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Dear Family, Friends and Supporters:We are grateful that you’re apart of our world. Thank youfor your continuing support.As your board chairman and president/CEO, we are pleased to present New Horizons’Annual Report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019.Years ago, Mahatma Gandhi encouraged others to “be the change that you wish to seein the world.” He then went on to say that we do not need to wait to see what otherswill do. More than 65 years ago, eight families chose not to wait. The change they setin motion altered the world for their children with Down syndrome and the more than1,500 clients that we serve annually.This past fiscal year was one of changes that we hope would have made Gandhi proud.Our programs and services became almost 100% community based as we began toenvision a world where those we serve would find real inclusion and even greateropportunities. And while it was exciting to see so many engage in the communityin ways like never before, New Horizons is pleased to say that our unwaveringcommitment to our clients’ bright futures could still be counted on.This past year, New Horizons successfully served more than 400 clients by providingeffective job training and placement, making us one of the largest placement agenciesin California for individuals with special needs. Other key services, such as high-qualityresidential and community living services, innovative community day programs, anddozens of other service options, all continue to thrive, thanks to you, our loving andgenerous stakeholders.Your partnership enabled us to work with a purpose to create our new GoGroceryfood-service training program. It enabled us to provide person-centered communityactivities for all of our clients, and it strengthened our ability to navigate the shiftingfinancial winds that have affected so many social service organizations like our own.On behalf of our clients, staff, volunteers and board of directors, we are grateful toyou, and to your resolve not to wait on others for the world to change. Your continuedguidance, commitment and loyalty to New Horizons makes it possible for us to designbold futures and dream of unlimited possibilities for those we serve.We are grateful that you’re a part of our world. Thank you for your continuing support.Sincerely,Ken MilesBoard ChairJohn C. Brauer, M.A.President/CEONEW HORIZONS 2019 ANNUAL REPORT3

OURMISSIONNew Horizons empowersindividuals with disabilities toreach their full potential.OURVISIONOURVISIONTogether we’re building aninclusive world that celebratesstrengths, respects abilitiesand embraces diversity.NEW HORIZONS 2019 ANNUAL REPORT4

PROGRAMHIGHLIGHTSNEW AT NEW HORIZONSCity Of Los Angeles Celebrates New Horizons’ 65th Year!On Thursday, April 17, 2019, New Horizons proudly received a special proclamationfrom the City of Los Angeles at the Los Angeles City Hall in honor of its 65thanniversary. Los Angeles City Councilmember Bob Blumenfield, of Council District 3,made this special presentation during fiscal year 2019. He had the honor of awardingit during a scheduled city council meeting to New Horizons’ president and CEO, JohnC. Brauer, M.A., and other members of the New Horizons staff.The GoGrocery curriculum includes classroom lessons for both the “hard skills”necessary to perform on-the-job duties and the “soft skills” needed to assistwith developing the confidence and ability to engage successfully in appropriateworkplace relationships with co-workers and supervisors. Once they’ve completedthe GoGrocery coursework, participants have the option to receive support throughcontinued employment services including assessment, job development, andplacement and coaching at an actual food retail shop.Blumenfield invited the City of Los Angeles to join him in recognizing and celebratingNew Horizons and the many clients we have had the pleasure of serving throughoutthe years.The California Department of Rehabilitation licensed GoGrocery in July 2019. Shortlythereafter, stories featuring this program — which provides opportunities for thecommunity as a whole — appeared on LA’s ABC7 News and Spectrum News 1.Today, New Horizons looks toward the next 65 years as an era of advancing communityinclusion and belonging for those we support, while keeping the dreams and the promiseof our founding eight families alive in ways they could only imagine.New Horizons Client Engagement and Outcomes ManagerA New Program in the Bag: GoGroceryIn fiscal year 2019, New Horizons was excited to invite our members and thecommunity to participate in our newest program: GoGrocery!GoGrocery resulted from a successful partnership between New Horizons andAlbertsons/Vons grocery stores. The program’s 10-week training session trains adultsas well as students, ages 16–22, who have exited/graduated from high school or beenreferred from local school districts, in collaboration with the California Departmentof Rehabilitation.By the end of fiscal year 2019, a number of organizations serving the intellectuallyand developmentally disabled communities began seriously using the term“engagement,” as so many of those we served were out in the community in evergrowing numbers. It seemed only fitting that New Horizons would welcome a clientengagement and outcomes manager to our staff in order to develop a robust systemto meet the needs and desires of our members as they enter into varied programs andservices, which — to a great degree — are community based.Coming to us with a great deal of experience and dedication, Noemi Ortiz, New Horizons’client engagement and outcomes manager, expresses a person-centered approach asshe engages with New Horizons members and families. She is also currently developing asystem for New Horizons departments’ outcomes and results.NEW HORIZONS 2019 ANNUAL REPORT5

New Logo, New LookIn September 2019, New Horizons launched a new brand look and tagline to better reflectand convey our newly transitioned services. As an organization committed to lookingtoward the future, our new logo symbolizes our growth as we continue to evolve with theneed to engage our members, staff and partners alike, in the community.The updated New Horizons logo resembles a rising sun, evoking a sense of hope andpossibility. The design captures New Horizons’ vision of building an inclusive world thatcelebrates strengths, respects all abilities and embraces diversity. Similar to the logo, ournew tagline, Bold Futures. Unlimited Possibilities., embodies New Horizons’ commitment toopening doors for individuals of all abilities by increasing self confidence, teaching valuableskills and facilitating continuous growth.NEW HORIZONS 2019 ANNUAL REPORT6

COMMUNITY NEWSPrincipals Come Back to New HorizonsNew Horizons was pleased to host the L.A. City Council District 12’s 7th AnnualWelcome Back Workshop (aka Educators’ Roundtable) for San Fernando ValleyLAUSD principals.This highly attended, highly anticipated event took place in the Business Centerand Banquet Hall (formerly Sam’s Café) on Oct. 4, 2018, providing K-12 SanFernando Valley schools with the opportunity to learn about the numerousservices and resources available to them at the start of the brand-new school year.New Horizons appreciates all of its community members that choose our BusinessCenter and Banquet Hall as a place to gather for large and small events. Our doors arealways open to friends and supporters in the community who want to rent our space,step onto our campus, and learn about and support those we serve.2018 Candidate Mid-Term ForumAs we entered into the fiscal year, in anticipation of the 2018 mid-term elections,the North Los Angeles County Regional Center (NLACRC) looked to New Horizonsto be one of two local sites for its traditional bi-partisan Candidate Forum.Held on Oct. 25, 2018, in the Business Center and Banquet Hall, this event, whichwas themed “Your Vote is Your Voice!,” was designed so that potential voters,comprised of families, friends, caregivers and others, could have access to thecandidates before the Nov. 6, 2018, election.The candidates in attendance for the pre-election event were Mark S. Reed; JohnBrodtke, representing U.S. Congressman Brad Sherman for District 30; StateSenate District 18 hopeful Rudy Melendez; and Roxanne Beckford Hoge for StateAssembly District 46.The fight to let our voices be heard continues from one fiscal year to the next. Rightnow, California Governor Gavin Newsom has the opportunity to fund critical servicesand supports for those we serve by investing 450 million in the 2020-21 statebudget. Please share this link: withthose you know. Help support our clients in living safe and healthy lives, filled withopportunities.New Horizons Members Honor President George H.W. BushOne of the most enduring pieces of legislation signed by former President GeorgeH.W. Bush is the American Disabilities Act (ADA), which went into law on July 26,1990.When President Bush signed the legislation, he highlighted the fact that,“ . every man, woman and child with a disability can now pass through once-closeddoors into a bright new era of equality, independence and freedom.” Bolsteredby these words — and in response to Bush Sr.’s passing on Nov. 30, 2018 — NewHorizons produced a tribute plaque, containing New Horizons member signatures,that was sent to the late president’s family as our way of saying “thank you.”Several members in our Community Day Services program signed the New Horizonstribute plaque to the late president, before it was delivered to the Bush Library at TexasA&M University.NEW HORIZONS 2019 ANNUAL REPORT7

EVENTSNew Horizons Annual Gala - 65th Sapphire JubileeNew Horizons 11th Annual Walk on the HorizonIn partnership with our event honorary chairs Luis A. Cayo, Los Angeles CountySupervisor Kathryn Barger (SD-5), and Bert and Jane Boeckmann — owners andoperators of San Fernando Valley’s Galpin Motors — New Horizons held an elaboratecelebration honoring 65 years of serving our members, helping them to reach theirfullest potential.On Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018, walkers joined together to raise funds andawareness for New Horizons’ life-changing programs. Like a determined armyon the backlot of CBS Studios in Studio City, California, we walked among thesound stages of some of television’s most iconic TV shows with one goal in mind:to celebrate the abilities of individuals with intellectual and/or developmentaldisabilities, and to advance their inclusion in the community.“Honoring Our Past and Cheers to Our Future!” was the theme of the night on March30, 2019, at the Los Angeles Skirball Center. Actress and comedian Sherri Shepherdjoined us in kicking off the evening, making our 65th anniversary the crown jewelfundraising event of the year, and fun, too! New Horizons spent the evening focusingon our members who have become more involved in the community. In the area ofinvolvement, in similar fashion, we also honored longtime volunteers Judy and RickFisher, whose involvement in the agency was recognized with our special Dignity, Love,and Compassion Award.With many exciting features at the Sapphire Jubilee Gala event — a cocktail hour,dinner, “wine pull” raffle, and silent and live auctions, along with two heartfelt videopresentations — the night was truly a success.Through sponsorships, generous donations, and gala attendance and participation, NewHorizons raised more than 232,000 at our 16th Annual Gala!Starting with a delicious continental breakfast to get everyone’s energy up andengines revving, one of the more memorable moments came early in the daywhen Galpin Motors’ convertible pace car, carrying Universal Studios’ “Lucy,”began the walk, leading the way at the sound of the starting horn. Once the walkended, there was time for awards, an exciting raffle and acknowledgements allaround.Fiscal year 2019’s Walk was our 11th, and perhaps one of the best due to the venueand overwhelming participation — 500 participants strong with huge corporate teamparticipation. More than 77,000 was raised, which enables us to provide furtherprograms and services for those we support.New Horizons 16th Annual Golf ClassicAfter another stunning golf tournament, which took place at Mountain GateCountry Club on June 24, 2019, New Horizons ended fiscal year 2019 on a highnote thanks to our generous golfers, sponsors, volunteers, staff and memberswho joined us for our 16th Annual Golf Classic event. Co-chaired by NewHorizons Board Chair Ken Miles and Steve Asher, the day began with registration,followed by lunch and putting games provided by Eric Tracy, aka “The MulliganMan.” Throughout the day, golfers were treated to on-course refreshments, ahole-in-one contest courtesy of Galpin Motors, additional on-course games andthe opportunity to receive professional photos of themselves while followingthrough on their signature swings. All of this was followed up by an awardspresentation and dinner that included a silent auction and some fabulous raffleprizes. In addition, as a special treat, in honor of our 65th anniversary, we held anopportunity drawing for a trip to Hawaii!On a beautiful day in sunny Southern California, thoughtful golfers and our generoustournament sponsors Julie Kavner, Galpin Motors and Anheuser-Busch, along withmany others, came together to honor New Horizons’ many years of successfullyproviding services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.Together, we raised nearly 90,000 for our programs and client support!NEW HORIZONS 2019 ANNUAL REPORT8

PROGRAMS& SERVICESRESIDENTIAL AND COMMUNITY LIVING SERVICES53RESIDENTS6HOMES RECEIVEDPERFECT COMPLIANCESURVEYSC O M M U N I T Y L I V I N G S PA C E S :RESIDENTIAL:New Horizons’ Residential and Community Living programs help its membersget the most out of their living experience, whether they are living in one of theorganization’s 13 group homes with live-in care, or in a place of their own withinthe community.42MEMBERS INDEPARTMENTOF COMMUNITYLIVINGEMPLOYMENT SERVICESThrough Supported Employment, Job Club, Pathways and GoGrocery, New Horizons’Employment Services has been recognized as Los Angeles County’s most effective serviceprovider in placing clients in local businesses. As part of the program — at no cost to theemployer — professional job coaches provide New Horizons’ members with training andassistance toward customized employment and an ability to be successful on the work site.400 2,230,000IN SALARY MADE BYMEMBERS SUPPORTEDEMPLOYMENT MEMBERS100%MINIMUM WAGEOR ABOVEMEMBER EARNS 20.25AN HOUR, PLUS BENEFITSNEW HORIZONS PARTNERSWITH MORE THAN 125 EMPLOYERSOF ALL WORKINGMEMBERS EARNHIGHEST PAIDö 99c store in SFV areaö Law Firm of Patenaudeand Felixö Smart & Finalö Foley & Lardner LLPö Hawker PacificAerospaceAND ADDED 14 NEWEMPLOYER PARTNERSHIPS:ö Mitierra Restaurantö Super Kingö Homeboyö Allied NationwideSecurityö The LearningExperienceö Liberty Taxö Staplesö Dolphin Imagingö Mandell, Damon &Associates LLPNEW HORIZONS 2019 ANNUAL REPORT9

COMMUNITY DAY SERVICESMONARCH MOBILE DAY PROGRAM (MMDP)Community Day Services, which operates at a 1:4 ratio, enables itsmembers to participate in a wide range of activities that providevolunteer, recreational and learning opportunities in the community. Withan emphasis on person-centered planning, this program facilitates bothinclusion and engagement.4MEMBERSTO EVERYINSTRUCTOR2172%MEMBERSGO INTO THECOMMUNITYDAILY7VANS TO TAKECLIENTS INTO COMMUNITYMONTHLYACTIVITIES16,200 HOURSTHAT MEMBERSPARTICIPATED INCOMMUNITY ACTIVITIESAt a ratio of 1:1, this program provides individuals with highly customizedday program support in a private setting. Such locations may include, butare not limited to, a family home, skilled nursing facility, or a residential orconvalescent home.153MEMBERTO EVERYINSTRUCTORMEMBERSGREEN LIGHT TO MOBILITYNew Horizons’ Green Light to Mobility program, funded by the LosAngeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (METRO),empowers individuals to safely access their communities by encouragingfurther independence, confidence and mobility through METRO transiteducation throughout the Southeastern and Eastern San Fernando Valley.3TRAINING GROUPS:SENIORS, STUDENTS ANDNEW HORIZONS MEMBERSNEW HORIZONS 2019 ANNUAL REPORT10

BUSINESS CENTER AND BANQUET HALL(FORMERLY SAM’S CAFÉ)Rebranded as a full-time Business Center and Banquet Hall, Sam’s Café’s transitionrepresents the exciting transformation New Horizons has made as a whole inaccordance with many of our programs and services. Through our 11,000-square-footrental space, we seek to become more engaged in the community through professional,community and social events. To book the Business Center and Banquet Hall for anupcoming event, contact Aida Velasco at 818-894-0582 or at New Horizons’ monthly Friday night client dances in the the Business Centerand Banquet Hall will continue. Regularly check our website at newhorizons-sfv.orgunder “events” for more information.NEW HORIZONS VOLUNTEER PROGRAMFounded in 1954 by eight parents who wanted to provide a brighter future fortheir sons and daughters with developmental disabilities, we thrive on a kindof roll-up-your-sleeves, can-do attitude. That is why today, volunteers throughour Volunteer Program receive value at New Horizons for their involvement andsupport of our clients, programs and agency.6,513 HOURSTOTALVOLUNTEERED695TOTAL VOLUNTEERS12“THIRD FRIDAY OF THE MONTH”MEMBER DANCES129COMMUNITY EVENTSSUCCESS ACCESS TEAMS (SAT)Funded by the Department of Developmental Services, SAT helped families seekingspecial needs services by hosting workshops and being a resource at community fairsand educational events throughout the San Fernando Valley.632,500COMMUNITYOUTREACHEVENTS ATTENDEDFAMILIES AND MEMBERS BELONGING TO FIVE GROUPSREACHED: AFRICAN AMERICAN, KOREAN, FILIPINO,ARMENIAN AND HISPANIC.NEW HORIZONS 2019 ANNUAL REPORT11

LEADERSHIP &STAFFOFFICERSBOARD OF DIRECTORSEMERITUS COUNCILSTAFFKen MilesChairmanDavid AdelmanDick BartusHeidi LennartzVice ChairpersonNathan B. AldenSpero BowmanJohn C. Brauer, M.A.President and CEOF. Shawn AzizollahiStan BryantGregory BuesingRoc CaldaroneJohn D. BunzelLarry DiamondRon BurkhardtPaul ElkinsColin DonahueJoyce Feucht-HaviarJohn D. EisseleJudy FisherPaula BolandAlan GoodsteinMuriel GoldojarbJulie KavnerBrandon KaufmanJanet LattoJohn LithgowPatrick MurrayDavid LillingtonJonathan MurrayJeffrey NoblittSister Colleen SettlesJulie NewmarKurt PeterGene SicilianoMichael Tilson ThomasAngela ReeseJoel SimonJerald M. SavinSusan StearnsCarolyn StraussStuart SteinbergStuart L. JaffeTreasurerGlenn BakerSecretaryHONORARY DIRECTORSDiane Thorsell, MBA, SHRM-SCPChief Human Resources OfficerPamela ArturiDirector of Employment ServicesDana HartDirector of Community Day Services,Monarch Mobile Day Program ManagerTetyana WynterDirector of Residential ServicesAdrian ClarkCommunity Living ManagerHolly RaseySenior Director of Development and CommunicationsNancy Soo-HooDirector of Special Projects and Program DevelopmentAida VelascoBusiness Center and Banquet Hall AdministratorSue WeitkampNEW HORIZONS 2019 ANNUAL REPORT12

100,000 DONORSAnonymous 50,000 - 99,999Julie KavnerThe Murray Reese Foundation 25,000 - 49,999Anheuser-Busch FoundationGalpin Motors, Inc.MUFG Union Bank, N.A. 10,000 - 24,999Glenn & Diane BakerMr. Kirk CampbellCLA FoundationCounty of Los Angeles - SupervisorSheila Kuehl 5,000 - 9,999Mr. & Mrs. Nathan AdlenMr. & Mrs. Stanley BryantMr. Luis A. CayoCounty of Los Angeles - Los Angeles County ArtsCommissionBarbara & Larry DiamondBryan EzralowPaul MandabachJonathan Murray & Harvey ReeseCarolyn StraussWorld Class IlluminationCity National BankThe Lawrence P. Frank Foundation - Donald & LoisHoffmanCliftonLarsonAllen LLPMr. & Mrs. Alan Goodstein 2,500 - 4,999Jerry & Diane DelaplaneKirsch, Kohn & Bridge LLPDGR Construction CompanyMs. Heidi LennartzThe John and Hilda Arnold FoundationDiscover A Star FoundationMr. & Mrs. Brandon MatloffMrs. Mary DixonLynn & Ken MilesMr. Peter DuncanModernHRMr. & Mrs. John EisseleWalter W. Mosher Jr., FoundationEmployees Charity Organization of NorthropGrummanMr. Patrick MurrayCSUN FoundationBarbara FarkasJudy & Rick FisherShirley and Burt Harris FamilyFoundationMarcia Israel Foundation, Inc.The Fanny and Svante KnistromFoundationAlperstein, Simon, Farkas, Gillin & Scott LLPMr. F. Shawn AzizollahiJohn & Sherry BrauerMark’s Legacy FoundationFlorie & John BunzelNational Charity League, Inc. - SanFernando Valley ChapterMr. Ron BurkhardtMr. Roc CaldaroneThe Carroll and Nancy O’ConnorFoundationMr. Winston ChappellThe Shapiro FoundationMs. Susan StearnsSt. Jude’s Trust for the Forgotten Blind,in memory of John L. Goff, Jr., M.D.City of Los Angeles - Council District 12County of Los Angeles - Supervisor Kathryn BargerMs. Lisa CousinsMr. & Mrs. Michael Daniels and Halcyon DanielsEnvironmental Contracting CorporationSandy & Ron FriedmanSan Fernando Valley Employer Advisory CouncilKee & Thomas SardiThe Bob and Nita Hirsch Family FoundationSouthland Regional Association of Realtors’FoundationMr. & Mrs. Stuart JaffeMr. Rodney StoneMr. & Mrs. Glenn KantorSue & Fred WeitkampWells Fargo FoundationNEW HORIZONS 2019 ANNUAL REPORT13

1,000 - 2,499The Franklin Cole FoundationMichael & Frieda GockelThe Estate of Anita MartonMr. & Mrs. Paul DavisMr. & Mrs. Steve GreenbergDavid & Sandy MartonMr. & Mrs. Steven ArklinMr. Darren Deedon & Ms.Christine JaramilloDr. Lawrence GrossMcCalla CompanyHamer ToyotaMike’s Roofing Service, Inc.HaworthJames & Jonelle MillerMr. & Mrs. Jerry HilecherDr. & Mrs. Ronald MindellMrs. Carol JensenProvidence Health & ServicesCarla & Joseph KazimirMs. Angela ReeseMargot & Ralph KidushimPhyllis RiniMr. & Mrs. Barry KrowneDaryl & Howard RubinMs. Cathleen LinderMr. Stan SchneiderThe Marino Family FoundationSchneider Family FundDr. Nader AbdelsayedThe Barnes Family FoundationAlan BladykaMs. Faith BranvoldMr. & Mrs. Greg BuesingMr. & Mrs. Bill BurkhardtLinda & Ronald CarlsonChadpak CompanyThe Charitable FoundationChurch of Religious Science North HollywoodMr. & Mrs. Paul DraperMs. Wendy Elgin-SilvaRose & Paul ElkinsThe Entertainment GroupENVMr. & Mrs. Jerry FischerFlannery TrimGreenberg & Bass, LLPEllen GlaserRon SilvermanMr. Joe AlvarezMr. Jeff CohenMr. & Mrs. Larry FriedmanTracie & Duane LyonsMr. James SmathersMrs. Dvorah ColkerPoya GhasriPastor Richard McLeanEdwin & Lisa IannoneMr. Robert MilesDr. Martin & Allison LevineSmietankaMichael & Amy BenaventeKnights of Columbus, St.Cabrini Council - Burbank#3472Mr. Richard KatzMr. & Mrs. John Bessolo(Columbian Foundation)Mosaic Sales Solutions - USOperating Co.Ms. Cathy BlinCathryn & Donald CooperMr. Ben BrauerMs. Doris CordovaCambridge TechnologyConsulting Group, Inc.EagleEye ITMs. Gloria ElgortKessler, Schneider & ScheltingaMr. & Mrs. John KiffmeyerKnesset B’Nai B’rith - Unit5383San Fernando CommunityHealth CenterMs. Melinda AlesanaHarriet ElliottMs. Rebecca HeisigMr. & Mrs. Anthony PennayEnvision ConsultingJonathan & Karen JacobsMr. Kurt PeterMs. Anna EskandarianMr. William JohnsTina & Al ReanoMarc & Shelly FeldmanMr. Matt KaminMs. Lena RivkinMs. Joyce Feucht-HaviarAndrew & Alison KantorMr. & Mrs. Paul RutherfordMs. Sheena FinkMrs. Alberta KelleySusan RyanMr. Eliot FisherMs. Janet LattoMr. Greg SantilliMr. Mitch FisherMr. Daniel LessnerMr. Wayne ShermanMr. & Mrs. Mark FitzpatrickMr. Thomas McHughFreeman Freeman & Smiley,LLPMr. Steve MilesMr. Stuart Silverman & Ms.Paula SilverCity of Los Angeles Councilmember BobBlumenfieldRobin Garcia & GeronimoMoralezMs. Susan GeorginoMr. Justin MonempourMr. Justin MonenMr. Iman MossanenMr. Ray MusserMr. Danny RamirezKroger - RalphsLanny & Maryanna NoveckMs. Janice ChernoffMr. Yoshko PrebandaHolly & Deven RaseyJeffrey & Natalie NoblittMr. Ellis ChernoffDermot MulroneyKroger - Food 4 LessMs. Dana HartMrs. Victoria CastilloWorld Unity OrganizationBob & Jill SandersMs. Marlene GurseyMr. & Mrs. Charles CashionWolcott Architecture InteriorsAmanda & Daniel LynnMr. & Mrs. Martin EarlyMr. & Mrs. John BrunsonJane & Lester TrachmanMr. & Mrs. Jacob LaneCommunity ChevroletDr. Susan BrownDiane & Paul ThorsellMr. & Mrs. Gary Feldman 250 - 499Ms. Stephanie BlinMr. & Mrs. Stuart SteinbergMr. Russell FassCareMore Health PlanMr. Ethan AzizollahiBeth Shevin & Rory StevensMs. Adrian ClarkAugusto & Sandra BarrancoMr. Steve AsherBrian & Julie ShapiroAngel & Russ ChurchMr. & Ms. Dennis D. AyersMs. Pamela ArturiMr. Jeffrey Segal 500 - 999Mr. & Mrs. Yousef AbdelsayedMr. David AdelmanThomas J. Schulte, AnAccountancy Corp.Mr. Brent SincockMr. Anthony SteinMr. Kenny StevensKevin & Denise StearnsGeorge & Cheryl StevensTheta Chi Epsilon - LambdaChapterMr. Rodney UyedaMyriam WagnerSteven WagnerMr. Brad Sures & Mrs. BettyHudson-SuresMs. Millee Taggart-RatcliffeMs. Tiffany TakacMs. Ella TaylorMr. Rene TorresVan Nuys Airport IndustrialCenterMs. Julie VanderwierMs. Sylvia VargasJoan & Paul WallerMr. Stephen WidjajaMs. Ronda WolfgangMr. & Mrs. Paul ZerounianRobert ZoechlingMs. Tina StewartNEW HORIZONS 2019 ANNUAL REPORT14

FINANCIALSASSETSCONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITIONLIABILITIES AND NET ASSETSCURRENT ASSETSCash and cash equivalents 2,034,653Certificates of deposit 100,000Accounts receivable, net 1,993,124NET ASSETSCURRENT LIABILITIESCurrent portion of notes payable 88,905Accounts payable and accrued expenses 1,294,769Deferred revenue 14,167Total Current Liabilities 1,397,841Current portion of pledges receivable 100,000Advances to Reseda Ranch, net 130,696LONG-TERM LIABILITES 110,145Line of credit 375,676Notes payable, net of current portion 123,815Prepaid expenses and other current assetsTotal Current Assets 4,468,618OTHER ASSETSRestricted deposits and funded reservesEndowment investments 215,939 3,354,898Long-term portion of pledges receivableProperty and equipment, netTOTAL ASSETS 13,088,715REVENUES, GAINS AND OTHER SUPPORTTuition and fees 14,373,244 3,577,852Total Net Assets 11,191,383TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS 13,088,715CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIESFUNCTIONAL EXPENSESOTHER INCOME (EXPENSES)Interest and dividends, net 190,926Realized and unrealized gains on investments 82,764 1,156,889Total Other Income 273,690 570,965Food servicesProceeds from fundraising events, net ofdirect costs of 139,554Contributed goods and services 342,686Total Revenues, Gains and Other Support 1,897,332WITH DONOR RESTRICTIONS 4,387,569 7,613,531 405,067RentsMiscellaneousTOTAL LIABILITIESTotal Without Donor Restrictions 3,225,962 100,000 8,620,097Contributions and grants 499,491Investments in land and buildings 4,949,260Total Other AssetsWorkshop projectsTotal Long-Term LiabilitiesWITHOUT DONOR RESTRICTIONSGeneralProgram services 15,052,453Changes in net assets 6,574 323,666Management and generalNET ASSETS, BEGINNING OF YEAR 11,197,957 6,456 1,897,473NET ASSETS, END OF YEAR 11,191,383 39,398 17,223,371Fundraising 553,709Total Support Services 2,451,182Total Functional Expenses 17,503,635NEW HORIZONS 2019 ANNUAL REPORT15


New Horizons and the many clients we have had the pleasure of serving throughout the years. . Unlimited Possibilities., embodies New Horizons' commitment to opening doors for individuals of all abilities by increasing self confidence, teaching valuable skills and facilitating continuous growth. NEW HORIZONS 2019 ANNAL REPRT 7

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