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QuickNet CopperCabling SystemsQuick Deployment forHigh-DensityData Center Applications

Benefits of a Pre-TerminatedCabling SystemYour network drives the critical data, voice, video, and security applications requiredto support your business. A pre-terminated cabling system simplifies the deliveryof those network services by providing reliable infrastructure components assembledand tested in a factory-controlled environment.Panduit’s Unified PhysicalInfrastructure (UPI)A unified approach to physical and logicalsystems architecture is imperative forsolutions to fully address the need foravailability, agility, integration, and security.Panduit has developed the industry’s mostcomprehensive and holistic approachto a Unified Physical Infrastructure and canhelp enterprises align, converge, andoptimize critical systems – communication,computing, control, power, and security – tobuild a smarter, unified business foundation.2visit www.panduit.com/UPIAn end-to-end pre-terminated cabling system is an ideal solution for data centersespecially when time for traditional cable installation, termination, and testing islimited. Pre-terminated cable assemblies offer a simple plug-n-go solution for linksbetween LAN switches, servers, patch panels, and zone distribution areas, for newinstallations or to enable easy additions to current infrastructure.

Advantages of the Panduit QuickNet Copper Cabling SystemAs part of the complete QuickNet Solution, the Panduit QuickNet CopperCabling System is a custom pre-terminated cabling solution, designed to meet uniquestructured cabling requirements. Fast and simple to install, this high-density solutionprovides consistent network reliability and reduces initial on-site rework. Thisleading-edge system delivers ensured performance for the lowest total costof ownership.Quick Network DeploymentPre-terminated cabling systems can be installed in 75% less time than field-terminationmethods, eliminating the need for on-site bundling, terminating, and testing. Moves,adds, and changes can be made immediately by existing on-site network professionals,increasing productivity relative to traditional field installations. This is critical for areasthat require high security and limited access, as changes to the network can be madewithout scheduling outside personnel.Mitigates Risks – Quality, Reliability,Performance, and SecurityThe QuickNet Cabling System mitigates risk in the areas of the quality, reliability,and performance of the installed system, as well as site security during installation.Quality and reliability of the installed system are ensured through the use of authenticPanduit components that are assembled and tested in Panduit’s factory-controlledenvironment, and performance is ensured by the 100% testing of each finishedassembly. Site security risks are minimized due to the significantly reducedinstallation time, which means fewer installers and less time spent bythem on-site.Provides a Re-Deployable AssetEach QuickNet assembly is labeled with length and unique serial numberinformation so it can be easily catalogued and tracked as a network asset, and assuch, can quickly and easily be redeployed to address changing network needs.Why Specify Panduit QuickNet CopperCabling System? Quick Deployment75% Faster Ease of InstallationPlug-n-Go Solution Improved Reliability100% Factory Performance Tested Unified Copper and Fiber SolutionCopper and Fiber in theSame Patch Panels High Performing Cabling SystemCategory 6A and Category 6,UTP and Shielded Standard LengthsFor Rapid Availability Configured Assemblies AvailableFor Unique Requirements “Green” Solution80% Less Packaging Wastevisit www.panduit.com/quicknet3

A Foundation of ExcellenceInnovative DesignThe Panduit QuickNet Copper Cabling System incorporates innovativedesign features.Integrated release tab enableseasy installation and removal of6-port pre-terminated cassette. Built-in release mechanism on QuickNet Pre-Terminated Cassettes enablessimple installation and removal with one hand 48-port (1 RU) high-density angled patch panels and PatchRunner Vertical Cable Managers quadruple rack density for reduced real estate costs QuickNet Adapter snaps in and out of QuickNet Patch Panels and acceptsall Mini-Com Modules to provide flexibility and scalability for changingnetwork requirements QuickNet Plug Pack Assemblies facilitate quick and easy connectionand disconnection of cables to a variety of switches, reducing time and costassociated when installing and maintaining structured cabling links Staggered cable lengths ensure proper bend radius control and anaesthetic solution Jack modules, cable, and patch cords are tuned to each other todeliver maximum channel performance and network reliabilityWorld-Class QualityQuickNet Copper Cabling System components are manufactured to strictISO quality procedures. QuickNet Cable Assemblies are 100% performance tested to TIA or ISO electricalpermanent link specifications (test report shipped with each assembly) Each assembly has a unique serial number for future traceability Giga-TX Jack Modules undergo more than 90 additional quality checks forassured performanceWorld-Class Service and SupportAt Panduit, we respond quickly to customer needs and deliver exceptionalservice levels globally.Shielded cassettes provideseamless self bonding forshielded cable assemblies.4visit www.panduit.com/quicknet Global sales and technical support teams work together to ensurethe optimum solution is provided to meet your requirements Short lead times and custom configurations keep your project on schedule Design tools facilitate customization and allow flexibility when designingthe structured cabling infrastructure

Elements of the SystemQuickNet Cable Assemblies Offer UTP Category 6 Cabling and UTP/STP Category 6A Cabling (plenum, riser,LSZH, and CM fire ratings) Pre-bundled with six cables for easy installation Available in lengths from 10 to 295 feet (one foot increments) or 3 meter to 90 meters(half meter increments) and different cable colors for redundant path applications Multiple termination types including pre-terminated cassettes, jack modules,modular plugs, plug packs, and/or unterminated options Shielded die cast cassette utilizes direct bonding, eliminating externalbonding requirementQuickNet Angled and Flat Patch Panels Accept Quicknet Pre-Terminated Cassettes, which snap in and out with one handfor quick installation Available in 24-port (1 RU) standard density and 48-port (1 RU)high-density configurations Angled design allows cable to flow to each side of the rack and eliminates the needfor horizontal cable managers by enabling patch cords to be routed directly intovertical cable managers Proper identification of each port with pre-printed numbers above each port;vertical numbering from top to bottom of panel is also available for high densityswitch applicationsQuickNet Patch Panel Accessories Patch panel adapter accepts Mini-Com Modules for UTP, fiber optic,and audio/video applications Blank patch panel adapter reserves space for future use while promotingproper airflow and cooling Adapters and blanks easily snap in and out of QuickNet Patch PanelsQuickNet Plug Packs allow multiple cables tobe installed simultaneously with one hand forspeed of deployment in switch applications.24-port, flat modular patch panel, populatedwith pre-terminated shielded cassettes withshielded jack modules.48-port, angled modular patch panel,populated with pre-terminated cassetteswith UTP jack modules.Patch panel blankPatch panel adapter, populated withcopper, fiber, and audio video modulesvisit www.panduit.com/quicknet5

Data Center ApplicationsQuickNet Jack-to-Plug Cable Assembliesare ideal for cross-connect applicationsThe QuickNet Copper Cabling System isintegrated with the Panduit StructuredGround System to optimize network performanceFor the full Panduit product offering, request Panduit Pan-Net Network Solutions Catalog: SA-NCCB51.QuickNet Copper and Fiber Cabling Systems arecompatible with PanZone Enclosures and Boxesfor zone cabling applications6visit www.panduit.com/quicknet

QuickNet Cassettes snap in and out of QuickNet Patch Panels allowing quick and reliableinstallation in server applicationsBundled QuickNet Cable Assembliesare easily routed in Wyr-Grid OverheadCable Tray Routing System,FiberRunner Cable Routing System,or GridRunner Underfloor CablingRouting SystemQuickNet Cassettes snap in and out of QuickNet Patch Panels allowing easy access for moves,adds, and changes in switch or server applicationsQuickNet Plug Pack termination optionminimizes network downtime during switchinstallation and maintenancevisit www.panduit.com/quicknet7

A Commitment to GreenAs a global manufacturer, Panduit has embraced lean and sustainable thinking asa core value by designing solutions and facilities that are good for the environmentand for business. The QuickNet Copper Cabling System supports this commitmentby significantly reducing the amount of product packaging waste as compared totraditional field-termination installations, and by providing cabling assemblieswhich are inherently redeployable and reusable.Environmental Benefitsof the QuickNet CopperCabling SystemTypical Waste fromTraditional Installation vs. QuickNet Installation(Based on 600 Link Installation)QuickNet installations are more“Green” than traditional installations: 80% Less Packaging Waste No Termination Scrap Material orDebris to Clean Up QuickNet Assemblies are ReusableTraditional InstallationQuickNet Installation8visit www.panduit.com/quicknet

Permanent Link PerformanceThe Panduit QuickNet Copper Cabling System exceeds the applicable permanent linkrequirements for Category 6A and Category 6 transmission over twisted-pair cabling.Each assembly is 100% performance tested at the factory. A Fluke* Linkware test reportaccompanies each cable assembly and will also be archived by Panduit. Because thecable assemblies are 100% factory tested, the time and cost associated with on-sitefield testing are eliminated. The QuickNet Copper Cabling System provides riskmitigation and guaranteed performance by providing cable assemblies with a factoryproduct warranty.Permanent Link Compliance is tested for the following parameters: Insertion Loss (IL) Return Loss (RL) Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT) Power Sum Near-End Crosstalk (PSNEXT) Equal Level Far-End Crosstalk (ELFEXT) Power Sum Equal Level Far-End Crosstalk (PSELFEXT)*FLUKE is a registered trademark of Fluke Corporation.visit www.panduit.com/quicknet9

QuickNet Cable Assembly Ordering Information for North AmericaGo to the NEW Panduit QuickNet Cable Trunk Configurationand Ordering Tool1Configure ProductSelect your cable trunk configuration options2 Get Part Number, Price and Lead TimeGet real time MRSP quote with lead time3OrderLog in and place your order!Questions?Contact Panduit Technical Support at800.777.3300Easy to Configure, Price and Order!Notes on QuickNet Configured Parts**For cable assemblies constructed of Category 6A (TX6A-SD 10Gig ) UTP MaTriX Copper Cable, the maximum length is 196 ft. (60m).All connectivity is wired T568B. Category 6 Enhanced Performance level utilizes Panduit TX6500 Category 6 UTP Cable.Permanent link test results shipped with each cable assembly.Termination OptionsUTP CassetteUTP Jack ModulesShielded Cassette10visit www.panduit.com/quicknetUn-TerminatedUTP Modular Plugs6-Port Plug Pack

QuickNet Patch Panels, Accessories, and Patch CordsPart NumberNo. ofRackSpaces DescriptionStd.Pkg.Qty.Std.Ctn.Qty.QuickNet Angled Patch PanelsQAPP48HDBLQAPP24BL24-port, angled patch panel.1110QASP24BL24-port, all metal angled patch panel which accepts QuickNet Pre-Terminated Shielded Cassettes and Patch Panel Adapters.48-port, high-density angled patch panel.1110111011101110QAPP48HDBLQAPP48HDVNSBL 48-port, high-density angled patch panel with pre-printed verticalnumbering on each port for switch applications.48-port, all metal angled patch panel which accepts QuickNet QASP48HDBLPre-Terminated Shielded Cassettes and Patch Panel Adapters.QPP48HDBLQuickNet Flat Patch PanelsQPP24BL24-port, flat patch panel.1110QSP24BL24-port, all metal patch panel which accepts QuickNet Pre-Terminated Shielded Cassettes and Patch Panel Adapters.48-port, high-density flat patch panel.1110111048-port, high density flat patch panel with pre-printed verticalnumbering on each port for switch applications.48-port, all metal patch panel which accepts QuickNet Pre-Terminated Shielded Cassettes and Patch Panel Adapters.11101110—110Reserves space for future use and promotes proper airflowand cooling.—110Cable strain relief bar extends 2" off of the rack to support cables inpatch panels.—110Label/label cover kit for 24-port QuickNet Patch Panels.Each kit contains four labels and four clear label covers per bag.—110QuickNet Plug Pack accepts six RJ45 modular plugs.QuickNet Plug Pack accepts eight RJ45 modular plugs.QuickNet Recessed Plug Pack accepts six RJ45 modular ABLQPP48HDVNSBLQSP48HDBLPatch Panel AdapterQPPBBLQPPABL6-port, patch panel adapter accepts Mini-Com UTP, fiber optic, andaudio/video modules.Patch Panel BlankQPPBBLSRB19BLYStrain Relief BarSRB19BLYLabel KitQPPLC24QPPN6BUPlug PacksQPPN6 QPPN8 QPPNR6SPlug Pack AccessoriesQPPRTQPPLD6-XQPPLD6-XRemoval tool allows individual cables to be removed from plug packwithout disruption of other network connections.Lock-in device prevents unauthorized removal of cables from theplug pack. One rack space 1.75" (44.45mm). Available in BU (Blue), BL (Black), RD (Red), or WH (White).Recessed version, part number QPPR6S, is silver.Part NumberPatch CordsPart DescriptionUTP6A*Category 6A UTP CM patch cord with TX6 PLUS Modular Plugs on each end.UTP6ASD*Category 6A-SD UTP CM patch cord with TX6 PLUS Modular Plugs on each end.STP6X*Category 6A shielded LSZH/CM patch cord with TX6 PLUS Shielded Modular Plugson each end.Category 6 UTP CM patch cord with TX6 PLUS Modular Plugs on each end.UTPSP*Y*Represents multiple foot lengths and multiple colors.Contact customer service for additional information.visit www.panduit.com/quicknet11

Real-World SolutionsWith a proven reputation for excellence and innovation, Panduit and our partnerswork with you to overcome challenges and implement real-world solutions thatcreate a competitive business advantage. Panduit offers the broadest range ofsolutions, from data centers and intelligent buildings to manufacturing operations,to help you build a smarter, unified business foundation.Technology LeadershipPanduit develops innovative physical infrastructure solutions that meet therapidly changing needs of our clients, from hardware and software to advisoryservices. This commitment is supported by investment in advanced research,solutions-focused product development, world-class manufacturing, andHarness the power ofyour Enterprise Networkcollaboration with customers at the forefront of technology.Call or visit us online,Partner EcosystemOur best-in-class partner ecosystem offers a comprehensive portfolio of servicesthat span the project lifecycle, from planning and design to delivery, deployment,we can show you how.Panduit Corp.maintenance, and operation. Panduit business partners – distributors, and certifiedWorld Headquartersarchitects, consultants, engineers, designers, system integrators, and contractors –Tinley Park, IL 60487are qualified to help you achieve your objectives and realize predictable andmeasurable results.cs@panduit.comUS and Canada: 800.777.3300Europe, Middle East, and Africa:44.208.601.7200Latin America: 52.33.3777.6000Asia Pacific: 65.6305.7575Strategic AlliancesPanduit cultivates long-term strategic alliances with industry leaders, includingCisco Systems, EMC, IBM, and Rockwell Automation, to develop, optimize, andvalidate solutions for our customers. This investment in people and resourceshelps solve our customers’ greatest business challenges.www.panduit.comGlobal Business CommitmentPanduit is committed to delivering a consistently high level of quality and servicethe world over. With a presence in more than 100 countries, local Panduit salesrepresentatives and technical specialists offer guidance and support that bringvalue to your business. Our global supply chain, which includes manufacturing,customer service, logistics, and distribution partners, provides prompt responseto your inquiries and streamlines delivery to any worldwide destination.SustainabilityWith a commitment to environmental sustainability, Panduit develops andimplements solutions that protect, replenish, and restore the world in whichwe live. This commitment is demonstrated by Panduit’s LEED Gold certifiedWorld Headquarters, leveraging the Unified Physical InfrastructureSM approachto enable convergence of critical building systems to drive energy efficiencyand ongoing operational improvement. 2015 Panduit Corp.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.COCB25--WW-ENG (Replaces COCB09--SA-ENG)4/2015

Data Center Applications QuickNet Jack-to-Plug Cable Assemblies are ideal for cross-connect applications QuickNet Copper and Fiber Cabling Systems are compatible with PanZone Enclosures and Boxes for zone cabling applications The QuickNet Copper Cabling System is integrated with the Pandui t StructuredGround System to optimize network performance

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