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GFI GERMAN FRESH FOOD MARKETSWelcomeDKSFreshness, variety andquality from the heartof europeRostockWelcome to Germany’s fresh food markets.These outlets guarantee a wide variety oftop quality fresh produce, especially fruit andvegetables. Fresh food markets may bewholesale or retail en them, they ensure the availabilityof good, nutritious food for around100 million consumers in Germany andneighbouring European countries.NLBerlinEssenDuisburgOur network knows no borders. Wemaintain relations with all markets inGerman-speaking parts of logneBZeitzFrankfurt/M.LCZSaarbrückenThis guide is designed show you theimportant role our member markets play;they are organized in the GFI German FreshFood Markets leSale MarketsRetailersPartnersContaCt GFIPAGe02 – 1112 – 3536 – 3738 – 4243ZurichAFLCHBolzanoI2SLO

GFI GERMAN FRESH FOOD MARKETSGFIPutting their hearts and minds into Germany’s fresh food marketsAbout GFIGFI Deutsche Frischemärkte e.V. (GermanFresh Food Markets) was founded in 2000,initially as a marketing association forGerman wholesale markets. In 2010 it wasdecided to open the association to retailmarkets and expand its remit.Advertising, public relations work andinformative events are geared to focusconsumers’ attention on the fact thatwholesale markets are important becausethey ensure that wholesalers, retailers andcatering outlets are supplied with a largevariety of top quality fresh food.Benefits of membershipGFI sees itself as a network of partners andoffers its members a broad-based communication platformfor the exchange of information andexperiences relating to all aspects of thetrade a formalized process of knowledgetransfer on key issues of trademanagement nationwide coordination of healthyeating events lobby work in political circles, tradechambers and associations a public forum in the shape of a jointstand at the Fruit Logistica fair and a website –– with a comprehensive informationdatabaseThe GFI Organization: EquippingMarkets for the FutureIn 2014 GFI restructured its businessdivisions by trading levels. The “wholesalemarkets” and “street markets” divisionswill focus primarily on matters regardingbusiness,infrastructure,organizationand benchmarking. In addition to thesemoves towards enhancing the efficiencyof existing markets, work will concentrateManagement Boardon the development of effective models forsustainable wholesale and street markets.Our members practice a lively exchangeof information. It is a point of honour tomake a personal contribution. All membersare committed to putting their experienceand expertise into joint efforts to shape thefuture of Germany’s fresh food markets.Cooperating membersof GFIWholesale marketsdivisionStreet marketsdivision3

GFI GERMAN FRESH FOOD MARKETSGFI PlatformGermany’s fresh food markets – a force to bereckoned withFRUIT LOGISTICA – the world of freshproduceFRUIT LOGISTICA is the world’s leadingtrade event for the fresh fruit business.Every February more than 65,000 topdecision-makers from over 140 countriesmeet in Berlin. The 110,000 m² of hall spacegives 2,700 exhibitors from 83 countriesan opportunity to present everything theglobal fresh fruit trade has to offer.GFI: Network and market place forsmall to medium enterprisesGFI has been exhibiting at Fruit Logistica for15 years. German wholesale markets sharea 300 m² fair stand where they demonstratehow very well they function as modern,versatile and high-quality trading andlogistics platforms.Above all, the fair stand serves wholesalersand importers who trade at wholesale4markets as a welcome meeting point, wherethey can hold in-depth talks and negotiatewith clients and suppliers from all over theworld.What counts most for GFI are networkingopportunities – and the fair brings everyoneinvolved in the value chain together.

in cooperation withF RUC H T H A NDELMAGAZINE

GFI GERMAN FRESH FOOD MARKETSGFI EventsGFI Fructinale – they all answer our freshness callIn 2009 GFI German Fresh Food Markets added a whole newdimension to networking. The Fructinale, now one of the largestgatherings for the industry was launched on the fringe of the FruitLogistica, It is an unusual event, which has rapidly turned into anopportunity for the Who’s Who of the fresh produce business tomeet and refresh networks in a pleasantly relaxed environment.Over 300 guests from the business, political and media communitiesjoin for an unforgettable evening to celebrate life’s true stars: fruitand vegetables.Out-of-the-ordinary locations and superior cateringSince the Marheineke Market Hall, Berlin, had already hosted foursuccessful events, the GFI decided in 2015 that it was time tointroduce its guests to one of the many other things Berlin has tooffer. For the 5th Fructinale show in 2015 the next perfect eventlocation was discovered – the historic Berlin Waterworks. Noweveryone is looking forward to the 6th GFI Fructinale in 2017.Varied programmeWell-known national politicians, fascinating show acts and theunique atmosphere combine to produce an entertaining evening.A special highlight of the evening is the presentation of our “BuddyBear” awards to loyal partners of German fresh food markets.For more information please go to:

GFI GERMAN FRESH FOOD MARKETSGFI Services“Märkte Live”: smartphone app for market fansThe daily round of businessat our fresh food marketsis a colourfully lively affair.Consumers want to domore than buy freshproducts; they’d like to make fresh contacts,exchange news and chat with people. Thatmeans our markets are much more than justplaces for trade. They are the city’s genuinechatrooms, full of real-life tweets.All markets and event promoters can accessthis free app. Market operators and eventmanagers may alter their data and addspecial campaigns to their profile pagewhenever they wish.Carry the market in your pocketGFI’s Live Markets app may bedownloaded free of charge from theAppStore (for iPhones) and GooglePlayStore (for Android smartphones).“Märkte Live” is the first German languageapp for all market events in the Germanspeaking area. Users of “Märkte Live” canfind all the street markets, market halls,wholesale markets, flea markets or popularfestivals happening locally or in the rest ofGermany.“Märkte Live” puts us in touch with onesegment of market fans belonging to ourfuture customer base. These customersfavour the latest forms of communication asmuch as they value the shopping experienceplus the freshness, variety and quality of theproducts.The app is continuously updated and newevents and markets added as required, newdata is automatically transferred.For more information please go to:

GFI GERMAN FRESH FOOD MARKETSGFI CampaignLove your local market – Erlebe Deinen MarktEurope celebrates its street markets –Germany now joining in the annual event2-week international festival for 2,000street markets, market halls and wholesalemarkets in 16 countries.In May 2015, 60 street markets and markethalls in 12 regions of Germany were firsttime participants in the European “Loveyour local market” campaign, using theGerman title of “Erlebe Deinen Markt”(experience your market). Many colourfuland informative events and specials werestaged to celebrate the role of markets asan indispensable element of local shopping.“Love your local market” was started in2012 by the National Association of BritishMarket Authorities (NABMA). In 2015more than 2,000 markets in 16 countriesin and beyond Europe took part in thecelebrations. This makes “Love your localmarket” the biggest event for Europeanmarkets.addition to representing the country’s majorwholesale markets, GFI also speaks for 80%of the street market operators in Germany’smetropolitan regions.We are very proud to be part of the “Loveyour local market” movement. This initiativegives support to the many dedicated marketoperators who work to enhance publicawareness of street markets, specialistmarkets and market halls. Joint events inthe context of the “Erlebe Deinen Markt”campaign have the positive effect of turningthe spotlight on the social, cultural andeconomic role that markets play for thoseliving in specific regions.GFI Association of German Fresh FoodMarkets is only too happy to givemarket operators and committed traderorganizations an opportunity to take part inthis network of markets.The World Union of Wholesale Markets,WUWM, in The Hague initiated theinternational movement. As a memberof the WUWM, our Berlin-based GFIAssociation of German Fresh Food Marketsis the central contact coordinating andorganizing “Erlebe Deinen Markt”. InFor further information please got to and www.loveyourlocalmarket.org8


GFI GERMAN FRESH FOOD MARKETSThe GFI networkNetwork for traders and marketing partnersGFI is the central point of contact for national and internationalgrowers who would like to undertake marketing activities atappropriate, independent food stores. GFI offers these marketingpartners individual concepts so they can communicate their brandto the quality-conscious consumer and arrange product tastingevents.coordination of campaigns and arranges for national andinternational PR work involving the press and Internet sites. Thewholesale markets take care of the planning details and integratethe local trading partners into the event. They often arrange forlocal and regional advertising / PR as well, and organize own eventsin support of the marketing specials.All this is possible because many independent retailers are partof the wholesale markets‘ formidable “Fresh produce network”consisting of attractive street market locations, specialist greengrocershops and retail market halls; they offer an excellent advertisingenvironment because they focus on advice, service and providing agood shopping experience.GFI fresh food markets are also popular places to offer samples ofbrand name foods, beverages, convenience products, householddevices and media products. Use the communication potential ofGFI for effective marketing events to promote your brand at thepoint of sale.400 top locations for promotions and tastingsGFI is the central point of contact for marketing partners wantingto use this platform. GFI undertakes the overall planning and10


WHOLESALE MARKETSGermany’s wholesale markets – hubs for fresh produceWhen most people are still asleep in thecities, the wholesale markets are busyturning night into day. The markets are ahive of activity. Vast amounts of fresh fruitand vegetables from national growers,especially those near the market, andfrom all over the world are shipped toand from the markets. Whatever theseason, there is no shortage here – andeverything is of top quality. Other typesof food are on offer besides fruit andvegetables, so that retailers can obtain alarge part of their range of fresh producefrom the market.We are at the centre of freshnessWholesale markets are at the centre ofthe chain of added value for fresh foodsand flowers. This is where growers,wholesalers and importers meet thebuyers from shops and restaurants whowant the best for their customers. Andcustomer relations are very important,because delivering to customers ispart of the service where freshness isconcerned.Grown around the world, sold in the regionRegional, national and overseas growerssupply produce to the importers andwholesalers based at the wholesalemarkets. The wholesale market is the12sales channel of choice for growerswho attach great importance to thequality and freshness of the produceand value the professional advice andtrading skills of the companies at thewholesale markets and their customers.The experts for healthy eatingWithoutthewholesalemarkets,consumers would find their quality of lifediminished, because the people who buyproduce at the wholesale market payclose attention to Companies based at the marketsMost sellers are wholesalers and importers.Possessing great professionalism andexperience, they are able to handle largevolumes of every kind of perishable foodfrom all parts of the world. Many of thecompanies trading on the wholesalemarkets have been owned andoperated by the same family for severalgenerations. The entire range of servicesconnected with the produce is available.The market traders are highly competitivebecause they put the customer first andoffer the latest logistics technology andservices. FreshnessEverything is geared to freshness atwholesale markets. The markets ensurethat fruit and vegetables from all overthe world and the local region are takenstraight to the shops, so the consumercan buy them while they are fresh.The buyersAmong the customers who buy from thevaried range at the wholesale marketare independent retailers, street markettraders, hotels, restaurants, chain storebranches and bulk buyers for hospitals,community centres, fast-food outlets andcanteens. VarietyYou name it, the market has it. The fivecontinents of the earth rub shoulders inthese urban centres, to offer whateverthe consumer desires, from A as in appleto Z as in zucchini. QualityHere the wholesale markets leavenothing to chance. For good reason.After all, the people who trade here areall proven experts – people who set veryhigh standards and for whom only thebest is good enough. That is why freshlyharvested produce is first subjected to anumber of official inspections.

WHOLESALE MARKETS Regionally sourced produceRegional growers have stands at many wholesale markets tosell freshly picked seasonal produce: “From the region – for theregion” is the guiding principle, thus cutting transport time andcosts.Where our GFI wholesale markets are locatedDKSFor market profilesplease turn to thefollowing pages.RostockWhen it comes to fresh produce, wholesale markets are at thecentre of the value RETAILERSWHOLESALE MARKETSGROWERSregional / national 13

WHOLESALE MARKETSFacts and figuresAreaThe total area occupied by Germany’swholesale markets is 2,700,000 m2: theyhandle huge amounts of fresh foodsevery day.EmployeesAltogether 21,000 people work for companies,service providers and market authoritiesbased at Germany’s wholesale sBuyersCompanies based atall fresh food markets:2,750Buyers at allfresh food markets:55,700Service providers28014Restaurants/caterers14,300Street market traders22,500Retail shops18,900

WHOLESALE MARKETSInvestments in millions 14.32007200820092010201120122013201420152016Fish and meat795,000 tOther foods400,000 tFruits and vegetables6,760,000 tPlants and flowers0.4 billion eurosFruits and vegetables7.9 billion eurosFish and meat1.0 billion eurosTurnoverTurnoverVolume of produce soldat all fresh food markets:7,950,000 tValue of produce soldat all fresh food markets:10.6 billion eurosOther foods1.4 billion euros15

WHOLESALE MARKETSAachenGrossmarkt.aachenVitamin hub for early risersThe European wholesale market in Aachensupplies retailers, the hospitality industry,canteens and street markets; it greets earlyrisers with freshness, variety and quality.Some 20 firms serve around 500 buyers onthe 45,000 m2 site.Every day more than 200 different sorts offruit and vegetables from everywhere in theworld and freshly harvested vegetables inseason from all the region’s growing areasBuiltAreaFirms on siteCustomersCatchment areaRange sold16200345,000 m2205003 million customersFruit, vegetables,meat, other foodsAddressPhoneFaxE-mailWebContactNOROK GmbHHeyder Feldweg 5052072 Aachen 49 (0)2407 565 64 60 49 (0)2407 565 64 chen.deMartin Heyen, managing directorare traded here. Dry foods, preserves, snackbar articles, meat and sausage specialitiesround off the range.Conveniently located in Aachen’s southnear to the A44 motorway junction AachenBrand, the wholesale market’s catchmentarea extends across large swathes of theMeuse-Rhine Euroregion with its 3 millioninhabitants

WHOLESALE MARKETSBerlinFreshness, variety and quality in the heart of BerlinBuiltAreaFirms on siteCustomersVolume turnoverValue turnoverCatchment areaRange sold1965330,000 m23003,000800,000 t / year1.3 billion euros / year6 million customersFruit, vegetables, fish,seafood, processedmeats, dairy products,convenience and oth.foods, flowers, plants,florist suppliesBerlin Wholesale Market is one of thenation’s major centres for the trade in freshproduce. Offering a full and varied choiceof top quality fruit, vegetables, processedmeats, fish, seafood, dairy and convenienceproducts, plus a wide range of fine qualitycut flowers, plants and florist supplies,the market occupies a unique position inGermany. To round off the Berlin WholesaleMarket experience, services such asrefrigerated storage, vehicle maintenanceand repair shops, vehicle washing, wastedisposal facilities and a filling station areAddress Berliner Großmarkt GmbHBeusselstraße 44 N–Q10553 BerlinPhone 49 (0)30 398 961-0Fax 49 (0)30 398 961-24E-mail info@berliner-grossmarkt.deWeb www.berliner-grossmarkt.deContact Michael Bahr, authorized officer(Prokurist)on site. As supplier of a complete range ofgoods, Berlin Wholesale Market is serviceoriented and fully attuned to the needs oftoday’s fresh food retailersOver 6 million customers live within thecatchment area of Berlin Wholesale Market.This stretches north-south from the BalticSea to the Erz Mountains: the WholesaleMarket is a supplier not only to the nationalcapital, Berlin, but also to Brandenburgstate, parts of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt andMecklenburg-Western Pomerania 17

WHOLESALE MARKETSBerlinFruit market – the natural choiceIn the Fruchthof hall (total area 29,000 m2)which was thoroughly modernized in 2007,wholesalers occupy a sales area of 21,000 m2where they offer their customers a widerange of goods and a whole new shoppingexperience: The new lighting concept creates a bright,friendly atmosphere Locating the central cooling plant forall the cool rooms outside the hall hasBuiltModernizedAreaFirms on siteCustomersVolume turnoverValue turnoverCatchment areaRange sold181965200785,000 m2782,500225,000 t / year325 million euros / year6 million customersFruit, vegetables,mediterranean deliproducts, eggs, dairyproducts, beverage,other foodsconsiderably reduced noise levels inside Unbroken cool chains, covered loading/unloading ramps, transport paths andcustomer parking space combine tomaintain consistent produce quality Short distances within the hall and fromhall to parking lot facilitate efficient workpatterns and save the buyers timeAddress Fruchthof Berlin Verwaltungs genossenschaft eGBeusselstraße 44 N–Q10553 BerlinPhone 49 (0)30 395 50 07Fax 49 (0)30 395 36 58E-mail info@fruchthof-berlin.deWeb www.fruchthof-berlin.deContact Dieter Krauß, executive board member

WHOLESALE MARKETSBolzano / ISouth Tyrol – Good Food CountryBolzano-Bozen wholesale market hall is runby a consortium that is majority-ownedby public institutions and the site is usedby a variety of firms selling the followingproducts: organic or conventionally grownfruit and vegetables, fish, flowers and a largeselection of foods, wines and beverages.They play a major role in supplying retailersand itinerant traders. Moreover, a largenumber of restaurant and hotel managersbuy all their provisions at the wholesalemarket.BuiltAreaFirms on siteCustomersCatchment areaRange sold196215,250 m2465000.5 million customersFruit, vegetables,fish, other foods,flowers, green le BozenSchlachthofstraße 29I-39100 Bozen 39 (0)471 978 153 39 (0)471 979 446info@mercatobz.comwww.mercatobz.comPaolo Peroni, managing directorThe wholesale market hall is a large, moderndistribution centre where all the requisitecontrols relating to hygiene, health andquality are in place in order to comply withcurrently valid EU regulations for all freshproduce. Bolzano wholesale market is alsocommitted to promoting greater awarenessof typical food products from the region,to providing space and opportunity to selllocal fruit and vegetables when they are inseason and letting consumers “know whatthey’re eating”. 19

WHOLESALE MARKETSBremenThe fresh food centreBuilt 2002Area 163,000 m2Firms on site 100Customers 2,800Volume turnover 250,000 t / yearValue turnover 316 million euros / yearCatchment area 1.5 million customersRange sold Fruit, vegetables,fish, meat, bakeryproducts, other foods,non-food, flowers,plants20Bremen Wholesale Market, in the middleof Bremen’s Überseestadt district, operatesa purpose-designed centre which is one ofthe most modern facilities for fresh producein Europe. The wholesale market is in theold docklands, now the Überseestadtredevelopment area. Close to the citycentre and served by good trans-regionaltraffic infrastructure, this location is set tothrive and prosper. The site is about 16.3ha and its centrepiece is a classic wholesalemarket hall offering more than 22,000 m²of floor space. The market hall is dividedAddressPhoneFaxE-mailWebContactGroßmarkt Bremen GmbHAm Waller Freihafen 128217 Bremen 49 (0)421 536 820 49 (0)421 536 men.deUwe Kluge, managing directorinto three wholesale trade sections –for flowers, grower-marketers and thetraditional fruit and vegetable wholesalers.There is also an 8,000 m² hall for a hugerange of speciality products to complementthe classic selection.In September 2012 the EDEKA C Cwholesale market MIOS opened forbusiness at Bremen Wholesale Market.Over 40,000 food and non-food articles areon sale in the 4,000 m² store, catering tothe individual needs of restaurants, hotels,bulk consumers and retailers.

WHOLESALE MARKETSDortmundAt the heart of the citySince 1952 Dortmund Wholesale Markethas been at the heart of the city and theregion. In 1976 the wholesale market,hitherto a municipal corporation, was oneof the first German markets to be privatized.Since that date it has operated as acooperative society.With a sales floor of more than 58,000 m2the market serves a catchment area thatincludes the Ruhr district, Westphalia, theBuilt 1952Area 58,000 m2Firms on site 28Customers 2,800Volume turnover 200,000 t / yearCatchment area 3.5 million customersRange sold Fruit, vegetables,fish, meat, otherfoods, tGroßmarkt Dortmund eGHeiliger Weg 6044135 Dortmund 49 (0)231 522 143 49 (0)231 554 und.deIngo Wilmer, managing directorRhineland and regions beyond, providingtop quality produce for more than 3.5million people. Apart from the classicwholesale trade in fruit and vegetables,Dortmund is a major regional centre for thefish trade.The success of Dortmund Wholesale Marketis founded on its central location and goodtransportation connections within one ofGermany’s most populous regions. 21

WHOLESALE MARKETSDüsseldorfThe region’s modern trading centreThe wholesale market in Düsseldorf, thecapital of its state, now occupies an areaof some 165,000 m2. It is a trading centrethat meets all the demands of a majorproduce-handling site, offering halls forbuying and selling, store-rooms with andwithout refrigeration, offices and loadingbays. 170 traders operate in the dedicatedsales, storage and refrigeration area ofsomewhat more than 22,500 m2 and inthe flower hall measuring some 10,000 m2.BuiltAreaFirms on siteCustomersVolume turnoverValue turnoverCatchment areaRange sold221936165,000 m21704,800300,000 t / year500 million euros / year3.5 million customersFruit, vegetables,fish, meat, dairyproduce, other foods,flowers, plantsTheir regular customers number around4,800 and are buyers for retail shops, streetmarkets, wholesalers, restaurants, hotelsand canteens.Located in the northern part of Düsseldorfwith easy access to the airport and severalmotorways, the wholesale market is ideallysituated for customers based in the city orthe surrounding districts and is convenientfor suppliers too.Address Landeshauptstadt DüsseldorfAmt für Verbraucherschutz39/1 Verwaltung und Markt management, Ulmenstraße 27540468 DüsseldorfPhone 49 (0)211 8997964Fax 49 (0)211 8929126E-mail grossmarkt@duesseldorf.deWeb ndex.shtmlContact Cordula Rütten, Head of the Administration

WHOLESALE MARKETSDuisburgAt the intersection of three regions;Ruhr, Rheinschiene and Lower Rhine27 importers, growers, wholesalers, caterersand the producers and sellers of conveniencegoods use the 7,000 m2 of sales floor areato serve a large number of customers fromthe independent food retail trade, such asgreengrocers and street market traders, andbuyers for restaurants and eateries.Duisburg Wholesale Market is an importantregional institution blessed with an intact,Built 1927Area 32,000 m2Firms on site 27Customers 1,200Volume turnover 100,000 t / yearValue turnover 120 million euros / yearCatchment area 2.0 million customersRange sold Fruit, vegetables,fish, dairy produce,other Duisburg Kontor GmbHGroßmarkt, Auf der Höhe 1047059 Duisburg 49 (0)203 30525-0 (admin.) 49 (0)203 315598 (market) 49 (0)203 ePeter Joppa, managing directorBrigitte Heinecke, marketmodern infrastructure and can look backon more than a century of trading history.A special feature of the site is its goodinternational connections, e.g. via nearbyDuisburg airport; and the Dutch border is amere 50 km down the road. The wholesalemarket’s immediate catchment area is theLower Rhine region and the western Ruhrdistrict, where some 1.5 million consumerslive. 23

WHOLESALE MARKETSEssenThe best of what’s goodEssen Fresh Produce Centre is known asthe place to go for quality and freshness. Itwas opened in 1981, a result of the mergerbetween the wholesale market and theabattoir, which was privatized in 1976. Itis managed by three operating companies,the Grossmarkt Essen GmbH, the meatcooperative FVE Fleischversorgung EsseneG and the butchers’ cooperative GildeFrisch-Markt Rhein-Ruhr eG.Built 1981Area 94,000 m2Firms on site 52Customers 4,000Value turnover 130 million Euro / yearCatchment area 1.5 million customersRange sold Fruit, vegetables,fish, meat andsausages, groceries,deli products, dairyproduce, tFrischezentrum Essen GmbHLützowstraße 1045141 Essen 49 (0)201 320 00-10 49 (0)201 320 00-70info@fze.dewww.fze.deRolf Strobel, managing directorMore than 50 companies operate on the94,000 m2 site, offering trade buyers acomplete range of fresh foods. Attached tothe market is an educational facility wherecourses cover a comprehensive range ofcommercial and technical subjects.

WHOLESALE MARKETSFrankfurt/M.The modern trading platformFrankfurt Fresh Produce Centre opened inJune 2004. The site covers 13.3 hectaresand offers a modern exchange facilitywhere sellers and retailers meet to tradetheir wares. The innovative overall conceptis the result of careful planning, makingthe fresh produce centre one of Germany’smost modern sites for wholesaling freshfood. Key features are the highly functionalfacilities, the latest technology, time-savinglayout and a wide range of produce.BuiltAreaFirms on siteCustomersVolume turnoverValue turnoverCatchment areaRange sold2004133,000 m21003,000460,000 t / year800 million euros / year4.8 million customersFruit, vegetables,fish, meat, otherfoods, flowers, plantsAddress Frischezentrum Frankfurt amMain – Großmarkt GmbHJosef-Eicher-Straße 1060437 Frankfurt am MainPhone 49 (0)69 507 75 98-0Fax 49 (0)69 507 75 98-150E-mail info@frische-zentrum-frankfurt.deWeb www.frische-zentrum-frankfurt.deContact Silke Pfeffer, managing directorSome 100 food wholesalers, importers,regional growers and sellers of specialitiesoffer a “one-stop” opportunity to buy acomprehensive and varied range of freshproduce.Vital pre-conditions to guarantee thefreshness and quality of the goods tradedare that the market is very easy to reach andis close to Frankfurt airport. 25

WHOLESALE MARKETSHamburgThe fresh produce centre of the NorthThe wholesale market for fruit, vegetablesand flowers was first built at its current sitein the Hammerbrook district of Hamburgin 1962. Thanks to its wide range ofgoods and central location, the wholesalemarket’s catchment area extends beyondHamburg into Schleswig-Holstein and parts ofLower Saxony and Mecklenburg-WesternPomerania; it also includes West Poland andSouth Scandinavia.Built 1962Area 273,000 m2Firms on site 425Customers 4,500Volume turnover 1,500,000 t / yearValue turnover 2.0 billion euros / yearCatchment area 10 million customersRange sold Fruit, vegetables,other foods, flowers,plants26The site covers 273,464 m2. The markethall offers 64,991 m2 of wholesaling spaceAddressPhoneFaxE-mailWebContactwith a further 55,167 m2 of outside spaceavailable for handling produce, of whichsome 28,360 m2 is privately owned. Theentire range of services connected with thedistribution of food is available. The firmsbased at the market are highly competitivethanks to their customer-friendly attitudesand the latest standards in logistics andservices. Hamburg Wholesale Market hasDIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000certification (HACCP principles of hygienemanagement) and is a certified Ökoprofitenterprise.Großmarkt Obst, Gemüse undBlumen HamburgBan

Our network knows no borders. We maintain relations with all markets in German-speaking parts of Europe. This guide is designed show you the important role our member markets play; they are organized in the GFI German Fresh Food Markets association. CONTENTS PAGE GFI 02 - 11 WhOlESAlE MARkETS 12 - 35 RETAIlERS 36 - 37 PARTNERS 38 - 42

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