ME 2110 - Final Contest Timeline And Final Report Preparation

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ME 2110 – Final Contest Timeline and Final Report Preparation March 31, 2014 C.J. Adams Head TA

Agenda Overview of this week Final Contest Timeline Design Review Overview Final Report Overview Final Presentation Overview Q&A 2

Reading 17 Wk 11 Lecture Spring Break Studio 18 Spring Break 19 Spring Break 20 Spring Break Spring Break Schedule – Time to Sober Up 24 25 Wk 12 Lecture No Lecture Studio 26 21 27 28 No Lecture Preliminary Report Qualifying Contest Preliminary Report Qualifying Contest Preliminary Report Qualifying Contest Preliminary Report Qualifying Contest Preliminary Report Qualifying Contest 100 hours until the Final Contest APRIL Monday Tuesday 31 Wednesday 1 Wk 13 Final Report Lecture Preparation Studio Open Studio 7 Studio Design Project Final Report and Presentation 2 Friday 3 No Lecture Open Studio Wk 14 Lecture No Lecture Thursday Design Project Final Report and Presentation BIG CONTEST Open Studio 8 5:00pm: Judging 6:15pm: Contest Open Studio 9 No Lecture Design Project Final Report and Presentation 4 10 Design Project Final Report and Presentation 11 Design Project Final Report and Presentation 3

All course material will be posted on the web site: ex.html Course Objectives: Stillprocedures to Go ToGrades learn the fundamental for solving engineering design problems; the essential details of analyzing, synthesizing, and implementing designDecisions solutions with flexibility, adaptability, and ME2110 - Creative and Design creativity; the techniques which allow an engineer to tackle new, unsolved, open-ended problems. To learn by doing through team and individual projects and assignments. Syllabus Mario Handout Table 2. Brothers Grading Breakdown. Maximum Points Test 1 Individual Preliminary 2 Individual Final 2 Team Preliminary 2 Qualifying 8 Super Mario Brothers Course Requirements (100%): 1) In-Lecture Quizzes 10% 2) Homework 15% 3) Class Participation 5% 4) Introductory Project 15% 5) Major project 55% Planning Report andwill Presentation be ranked against teams in(5%) all studio sections. The scores are linearly interpola Evaluation Report and Presentation (5%) score of 2 and a minimum score of 0. Machine Performance Qualifying. (15%) Presentation to Judges (5%) Each team will compete several times. The sum total from all tests will be used t Final Oral Presentation (10%) the studio section. The scores are linearly interpolated between a maximum score o Final Report (15%) of 0. 6) Give at least one oral presentation P/F Super Mario Brothers. 7) Electronics, machining,Your and pneumatics training points are based on how P/F many contests you win. The team(s) with the most teams with zero wins get 0 points. All other scores come from a linear interpolatio Design Review. The judge’s scores will be summed and divided by the number of judges that evalu average scores will be ranked across the entire class. The maximum score is 5 points Grade left to go within the next 2 weeks: 43% - Only 8% based on device performance 3. Detailed Design Constraints 1. If a team is disqualified for a rules violation, then they lose the current g 4 competing. If the team can eliminate the violating o ense, then they are elig 2. Your device will be assigned to a 7-minute time block. All devices will be au 4 min, and must be removed by 7min. If your device is not ready to go at

Qualifying Round & Seeding Exactly like the final contest Total score from the first 3 rounds was used to rank the teams within your section and seed the final contest bracket 5

Competition Night – Friday, April 4th You will not be able to test on the tracks the day of competition Dress Up!! Make a presentation poster for the Design Review Show up at the MRDC at 4:30 pm and check in at the TA table Judging begins at 5 pm Contest will start at 6:15 pm in the MaRC Building You can leave once your team is eliminated Have Fun! 6

Design Review – MRDC Judging Ma n How did this performance differ from the expected performance? – What were the performance specifications? – Justify the expected performance Analysis Tables of scores from prototyping trials – Briefly discuss distinctions between expectation and performance 19

Discussion Exists to justify system and/or analyze the results HOW was the design selected? – What planning tools were used and what did they do for you? – How did you understand the problem? – What alternatives were considered? (Concept Generation) – Why did you choose the one you did? (Concept Eval.) WHY did the device perform well (or poorly)? Analyze the results in light of the HOW. 20

Discussion – Design Tools Cite the tool. State how the tool has been used to address the assigned task. Concisely describe the tool (one sentence maximum), NOT how the tool works. Present details by citing key entries/results contained within the tool. State how the information in the tool was used and what was gained from it. 21

Discussion – Analysis of Results Discuss in terms of the design process What assumptions were correct? incorrect? What items were weighted too heavily? too lightly? Discussion of design strengths and weaknesses – Where and how did these manifest in your design process? What would you change and/or improve on your design? 22

Conclusion Outlines what was just presented in the report – Should not introduce any new information Include relevant numerical results – Final Competition – Judging Make a CONCLUSION – i.e. The design failed because or the design succeeded for these reasons 23

Final Presentation Less than 10 minutes ( 10-11 slides) One speaker Clearly labeled figures Content is similar to final report Follow guidelines in Lectures from Dr. Donnell 24

Suggested Outline Title Slide Problem Definition Chosen Design (complete system) Chosen Design subsystems 2-3 main design tools (the most important to YOUR design process) Alternative concepts Highest order evaluation matrix you used Results and Analysis 25

Remember Me’s Your studio instructor determines your grade! Test your device and competition prep. thoroughly Start your report and presentation now Ask your TA and instructor for advice! 26

Questions? 27

ME 2110 - Final Contest Timeline and Final Report Preparation March 31, 2014 C.J. Adams Head TA . Agenda 2 Overview of this week Final Contest Timeline Design Review Overview Final Report Overview Final Presentation Overview Q&A . MARCH Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday .

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2110 SVC Service Payment Information 2110 SVC02 Monetary Amount Will be the “billed” amount 2110 SVC03 Monetary Amount Will be the “payment” amount 2110 PLB Provider Adjustment 2110 PLB01 Reference Identification Will be the Medicaid Provider ID number, of Provider NPI when available. 2110

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SVC 2110 Service Payment Information S DTM 2110 Service Date S CAS 2110 Service Adjustment S REF 2110 Service Identification S REF 2110 Line Item Control Number S . Revision Date: January 2011 Version: 3.0 Page 2-7 Segment ID Loop ID Segment Name ISDH Usage R – Required S

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