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FORWARD in this manualwill helpyou get The operatinginstructionsand maintenancerecommendations acquaintedwith, and get the mostsatisfactoryperformancefromyournew HardinMarineEngine. How well your enginewill delivertheperformanceit has built into it dependsin the care it receives. This manual containsa listing of maintenanceproceduresthat should be performedat recommendedintervals.The operatororservicepersonnelresponsibleforthe careof this engineshould be thoroughly familiarwith these procedures. This manualcoversthe full line of Hardin GasolineEngines.Theseengineshavemany differences,howeverthe operationand serviceis the same on all theseengines.In this manualwe will cover the basic operation and serviceas well as some of the differencesbetweenengine models. Hardin Marinetakes pride in producingenginesof qualityfor a wide varietyof marineapplications. Enginesthat havebeencreatedthrough a greatdeal of researchusing high qualitypartsto achievethe upmost in performanceand durability. Should a need for replacementpartsor servicedevelop,contact Hardin Marineor the Hardin Marine AuthorizedDealernear vou.

TABLEOF CONTENTS"' IMPO RT A NT O W NE RR E G IS T R A T IO . N INFORMATION War r antF y or m. . War r antCar y d . En gineS er ialNum b e r. . . PAGE .,.2 .2 ,, ,. .,2 . . .2 PR EDE LI V E RY I NS PE C T ION . .,.3 o w NE RSRE S P O NS B L T .ES 1 0H ourI ns pec t ion s .4 .,.,.4 EN GI NE S P E CI F I CA T IO ,. NS .5.9 OPERA T I NG I NS T RU C T ION. S Sta r t ingE ngine. Op e r at ingT heHe a d e r(G a te V a l v e ) Op e r at ing Hint s. . 1 0 HourB r eak - in P e ri o d. l n s t r um ent s L U BR T CA T I O . .N . En gineO il. . , . En gineO il Dr aining P ro d e d u re Un i v er s al Dr iv eLine s Th rot t leCable. Crankcase Breather Filter. . PC VV alv e Ma int enanc eS er v i c e Oh a rt. . . . . 10-14 .10 .11 . 12 . . 13 .,.14 . 15-17 . 15-16 . 17 . . . . . . 17 . 17 . . 17 . 17 . 18 . COOLINGSYSTEMS Description S al tW aterOperati on Fl ushi ng P rocedure PAGE . 19-20 . . . . . . . . . . . 20 . . . . . 21 E LE C TR IC ASLY S TE MS A l ternator B attery. SparkPlugs , . . . . . , 22- 23 . . . . . . 22 . . . . . . . . 22 . 22-23 FU E LS Y S TE M FuelP umo Fi l ter. TypeFuel C arburetor , . . . . . . . 23. 24 . . . . . 23 . . . . . . . . . 23 . . . . . . 23 , . , . . 24 TR OU B LE S H OOTIN G , . , . . . . , 25- 27 WINTERSTORAGE ,, 28-29 P R E P A R A TION OF E N GIN EFORS E R V IC E . . . . . . . 30 W IR IN GD IA GR A M . . . , 31- 33 W A R R A N TY S E R V IC E W A R R A N TY S TA TE ME N T . . . . . I nsideBackCover . . . . . . . . Back Cover IMPORTANTINFORMATION IS POINTEDOUT BY BOLDREDTYPE.

IMPORTANT OWNER 'FEGTSTRATTON TNFORMATTON WARRANTY FORM E NG I NES E RI A LNUMB E R Included with this manual is a warranty form which must be f illed oul and mailed to Hardin Marine to iniliate the warranty on your new Hardin engine and/or drive. This form is pre-addressed to Hardin Marineand should be filledout by you and your dealerat the time of purchase.Pleasefill out the card completely,includingthe enginemodel and serialnumberand mail it within 10 days of purchasedate. The serial number should be recordedon the warrantyform supplied with this manualand shouldbe relerredto in any correspondence concerning your engine. This n.umberwrll be rmprintedon your warranty card which must be used whenever any warranty repairs are made on this engine. NOTE: The FederalBoat Safety Act of 1971 requiresthat registration listsof marineproductssold in the United Statesbe maintained by the manufacturersand dealersof theseproducts.Therefore,it is extremely important that we receiveyour registrationform both for warranty purposesand to comply with federal regulations.This productowner informationwill alsoenableus to contact you should it become necessaryto change or improvethe productto protectthe well beingof you, the owner andoperator. The engine serial number is stamped onto the engine block or head on the port (left) side of the lronl ol the engine as indicated by the arrows below. (See figure 1). WARRANTYCARD When the completed warranty form is receivedby Hardin Marine, a plasticOwner'sWarrantyCard will be madeand sentdirectlyto you. This warrantycard is your only valid identificationfor warrantywork and must be presentedto a Hardin AuthorizedServiceDealerfor warrantv work. A FAILURETO RETURNWARRANTYFORM CONSTITUTES AS DESCRIBED IN THE 1971 WAIVEROF ANY NOTIFICATION FEDERALBOATSAFETYACT. MODELS H20s, H225,H260 H280,H333,H400 H405.H425.H430 MODEL H320 F I G U R E1

PRE-DELIVERY INSPECTION The selling dealer should assistyou in being properly equipped according to Coast Guard requirementsand local regulations.He should also assistyou in watertesting the boat to permityou to familiarizeyourselfwith the handlingand operationof the boat. The dealer should conduct a pre-deliveryinspiectionof your boat priorto deliveryto you. The following items are to be checked: 1. Engine Oil Level 2. Tightnessof fuel and oil lines 3. Battery charge 4. All water hosestight 5. Tightnessof all exhaustmanifold nuts 6. Control adjustments 7. All drain petcocksclosed 8. Alternatorbelt tension 9. Exhausthose and clamps 10. Alternatorfor charge 11. En gin e idle spe ed 12. Bilge area for water leaks OWNERSRESPONSIBILITIES A. With the ownershipof a new boatyou receivecertainresponsibilities. By law you are now responsiblefor alloccupantsof your boat.lt is reguired that you meet U.S.Coast Guard t leastone other personaboardin the basichandlingskills of your boat to enable that person to operate the boat in case of an emergency. You shouldobservethe rulesand regulationsof the areain which you are going to operate your boat in order to protect your passengersas well as yourself. For additional information contact the local U.S. Power Squadron,AmericanRed Cross or the State BoatingAuthorities. B. As a boat owner,you are responsiblefor the normalmaintenanceand replacementof service items.These are not considereddefects in material and workmanshipwithin the terms ol the warranty.

i O WNER 'S R ESPO N SIBILITIE S 1 OHO U R IN SPECTION To insurethat you receivethe maximumservicefrom your Hardinequipment yo u sh ou ld a sk your Har din Dealerabout a 10 hour s e r v i c ea n d i n spectio nafte rth e f irst 1 0 hour s of oper at ion.ALTHO UG HT H E 1 0 H O U R S E R VICElS NOT COV EREDUNDERTHE W ARRANTYP O L I C Y 't h e c o s t to you will b e minima la nd s houlda m alf unc t ionbe f ound a n d c o r r e c t e da t this t ime. the inspe ctio nwill pay f or it s elfm any t im es ove r . The {ollowing is a list ol items to check or service: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. B. 9. 10. Che ck fo r oil, fuel or wat er leak s . Dra in oil an d re plac ef ilt er . ( s eeoil c hange) .pg. 15 - 1 7 Che ck an d re{ight en engine m ount bolt s . Check fuel line f ittingsfor tightness. Check hose clamPsand hoses. Check the alternatorbelt for correct tension' Check throttle linkage. Check the flame arrestor' Check the fuel filter. Check all electricalconnectionsfor tightness. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. C h e c k e x h a u s tm a n i f o l db o l t s f o r t i g h tn e ss Check the bilge pump and blower for operation' Check all switches,lights,and other equipmentfor operation' Launch the boat. S t a r tt h e e n g i n ea n d c h e c kt h e t i m i n ga n d d w e l l o fth e d i str i b u to r Check the operationof all the instruments. Check the carburetoradjustments. 18. Check for overheatingat maximum RPM's,and at idle RPM's' 19. Check the operationof the steeringand shifting system' , a f u n c t i o n so r S i g n So f a b u see xi st i n th e 1 o - h o u l f a n y d e l i c i e n c i e sm inspection,it shou d be noted,broughtto your attention,and correctedat thar time. NOTE: lf defects are found in the equipment that is not supplied by Hardin Marine, please contact that manufacturerfor serv'ce information.

ENGINE H 205 Net Horsepower.Bore Stroke Displacement CompressionRatio Fuel Requirements Fuel Pump Pressure ldle RPM In Waler Jet ldle R P M l / O V or Direct Drive Max. B e c o m m e n d e dR PM Point Dwell T im i n g S par k P I u g s P lug c a p Firing Order Norm a lO i l P r e s s u r e@ 1 5 0 0Rp M Oil Viscosityand Type O il C a p a c i t yw i t h F i t t e r O il F i l t e rM o d e l TransmissionOil Viscosityand Type Mini m u mB a t t e r yR a t i n g AlternatorRating AlternatorN4odel DistributorModel Normal Water Temp. M ax i m u mT e m p . zvc 4.000 3.480 2 6 2 C.t. 9.3:1 Reg. 87 Oct. 6 - 7 PSI 850 RPM 4600 RPM 390 80 BTDC@600RPM ACM R4 3 T .035 165432 35-45 PSt SAE 30 Class SF, SE 5 Quart Approx. AC PF 51 See Note 1 o t2 73 Amp 3 5 Am p I M R 2 0 5 1F Prestolite '1200-1800F 2000F H 225 H 260 225 3.74 3.48 305 C .t. 8.5:1 Reg. 87 Oct. 4-7 P S I 8OOR P M 750 RPM 260 4.00 3.48 350 C.l. 9:1 Reg. 87 Oct. 4-7 P S I 8OORPM 750 R P M 44OORPM 26" Each 8. BTDC@700RPM MR 43T .03s 18436572 30-45 P S I SAE 30 Class SFSE 6 Quart AC PF 25 See Note 1ot2 73 Amp 35 A mp I MR 2051 F YL 67OAV2 1200-1800F 2000F 44OORPM 260 Each 8 BTDC@700RPM MR 43T .U JC 18436572 30-45 PSI SAE 30 Class SF.SE 6 Quart AC PF 25 See Note 1or2 73 Amp 35 A mp 8 MR 2051 F YL 67OAV2 1200-180"F 2000F H 280 280 4.oo :,T" I Res.87 oct. 4-7Psr I I 800RPM I 800RPM I 5000RPM I 260Each I 8 BrDC@700 RPy MR43r I .o3s 18436572 3o-4sPSt I I S A E 30 C l assS F E 6 Quart I A C P F25 See Note I 1or2 73 Amp 35 Amp 8MR20s1F YL 670AV2 12Oo-18OoF 200oF A YM*r*' I 9:1 r t' Horsepower FiguresAre Approximate And lvlayVary With Each Installation. I I I I I I 320 ,\ ' tty ' .Jo V \ 3.850 460 C .l . 8:1 Reg. 87 Oct. 5-7 P S I 9OOR P M 750 R P M 4600 RPM 31. 8 BTDC@550RPT/ A H F 32 .03s 15426378 35-65 P S I S A E s 0 C l as sS FS E 6 Ouart ctAz 6731A S ee N ote 1or2 73 Amp / I I I I 3sAmp 8M R20s1F D3JL12100 120"-180.F 200oF I 1 //q I i I I tl Borswarner;M'# Twin-DiscTransmissionSAE 30 Deteroenl

ENG INE SPECIFICATIONS H 333 Net Horsepower'. Bore Stroke Displacement CompressionRatio Fuel Requirements Fuel Pump Pressure ldle RPM In WaterJet ldle R P M l / O V Or Direct Drive I/ax. RecommendedRPM Point Dwell T im i n g Spa r k P l u g s S pa r k P l u g G a p F rn n gu r o e r Nor m a lO i l P r e s s u r e@ 1 5 0 0RPM O il V i s c o s i t ya n d T Y P e Oil Capacitywith Filter O il F i l t e rM o d e l T ra n s m i s s i oO ni l Viscosityand TyPe Min i m u mB a t t e r yR a t i ng AlternatorRating AlternatorModel Dis t r i b u t oM r odel Normal WaterTemP. Ma x i m u mT e m P . " Hors e p o w e rF r g u r e sA r e Ap p r o xim a te A nd M a y V a r yW i t h E a ch ln sta lla tio n . H 400 0s H 405 H 42sos H 4300s 333 4 .2 5 4.0 4 5 4 c.l. 8 :1 Reg. 87 Oct. 4 - 7 PSI 8 5 0 RPM 750 FIPM 400 4.25 4.0 454 C .l . 8.8:'1 Reg. 87 Oct. 4.7 PSI 850 RPM 750 R P M 360 4.25 4.O 454 c.l . 8.8:1 Reg. 87 Oct. 4.7 P S I 850 RPM 750 RPM 425 4.25 4.0 454 C .l . 8.8:1 Reg. 87 Oct. 4.7 PSI 850 RPM 8OORPM 430 4.25 4.O 454 C .l . 8.8:1 Reg. 87 Oct. 4.7 PSI 850 RPM 8OORPM 4600 RPM 260 Each I BTDC@700RPM RPM 5OOO 26" Each I B TD C @700R P M MR 43 T (AC) RPM 5OOO 26" Each RPM 8 BTDC@7OO MR 43 r (Ac) 52OORPM 26'E ach I ETDC@700RPM MH 43 T (AC) 52OORPM 260 Each RPM 8 BTDC@7OO MR 43 T (AC) .035 18436572 30-45 P S I SAE 30 Class SF.SE 11 Quart Fram HP '1 See Note 1o(2 73 Amp 35 A mp 8 lvR 2051 F YL 67OAV2 '1200-'180'F .035 18436572 30-45 P S I SAE 30 Class SF.SE 6 Ouart AC PF 25 See Note 1or2 73 Amp 35 A mp 8 MR 2051 F YL 67OAV2 120.- 180'F 2000F .035 18436572 30-45 PSI SAE 30 Class SFSE 11 Quart Fram H P 1 See Note 1o(2 73 Amp 35 Amp 8 tvlR2051 F YL 67OAV2 1200-1800F 2000F .035 18436572 30-45 P S I SAE 30 Class SF.SE '11Quart M R4 3 T .035 18436572 30-45 PSI SAE 30 Class SF.SE 6 Qu a r t AC PF 25 See Note 1or2 7 3 Am p 3 5 Am p 8 MR 205'1F YL 67OAV2 1200-1800F 2000F 2000F Fram HP 1 See Note 1ot2 73 Amp 35 A mp 8 MR 2051 F YL 67OAV2 1200-1800F 2000F 1. BorgwarnerTiansmissionATF Dextron. 2. Twin-DiscTiansmissionSAE 30 Detergenl 5a

E NG I NES P E CI F I CA T I O NS MODELS H205,H225, H260, H28OJCt MODELSH225,H260,H280V-Drive 14 tc 1. FlameArrestor 2. Carburetor 3 . Fu el Pum p Vent 4. Fuel Filter 5 " Oil FillerCap 6 . Fu el Line 7. Fuel Pu m p I n l e t 8. Fuel Pu m p 9. Water lnlet 10. Front Mount 11. Rear M o u n t ' t 2. O il Filt e r 13. ExhaustManifold Drain 14. ExhaustRiser 15. ExhaustOutlet 1 9 . E n g i n eSe r i a lN u m b e r 20. Starter 2 1 . O i l D i p sti ck 16. PCV Valve 17. Oil PressureSender 18. Alternator 22. Trans Oil Dipstick 23. Oil Drain Hose 24. Trans Oil Cooler

I E NG I NE S P E CI F I CA T I O NS MODELS H333,H405, V'DT VE MODELS H333, H4O5 JEt 1. FlameArrestor 2. Carburetor 3. F uelP u mpV e n t 4. F uelFi l te r 5. O il F i l l e rC a p 6. F uelL i n e 7. Fuel Pu m p I n l e t 8. Fuel Pu m p 9. Water Inlet 10. Fr ont M o u n t 11. Rear M o u n t 12. O il Filt e r 13.ExhaustManifold 14.ExhaustRiser 15.ExhaustOutlet 16.PCVValve S ender 17.Oi l P ressure 18.Alternator 19.E ngi n eSer ialNum be 20.Starter 21.Oi l D ipst ick 22.Oil DrainHose

E NG I NES P E CI F I CA T I O NS MODELSH260,H280TournamentSkier 1. FlameArrestor 2. Carburetor 3. FuelPumpVent 4. FuelFilter 5. Oil FillerCap 6. FuelLine 7. FuelPumpInlet 8. FuelPump 9. Waterlnlet 10.FrontMount 11.RearMount 12.Oil Filter MODELSH225,H260,H280,H333,H405 InboardFreshWater Gooling 13.ExhaustManifoldDrain 14.ExhaustRiser 15.ExhaustOutlet 16.PCVValve 17.Oil Pressure Sender 18.Alternator 19.EngineSerialNumber 20.Starter 21.Oil Dipstick 22.TrcnsOil Cooler 23.TransOil Dipstick 24.Oil DrainHose 25. HeatExchanger 26.RadiatorCap

ENG I NE S P E CI F I CA T I O NS M O D ELS H333,H405 Inboard lro n MODELS H400, H425,H430 Off Shore 4 8:" \ ,-. 'w i%*-15 2 Carb ur et or ir. Fue l Pum P Vent 4 Fu el Filt er B Fuel P u m P 9 W at e r l n l e t 10. Fr o n t M o u n t 1 1. Rea r M o u n t 5 OlFi ller CaP l ne 6 FLreLt 7 Fue l Pum P lnlet 12 O il F i l t e r 13. Ex h a u s tM a n i l o l d 14 Ex h a u s tR i s e r ( P i P e ) 1 Fla m eAr r es t or 1 5 . E x h a u s tO u t l e t 1 6 .P C V V a l v e 1 7 . O i l P r e s s u r eS e n d e r 1 8 .A l t e r n a t o r 1 9 . E n g r n eS e r r a lN u m b e r 20.Starter 2 '1. O i l D i P S t i c k 2 2 . Tr a n s Oi l D i PSti ck Tr a n s Oi l C o o l e r 2 4 . Oi l D r a i n H o se 2 5 Po w e r Ste e r i n gU n i t 2 6 Oi l C o o l e r 2 7 Th e r m o sta tH o u sl n g

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS DO NOT OPERATESTARTERFORMORETHAN 15 SECONDSWITHOUT PAUSINGTO ALLOW STARTERMOTOR TO COOL FOR 2 MINUTES. FILLINGTHE FUELTANK CAUTION:GASOLINEVAPORSARE EXPLOSIVE. ALWAYSUSE SAFETYMEASURES WHENFUELING ANDSTARTING YOURENGINE. B. Boatr equlppedwith Foot Throtlle 1. Insurethat all electricalequipmentis turnedoff. 2. Extinguish all openflameand all smokingmaterial. 3. Thef illerhosenozzleshouldbein contactwiththefill pipeto prevent sparks. BEFORESTARTING '1. Gheckengine,transmission or outdrivefor properoil level. 2. Checkfuel supply. 3. Operatebilge blowerfor at least4 minutesprior to crankingthe engineto removeany possiblegasolinefumeslrom the engine compartment. 4. Checkthat all the engineandexhaustmanifolddrainplugson the engineare closedtight. STARTING A. Boals equlppedwlth slngle leyercontrol such aBMorse"MV-J" 1. Placeleverin neutraldetent. 2. Pull buttonout or pull outwardon leverto disengageshifter. 3. Pumpthrottleby movingshift leverfull foruardand returntwo or threetimesto primea coldengine.Do notpumpthrottleif engineis hot. Throttleshouldbe at idlewhen startingengine. 4. Turn ignitionkey to startand as soonas enginestarts,releasekey and allowswitchto returnto run position. 10 1. Placeshift leverin approximate neutralandplaceonehandon lever whilestarting.Thiswill enableyouto keepthe boatin neutralwhen the enginestarts. 2. Pumpthrottleas in an automobileto startcold engine. 3. Usestarterlimitationas listedpreviously. AFTERENGINESTARTS '1. Checkoil pressure - lt shouldbeat or above10lbs.at idleRPMon a cold engine. 2. Runengineat closeto idleuntila risein temperature canbedetected guage. on the temperature 3. Placethrottlein neutralandpushbuttonin to engageshiftcable.You are now readyto get underway. 4. Moveshift leverforwardto placedrivein forwardandas levercontinuesto moveforward,throttlewill be advanced. JETDRIVEENGINES MAYBERUNWITHBOATOUTOFWATER ONLY IF WATERIS SUPPLIED TO THE INLETWATERHOSEFORENGINE COOLING.DO NOT RUN OVER2OOO RPM OR FOR MORETHAN 1 MINUTEOR DAMAGEMAYOCCURIN THESEALAREAOF THEJET DRIVE.IF WATERIS NOT SUPPLIED TO THE ENGINEIT MAY BE STARTED, BUT SHOULDONLYBE ALLOWEDTO RUN FORA FEW SECONDS. DO NOTSTARTV-DRIVE, I/O ORDIRECTDRIVEENGINES WITHOUTA WATERSUPPLYAS DAMAGEMAY BE DONETO THE WATERPUMP.

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS AWAY CAUTION: KEEP PASSENGERS FROM HEADERAT ALL TIMES. INJURY' lN SEVERE ieriune ro Do so couLD RESULT headersto keep ln short, allow only enough water to pass through blueing' from the rest of the chrome headerand engine at al Keep belongingsanctpassengersaway from times. Headers C. Boats equipped with Water lniected The Gate Valve: t. that you can regulatethe fn" g"t" u"fu" (see fig. 8) is necessaryso headers' the passes through amoJnt of water that Operatingthe Gate Valve: to headers' A. Turn valve clockwise to allow more water the amount of water restrict to clockwise counter valve Turn B. to headers. C.Ge ne ral r ulet olollow: Thef as t er t heboat s p e e d 't h e m o r e slower the boat the valve should be turned clockwise' The counter clockspeed, the more the valve should be turned wise. nose of boat is elevated' 3. When running boat on trailer, make sure this Procedure: Always follow OFF WATER' STOP START ENGINE,TURN ON WATER.TURN ENGINEON JE TS O NLY. equipped with an engine driven 4. For V-Drive engines or engines water PumPfollow this Procedure: TURN OFF TURN ON WATER,START ENGINE.STOP ENGINE, WATER. are also hot Water inlected headersare DRY and HOT at idle They f ittingand the the f irst'6 inchesout from the headto the water inlet chrome will blue to this Point' could Failureto do any of above,or if systemis not workingcorrectly o. DAMAGE' ENGINE result in SEVERE Figure 8 11 Gate V al v e

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS OPERATING HINTSFORBOATOWNERS A. When launching your boat, do not back the trailer in at a fast pace and "hit the brakes" to "shoot the boat off the trailer". This launching tech nique could force water up the exhaustport and into the enginewhich could cause severedamage to the engine. The flappers in the exhaust ports and the risers on the exhaust manifold are designed to prevent this from happeningunder normal use. (Seefigure 9). B. lf your boat is a low profiletype boatwith an openenginecompartment, you should be awareof the "followingwake" of your boat when you are slowing down and the boat setiles back into the water as it comes off plane. A little nudge of power from your enginejust as the wake ap proachesthe stern of your boat will preventwater from splashingover the transom and into the engine compartment. C. Beforeturning your engine off, insurethe following: 1. The boatspeedis below2 MpH. Thiswillhelppreventthe,,following wake" from forcing water up the exhaust ports. 2. The engine is at idle. This will preventexhaustwater from being drawn into the manifoldsby a coastingengine. D. At full throttle and top boat speed a jet obtains water from 2" below the bottom of the boat. However, if full throtfle is suddenly applied at zero boat speed,a jet is capableof pulling in water and debrisfrom up to 6 feet below the jet intake.This is especiallytrue when operatingin reverse.Thereforewhen maneuveringyour jet boat in shallowwater (6 feet or less) do not use a large burst of power (above 1500RpM) unless you are gettingunderway.For propellerdriveboats,be sureto maintain an adequatedepth to preventfouling the propeller. FIG.9 NOTE: lf the engine should develop a hydro-static lock (water drawn into the cylinderthroughthe exhaustsystem)the followingsteps should be taken: 1. Loosenthe connectionbetweenthe exhaustriser and the exhaust manifold.This will allow any waterthat is trappedinsidethe exhaust chamberto drain out. Retightenthe riser. 2. Removeall spark plugs,removethe centerwireof the coil,and crank engine for 15 seconds. 3. Squirt approximately1 teaspoonof motor oil in each cylinderand crank engine again for 1Sseconds. 4. Replacespark plugs, re-installthe coil wire, and start engine. lf engine does not sound normal,do not continueto operateyour "-' engine until your Hardin Marine Dealer has checked it out thoroughly. 1T

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS of the 10 hour break in period' 8. Change oil and filter at the end 9. Change fuel filter' P E R IOD ENG I N E1 OH O U RB R E A K -IN the factoryfor a short ne1i9O.ot All Hardinenginesnave beentest run at the systems'This is not to be all out time to make adjustmentsand check break-inis essentialto proper The engine. the of break-in considereda performanceand engine maximum and assumeminimumoil consumptio-n servlce. .10 checkfor oil pressure'leaks'proper 1. First minutes- ldle RPM and adiustment' control proper cooling, and RPM ' 2. Ne xt 15 minu tes- M inim um planning no sudden acceleration" with RPM 4O0O to 3. Next 35 minutes- Up to maximum RPM momentarily' up RPM Varied minutes 60 Next 4. with no sudden accelerations' of your engine'slile vary the 5. For the remainderot the first 10 hours accelerations throttle full RPM with no . in accordancewithnor6. Conduct 10 hour checkand operateengine l f ( a f t e r i n i t i a b r e a k - i n p e r i o d ) y o u w i s h t o o p e r a te yo u r e n g i n e a to r n e a the craft mav become Rpru'. in rough watei ionditions wherein r;-i;;; thata RPMLimiterbe installedon temporarilyair-borne,it is recommended RPM Limiterthat is available your engineto proteclVoutinu"ltt"nt' The RPM'This is onlyto preRated Maximum at is set i; ;;;t HardinDealer the enginesuddenly sho-uld RPM's vent the enginefrom go'ng ; e*ti"te a governorand the same be to designed not is unload under fullthrottle-it should be observed' RPM limitationsfor normal operation BE T I M E S H OYL D TH E EN GIN E CAUTION FOR HIGH RPM: AT NO ENRATING' MAXIMUM RPM OPERATEDBEYOND THE SPECITIED HIGH RPMWILL OF EXCESSIVELY NESUiT IJN WHICH FAILURE GINE WARRANTY. THE UNDER r.IOiAE REPAIRED ISAS FOLLOWS: MAXIMUM RECOMMENDEDRPM RPM H405-5000 RPM H205-4600 RPM H225-4400 mal Procedures' H26O-4400RPM H280-5000 RPM CAUTION: UNDERHEAVYLO A D S D U R I N G D O N OT PUL L SKIERSO RO PERATE PERI oD' inr ro Hou R BREAK - I N DURING BREAK'IN PERIOD OBSERVE INSTRUMENTSCAREFULLY npM n"iz-o- 'otio nisi-aooo npN'l npft'f Ff OO-SOOO RPM H425-5200 H43O-5200RPM INSTRUMENTS your enginegauge::Y:lll": A good habit to form is that of checking on the performanceol information of source minutes.They are the best your engine. oF ENGINE' oPERATIoN iol.rsune PRoPER Oil PressureGauqe 7. Also check for: a. Correct oil level b. ProPercooling c. Oil, water or fuel leaks d. Abnormalvibrationor noise nuts and clamps e. Loose mountings,fittings' bolts' eachtimethe engineis startedandat snoutooE-cnecked Oil pressure 3G40 is between Normaloil pressure timesdurinj operation' intermittent the engineis when RPM 900 at PSI at 1500nprr,t.rvriniirll'oiift"t"u'" throughlywarmis 10 PSI' 13

EN GIN E INSTRUMENTS WaterTemperatureGauge Tachometer The water temperature should be observedclosely during the break-in period. Normal operatingrange is from 120oFto180"F.Maximumoperation temperatureis 195oF. During break-inperiodspecialattentionshould be given to engine temperature at idle. lf necessary,idle the new engine higher than normal to provideadequatecooling during break-inperiod. This indicatesthe RPM at which the engine is running.A decreasein maximum RPM indicatesa loss of horsepowerf rom the engine and may be an indicationof needfor a tune.up.An increasefrom the normalmaximum RPMwould be an indicationthat the jet drive or V-drivemay not be f unctioning properly. Ammeter The ammeter indicatesthediflerence betweenalternatoroutput and current "draw". Should the ammeter indicate discharge when the engine is running above 1000RPM, haveyour dealercheck the circuit as soon as possible. Normal ammeter reading at averagecurrent draw is 20 amps at 1500RPM. Higher readingswill be seen if the battery has avery low charge. Voltmeter The Yourboatmaybeequippedwith a voltmeterin placeol anammeter. voltmeterindicatesbatteryand alternatorconditions.Withswitchon,the of 11to12volts.Duringnormalopvoltmeter indicates batteryconditions erationthe voltmetershouldindicate12.5to 14volts.Duringstarting,9.5 voltsis normal.Shouldvoltagedropto 7 whilecrankingor remainat 12 volts during normaloperationsee your HardinDealerfor an electrical checkup. 14 1 . Oil Pressure 2. Wator Tempoaature 3. Tachomatel 4. Ammeler or Voltmeter 5. Fuel Guage

-l EN GIN E L U B R ICATIO N E N G INEO IL Method A: Remove Oil Through the Oil Pan Drain Use only SF engineoil (SF oil meetsquality standardGM-6163GMand FMC-M2C101-C).lt is recommendedthat SAE 30 be usedat all times.The oil changeintervaland the new enginewarrantyare basedon the useof oil which meetsthese requirements.Oil conformingto thesestandardscontain detergentanti-wearadditives. 1. With coolantwater flowing through the engineand transmissionor jet drivein neutral:startengineand allowto reachnormaloperating temperaturebut do not run longerthan 5 minutes.Shut off engine. 2.Removeoil drain plug locatedin enginecrankcaseoil pan and drain oil in suitablecontainer.Replacedrain plug. NOTE: lf you are unableto drain the oil through the oil pan drain plug: removethe oil dip stick and pump the oil out of the enginevia a plastictube insertedin the dip stick tube. (See Figure 10) NON DETERGENTAND LOW QUALITY OILS ARE SPECIFICALLYNOT R E C OMMENDED.THE USE O F PRO PER ENG I NE O I L A N D O I L CHANGE INTERVALS IS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT IN A MARINE ENGINE DUE TO THE HIGHERLOADS AND RPM THAT CAN BE AP PLIED TO THE ENGINE FOR EXTENDEDPERIODSOF TIME. The oil and f ilter that were installedat the factoryshouldbe changedat the 10 hour inspection.Oil and filter changesshould be made every 50 hours of operationor every 60 days thereafter,whicheveroccurs first. ENG I N EO I L D R A IN IN GP R OC E D U R E There are two basic procedureswhich can be used for draining or removing oil from the engine'scrankcase. 15 N O T E : B e g i n n i n gi n 1 9 8 5a l l H a r d i nE n g i n e swi l l b e e q u i p p e dw i th a n o i l drain hose.To drain the oil on these enginessimply removethe brasscap at the end of the hose and drain in to a suitablecontainer. 3. Removethe oi I f ilter.Coatsealon f aceof newli lterwith cleanengine oil and installnew filter. Tighten 2/3turn past finger tight. 4. Pour fresh oil into engine through filler cap on top of engine (sAE 30) 5. Startengineand tu rn on water.Checkfor oil pressure and run at idle for 2 minutes.Check for leaks. 6. Stop engineand checkoil levelwith oil dip stick.Add oil if necessar to bring level up to the full mark. When checking oil level,the engine should be near level,the dip stick pusheddown fully and sufficienttime should be allowedfor the oilto drain back into the oil pan area.

ENGINE LUBRICATION OIL PAN PLUGSMUSTBE TORQUEDTO 25 FT. LBS.TO PREVENTWATER D I L UT IONOF OIL . Figure 1 0 Figure1 1 Method B: Remove Oil Through Oil PressureFitting at Front of Engine '1.With coolantwaterflowingto engineand transmissionor let drivein neutral:start engineand allow to reach normal operatingtemperature, but not longer than 5 minutes.Shut off engine. 6. Removeoil f ilter.Coat sealon face of new f ilterwith cleanengineoil or greaseand installnew filter.Tighten2/3Iurn pastf ingertight.Reinstalloil pressurefitting. 7 . P o u r f r e s h o i l i n t o e n g i n e t h r o u g h f i l l e r c a p o n to p o f e n g i n e (SAE 30) 2. Removeoil pressuresender from engine block. 3. Installa threaded nipple into the senderfitting. (see Figure 11) B.Startengineand turn on water.Check for oil pressureand run at idle f o r 2 m i n u t e s .C h e c k f o r l e a k s . 4. Installrubber hose over nipple and placeother end into an oil drain oan. 5. Start engineand run at 1000RPM until oil stops runningout rubber hose.Normally,this takesabout 25seconds.In all cases,do not run enginefor more than 60 secondswith oil pressuresenderremoved. A n o p t i o n a lo i l f i l t e r r e l o c a t o rw h i c h a i d s i n t h e r e m o va lo f th e o i l fi l te r a n d a n o i l d r a i n k i t a r e a v a i l a b l eA. s k y o u r H a r d i nD e a l e r fo r tu r th e r d e ta i l s. N O T E : Ru nn ingpro ce du r ef or J et Dr iv e Engines : S T ARTENGINE,TURNO N W ATER.TURNO FFW ATERS , TOP E NGINE. 16 N O T E :R u n n i n gp r o c e d u r ef o r V - D r i v e 'Ou t D r i veo r En g i n eD r i ve n Wa t e r P u m P E n g i n e s . T U R N O N WA T E R ,S T A R TE N G I N E.SIOP EN GIN E,TU R NOFF WA T E R .

ENG INE LUBRICATION valve rocker cover. Should this filter become plugged, blow-by fumes would be condensedin the crankcase,resultingin the formationof acid s l u d g e b u i l d - u p ,o i l d i l u t i o n ,o i l b l o w - b y ,h i g h ero i l co n su m p ti o na n d r u st Any of these conditionscould shortenthe life of your Hardinengine.To preventthis, removethe filter at each oil changeand wash in solvent,re-oi lightly with clean engine oil and replace. U N IVER SALJOINT Use a hand greasegun at the Zerk fittingson each crossof the universal joint. Do not overgreasethese as the seals may be damagedby excess grease. Use a .l50 weight EP2 automotive chassistype grease,but do not use a high pressuregun such as that used in a servicestation. Figure 12 Figure13 Figure 14 Figure 15 THROTTLECABLE PCVValve SprayWD40or light weight oil on exposedend of the th rottlecableat the engine end and work the cable in and out to lubricate. A positivecrankcaseventi

1. Check for oil, fuel or water leaks. 2. Drain oil and replace f ilter.(see oil change). pg. 15-17 3. Check and re{ighten engine mount bolts. 4. Check fuel line f ittings for tightness. 5. Check hose clamPs and hoses. 6. Check the alternator belt for correct tension' 7. Check throttle linkage. B. Check the flame arrestor' 9. Check the fuel .

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