.152(a)(5)(i) and to successfully meet the competency requirements for listing on the Nurse Aide I Registry.

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Care Association's Temporary Nurse Aide course written competency exam with a minimum score of 80% 2. The student must have completed at least 68 hours of on-the-job training (172 NAC 108-003.01), working as a temporary nurse aide in the facility under the supervision of a registered nurse) . Association). Program

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Montgomery County Community College Nurse Aide Program Excerpts from the Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP) Handbook 1 Admission Requirements There are several steps that need to be completed prior to your enrollment in the Nurse Aide Training program. A summary checklist is on the next page.

(c) Nurse aide staffing 5.25 hours per resident per day. For this purpose, total nurse staffing includes the following specific job categories: RN DON, RN with administrative duties, RN, LPN with administrative duties, LPN, Certified Nursing Assistant, Medication Aide/Technician, and Nurse Aide in Training. Nurse aide staffing includes Certified

Nursing or nursing-related activities Supervised by an RN. Nurse Aide I Listing Online Renewals. Listings renewed through qualified work experience every 24 months. A nurse aide who does not perform at least 8 hours of qualified work during any 24 -month period will be required to retake a state- approved nurse aide

It also restricts the time an uncertified nurse aide is competent to be employed as a nurse aide in a long-term care facility. Further, N.T.A.C.8:39-43.2 sets forth the requirements for applicants to receive certification as a nurse aide in long-term care facilities. Under the rule, applicants must (1) successfully complete a nurse aide in

NCC HEALTHCARE EDUCATION - NURSE AIDE TRAINING . Updated NCC9/10/2021, Nurse AideTraining - EnrollmentRequirements Packet p . 3 . . Enrollment in NCCs nurse aide training program is on a first-come, first-serve basis, since registration reserves a seat for you. You can register anytime up until 2 business days before the Mandatory

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