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clickon the diagramto read about the leadershipteams for our 11 entitiesCustomers& productsTrading& shippingGas &low carbonenergyStrategy &sustainabilityInnovation &engineeringProduction &operationsRegions, cities& solutionsPeople& cultureCommunications& advocacyFinancePublished: May 2021integratorsLegalenable rs

C&Pcustomers & productsLeadership teamFrédéric Baudrysenior vice president mobility,convenience & midstream AsiaPacific (India)1Martin Thomsensenior vice president aviationEmma DelaneyEVP, C&PCustomers & products will focus oncustomers as the driving force for theenergy products and services ofthe future.Mandhir Singhsenior vice president CastrolRichard Hardingsenior vice presidentportfolio and integrationNicola Bucksenior vice president customervalue proposition & experienceSonya Adamssenior vice presidentreinvent bpClive Christisonsenior vice president fuelsupply & midstreamRichard Bartlettsenior vice president futuremobility & solutionsGreg Frankssenior vice president mobility& convenience AmericasAlex Jensensenior vice president mobility &convenience Europe & Southern Africa1Frédéric has a dual reporting line to William Lin, EVP RC&S

G&LCEgas & low carbon energyDev SanyalEVP, G&LCEGas & low carbon energy integrates our existingnatural gas capabilities with significant growth inlow and zero carbon businesses and markets. Itwill also pursue new decarbonization technologiesand capabilities to create innovative zero carbonenergy solutions.Leadership teamFelipe Arbelaezsenior vice president zerocarbon energyEmil Ismayilovsenior vice presidentMauritania & Senegal1David Andersonsenior vice presidentrenewables growthStephen Willissenior vice president MiddleEast1,2Louise Jacobsen Pluttsenior vice president hydrogenand carbon capture utilizationand storage (CCUS)Sashi Mukundansenior vice president India1,2Federica Berrasenior vice president integratedgas and power (IGP)Karim Alaasenior vice president NorthAfrica1The operational gas teams report through the relevant functional seniorvice president in the productions and operations (P&O) entity, as well asto their senior vice president for the region1Oksana Dembitskasenior vice president gasgrowthAnthony Harbridgesenior vice president, portfolioand integration for gas & lowcarbon energyClaire Fitzpatricksenior vice president Trinidad &Tobago1Nader Zakisenior vice presidentAsia Pacific32Sashi and Stephen has a dual reporting line to William Lin, EVP, RC&S

I&Einnovation & engineeringDavid EytonEVP, I&EInnovation & engineering will bring addedmomentum and transparency to our venturingand Launchpad investments and be a catalystfor creating value from disruptive opportunities.It will also house our engineering discipline anda safety and operational risk team focusedon assurance.Leadership teamAngelo Amorellisenior vice president appliedsciencesMarco Ryansenior vice president digitalcustomers & marketsStewart Frysenior vice president digitalenterprise & operationsSam Skerrysenior vice president Launchpad& venturingAhmed Hashmisenior vice president digitalproduction & business servicesMorag Watsonsenior vice president digitalscience & engineeringYolande Youngsenior vice president digitalsecuritySusan Kolbushsenior vice president safety andoperational risk assuranceAleida Riossenior vice presidentengineering

P&Oproduction & operationsGordon BirrellEVP, P&OProduction & operations will be theoperational heart of BP, bringing BP’soperations together in one place to focuson driving safety, efficiency and value growth.Leadership teamAdriano Bastossenior vice president Angola1Gary Jonessenior vice presidentAzerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey1Fawaz (Fuzzy) Bitarsenior vice president HSE &carbonAndy Kriegersenior vice president wellsDavid Campbellsenior vice president Russia1,2Dave Lawlersenior vice presidentbpX Energy1,3Ian Cavanaghsenior vice presidenttransformationAmber Russellsenior vice president refiningAndy Collinssenior vice president productionDoug Sparkmansenior vice presidentbp solutionsEwan Drummondsenior vice president projectsStarlee Sykessenior vice president Gulf ofMexico and Canada11Emeka Emembolusenior vice president North Sea1David reports directly to Bernard Looney and sits on both Gordon Birrell’sP&O leadership team and William Lin’s RC&S leadership team3Ariel Floressenior vice president subsurfaceOil-focused regions2Dave has a dual reporting line to William Lin, EVP, RC&S

T&Strading & shippingLeadership teamDavid Bucknallsenior vice president refining & products trading andinterim senior vice president low carbon tradingSharon Weintraubsenior vice president gas & power trading internationalCarol HowleEVP, T&STrading & shipping will harness the deepexpertise we already have in our existingsupply, trading and shipping businesses. BPalready has world-leading expertise in theintegration of businesses, customers andmarkets. By elevating its position to the topof our new structure it can more effectivelyhelp the whole organisation capture newcommercial opportunities and add value.Orlando Alvarezsenior vice president gas & power trading AmericasDavid Maerzglobal head of trading analytics & insightsJanet Kongsenior vice president, marketdevelopment and innovationSven Bosse-Walkersenior vice president shippingSonia Jamesspecial projects manager*The senior vice president market development & innovation role will be announced in due courseintegrators

S&Sstrategy & sustainabilityLeadership teamCarlos de la Peñasenior vice president strategyIvanka Mamicsenior vice president sustainabilityGiulia ChierchiaEVP, S&SStrategy & sustainability will ensure thatsustainability is embedded at the top of theorganisation and will form a single group-wideapproach to strategy and capital allocation.Alan Haywoodsenior vice president environmental, social and governance (ESG) transformationKeith Westheadsenior vice president portfolio management & capital allocationAna Del Reysenior vice president competitor insightsSpencer Dalesenior vice president economic & energy insightsKirsty McCormacksenior vice president market insightsintegratorsYogi Maharajsenior vice president ethics & compliance

RC&Sregions, cities & solutionsWilliam LinEVP, RC&SRegions, cities and solutions will bring togetherthe best of bp to build enduringrelationships with regions, countries, citiesand corporations around the world to provideinnovative, integrated and decarbonized energysolutions at scale to help the world reach netzero and improve people’s lives.Leadership teamNikki Grady-Smithsenior vice president city andcorporate integrated solutionsStephen Willissenior vice presidentMiddle East4Derek Portersenior vice president intelligence,security and crisis managementFrédéric Baudrysenior vice presidentAsia Pacific5Sayma Robbiesenior vice president NOJVexcellenceDavid Campbellsenior vice president Russia6Peter Mathersenior vice president Europe1Nigel Dunnsenior vice president specialprojectsPeter is also be the head of country for UK. Peter will leave bp at theend of 2021. Louise Kingham will assume this position and join bp in May2021.1Simon Yangsenior vice president ChinaAngelica Ruizsenior vice president Latin America22Angelica is also the head of country for Mexico3Dave has a dual reporting line to Gordon Birrell, EVP, P&O4Sashi and Stephen have a dual reporting line to Dev Sanyal, EVP, G&LCEFrédéric is also the head of country for Australia. Frédéric has a dualreporting line to Emma Delaney, EVP, C&P5David reports directly to Bernard Looney and sits on both Gordon Birrell’sP&O leadership team and William Lin’s RC&S leadership team6Dave Lawlersenior vice president America3integratorsSashi Mukundansenior vice president India4

C&Acommunications & advocacyGeoff MorrellEVP, C&ACommunications & advocacy will translateBP’s strategy into a coherent narrative forstaff & society, manage corporate reputationand lead global advocacy campaigns.Leadership teamDavid Bickertonsenior vice president C&Astrategic planningDave Stuartvice president UK C&A& regional alignmentRachel Woodssenior vice president externalcampaignsKat Rojasvice president content& creativeShanan Guinnsenior vice president internalcampaignsMary Streettsenior vice president AmericasC&AEmily Olsonsenior vice president Europe& Russia C&AAyana McIntosh-Leevice president Africa C&AAnshul Mathurvice president Asia Pacific C&Aenable rsBakhtiyar Aslanbaylivice president Middle East& Caspian C&A

FinanceLeadership teamMurray AuchinclossChief financial officerFinance will steward BP’s financial frame,ensure financial integrity and bring togetherend-to-end finance and procurement activitiesacross bp into one, integrated organization.Camille Drummondsenior vice president globalbusiness services (GBS)Joaquin Oliveirasenior vice president finance,gas & low carbon energyJayne Hodgsonsenior vice president accounting,reporting & control (ARC)Helen McCabesenior vice president finance,customers & productsDavid Jardinesenior vice president internalaudit1Tom Penningtonsenior vice president planning& performance managementRob Lawsonsenior vice president mergers &acquisitions and head of reinventbp, PMOBrian Puffersenior vice president finance,trading & shippingJan Lyonssenior vice president taxLeigh-Ann Russellsenior vice president procurementCraig Marshallsenior vice president investorrelationsKate Thomsonsenior vice president finance, otherbusinesses & corporate (OB&C)2Catherine McCannsenior vice president reinventbp, financeNiamh Stauntonsenior vice president treasury1enable rsTim Morrissenior vice president finance,production & operationssenior vice president internal audit reports to the chair of the audit committeesenior vice president OB&C includes finance for integrators and enablers (withthe exception of trading & shipping), and finance accountability for externallyreported activities, such as launchpad and venturing2

LegalLeadership teamTrudi Charlessenior vice president legal trading & shippingRiona Comminssenior vice president legal innovation & engineering, finance & global corporateEric NitcherEVP, LegalLegal will steward BP’s legal integrityand appropriately manage legal risk.Mark Crawfordsenior vice president legal people & cultureNigel Jonessenior vice president legal production & operations and regions, cities & solutionsMike Nashsenior vice president legal strategy & sustainabilityMike Sossosenior vice president legal gas & low carbon energy and customers & productsenable rs

P&Cpeople & cultureKerry DryburghEVP, P&CPeople & culture will ensure BP recruitsworld-class talent, develops them, andsupports them to do their best work.Leadership teamSimon Ashleysenior vice president trading& shipping and cultureJanak Mehtasenior vice president peopleservices & solutionsMikel Jauregisenior vice president gas & lowcarbon energyRichard Saenzsenior vice president people &culture capability and transformationNarmina Nabiyevasenior vice president enablers,strategy & sustainability, regions,cities & solutionsKaren Whelansenior vice president reinventbp, people & cultureTrina Nallysenior vice president customers& productsDonna Rileysenior vice president production& operationsBen Suttonsenior vice president innovation& engineeringBen Gauntsenior vice president talentenable rsAshok G. Pillaisenior vice president rewardand wellbeing

Tom Pennington senior vice president planning & performance management Brian Puffer senior vice president finance, trading & shipping Leigh-Ann Russell senior vice president procurement Kate Thomson senior vice president finance, other businesses & corporate (OB&C)2 Leadership team

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Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

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