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CIMON Download Utility lets program files be downloaded to the PLC directly without using CICON. After completing and compiling a pr ogram, a special file for Download Utility can be created through the “Export Project” function in CICON. CIMON Download Utility .exe file can be found through “Start” - “All Programs” - “CIMON” By using CIMON Download Utility, PLC programs can be downloaded onto the PLC without exposing the contents. Types of Download Utilities Download Utility Screen Configuration Downloading in PLC Downloader Creating Downloadable Project File

CIMON Download Utility has two different programs: CICON Downloader and PLC Downloader. Essentially, they have the same functions and features except that CICON Downloader relies on the CICON Software while the PLC Downloader is a separate program that can be utilized without CICON. CICON Downloader When installing CICON, CICON Downloader is automatically installed and vice-versa for uninstallation. CICON Downloader can be found in [CICON Downloader] folder inside of CICON folder. (Ex. C:\Program Files\CICON\CICON Downloader\CICON Downloader) OR CICON Downloader can be executed by “Start” - “All Programs” - “CIMON” - “CICON Downloader” CICON Downloader cannot be executed only by having the “CICON Downloader.exe” as this program is dependent on the CICON Software. In this case, CICON software is used for PLC connection. PLC Downloader PLC Downloader needs to be downloaded and installed separately. This program is not included in CICON. PLC Downloader can be found in [PLC Downloader] folder. (Ex. C:\Program Files\PLC Downloader) OR PLC Downloader can be executed by “Start” - “All Programs” - “CIMON” - “PLC Downloader” PLC Downloader is an independent software which does not require CICON. With the PLC Downloader, user can connect and download project files to PLC’s without requiring other software. A USB Driver is included in the installation folder so the user can easily install the USB Driver and connect to the PLC easily.

Example of using PLC Downloader: 1. The integrator finishes a project and converts the file to .DWN file by using “Export Project” function in CICON 2. The integrator sends the .DWN project file to the user 3. The user receives .DWN project file and downloads the project file to the PLC by using PLC Downloader without knowing the contents of the file.

Screen Configuration 1. Search File: Choose the path of the project file that needs to be downloaded to the PLC The file extension should be “.DWN” format - “.DWN” format files can be created in CICON. Please refer to [Creating download file] for detailed information. 2. Connection Setup: Choose a connection method. (same as Communication Setup in CICON) - Connection types are “Serial Port” / “Dial-up Modem” / “Leased Line Modem” / “Ethernet” / “PLC Simulator” / “USB Port” - If the communication method is not correct, the program automatically terminates after an attempt to connect. *While attempting to connect, if the connection type is not selected correctly, there might be a delay period - combination of “Timeout” time and connection time.

3. Project information: indicates project information of a chosen download file (“.DWN”) - Project Name / Project Size / CPU Type / number of registered program files - Please check this information before downloading. 4. Program Information: Shows program information of a selected program in the project. - Program ID (PID) / Program Name / Program Type 5. Help: Opens PLC Downloader manual. 6. Initialize: Deletes all the selected information. 7. Download: Downloads the project files to the PLC based on the selected settings. - Please refer to [Downloading in PLC Downloader] for detailed information.

Open CICON to create a new project by selecting “New Project.” from the “File” menu.

After creating the new project, please register a scan program. At least one scan program is needed for compiling.

Compile the selected project by selecting “Compile All Link” on the “Tool” menu. After compiling and linking has been successfully completed, a message will show as below. If there is an error or compiling has failed, an error message would show in the same box as below. In that case, please check the error and respond accordingly.

Select “File” - “Export Project” “Export Project” function converts already compiled files to a .DWN downloader file. If compiling has failed or did not compile at all, “Export Project” function cannot be used. If there has been a change in parameter or program after compiling a project, another compilation is needed.

After clicking “Export Project”, a window pops up and asks the location where the .DWN file would be saved. Please choose the location and select “Save” button. If “Export Project” has been successfully completed, a message appears in the message window as below.

Screen as below appears after starting “Downloader” “Search File” button is used to search for a .DWN project file. Please choose a project file and click “Open” .DWN project file needs to be already created by “Export Project” from CICON Please refer to [Creating Downloadable Project File] for detailed information. Project information gets shown in the Project Information field. Please check if the project information is correct. CPU Type cannot be changed and is fixed to what the user selected in CICON. If the project’s CPU Type and the actual CPU Type does not match, connection will automatically fail.

After checking the Project information, please click “Connection Setup” button to select communication type. All the parameters should be changed according to the actual communication settings of the PLC in the window shown below.

After the communication setup is completed, click “Ok”. Selected “Connection Setup” information appears in the window as below. After “Search File” and “Connection Setup” configuration is completed, Start Downloading by clicking “Download”. If download file is not selected or connection setup is not completed, an error message pops up as below.

Once download is started, the software checks the CPU mode and requests the user to change the mode to a correct mode in a pop-up window shown as below.

After clicking “Yes”, download starts once the CPU mode is in the correct status. During the download, a message “Downloading. Wait a moment please” appears. Depending on how big the project file is, it can take from 10 seconds up to 2 minutes. An error message shows when the cable disconnects or the CPU turns off while downloading. Please proceed with caution since this can cause a malfunction of PLC.

After the download is completed, a message pops up as below. Please click “Ok” to complete the download. Lastly, a window pops up asking to change the CPU mode to “Run”

PLC Downloader PLC Downloader needs to be downloaded and installed separately. This program is not included in CICON. PLC Downloader can be found in [PLC Downloader] folder. (Ex. C:\Program Files\PLC Downloader) OR PLC Downloader can be executed by "Start" - "All Programs" - "CIMON" - "PLC Downloader"

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