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RF & TRANSRECEIVER MODULE Transmitter And Receiver (434) HM Rx Module 433MHz 315MHz Module/ 434MHz Module HM Tx Module 433MHz NRF24L01 Transreceiver Module With Antenna NRF24L01 Transreceiver Module NRF24L01 Adaptor Board NRF51822 Module NRF905 Module CC2500 Module CC2500 - With Serial Output SX1278 Lora Module HC-12 SI4463 Module RA-02 Lora Module RFM22 Module RFM23 Module RFM75 Module RFM95 Module XBEE MODULE XBEE PRO S2C RPSMA XBEE S2C Wire XBEE PRO S2C Wire XBEE Base Board (AADD) XBEE PRO S2C U.FL XBEE Pro S1 Wire 2

SIM MODULE SIM800A/800 Module SIM800C Module SIM868 Module SIM808 Module SIM7600EI MODULE SIM7600CE-L Module SIM7600I Module SIM800L With ESP32 Wrover B M590 MODULE GSM/GPRS & GPS MODEM & MODULE GSM Card SIM800A LM2576 (AADD) GSM Card SIM800A LM317 (AADD) GPS / GPRS Card SIM808 (AADD) SIM800L TTL Board SIM800L TTL Board (Original) SIM800C MODEM SIM808 TTL Modem SIM 800C TTL Board NEO 6M TTL GPS Module NEO 7M TTL GPS Module NEO 8M TTL GPS MODULE SIM7600EI MODEM SIM5320E GSM Module SIM800L TTL 5V GPS SKG 13 Module W/o Antenna 3

ANTENNA & IT'S EQUIPMENTS Antenna - GSM Finger Antenna - 2.4ghz Foldable Male/Female Small Antenna - GSM Foldable 6DBI (Male/Female) Antenna - Flexible Antenna GSM Antenna - GSM Wire 3DBI Antenna - GSM PCB Antenna - GSM 10cm Wire Antenna - GSM Sticker With Wire Antenna - GSM Wire 6DBI Antenna - Spring Antenna - GPS Wire Antenna - GPS PATCH Antenna - GSM Finger Straight Male SMA CONNECTOR U.FL To SMA Cable (Female/Male) U.FL Connector SMA Connector ST SMA Connector R/A SMA Connector 1.6MM SMA Connector With Wire SIMCARD HOLDERS (MUP CONNECTORS) Simcard Holder Flip Type Simcard Holder C791 8PIN Simcard Holder 6PIN Simcard Holder C785 Simcard Holder Push Type Nano Simcard Holder MUP-C782 4

Simcard Holder C781 6Pin Simcard Holder MUP-C717 Simcard Holder C792 6PIN Simcard Holder MUP-C742 Simcard Holder C792 8PIN Simcard Holder MUP-C746 Dual Simcard Holder C790 6PIN Simcard Holder MUP-C719 Simcard Holder C790 8PIN SIM CARD HOLDER MUP-C713 6Pin SimCard Holder C720 8pin BLUETOOTH MODULE HC-05 Core Module HM-10 BLE Core Module HC-05 TTL Module HM-10 TTL BLE Module HC-06 Core Module HM-10 TTL BLE Module (Original) HC-06 TTL Module HM-11 Bluetooth Module HC-08 BLE Core Module HM-12T Bluetooth Module HM-13 Bluetooth Module HM-16 Bluetooth Module HM-17 Bluetooth Module HM-18 Bluetooth Module HM-19 Bluetooth Module HM-10 BLE Core Module (Original) FSC-BT826E Bluetooth Module 5

HILINK BLUETOOTH BOARDS HLK-B10 - Bluetooth HLK-B20 - Bluetooth HLK-B30 - Bluetooth Nodemcu HLK-M50 with CH340 RFID TAG & CARDS RF Card 125KHZ Thick RF Card 125KHZ Thin RF Card 13.56MHZ Keyfob 125khz Keyfob 13.56mhz RFID/NFC READER OF EHUOYAN PN532 NFC Reader Module ACR122U USB NFC Reader ER200L NFC Reader RFID YHY202D Reader ER300-D RFID Reader Module ER300-L NFC Reader Module ER-302 RFID ER200D 13.56 RFID MODULE RC522 RFID Reader Writer RDM6300 RFID Reader Writer RFID Reader Card Reader USB 13.56MHZ RFID Reader Card Reader USB 125khz EM18 Module RFID TTL PCB (AADD) 6

RFID-RS232 (AADD) RFID - USB (AADD) RFID YHY522 YHY502CG/YHY1356T RFID 13.56MHz Mifare Reader Writer Module YHY502 RFID Reader Writer Module ESP WIFI MODULES ESP8285-M1 ESP8266 With Board ESP8285-M2 ESP8266-01 With Relay Board ESP8285-M3 ESP-32 Wroover ESP8285-M4 Nodemcu ESP8266-12 CP2102 Based ESP8266-01 Nodemcu ESP8266-12 CH340 Based ESP8266- 03 ESP Mini Board (CH340) ESP8266- 05 Nodemcu ESP8266-32 CP2102 Based ESP8266-07 Nodemcu ESP8266-12 CP2102 Based With Motor Driver ESP8266-07S Nodemcu Expansion Board ESP8266-12E WEMOS D1 Mini ESP8266 ESP8266-12F Wemos D1 Mini V3.0.0 4MB ESP8266-32 Wroom PCB for ESP12 7

ESP8266-32U Wroom ESP8266-32D Wroom RA-02 lora Module With Pcb RA-01 lora module Nodemcu ESP8266-32U CP2102 Based Nodemcu Esp8266-32D Cp2102 Based Nodemcu esp8285-M2 ch340 ESP32 WITH GSM BOARD ESP32 CAM Board with Ov2640 Wemos esp-wroom-02 module with 18650 battery holder ESP-01 With PCB DF Mini Wemos 4MB DEVELOPMENT BOARD Arm Cortex STM32F103C8T6 Development Board Arm STM8S103F3P6 Development Board Nvidia Jetson Nano Developer Kit (B01) MSP-EXP430G2ET - Launchpad STM BOARD STM32 STM32F0DISCOVERY Discovery Kit STM32 STM32VLDISCOVERY Discovery Kit STM32 STM32F3DISCOVERY Discovery Kit STM32 STM32F0308-DISCO Discovery Kit STM32 STM32F723E-DISCO Discovery Kit STM32 STM32F411E-DISCO STM32F4 Discovery Board Kit STM32 STM32F3348-Disco Discovery Kit STM32 Nucleo-64 STM32G071RB Kit STM32F401 development board 8

MICRO:BIT BOARD MICRO:BIT MB80-US (Board) MICRO:BIT MB224-US (Set of 10) MICRO:BIT MB158-US (Kit) Microbit Board HLK PRODUCTS HLK-RM04 Wifi Module With Board (External Antenna) HLK-RM02 HLK-RM04 Wifi Module With Board (Internal Antenna) HLK-M35 HLK-RM04 Wifi Module 32M HLK-M35 Starter Kit HLK-RM04 Wifi Module (Internal Antenna) HLK-M30 HLK-RM04 Wifi Module (External Antenna) HLK-M30 Starter Kit HLK-SW16 Wifi Module With 16 Channel Serial Wifi Module HLK – M03 HLK-RM08A HLK-M50/M80 Suit (Equivalent To ESP-12E) HLK-RM08K RM50 Wifi Module HLK-RM08M HLK DIO-16 HLK-SW02 WIFI MODULE WITH 02CHANNEL HLK-SW04 WIFI MODULE WITH 04CHANNEL 9

THERMOLECTRIC MODULE TEP1-1264-1.5 TEC1-12706 TEC1-12704 TEC1-12715 TEC1-12705 Tec1-12709 40*40mm Tec1-12710 (40*40mm) PROGRAMMERS 8051 USB Programmer (Gray) Jlink V8 Programmer PICKIT - 3 Programmer ULINK2 Programmer ST Link Programmer ST-Link V2 Programmer (mini) TL866II PROGRAMMER STC Automatic Programmer USB – TTL USB ASP AVR Programmer Pickit 2 (ZA) Programmer PIC Programmer Adapter CASING FOR ARDUINO UNO CASE ACRYLIC MEGA CASE ACRYLIC 10

CAMERA MODULE AND MP3 MODULE Pixy2 CMUcam5 Smart Vision Sensor DF Mini Mp3 Player Module JPEG Camera FN-BC04 MP3 Module OV7670 Camera Module Bluetooth MP3 Amplifier Audio Receiver Module FN-M16P MP3 Module MP3 Module With Power Amplifire FN-M22P MP3 Module Open MV3 Camera FINGER PRINT MODULE R307 Finger Print Module GT-521F32 Finger Print Module AS608 Optical Finger Print Reader Module Sensor GT-521F52 Finger Print Module AD-013 Fingerprint Sensor Module ARDUINO BOARD Arduino Mega 2560 - Compatible Arduino Mega 2560 R3 - Original Mega2560 Mini Pro Development Board (ch340) Arduino Mega2560 With ESP Wifi (CH340) Arduino Uno R3 - Compatible Arduino Uno R3 - Original Arduino UNO With ESP Wifi (CH340) Arduino UNO SMD CH340 Compatible Arduino Leonardo - Compatible Arduino Leonardo - Original 11

Arduino Due - Compatible Arduino Due - Original Arduino Pro Micro 5v/16M Compatible Arduino Esplora Compatible Arduino Pro Mini 5V / 16M Compatible Arduino Lilypad Atmega328 Compatible Arduino Lilypad Attiny85 Compatible Arduino Lilypad Atmega32u4 USB - Compatible Arduino MKR1000 Board Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 Arduino Nano CH340 Compatible Arduino Nano CH340 - With Pin Solder Arduino 33 IOT Arduino Nano Original Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V / 8M Compatible RELAY BOARD 1 Channel Relay Board With OPTO 5V/12V 1 Channel Solid State Relay Board 1 Channel Relay Board Without OPTO 5V/12V 1 Channel Relay Board With High /Low Level Trigger 2 Channel Relay Board 5V/12V 2 Channel Solid State Relay Board 4 Channel Relay Board 5V/12V 4 Channel Solid State Relay Board 8 Channel Relay Board C2535V/12V 8 Channel Solid State Relay Board 16 Channel Relay Board 5V/12V 1 Channel Relay Board 5V 30A 12

SHIELD FOR ARDUINO BOARD Prototype Shield For Mega2560 WEMOS D1 WIFI SHIELD FOR ARDUINO Prototype Shield For Arduino Wemos 18650 Battery Holder Shield Nano Expansion Shield For Arduino ESP8266-13 WIFI SHIELD Sensor Shield For Arduino Uno USB Host Shield For Arduino Sensor Shield For Arduino Mega Data Logging Shield For Arduino 1602 LCD Keypad Shield for Arduino W5100 Ethernet Shield For Arduino 2.4" TFT DISPLAY FOR ARDUINO Xbee Shield For Arduino 3.5" TFT DISPLAY FOR ARDUINO Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield v2 For Arduino L293 Motor Driver Shield For Arduino Slide Potentiometer CNC Shield For A4988 VNH2SP30 Dual Monster Moto Shield Multi Function Expansion Board For Arduino JoyStick Shield Module WIRE 40 PIN Wire 40Pin Male To Male Wire 40Pin Female To Female Wire 40Pin Male To Female 13

MODULE FOR ARDUINO BOARD NOKIA 5110 DISPLAY MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module ENC28J60-I/SO Ethernet Module Max7219 Dot Matrix Module 4 in 1 I2C Module For 1602 / 2004 XD-61 MT8870 DTMF Module Micro Sd Card Module for Arduino SD Card Module for Arduino Digispark kickstarter Attiny85 Mini USB (Blue) Digispark kickstarter Attiny85 Micro USB (black) Joystick Module joystick module 2 in 1 Max6675 K-Type Thermocouple Temperature Sensor DS3231 RTC Module MAX30100 Chip Heart Rate Sensor Module DS1307 RTC Module CJMCU-ADS1015 12-Bit ADC BOARD CJMCU-ADS1115 16Bit ADC Board PAM8403 Audio Amplifier With POT PAM8403 Audio Amplifier Module pam8610 Audio Amplifier with pot PAM8406 Digital Power Amplifier Board RTC DS1307 Clock Mini Micro SD Module Shield For Wemos D1 MINI Tap Sensore Module Voice Recognition Module Optical Dust Sensor GP2Y1010AU0F TDA2030A power amplifier module Analog Hall Magnetic Sensor Module TSL2561 Module VOLTAGE SENSOR Module 14

PCF8591 module ADC/DAC converter module PCA9685 16 Channel Servo Motor Driver Module 4 Digit 7 Segment Display Module For Arduino TM1637 TM1638 8 Bits Digital LED Display Module 360Degree Encoder Module for Arduino Rotary Angle Sensor Module For Arduino CJMCU-GUVA-S12SD Sunlight UV Sensor Analog Multiplexer CD74HC4067 2000W SCR Thyristor Module MCP2515 CAN Bus Module 1602 display blue With i2c GY-530 VL53L0X Moddule Dual channel PWM generator 3W LED module NE555 TIMER SWITCH ADJUSTABLE RELAY BOARD NE555 Module 1-Channel Power Relay Module with Adjustable Timing Cycle (HW-521) IRF520 MOSFET DRIVER Module RGB LED smd module KY-009 LM358 GAIN AMPLIFICATION Module LM386 Audio Amplifier Module ISD1760 Voice Recording Module ISD1820 Voice Recording Module NTC Temprature sensor module Magic Light Cup Module KY-02 PAM8610 Audio Amplifier MODULE WS2812 LED Module CJMCU-6075 UV light intensity sensor APDS9930 Module APR33A3 Voice Recorder & Playback (ZA) Magic Light Cup Module KY-027 Buzzer Module 15

MCU-2317 MCP23017 I2C Serial Interface 16-Bit I/O Expander board HXJ8002 Mini amplifier Module PM2.5 SDS011 Module DS0138 Digital Oscilloscope Kit 16*2 Display Green With I2C TSOP KY-022 Module PCF8574T Module XH-M542 Single Channel High Power Digital Audio Power Amplifier Board TPA3116D2 MAX9812L Microphone Module XH-M139 2.1 power amplifier board INDUCTION HEATING POWER SUPPLY MODULE Induction Heating Power Supply Module With Coil KITS Makey Makey Kit 37 in 1 Arduino Sensor Set OLED & E-PAPER DISPLAY MODULE OLED 4pin 128X64 Display Module 1.3" white Color OLED 7Pin 128*64 Display Module 0.96 White OLED 6pin 128X64 Display Module 0.96" White Color 1.3’’ 7pin OLED SPI/IIC BlueWhite OLED 6pin 128X64 Display Module 0.96" BLUE Color 1.3’’ 7pin OLED SPI/IIC YellowBlue OLED 6pin 128X64 Display Module 0.96" YELLOW BLUE Color OLED 4pin 128X64 Display Module 0.96" White Color 1.54’’ 7pin OLED SPI/IIC White / Blue / Yellow OLED 4pin 128X64 Display Module 0.96" BLUE Color 2.42’’ OLED SPI/IIC Yellow-Blue 2.42’’ OLED SPI/IIC Blue-White 16

OLED 4pin 128X64 Display Module 0.96" YELLOW BLUE Color OLED 1.3" IPS TFT Lcd Display 0.91'' OLED display 12832 LCD display device blue colour 1.54'' E- Paper Display Module 2.13'' E- Paper Display HAT/HAT B/HAT C/ HAT D 7.5" E-Paper Display HAT/HAT B/ HAT C 2.9'' E- Paper Display Module OLED 4pin 128 x 64 Display Module 1.3'' White Colour OLED 7pin 128*64 Display Module 0.96" Yellow-Blue 0.91" OLED Display 128 x 32 LCD Display Device White Colour CHARACTER LCD (RG MAKE) Display 1602 (GREEN) Display 1601 (GREEN) Display 1602 (Blue) DISPLAY 12864 (BLUE/GREEN) Display 1602 (ORANGE) Display 2004 (BLUE/GREEN) Display 1602 (GREEN JUMBO) LCD Display 3.3V Green LCD Display 3.3V Blue NEXTION DISPLAY 2.4 inch HMI TFT LCD Touch Nextiob Display 2.8 inch HMI TFT LCD Touch Nextiob Display 3.2 inch HMI TFT LCD Touch Nextiob Display 3.5" HMI Nextion Display NX4832K035 5" HMI Nextion Display 7 inch HMI TFT LCD Touch Nextiob Display 17


40Pin GPIO Board For Raspberry PI GPIO Board With FRC Cable For Raspberry PI HDMI To HDMI Heat Sink For Raspberry Pi HDMI To VGA Without Sound HDMI To VGA With Sound (8473) FAN FOR RASPBERRY PI Raspberry Pi Cam Focus 5mp Adjustable GAS SENSORS MQ2 GAS SENSOR MQ8 GAS SENSOR MQ3 GAS SENSOR MQ303 GAS SENSOR MQ4 Gas Sensor MQ135 GAS SENSOR MQ5 Gas Sensor MQ7 Gas Sensor MQ6 Gas Sensor GAS SENSORS MODULES MQ2 Gas Sensor Module MQ7 Gas Sensor Module MQ3 Gas Sensor Module MQ8 GAS SENSOR Module MQ4 Gas Sensor Module MQ9 GAS SENSOR Module MQ5 Gas Sensor Module MQ135 GAS SENSOR Module MQ6 Gas Sensor Module MQ131 GAS SENSOR MODULE 19

MQ136 Gas Sensor Module MQ137 Gas Sensor Module MG811 carbon dioxide module WATER FLOAT VALVE Float Value Vertical Float Value Stainless Steel Float Value Parallel HUMIDIY & TEMPERATURE MODULE DHT11 SENSOR DHT11 SENSOR With PCB DHT12 SENSOR AM2302 HUMIDITY AND TEMPERATURE Module DHT22 SENSOR With PCB DHT22 SENSOR Digital Thermometer With Probe Digital Thermometer Temperature Sensor & Humidity Meter With Probe GY-SHT31-D Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module HUMIDIY & Temperature Module LM35 LM35 Temperature Sensor Module DS18B20 WATER PROOF DS18B20 TEMPERATURE Module XH-W1401 Temperature Sensor Module XH-W1209 Temperature Sensor Module XH-W3001 AC 220V 1500W Digital Microcomputer Thermostat Module GY-213V-SI7021 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module TMITF01 Infrared forehead Thermometer GY-906 MLX90614ESF module 20

LM75 Temperature Sensor Module XH-M452 Temperature & Humidity Module WATER FLOW HALL SENSOR WATER FLOW SENSOR YF-S401 WATER FLOW SENSOR YF-DN50 2INCH WATER FLOW SENSOR YF-S402 DN80 3 INCH Water Flow Sensor WATER FLOW SENSOR YF-S201 1/2INCH Water Flow Sensor SEN-HZ41WC WATER FLOW SENSOR YF-S403 3/4INCH Water flow sensor SEN-HZ21WI WATER FLOW SENSOR DN25 YFG1 1INCH Water flow sensor SEN-HZ43WB WATER FLOW SENSOR YF-DN40 1.5INCH Water flow sensor SEN-HZG1WA Water Flow Sensor SEN-HZ21WA Water Flow Sensor SEN-HZ43WA Water Flow Sensor With TDS Probe MH-01 Water flow Sensor SEN-HZ06B Water Flow SEN-FB21WA 1/2"(Switch) Water Flow SEN-FB43WA G3/4"(Switch) FLEX & FORCE SENSORS Flex Sensor 4.5" FlexiForce Sensor A101 Flex Sensor 2.2" FlexiForce Sensor A301-1 lbs Low/25 lbs Medium Force Sensor 5.08mm Force Sensor 12.7mm Force Sensor 38.1mm 21

IR INFRAREDPROXIMITY SENSORS Sharp Sensor GP2Y0A41SK0F 430cm E18-D80NK Proximity Sensor 350CM Sharp Sensor GP2Y0A21YK0F 1080cm IR Sensor Module Imported Sharp Sensor GP2Y0A02YK0F 20150cm IR Sensor Array 3 Way Sharp Sensor GP2Y0A710K0F 100550cm IR Sensor Array 4 way Flame Sensor Module IR Sensor Array 5 Way IR LED Sensor IR Sensor Array 8 Way TCRT5000 SENSOR TSOP SENSOR Module TCRT5000 SENSOR Module POTENTIOMETER BY SPECTRA SYMBOL HOTPOT POTENTIOMETER SOFTPOT POTENTIOMETER THINPOT POTENTIOMETER MAGNETOPOT POTENTIOMETER SENSORS AD8232 ECG Sensor Module EMG Muscle Sensor Module GY-273 HMC5883 Compass Sensor Module GY-BMP280-3.3 Pressure Sensor Module GY-68 BMP180 Pressure Sensor Module GY-BME280-5V temperature and humidity sensor Module 22

Vibration Sensor SW1801P Vibration Sensor SW520D module GY-291 3 Axis Accelerometer ADXL345 GY-61 3 Axis Accelerometer ADXL335 GY-521 MPU-6050 GYROSCOPE GY-50 L3G4200D Gyroscope Module GY-87 10DOF Sensor Module GY-9250 9axis Sensor Module GY-30 BH1750 Light Intensity Module REED SWITCH Module FOR ARDUINO HEART BEAT SENSOR Module PULSE SENSOR SOIL MOISTURE SENSOR PH Tester Soil Water Moisture Light Test Meter Sensor TILT SENSOR SW420 HY860D PIEZO VIBRATION SENSOR - With MASS PIEZO VIBRATION SENSOR WithOUT MASS Switching Type Current Transformer SCT-013-000 YHDC 30A/100A Ultrasonic Sensor Module HC-SR04 Water Drop Rain Sensor Ultrasonic Sensor Waterproof JsnSr04t Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Sensor 4Meter SFR-05 Stand For Ultrasonic LDR module LDR 5MM TURBIDITY SENSOR Turbidity sensor tsd-10 With board TTP223 TOUCH SENSOR Module TTP226 8 WAY TOUCH SENSOR Module TTP224 4 WAY TOUCH SENSOR Module TTP229 16WAY TOUCH SENSOR Module 23

MPR121 TOUCH SENSOR Module ACS712ELCTR-20A - Module 4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen Mux (GRAY) ACS712ELCTR-30A - Module INA219 DC Current Sensor Module ACS712ELCTR-5A - Module Mercury switch module KY-017 Ac Voltage Sensor ZHT103 Speed MeasuringSensor Module for Arduino Sound Sensor Module RCWL-0516 Microwave Radar Sensor TCS3200 Color Sensor Module METAL DETECTOR GRAY Metal Detector Sensor for Arduino HX711 Module Magnetic Door Switch Sensor Pir Sensor HC-SR501 PIR SENSOR HC-SR505 WATER FLOAT P43 Float Sensor SEN-PPI35:PP WATER FLOAT SENSOR (GRAY) Float Sensor SEN-PPI150:PP WATER LEVEL SENSOR FOR ARDUINO Float Sensor SEN-PPY35:PP 650NM Laser Diode APDS-9930 Gesture Sensor TCS34725 Color Sensor Color Sensor RGB Development Board Module APDS-9960 Gesture Sensor A3144EUA 650NM Diode With PCB HB100 Microwave Sensors Module Inductive Proximity Sensor 24

PH SENSOR KIT (GRAY) AC Voltage Sensor ZMPT101B SAIER SEN-CK3224 Proximity Switch with Magnet GY-80 9 Axis Module Capacitive soil moisture sensor V1.2 TTP223 Touch sensor (RED PCB) CH376S Module Skin Sensor (GSR) Mercury Sensor MAX 30102 Sensor OE-TP Touch POWER MODULE DC TO DC MT3608 Module XL6009 Module XL4016E1 DC-DC 9A 300W STEPDOWN MODULE XL6019 MODULE MP1584EN Module USB 0.9-5V 600MA Module LM2596 Module LM2596 Module With DISPLAY DC-DC BUCK Converter 6V-24V To 5V 3A USB Output Module XL4005 Module With HEATSINK XL4015 Module With DISPLAY XL4015 Module With HEATSINK XL4015 Module With TWO POT DC - DC BOOST CONVERTOR STEP UP - 6A Usb doctor charger DC 12v to 3.3v 5v TTL module Digital Volt Meter and Ampmeter Three-Wire voltage meter 0.56 inch LED digital With reverse connection protection 25

Two Wire Voltmeter 0.36 inch DC 4.5-30V Digital Voltmeter 3 Wire Voltmeter 0.36 inch DC 4.5-30V Digital Voltmeter Digital DC 0-100V 0-10A 250W Voltage Current Power Meter Booster Board 2A DC-DC Step-Up Module USB 3.7V To 5V 2A Module BREADBOARD BreadBoard ZY55 BreadBoard 400 Points MB-102 BREADBOARD BreadBoard 170 Points SYB-170 HI-LINK POWER MODULE AC TO DC HLK-PM01 Power Module HLK-PM03 Power Module HLK-PM12 Power Module HLK-PM24 HLK-PM09 Power Module 10M03L Power Module 2W HLK Power Module 2M05/2M12/2M24 5W HLK Power Module 5M03/5M05/5M09/5M12/5M15 /5M24 20W PowerModule 20M03/20M05/20M09/20M12/ 20M15/20M24 40W PowerModule 40M01/40M09/40M12/40M15/4 0M24 10W Power Module 10M03/10M05/10M09/10M12/1 0M15/10M24 30W Power Module 30M09/30M12/30M15/30M24 HI-LINK POWER MODULE AC TO DC HLK-1D1205 power module DCDC HLK-1D1212 power module DCDC HLK-1D2405 power module DCDC HLK-5D1205 power module DCDC 26

HLK-5D1212 power module DCDC HLK-5D2412 power module DCDC HLK-10D2412 power module DCDC HLK-10D4805 power module DCDC HLK-10D11005 power module DCDC HLK-10D1205B power module DCDC HLK-10D1212B power module DCDC HLK-10D2412B power module DCDC HLK-10D4805B power module DCDC HLK-1D0505 power module DCDC HLK-1D0505A power module DCDC HLK-5D2405 power module DCDC HLK-10D2405A power module DCDC HLK-10D2405B power module DCDC CONVERTOR BOARDS Logic Level Converter module 3.3 V To 5V TTL USB To SERIAL CABLE CHINA Logic Level Converter module 5V To 3.3V TTL USB To SERIAL CP2102 CONVERTOR (AADD) Bi-Directional Logic Level Module RS485 To RS232 Convertor Board USB To TTL PL2303 Based USB To RS485 Module Usb To TTl PL2303 Cable Power Supply for Bread Board SERIAL To TTL MAX3232 BOARD Ams1117 module 3.3V USB To TTL FT232RL Based Ams1117 module 5V RS485 To TTL Module MICRO USB To DIP 27

USB To TTL CP2102 Based USB to TTL CH340 Based HW-221 TXS0108E 8-bit bidirectional voltage converter 8way PLCC44 To DIP40 Module MOTOR DRIVER A3967 Motor Driver TB6612FNG Motor Driver L293 MOTOR DRIVER Module (AADD) ULN2003 BOARD Mini L298 Motor Driver PWM 3A DC Motor Speed Controller Module L298 MOTOR DRIVER (RED PCB) PWM 10A DC Motor Speed Controller Module L9110S stepper motor driver board PWM 20A DC Motor Speed Controller Module TB6600 STEPPER MOTOR DRIVER TB6600 Motor Driver (with case) TB6560 STEPPER MOTOR DRIVER DM542 Stepper Motor Drive DMA860H Stepper Driver DM860H Motor Driver MACH3 Interface Board for 5 Axis CNC BTS7960 43A H-Bridge HighPower Driver PWM 2A DC Motor Speed Controller Module Photoelectric Speed Sensor Encoder Coded Disc code wheel TB6612 Motor Driver L298 Motor Driver Shield 28

MOTOR CONTROLLER 4000 W SCR Motor Controller 5000 W SCR Motor Controller 10000 W SCR Motor Controller 3D PRINTER Ender 3 Ender 3 Pro Ender 3 V2 PCB SMD To DIP 8PIN PCB ADAPTOR SMD To DIP 16PIN PCB 3D PRINTER ACCESSORIES A4988 Module DRV8825 Module 300MM leadscrew With Nut [300mm] 400MM leadscrew With Nut [400mm] 500MM leadscrew With Nut [500mm] MK2B PCB HEATBED 12/24 FOR 3D PRINTER 3D Pen 100K OHM NTC Thermistors For Reprap 3D Printer 12V 40W Cartridge Heater 6mm for 3d Printer 24V 40W Cartridge Heater 6mm for 3d Printer 3D Printer Endstop Mechanical RAMPS 1.4 Shield for 3D Printers 3D Printer Auto Bed Leveling Sensor RAMPS 1.6 Shield for 3D Printers 29

12864 Graphic Smart Display for 3D PRINTER 2004 LCD Smart Display for 3D PRINTER 2GT - 6mm Belt for 3D printer T TYPE LEAD SCREW NUT Flexible Shaft Coupling 5mm To 5mm FOR 3D PRINTER Flexible Shaft Coupling 5mm To 8mm FOR 3D PRINTER Bracket for Stepper Motor NEMA17 Bracket for Stepper Motor NEMA23 Turbo Fan Linear Bearing SCS8UU FOR 3D Printer Liner Bearing SCS10UU for 3D Printer Linear Bearing SCS12UU FOR 3D Printer LM8UU 8 MM Linear Motion Bearing for 3D printer 3D Printer Filament ABS1.75mm Filament PLA (Black/Blue/Grey/Orange/Red/W hite) QUADCOPTER PARTS BRUSHLESS MOTOR DYS 1800KV Brushless Motor A2212 1000KV/ 1400KV/1800KV/2200KV Brushless Motor MT2204 2300KV ESC 30A SIMONK 2.8 Development Board ESC 12A C3D Development Board Pix Development Board IMAX B6/ B6AC Battery Charger IMAX B3 Battery Charger Anti Vibration Kit Power Distribution Board LIPO Battery Voltage Tester Apm Power Module With XT60 Connector 30

NEO-7M/8MGPS With Compass 433MHz Telemetry Module Plastic Frame 550 Plastic Frame 450 Plastic Gear For BLDC Motor Propeller Fan 10*4.5 Bullet Connector XT60 Connector DEAN Connector XT90 Connector Atmega644 board DC MOTORS High Torque Square Gear Motor BO Motor ST 1 Shaft 1:120 (150RPM) Side Shaft Motor Johnson BO Motor ST 1 SHAFT 1:48 (300RPM) Side Shaft Motor Imported BO Motor ST 2 Shaft 1:120 (150RPM) BO Motor L 1 Shaft 1:120 (150RPM) BO Motor ST 2 Shaft 1:48 (300RPM) BO Motor L 1 Shaft 1:48 (300RPM) N20 Micro Gear Motor 3V 35rpm BO Motor L 2 Shaft 1:120 (150RPM) N20 Micro Gear Motor 3V 100rpm BO Motor L 2 Shaft 1:48 (300RPM) N20 Micro Gear Motor 3V 150rpm BO Motor L Type 150RPM (VIGOR) N20 Micro Gear Motor 3V 250rpm BO Motor L Type 300RPM (VIGOR) Clip For N20 Motor 31

Wheel For N20 Motor 43mm Wheel For N20 Motor (black) Vibration Motor Castor For N20 Clamp For N20 SOLENOID VALVE 12V Solenoid Valve 12V Solenoid Valve 12V 3/4" Solenoid Valve 24V 1/2" Solenoid Valve 24V 3/4" 12V DC Electric Solenoid Lock ACCEPTOR Multi Coin Acceptor SERVO MOTORS SG90 Servo Motor MG996 Servo Motor (180 DEGREE) S3003 Servo Motor MG996 Servo Motor (360 DEGREE) MG90 Servo Motor MG995 Servo Motor (180 DEGREE) MG995 Servo Motor (360 DEGREE) 32

THERMAL PRINTER 1 Inch Printer RT105RG Thermal Printer Bluetooth (HOPE200) 2 inch Printer RT628RG With/Without Sensor Gear Set 3 Inch Printer RT638RG RP203 Thermal Printer With Case 5V/12V 2 Inch Thermal Printer FTP628MCL103#72-R BATTERY CHARGE & INDICATOR TP4056 Module With Protection Lithium Battery Charge Indicator TP4056 Module Without Protection TP5100 2A lithium battery charging board Integrated Adjustable Module 2A (18650 Lithium Battery Charge Boost Discharge) Lithium Battery Charging Protection Board USB 5V 134N3P TP4056 With C Type USB DIGITAL TIMER Digital Timer TM619 4pin Digital Timer TM619 5pin BONENS POTENTIOMETER B3296W B3386P SMD3269 SMD3361 33

WATER PUMP Water Pump DC Water Pump R385 DC Water Pump R365 CABLE Serial Cable USB Cable A To B 50cm (Blue) USB Cable A To B (Black) USB Cable For NANO (Mini 5pin) ACCESSORIES Battery Holder 4 Cell 18650 Battery Holder - 1 CELL Battery Holder 4 Cell With Cover 18650 Battery Holder - 2 CELL Battery Holder 6 Cell 18650 Battery Holder - 3 CELL Digital Dual USB 5V 18650 Battery Charger PCB Module Metal Gripper BO Wheel Battery Holder CR2032 Stepper Motor Tester LCR-T4 ESR Transistor Tester Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit 2Wheel Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit-4 Wheel 2 Wheel Aluminium Chasis A30 Mini Robot DIY Kit ZYD2-1 Logic Analyzer 24MHz 8 Channel Aligator Clip Jumper Wire 34

Keypad 4*4 Membrane Keypad 4*4 Tact Switch Keypad 4*3 Membrane Keypad 1*4 Membrane Linear Motion Solenoid Electromagnet JF-0630B DC24V Servo Extension Cable DC Jack USB Connector B Type USB Connector A Type P20/15 3K 12v electromagnet P25/20 8K 12v electromagnet 9V Battery Connector With DC Pin IC Extractor JF-0630B DC12V Linear Motion Solenoid JF-0530B Suction RGB LED 5mm E-BIKE MOTORS & ACCESSORIES Brake (IMPORTED) MY1016Z2 250W 24v (UNITE) Throttle (IMPORTED) MY1016Z3 350W 24V (UNITE) Key Switch - Powerlock (IMPORTED) MY1016Z3 350W 24V (IMPORTED) MY6812 100w 12v (UNITE) MY1020Z 600W 36V (UNITE) MY6812 150w 24v (UNITE) UNITE DC 48V 350W BM1418ZXF brushless gear motor (UNITE) MY1016 250W 24v (UNITE) UNITE DC 48V 750W BM1418ZXF brushless gear motor (UNITE) MY1016 250W 24v (IMPORTED) 250W 24v Controller (IMPORTED) 35

MY1016 350W 24v (UNITE) 350W 24v Controller (IMPORTED) MY1016 350W 24v (IMPORTED) 500W 24v Controller (IMPORTED) MY1020 500W 24v (UNITE) 600W 36v Controller (IMPORTED) MY1020 500W 24v (IMPORTED) Motor Controller for BLDC 350W (UNITE) MY1020 1000W 48V (UNITE) Controller for BM1418ZXF 48V 750W Controller for Brushless DC Motor (UNITE) Controller for 8 Inch 350w 24v Brushless E-bike Hub Motor (IMPORTED) Controller for 350W 36V Hub Motor - Electric Bike Bicycle (IMPORTED) 8 Inch 350w 24v Brushless E-bike Wheels Scooter Hub Motor (IMPORTED) 350W 36V Hub Motor for Electric Bike Bicycle Front (IMPORTED) CREC CRYSTAL Crystal 1/2 Size 3.579MHz Crystal 1/2 Size 10.00MHz Crystal 1/2 Size 3.2768MHz Crystal 1/2 Size 11.0592MHz Crystal 1/2 Size 32.768kHz Crystal 1/2 Size 12.00MHz Crystal 1/2 Size 4.00MHz/6mhz Crystal 1/2 Size 16.00MHz/20mhz Crystal 1/2 Size 6.144MHz Crystal 1/2 Size 24.00MHz Crystal 1/2 Size 8.00MHz Crystal Oscillator Dip-14 1.8432MHz Crystal Oscillator Dip-14 2.4576MHz Crystal Oscillator Dip-14 16.00MHz Crystal Oscillator Dip-14 11.0592MHz Crystal Oscillator Dip-14 20.00MHz 36

Crystal Oscillator Dip-14 12.00MHz Crystal Oscillator Dip-14 24.00MHz Crystal SMD 5032 10.00MHz Crystal SMD 5032 16.00MHz Crystal SMD 5032 11.0592MHz Crystal SMD 5032 18.432MHz Crystal SMD 5032 12.00MHz Crystal SMD 5032 24.00MHz Crystal SMD 7050 10.00MHz Crystal SMD 7050 16.00Mhz Crystal SMD 7050 11.0592MHz Crystal SMD 7050 18.432Mhz Crystal SMD 7050 12.00MHz Crystal SMD 7050 24.00Mhz STEPPER MOTOR NEMA 17 1.6 kg.cm NEMA 17 5.5 kg.cm NEMA 23 7.2 kg.cm NEMA 23 10.1 kg.cm NEMA 23 18.9 kg.cm NEMA 34 34 kg.cm NEMA 34 46 kg.cm Hybrid Bipolar NEMA 34 68 kg.cm Hybrid Bipolar NEMA 34 87 kg.cm Hybrid Bipolar NEMA 34 122 kg.cm Hybrid Bipolar JK57HS100-3504 - 23kgcm Stepper ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver With Motor Stepper Motor 5V 28BYJ-48-5V 37

GEAR MOTOR CENTER SHAFT Gear Motor 3.5RPM Gear Motor 150RPM Gear Motor 10RPM Gear Motor 200RPM Gear Motor 30RPM Gear Motor 300RPM Gear Motor 45RPM Gear Motor 500RPM Gear Motor 60RPM Gear Motor 750RPM Gear Motor 100RPM Gear Motor 1000RPM MICRO GEAR MOTOR N20 micro gear motor 3v 100RPM kit N20 micro gear motor 3v 150RPM kit FOLDSCOPE Foldscope 38


XBEE PRO S2C Wire XBEE Base Board (AADD) XBEE PRO S2C U.FL XBEE Pro S1 Wire RF & TRANSRECEIVER MODULE XBEE MODULE 2. SIM800A/800 Module SIM800C Module SIM868 Module SIM808 Module SIM7600EI MODULE SIM7600CE-L Module SIM7600I Module SIM800L With ESP32 Wrover B M590 MODULE GSM Card SIM800A LM2576

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The program, which was designed to push sales of Goodyear Aquatred tires, was targeted at sales associates and managers at 900 company-owned stores and service centers, which were divided into two equal groups of nearly identical performance. For every 12 tires they sold, one group received cash rewards and the other received

College"Physics" Student"Solutions"Manual" Chapter"6" " 50" " 728 rev s 728 rpm 1 min 60 s 2 rad 1 rev 76.2 rad s 1 rev 2 rad , π ω π " 6.2 CENTRIPETAL ACCELERATION 18." Verify&that ntrifuge&is&about 0.50&km/s,∧&Earth&in&its& orbit is&about p;linear&speed&of&a .

Teacher’s Book B LEVEL - English in school 6 Contents Prologue 8 Test paper answers 10 Practice Test 1 11 Module 1 11 Module 2 12 Module 3 15 Practice Test 2 16 Module 1 16 Module 2 17 Module 3 20 Practice Test 3 21 Module 1 21 Module 2 22 Module 3 25 Practice Test 4 26 Module 1 26 Module 2 27 Module 3 30 Practice Test 5 31 Module 1 31 Module .

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6" syl 4" syl 12" swgl @ 45 & 5' o.c. 12" swchl 6" swl r1-1 ma-d1-6a 4" syl 4" syl 2' 2' r3-5r r4-7 r&d 14.7' 13' cw open w11-15 w16-9p ma-d1-7d 12' 2' w4-3 moonwalks abb r&d r&d r&d r&d r&d r&d ret ret r&d r&d r&d r&d r&d 12' 24' r&d ma-d1-7a ma-d1-7b ret r&d r&d r5-1 r3-2 r&d r&r(b.o.) r6-1r r3-2 m4-5 m1-1 (i-195) m1-1 (i-495) m6-2l om1-1 .

Artificial Intelligence and its application in healthcare could be another great leap, like population-wide vaccination or IVF, but as this report sets out, it must be handled with care. For me, the key theme that leaps from almost every page of this report is the tension between the tech mantra, ‘move fast and break things’ and principle enshrined in the Hippocratic Oath, ‘First, do no .