Mississippi Addiction Counselor Training ("MACT")

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16Serving the educational needsof the drug/alcohol field since1997Obtain basic or continuing education hours via distance learning and saveboth time and money! The Distance Learning Center (a division of DLC,LLC) is working in conjunction with MAAP to provide an expanded trainingplan for counselors seeking credentialing in Mississippi. At the presenttime, MAAP offers a live, 186-hour training program to help students gatherhours toward their Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor (CADC) credential.We will be offering a special package of courses to allow students to obtainthe hours not currently offered through the MACT training program. Thesehours will increase your knowledge of the drug/alcohol field AND help prepare you for your credentialing examination. For more information, visit thefollowing website:https://www.dlcas.com/mississippi.We also offer more than ninety courses that can be used to fulfill your CErenewal requirements. All coursework is research based and developed bynational experts in the field. And by using this discount code, counselorscredentialed by MAAP can save 25% off the cost of training: MAAP2017.Our ReadyToTest.com division is dedicated to helping students study forand pass their IC&RC credentialing examination. Since 2001, we havehelped more than 32,000 counselors successfully navigate this final requirement for obtaining a credential as a drug/alcohol professional.We offer a variety of study materials to assist you when the time comes tosit for your examination. Whether you need “how to” information on takingthe exam, or if you need content review materials to refresh your basicknowledge, ReadyToTest.com has a product that is right for you.Mississippi Addiction CounselorTraining (“MACT”)Visit our website at www.ReadyToTest.com for more information about ourmaterials. You can also reach us by email at testing@dlc.email or call us,toll free, at 866 431-4240.“OFFERING A PROVEN MODEL FOR ADDICTIONSTRAINING IN USESINCE 1974”

2Our Mission:Training LocationNorth MississippiTo provide education, training, andcertification to professionals in thefield of Substance Use Disorders.Our Vision:To promote and participate in thedevelopment and recognition ofprofessional standards andresources such as education,training, and certification for allprofessionals involved in the field ofSubstance Use Disorders.611 Commerce Parkway, Oxford, MS 3865515

143Training LocationCentral Mississippi12 Core FunctionsThe 12 core Functions are the basics of Addiction Counseling.The MACT Program focuses on these to give you well roundedtraining and preparation for the IC&RC Exam.1. Screening2. Intake3. Orientation4. Assessment5. Treatment Planning6. Counseling ( Individual, Group, Family )7. Case Management8. Crisis Intervention9. Client Education10. Referral11. Reports & Recordkeeping4785 Old Canton Road, Jackson, MS 3921112. Consultation

413Dear Prospective Student,The entire membership of the Mississippi Association ofAddiction Professionals (MAAP) would like to thank you foryour interest in the Mississippi Addiction Counselor Training (MACT) program.Our goal is to help individuals interested in the field of addiction to become certified. This course is designed to giveyou education, understanding, application and techniquesto help you help others and their families treat addiction.The course is designed to provide the education and training needed to pass your certification examination, once theeducational, supervision and work experience parts of thecertification process are completed. The (MACT) courseruns for fifteen (15) hours of education and training, one(1) weekend a month for twelve (12) months.There are two (2) convent locations in the state, Jacksonand Oxford Mississippi. We sincerely hope you will join us inhelping others recover from addiction.You will find everything you need to get stated on ourwebsite www.msaap.net or by calling the MAAP office at601-321-2085 for further information or questions. Pleasebegin your registration process today, as seating is limited,and registrations are taken on a first come-first serve basis.We look forward to hearing from you.Welcome to the MAAP family.Sincerely,MAAP Education CommitteeFor ADA assistance please contact Rebecca Peters at601-321-2085 at least 3 weeks prior to scheduled activities.Together, we are "Bringing all the Pieces Together" to help enhance the qualityof life for those directly or indirectly affected by alcohol, tobacco and other drugabuse. MAAP’s mission is three-fold: “To provide education, training and certification to professionals in the field of chemical dependency.” In order to effectively carry out its mission, MAAP depends on the generosity of its volunteermembers to serve on the Board of Directors of the association, CertificationBoard and various standing committees.Are you interested in becoming certified?Certification for addiction professionals is designed to accommodate and evaluate those who are experientially trained as well as those who are academicallytrained. The certification process defines the core knowledge and skill baseneeded by all professionals regardless of their professional training, orientationor occupation. The certification process sets a baseline standard for professionals providing services to individuals with alcohol and drug abuse problems. Such professionals are given recognition for meeting specific predetermined criteria. The purpose is to assure that quality treatment services areavailable to individuals with substance abuse problems. Certification provides aprofessional credential that can assist employers in selecting competent staff towork with this populations.Where do I begin?Begin by looking over the Credentialing pages on our website. Which type andlevel of certification are you most interested in pursuing? Once that is determined, do you meet, or are you close to meeting, the qualifications to submit anapplication packet and portfolio to the Certification Board? If so, download andprint the Certification Manual, Application Packet & Portfolio for the credentialyou are seeking. If not, consult with your supervisor (s) for assistance in obtaining the appropriate certification for your career goals. You may need to furtheryour education or obtain additional work experience to meet the guidelines. Whatever it takes, don't give up!

125INTERN COUNSELOREducation186 hours of education/training specific to the domains. Sixhours must in Ethics to include specifics relating to alcohol &drug counseling and six hours must be specific to HIV/AIDStraining (MAAP Ethics class is mandatory for those applyingfor any of the MAAP Addiction Credentials).Code of EthicsApplicants must sign a code of ethics statement to includespecifics relating to alcohol & drug counseling.Renewal20 hours of continuing education/training earned every threeyears, which must include topics relating to the IC&RC ADCdomains, and must include 2 hours in Ethics to includespecifics relating to alcohol and drug counseling and 2 hoursin HIV/AIDS training.Welcome to MACTMississippi Association of Addiction Professionals (MAAP)is pleased to offer an outstanding training program thatwill assist addiction counselors and allied health professionals to acquire and develop effective skills to work withindividuals and families affected by addiction. The Addiction Counselor Training (ACT) Model for training addictioncounselors was developed in Texas in 1974 and has beenimplemented throughout Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Hawaiiand California. Its founder, Vic Shaw established the ACThere in Mississippi in the late 1990s.Vic ShawACT FounderACT has a proven track record of providing over three decades of quality counselor education while benefitting several thousand individuals to improve andupgrade their skills. As we work to advance the credentialing standards herein Mississippi, we have recently added a textbook to guide the course and tohelp our graduates in taking the national credentialing exam. This book ispublished as a study guide by Kevin Scheel who instructed the pharmacologysegment of MACT for several years and has made it available for our studentsat a reduced price. As always, we are committed to providing this training at areasonable cost and to making it accessible for interested individuals.Thank you for your interest in the Mississippi Addiction Counselor Training(MACT) program and for your desire to improve your abilities and skills to helpfacilitate your work with addicted clients. We hope that you will join us for thisprofessional training program. If you have questions, you may contact theMAAP office by calling 601-321-2085 or emailing info@msaap.net. For additional information on training or to explore the different areas of certification,check out our website at www.msaap.net.PurposeThe Mississippi Addiction Counselor Training (MACT) Program exists to helpbehavioral health students and professionals improve their skills to betterserve persons addicted to harmful chemicals. All course work is structured in amanner to encourage both personal growth and professional development.The program is designed for both experienced counselors looking to upgradetheir skills, intern counselors working toward a credential, and individuals whoare seeking employment in the addiction counseling profession. All training isprovided in a safe learning environment conducive to personal and professional training and growth.

611EligibilityMACT courses are open to all individuals interested in learningmore about chemical dependency. Many students have aninterest in becoming a professional addiction counselor in avariety of social or work settings. Allied health professionalssuch as social workers, nurses, marriage and family therapistsoften benefit substantially from developing specializedaddiction skills to better assist the individuals with whom theyserve. A commitment to become a full-time counselor is notnecessary for course enrollment. However, a strong desire tostudy the chemical dependency field is essential. A collegedegree is not required, but students are required to have aminimum of a high school diploma or GED.Approved ProviderAdditional CoursesEthical Issues in AddictionCounseling (January & June)Goal: To acquaint students with theMAAP official Code of Ethics andto explore and discuss essentialethical issues in providingprofessional addictionscounseling to clients. Provides 6contact hours of instruction.“Ready to Test” WorkshopGoal: To prepare attendees for theIC&RC certification exam with aoverview of the training textbookand practice exams.All MACT course offerings are approved by the CertificationBoard of the Mississippi Association of Addiction Professionalsfor credits toward certification and recertification as anaddictions counselor in Mississippi. Other official professionalcontinuing education accreditation groups may also recognizeMACT course work for continuing education credits.MACT Students and Instructor Rod FarrarFor ADA assistance please contact Rebecca Peters at601-321-2085 at least 3 weeks prior to scheduled activities.

107Core CoursesMACT InstructorsEach Core Course provides 45 contact hours of instructionAddiction Pharmacology (Dec, Jan, Feb)Goal: To familiarize the student with the basicpharmacological properties, effects, andconsequences of alcohol and drug abusein our society.Counseling Theories (Mar, Apr, May)Barry DoughtyRod FarrarShane GarrardICADC-I, SAPLPC, NCC, ICADC-II, ICCSLMSW, ICADC-II, ICCSGoal: To introduce students to varioushistorical models of counseling addictedclients and to explore the relationship toother models of counseling.Counseling Skills (Jun, Jul, Aug)Goal: To develop the student’s skills inbasic addiction counselingtechniques and theory application.Counseling Process (Sept, Oct, Nov)Goal: To acquaint the student with thetheoretical and practical aspects of theaddiction counseling process.DID YOU KNOW that after completing the four Core Courses, students will haveearned 180 contact hours toward the 270 hours required for certification. Add 6 hoursof Ethics and f6 hours of the “Ready to Test” Workshop for a total of 192 hours from ourtraining program. Sources for additional hours include employer in-services, conferences, workshops, and distance learning websites.Jordon HillhouseMBA, BS, ICPSThomas “Chip” PetersonM.Ed., LPC, NCC, ICADC-IIDr. Damien ThomasDPC, NCC, LPC, LPC-S, ICAADCAll MACT instructors are chosen based upon their provenabilities to facilitate adult learning and skill development. Allinstructors must meet the following three criteria: (1) Provencurrent experience in the addictions field; (2) Demonstratedmastery of field of expertise; and (3) Exceptional skills inverbal communications and design of training. MostInstructors have earned advanced academic degrees relevantto their field.

89Schedule at a GlanceCore CoursesHoursDatesCounseling Theories45(15 hrs. eachweekend)March 16-17, 2018April 20-21, 2018May 4-5, 2018Counseling Skills45(15 hrs. eachweekend)June 1-2, 2018July 13-14, 2018August 3-4, 2018Ethics for the AddictionProfessionalCounseling ProcessAddiction PharmacologyEthics for the AddictionProfessionalCounseling TheoriesCounseling SkillsEthics for the AddictionProfessionalCounseling Process645(15 hrs. eachWeekend)45(15 hrs. eachweekend)6July 15, 2018September 14-15, 2018October 5-6, 2018November 2-3, 2018December 7-8, 2018January 11-12, 2019February 1-2, 2019March 1-2, 2019March 29-30, 2019May 3-4, 201945(15 hrs. eachweekend)May 31—June 1, 2019July 12-13, 2019August 9-10, 201945(15 hrs. eachWeekend)Core CoursesThe MACT Program offers a series of four (4) “Core Courses” that provide studentsa comprehensive survey of information essential for developing basic addictionscounseling skills. These courses are fully described below. Class sessions meetFridays& Saturdays on a monthly basis for twelve (12) months. Classes meet from8:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m. on Fridays, and 8:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Studentsmay begin the class sessions in March, June, September, or December, and areencouraged to enroll for the full year’s training in order to fully benefit from thecourse work. The four Core Courses total 180 hours of contact hours, which maybe applied toward certification.Ethical Issues in Addiction CounselingEffective 01/10/2015 Ethics training will only be accepted by completion of MAAPprovided Ethics six hour (6) training course for CADC credentials and DREAM providedEthics six hour (6) training for CPS Credentials. This does not affect persons who arecertified with MAAP prior to 01/10/2015. This Ethics training class is mandatory forthose applying for any of the MAAP Addiction Counselor Credentials.This Training class explores essential ethical issues in addiction counseling. Thisworkshop is held in January and July of each year, on the Sunday immediatelyfollowing the Friday/Saturday training dates scheduled for these months. Thisworkshop is open to anyone interested in the subject. Pre-registration is requiredand is accepted on a first-come-first serve basis. To pre-register, simply mail thecompleted registration form with the appropriate fees. All registrations areconfirmed by email.February 3, 201945(15 hrs. eachweekend)6Course OutlineAugust 11, 2019September 13-14, 2019October 4-5, 2019November 1-2, 2019Location and Dates are subject to change.Tuition and FeesRegistration is accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis and space is limited. Toregister, simply mail the completed registration form with the appropriateregistration fee and course tuition. Registration fees are non-refundable, buttuition fees are fully refundable up to two weeks prior to the start of a Core Courseupon written request. All registrations are confirmed by return e-mail. (Prices maybe subject to change.)Members Non-MembersRegistration Fee (Core Course) 45 75Text Book130155Tuition per Core Course275320One-year program (4 Core Courses)11001280Ethics Course (includes 10 Reg. Fee)6085Ready to test workshop (includes 10 Reg. Fee)6085For ADA assistance please contact Rebecca Peters at 601-321-2085 at least 3weeks prior to scheduled activities.

Mississippi Association of Addiction Professionals (MAAP) is pleased to offer an outstanding training program that will assist addiction counselors and allied health profes-sionals to acquire and develop effective skills to work with individuals and families affected by addiction. The Addic-tion Counselor Training (ACT) Model for training addiction

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