Source: IRI/SPINS 52 MULO Grocery, Refrigerated, Frozen Weeks Ending 5 .

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MARKETPLACE GROWTHSource: IRI/SPINS 52 MULO Grocery, Refrigerated, Frozen Weeks Ending 5/15/162

Gen ZMillennialsYounger Consumer Market Influences3

GENERATIONAL SIZES26%25%21%20%8%Source: US Census, July 2015Source: Pew Research Center, 20154

DEMOGRAPHICS BY GENERATIONGen Z(15 – 18)Ethnicity/Cultural HeritageMillennials Millennials Millennialsat homeon ownw/childrenGen XBoomersAverage Age16.624.328.329.144.359.9% Non-Caucasian46%27%28%27%20%17%% Hispanic25%16%13%23%15%10%% usehold Size4. College Grad 2%22%54%37%43%44%HH Income 80KNA10%20%25%40%40%% EmployedFull-time5%27%57%43%70%40%Source: THG Foodways Report 4.20165Millennials16. Qs S2, S7, S12, S14, S15, S16, S17, S18

MILLENNIALSAges 19 to 37LivewithParentsOnTheirOwnInCollege6Families

MILLENNIAL SHOPPERSNutrition LabelsBrandsPrice & ProximityPantry FillingLocalDigitalSource: THG Foodways Report 4.20167

GEN ZAges Unborn (0) to 18Unborn15-180-148

GEN Z SHOPPERSCurrent LivingWiredHealthy EatingSocial CausesInfluential GenerationSource: THG Foodways Report 4.20169

REACHING THE YOUNGER CUSTOMERShopping and home deliveryEasy shopping list creationRecipe inspirationLoyalty rewardsCoupons and specialsNew product newsIngredient listsNutrition detailsSource: THG Foodways Report 4.201610



PERSONALIZED HEALTH & WELLNESS SERVICES DRIVES LOYALTYBase: 1,914 internet users aged 18 who shopped at a drug store in last 12 monthsSource: Lightspeed Mintel Drug Store Retailing February 201613

SHORT-TERM BENEFITS APPEAL TO YOUNGER CONSUMERSSource: Mintel Vitamins, Minerals, & Supplements September 201514

GEN Z’S MOST COMMON HEALTH MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES47% of Gen Z is already taking vitamin/mineral supplements.Conditions Managed by ExerciseOverweight68%Heart/cardiovascular concerns52%Anxiety or stress50%Joint pain/stiffnessConditions Managed by SupplementsConditions Managed by Food47%Overweight49%Memory/mind health35%34%High cholesterol38%Colds & fluDiabetes37%FatigueFood rt/cardiovascular concerns32%Heart/cardiovascular concerns25%Diabetes44%Digestive disorders32%Joint pain/stiffness25%Cancer31%Disgestive disorders24%Fatigue41%Memory/mind health38%High blood pressure29%Dermatological problems23%High blood pressure37%Memory/mind health29%Anxiety/stree22%Food allergy/sensitivity21%Sleep disorder34%Fatigue22%“If you exercise, you want to eat healthy and you just feel good about yourself.” FEMALE, 15Source: The Hartman Group Gen Z Health Wellness 201515

RELEVANCE OF THIRD PARTY CERTIFICATIONSCertificationYOY Growth %VMS/ HBC Source: SPINS Conventional (powered by IRI) TTLUS – Food L52W 1/24/1616

ORGANIC VERSUS NON GMOImportance of Fresh, Less Processed Food Cues% Extremely/Very Important30%Made w/organic ingredients22%28%Does not contain GMOs37%Millennials26%Grown locallyGenX/Boomers23%Source: THG Foodways Report 4.201617Significantly different from Millennials

HOT TREND: NON GMOTrend EducationTrend Data“GMOs are organisms whose genetic material has been artificiallymanipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering. This relativelynew science creates unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacteriaand viral genes that do not occur in nature or through traditionalcrossbreeding methods.”High Risk CropsAlfalfaSoyCanolaSugar BeetsPapayaCorn52% of consumers say they understand whatGMOs are, yet less than one-third ofconsumers say they know which crops aremost likely to use GMO.Zucchini & Yellow Summer SquashTop 10 Categories by Unit SalesRankTrend Implementation Feature an end cap solution for Non-GMOmonth (October)Execute through 4ft and 8ft planogramsavailable in public foldersEducate the consumerFAQ Trifold57% ofconsumers areunaware of theNon-GMO SealCategoryToplineUnitsUnit %Chg2,288,382,8168.8%255,849,40615.7%1CHIPS PRETZELS & SNACKS2REFRIGERATED NON-DAIRY BEVERAGES239,649,8165.8%3SHELF STABLE PACKAGED FRESH PRODUCE158,709,50931.4%6SHELF STABLE FRUITS & VEGETABLES119,819,1013.2%7REFRIGERATED JUICES & FUNCTIONAL BEVERAGES106,272,58932.1%8BEANS GRAINS & RICE103,552,9891.7%9COLD CEREALS89,861,951-1.1%BABY FOOD71,142,45237.4%10Source: Non- GMO Project Verified Organization & MintelNatural Organic ReportNatural & Conventional Channel 10%Source: SPINS TPL L52W Ending 8/9/15Trend SpotlightLate JulySea Salt & LimeMadhava HoneySugar CoconutCascadian FarmGraham Crunch

WHAT IS FAIR TRADE?ActivationSustainable LivelihoodsFarmers & WorkersValue CreationBusinessesConsumerSource: Fair Trade USAFair Trade is an ethical certification system which aims to promote more equalityand sustainability in the farming sector.19

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY & CAREMillennialsGen X/BoomersSustainability Practices When Grocery ShoppingAgree Strongly/Somewhat49%51%I support companies that help my local communityI support companies that care about communitieswhere they do businessI support companies that give a % of profits tocharities I like48%45%40%32%38%I look for products not tested on animals33%38%I bring my own bags when I grocery shop43%I avoid buying from companies w/poor laborpractices36%32%36%Sustainable products are too expensive29%34%I avoid buying products w/excessive packaging38%Source: THG Foodways Report 4.201620

HOT TREND: FAIR TRADETrend EducationFair Trade is a global trade model, and Fair Tradecertification allows shoppers to quickly identify products that wereproduced in an ethical manner.For consumers, Fair Trade offers a powerful way to reducepoverty through their everyday shopping.For farmers and workers in developing countries, Fair Tradeoffers better prices, improved terms of trade, and the business skillsnecessary to produce high-quality products that can compete inthe global marketplace.Globally, the Fair Trade network certifies coffee, tea andherbs, cocoa, fresh fruit and vegetables, sugar, beans and grains,flowers, nuts, oils and butters, honey and spices, wine and apparel.Source: www.FairTradeUSA.orgTrend ImplementationTrend DataAccording to SPINS, the YOY dollar growth for Groceryproducts with a Fair Trade Claim or Fair Trade 3rd PartyCertification was 12.8% for the US Food Channel.Source: SPINS Total US Conventional TPL Grocery L52W ending 10-04-15Trend SpotlightPoint out Fair Trade products. Use shelf talkersand signage to highlight Fair Trade products.October is Fair Trade Month.Provide KeHE’s Fair Trade NationalPlanogram.Educate the consumer on what Fair Trademeans and why it is important. The FairTrade USA website is a great place to start.Endangered SpeciesChocolateWholesomeSweetenersWicked JoePackaged Coffee

WHAT IS A B-CORP?It’s a certification Like Fair Trade, but for thewhole company that meetsthe highest standards ofverified performance,transparency, andaccountability.It’s an approach For a better way to dobusiness – better for workers,communities and theenvironment.1,609 B Corporations43 CountriesIt’s a community 130 IndustriesOf practice to increase ourindividual and collectiveimpact.1 Unifying GoalSource: www.bcorporation.net22It’s a movement Of global leaders usingbusiness as a force for good.

CONSUMER BEHAVIOR55% will pay extra for productsfrom companies committed tosustainability52% check packaging to ensuresustainable impact52% purchased at least oneproduct in the last 6 months fromone or more socially responsiblecompaniesSource: Nielsen Global Corporate Social Responsibility Report June 201423

HOT TREND: B CORPTrend EducationB Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee orUSDA Organic certification is to milk.B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab tomeet rigorous standards of social and environmentalperformance, accountability, and transparency.Trend DataL52W and aretrending up L4W atB-Corp certified brands& products are up3 categories make up 30% of the B-Corpcertified sales:1) Vitamins & Minerals ( 11.3%)2) Teas ( 8.2%)3) Digestive Aids & Enzymes ( 55.7%)Source: SPINScan Natural TTL US L52W ending 1/24/2016Trend ImplementationTrend SpotlightBare FruitChipsNutribladeWheatgrassEthical Bean Coffee


HOT TREND: BETTER BEVTrend EducationTrend DataThe consumer shift away from full sugar and high caloriebeverages are driving the surge in “better for you” beverages inboth shelf stable and refrigerated formats.All Better Bevs are growing! Ref coconut & plant waters 22.9%CoconutCalories: 140Sugar: 39gTrend ImplementationCalories: 0Sugar: 0gLow Sugar Soda AloeCactusMapleRef kombucha & fermented bev 16.9%Ref rtd coffee & tea 73.4%Shelf stable functional 17.2%Soda (alternatively sweetened) 7.1%Sports & isotonics 4.0%Water 20.1%Source: SPINScan Natural TTL US L52W ending 1/24/2016Trend SpotlightPlant Water, ColdPressed & HPPKombuchaEnergy, RTD Coffee &TeaFlavored, Sparkling,Mineral, & EnhancedWaterBucha LiveKombuchaGuruEnergy BeverageWTRMLNJuiceRunaEnergy Drink

HOT TREND: PLANT POWERTrend Education13% of consumersstate that theyoccasionally like tohave a “meat-free”day, such as“Meatless Mondays”Trend Data60% of consumers believe theycan obtain the necessaryamount of protein and nutrientsfrom foods other than meat95%90%90%88%Flexitarianism is the act of conscious consumers cuttingback on meat in their diet but still enjoying a goodserving of animal protein when the timing is right11% of meat alternativeconsumers are concerned withanimal welfareBeefGroundTurkeyPork ChopsChickenBreastSource: FDA Report; Nutrition Business Journal 2015; Supermarket News; MintelTrend ImplementationTrend Spotlight2 DoorRefrigeratedMeat &CheeseAlternativesNaturalDaiyaCheddar Style MacConventionalLuna & Larry’sCoconut BlissOrgainPlant Based Powder

HOT TREND: ALLERGEN FRIENDLYTrend EducationTrend Dataoooo 8 Common Allergens ( Gluten Free) Allergy or Intolerance?o Food Allergy: exposure (even in trace amounts) producessymptoms ranging from discomfort to life threatening.o Food Intolerance: may cause discomfort, but not lifethreatening and immune system is not involved. Opportunity is Increasingo 1 in 50 (1990) 1 in 9 (2016)o Food allergies and diets are becoming a way of lifeTrend Implementation8ft Allergen Friendly POGSnack/Cereal/Energy BarsSweet Biscuits/CookiesPastaBread & Bread ProductsSource: MintelTrend Spotlighto Establish relationships withfood allergy groupso Educational resources onshelves/shelf talkersEnjoy LifePancake & WaffleMixBeanfieldsBean & Rice ChipsPico de GalloBonavitaElbow Pasta

EVERYONE COUNTS25%20%21%26%8%29

THANK YOU!Lisa Burke l DirectorCustomer Insights & Growth Solutions30

products with a Fair Trade Claim or Fair Trade 3rd Party Certification was 12.8% for the US Food Channel. Source: SPINS Total US Conventional TPL Grocery L52W ending 10-04-15 Point out Fair Trade products. Use shelf talkers and signage to highlight Fair Trade products. October is Fair Trade Month. Provide KeHE'sFair Trade National Planogram.

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