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Copyright 2002 – 2021 AMADA WELD TECHThe engineering designs, drawings and data contained herein are theproprietary work of AMADA WELD TECH and may not be reproduced,copied, exhibited or otherwise used without the written authorization ofAMADA WELD TECH.Printed in the United States of America.REVISION RECORDRevisionEODateBasis of RevisionA186535/01Original Release.B188605/01Technical changes.C191462/02Technical changes.D4284010/13Updated to Miyachi America name and logo.E4348012/14Updated to Amada Miyachi America name and logo.F4383801/16Updated to Amada Miyachi America format.G4464005/17Removed Reference to Weldstat SoftwareH4582904/20Update Company Name (Amada Weld Tech) Misc correctionsJ4630004/21Add EU Disposal Statement Miscellaneous UpdatesMODEL UB25 LINEAR DC RESISTANCE WELDING CONTROLii990-665

FOREWORDThank you for purchasing an AMADA WELD TECH - UB25 Linear DC Welding Power Supply / Control.Upon receipt of your equipment, please thoroughly inspect it for shipping damage prior to its installation.Should there be any damage, please immediately contact the shipping company to file a claim, and notifyus at:AMADA WELD TECH INC.1820 South Myrtle AvenueMonrovia, CA 91016Telephone: (626) 303-5676FAX:(626) 358-8048e-mail:info@amadaweldtech.comThe purpose of this manual is to supply operating, maintenance and service personnel with the informationneeded to properly and safely operate, maintain and service the UB25 Linear DC Welding Control.We have made every effort to ensure that the information in this manual is accurate and adequate. Thecontents of this manual are subject to change without notice.Should questions arise, or if you have suggestions for improvement of this manual, please contact us atthe phone number or address above.AMADA WELD TECH is not responsible for any loss or injury due to improper use of this product.MODEL UB25 LINEAR DC RESISTANCE WELDING CONTROL990-665iii

Table of ContentsPageChapter 1. Description . 1-1Section I. Introduction . 1-1Features . 1-1Applications . 1-2Section II. Description . 1-3Section III. Overview . 1-4Introduction . 1-4LCD Screens . 1-4Menu Screens . 1-5Data Screens . 1-5Alphanumeric Data . 1-5Operational States . 1-5Graphed Data . 1-7Section IV. Controls and Indicators . 1-8Introduction . 1-8Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Weld Selector Keys . 1-8Numeric Keypad and Operational Controls . 1-10Section V. Emergency Stop Switch and 24v Jumpers . 1-13Section VI. Related Publications . 1-14Chapter 2 Getting Started . 2-1Section I: Planning For Installation . 2-1Space Requirements . 2-1Utilities . 2-1Section II: Unpacking . 2-2Section III: Electrical and Data Connections . 2-3Section IV. Setup . 2-4Manual Weld Head Connections . 2-4Air-Actuated Weld Head Connections . 2-6Relay, Data, And Communication Connections . 2-6Chapter 3. Using UB25 Welding and Monitoring Functions . 3-1Section I: Introduction . 3-1Section II: Weld Schedules . 3-2Definition . 3-2Weld Sequence Timing . 3-2Welding Applications . 3-3Weld Head Applicability . 3-3Single-Pulse Weld Profile . 3-4Applications . 3-4Description . 3-4MODEL UB25 LINEAR DC RESISTANCE WELDING CONTROLiv990-665

Table of Contents (Continued)PageUpslope/Downslope Weld Profile Applications . 3-4Applications . 3-4Description . 3-4Dual-Pulse Weld Profile . 3-5Applications . 3-5Description . 3-5Section III. Programmable Feedback Modes . 3-7Introduction . 3-7Current Mode . 3-7Applications . 3-7Description . 3-7Voltage Mode . 3-7Applications . 3-7Description . 3-7Power Mode . 3-7Applications . 3-7Description . 3-7Section IV. Weld Monitor . 3-8Introduction . 3-8Active Part Conditioner (APC) . 3-8Applications . 3-8Description . 3-8How It Works . 3-9Instructions . 3-10Energy Limits . 3-10Applications . 3-10Description . 3-10Pre-Weld Check . 3-12Application . 3-12Function . 3-12Chapter 4, Operating Instructions . 4-1Section I: Introduction . 4-1Section II: Initial Setup . 4-2Pre-Operational Checks . 4-2Connections . 4-2Power . 4-2Compressed Air . 4-2Initial Setup Instructions . 4-2Section III. Programming Weld Schedules . 4-3Introduction . 4-3MODEL UB25 LINEAR DC RESISTANCE WELDING CONTROL990-665v

Table of Contents (Continued)PageSelect a Weld Schedule . 4-3Enter New Values . 4-3Single-Pulse Weld Schedule . 4-4Upslope/Downslope Weld Schedule . 4-5Dual-Pulse Weld Schedule . 4-6Section IV. Programming the Weld Monitor . 4-7Section V. Programming For Active Part Conditioning . 4-9Section VI. Operation . 4-11General Operator Safety . 4-11Manual Welding . 4-11Operation . 4-11Normal Stop . 4-11Automated Welding . 4-11Operation . 4-11Normal Stop . 4-12Emergency Stop . 4-12Re-Set After Emergency Stop . 4-12Chapter 5, Setup Software . 5-1Section I: Introduction . 5-1Overview . 5-1Section II. How to Use Menu Screens . 5-2Main Menu . 5-2Setup Menus . 5-2Section III. Operator Preferences . 5-4Display Contrast . 5-4Buzzer Loudness . 5-4End of Cycle Buzzer . 5-4Update Graph after Weld . 5-5Buzzer On Weld Stop . 5-5Section IV. System Settings . 5-6Waveform Check and Weld Fire Lockout . 5-6Waveform Check ON/OFF . 5-6Stability Check % Limit Setting . 5-6Stability Check Delay Setting . 5-7Energy Capacity % Limit Setting . 5-7Weld Fire Lockout Charge % Setting . 5-8Footswitch Weld Abort . 5-8Switch Debounce Time . 5-9Firing Switch . 5-9MODEL UB25 LINEAR DC RESISTANCE WELDING CONTROLvi990-665

Table of Contents (Continued)PageInput Switch Select . 5-10Mechanical Selection . 5-10OPTO Selection . 5-11PLC Selection . 5-11Control Signals Select . 5-12Weld Counter Functions . 5-12System Security . 5-13Calibration . 5-14Chain Schedules . 5-14Section V. PID Test Weld Setup . 5-17Overview . 5-17Do Test Weld Options . 5-17Ignore First/Last . 5-18Section VI. Relay Settings . 5-19Function . 5-19Programming Instructions . 5-19Section VII. Special Functions . 5-21Copy a Schedule . 5-21Reset Defaults . 5-21Reset System Parameters . 5-23Reset All Schedules . 5-23Section VIII. Communication and Data . 5-24Requirements . 5-24Communication . 5-24I.D. Number . 5-25Baud Rate . 5-25Chapter 6. User Maintenance . 6-1Section I. Precautions . 6-1Section II. Operator Maintenance . 6-1Section III. Troubleshooting . 6-1General Kinds of Problems . 6-1Alarm Messages . 6-2Troubleshooting . 6-2Technical Assistance . 6-5Electrode Maintenance . 6-6Parts Replacement . 6-6MODEL UB25 LINEAR DC RESISTANCE WELDING CONTROL990-665vii

PageChapter 7. Calibration . 7-1Section I. Introduction . 7-1Overview . 7-1Calibration Equipment Required . 7-1Calibration Points . 7-2Section II. Calibration Equipment Setup . 7-3Section III. Calibration Procedure . 7-4Appendix A. Technical Specifications . A-1Appendix B. Electrical and Data Connectors .B-1Appendix C. The Basics of Resistance Welding .C-1Appendix D. Quality Resistance Welding Solutions Defining the Optimum Process . D-1Appendix E. LCD Display Messages . E-1Appendix F. Relay Timing Diagrams . F-1Appendix G. Repetition Rates . G-1MODEL UB25 LINEAR DC RESISTANCE WELDING CONTROLviii990-665

Operator Guide – AMADA WELD TECH Power SuppliesCAUTION! This symbol designates an operation which requires a qualifiedtechnician and User's ManualOPGELET! Dit symbool duidt een bediening aan waarvoor een gekwalificeerde technicus en de gebruikershandleiding vereist zijnVARNING! Denna symbol indikerar ett arbetsmoment som b r utf ras av en kvalificerad tekniker med hj lp avAnv ndarhandledningenVAARA! T m merkki osoittaa toimenpiteen, jossa tarvitaan asiantuntevaa teknikkoa sek k ytt k sikirjaaATTENTION! Ce symbole d isigne une op ration exigeant un technicien qualifi et le Manuel d'utilisationDieses Symbol kennzeichnet einen Arbeitsgang, f r den ein qualifizierter Techniker und ein Benutzerhandbuch erforderlich sindATTENZIONE! Questo simbolo indica un'operazione che richiede un tecnico qualificato ed il manuale dell'utente¡CUIDADO! Este s mbolo indica uma opera o que requer um t cnico qualificado e o Manual do Usu rio¡PRECAUCI N! Este s mbolo designa una operaci n que requiere un t cnico competente y el Manual del usuario1.Install power supply systemInstalleer het voedingssysteemInstallera kraftaggregatsystemetAsenna voimanl hdej rjestelm Installer le syst me d'alimentation 1ectriqueDas Elektroenergieversorgungssystem installierenInstallazione del sistema d'alimentazione elettricoInstale o sistema de fonte de aliment oInstale el sistema de fuente de alimentaci n2.Refer all program or setting changes to a qualified technicianAlle programma- of instellingswijzigingen moeten door een gekwalificeerd technicusH nvisa alla program- och inst llnings ndringar till en kvalificerad teknikerAnna kaikki ohjelman tai asetusten muutokset asiantuntevan teknikon suoritettaviksiConfier toutes les modifications de programme ou de r glages un technicien qualifi S mtliche Programm - oder Einstellungs nderungen m ssen einem qualifizierten Techniker berlassen werdenRivolgersi ad un tecnico qualificato per tutti i cambiamenti di programma di impostazioneConsuite um t cnico qualificado quanto a qualquer altera o de programa ou ajusteComfiele a un t cnico competente todos los cambios de programas o ajustes3.Use eye protectionOogbescherming dragenAnv nd skyddsglas gonK yt silm suojaimiaPorter une protection oculaireAugenschutz verwendenUsare occhiali di protezioneUse culos de prote oUse protecci n para los ojosAMADA WELD TECH INC.1820 South Myrtle Avenue Monrovia CA 91016Tel: 626-303-5676 FAX: 626-358-8048

Operator Guide – AMADA WELD TECH Power Supplies4.Examine weld terminalsKijk de lasterminals naInspektera svetsterminalernaTarkista hitsausterminaalitExaminer les bornes de soudureSchwei verbindungen pr fenEsaminare i terminali di saldaturaExamine os terminais de soldagemExamine las terminales soldadas5.Use WELD/NO WELD switch to stop weld current from flowingGebruik de schakelaar WELD/NO WELD om de lasstroom testoppenAnv nd omkopplaren WELD/NO WELD f r att koppla fr nsvetsstr mmenKatkaise hitsausvirta WELD/NO WELD - kytkimest Utiliser l'interrupteur WELD/NO WELD pour arr ter lepassage du courant de soudureDer Schwei stromflu wird mit dem Schalter WELD/NO WELD angehaltenUsare l'interruttore WELD/NO WELD per interrompere il flusso della corrente di saldaturaUse a chave WELD/NO WELD para interromper o fluxo da corrente de soldagemUtilice el interruptor de WELD/NO WELD para cortar el flujo de la corriente de soldarEMERGENCY STOP -Open electrical circuit to retract weld headNOODSTOP - Open het elektrische circuit om de laskop terug te trekken.N DSTOPP - ppna den elektriska kretsen f r att dra tillbaka svetstr den.H T KYTKIN POIS - Avaa virtapiiri vet ksesi hitsausp n takaisin.ARRET D'URGENCE - Ouvrez le circuit lectrique pour retirer la t te de soudure.NOT AUSSCHALTER - W rd den elektrischen Kreis ffnen, der Schwei kopf w rdzur ck gezogen.EMERGENZA DISINSERITA - Aprire il circuito elettrico per ritrarre la testa dellasaldatura.DESCONE O DE EMERG NCIA - Abra o circuito el trico para retrair a cabe a dasoldadura.DESCONECCION DE EMERGENCIA - Abra el circuito el ctrico para retraer la cabezade soldadura.AMADA WELD TECH INC.1820 South Myrtle Avenue Monrovia CA 91016Tel: 626-303-5676 FAX: 626-358-8048

SAFETY NOTESThis instruction manual describes how to operate and maintain the UB25 Linear DC Welding PowerSupply and provides instructions relating to its SAFE use. Procedures described herein MUST beperformed, as detailed, by QUALIFIED and TRAINED personnel.For SAFETY, and to effectively take advantage of the full capabilities of the workstation, please read thisinstruction manual before attempting to use the UB25 Linear DC Welding Power Supply.Procedures other than those described in this manual, or not performed as prescribed in it, may exposepersonnel to electrical hazards.After reading this

¡CUIDADO! Este s mbolo indica uma opera o que requer um t cnico qualificado e o Manual do Usu rio ¡PRECAUCI N! Este s mbolo designa una operaci n que requiere un t cnico competente y el Manual del usuario 1. Install power supply system Installeer het voedingssysteem

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