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Teach English in: Myanmar

Welcome to Myanmar Myanmar is an aspiring ESL teacher’s dream. Take the circular train and experience a dizzying array of street vendors selling everything from bundles of spicy-sweet ripe mangoes to grilled corn husks. Ride high in a hot-air balloon over 9th century Buddhist temples in Bagan, see the sunrise from the Shwedagon Pagoda, and taste lahpet-taw - the traditional Burmese pickled tea leaf salad. Join Premier TEFL in Myanmar, where the local Burmese people are the kindest you’ll ever meet, the temples abound, and there is no shortage of delicious food to try. Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Then put on your travel cap and let’s get started! The best way to get to know these incredible locals? There as an ESL teacher with Premier TEFL : the Myanmar teach abroad experts

Placements & Locations Complete your required online 120-hour TEFL course, then take-off: the internship: Yangon, Myanmar’s capital city, is the backdrop of your TEFL internship. After orientation you may stay in Yangon or be placed in Mandalay. One thing is for sure, no two days — or adventures —in Myanmar will be the same. Expect to teach English—primarily conversational English—formally for 25 hours every week. In your free time, try the famous rice noodle soup Mohinga, explore the buzzing night markets, and enjoy culturallyimmersive activities and adventures, like climbing the steps of Mount Popa, and taking part in traditional Burmese boxing. school placements: While teaching in Myanmar, you will be placed in either primary or secondary schools, and your students’ ages will typically start from kindergarten upwards. Since you’ll be working with kids and teens, be sure to memorize some traditional school songs. 3 Teach English in Myanmar perks Stand in awe at the Shwedagon Pagoda during orientation, officially the most famous landmark in yangon. With a signifcant monthly allowance of 1,240,000 - 1,420,000 K (Myanmar Kyat) (US 700 US 800/ 600- 730/ 533 610), you’ll have plenty of extra Kyat to splurge on a sailing trip from Mandalay to Bagan! premiertefl.com Myanmar locations:

Myanmar Orientation & Training We’ve created a unique 5-day orientation to ensure that you get settled into your new life teaching English in Myanmar with ease. You’ll learn our expectations, get insider tips on what to do (and maybe more importantly, what not to do!), how to be culturally sensitive, and even some Burmese phrases! Don’t worry, it’s not all work and no play. We’ll also dine on as much delicious authentic cuisine as you can handle, visit a local tea shop to wash it all down, and take some time to see the best of the best local sights, too! Get to know your fellow teachers, daydream weekend trips to take together, and begin your adventure of a lifetime in Myanmar. 4 Teach English in Myanmar premiertefl.com

Verified Premier TEFL Testimonials “When I was first coming to Myanmar I was only going to be doing a 6 month contract, but since I loved my work and made many friends with locals and other expats I keep extending my contract. My advice for anyone coming to Myanmar is to leave your expectations at home, and come with an open mind.” Daniel Myanmar Intern 5 Teach English in Myanmar premiertefl.com

Who Can Apply? Think you have what it takes to teach English in this fascinating country? You must be/have. Aged between 19 to 45 TEFL qualified (included) A Native English speaker A clean police record Completed high school Flexible, hardworking and mature

What’s Up For Grabs? Great Salary Monthly allowance of 1,240,000 - 1,420,000 K (Myanmar Kyat) Support Welcome orientation Course Included 120 hour accredited TEFL Course Accommodation Accommodation Guidance Airport pick-up Orientation & Transfers to your accommodation 5-day orientation upon arrival Time to Explore Cultural Excursions 2 consequtive days off a week Great Schools Semester Placement 3-5 month long teaching placement from our in-country partners (for degree holders) Flexible Visa Sponsorship Guidance provided In Country Support Opportunity to teach in primary and secondary schools Get to know the locals Stay from 3-5 months Lifetime Placement Wherever you are Monthly Salary In Your Currency: *1,240,000 - 1,420,000 K (Myanmar Kyat) (US 700- US 800/ 600- 730/ 533- 610) 7 Teach English in Myanmar premiertefl.com

Myanmar 8 Myanmar Facts 1 5 Burmese cuisine is inspired by Chinese and Indian influences. A Burmese culinary highlight is lahpet-taw, a pickled green tea leaf salad with slices of tomato and cabbage. In order to get another person’s attention, Burmese people will make a kissing sound in their direction. 2 6 Betel nut chewing is a national past-time. Little pouches consisting of tobacco and betel nut leaves are carried by many, and chewing this mixture turns the mouth and teeth red. Occupying a space of over 200k square miles, Myanmar is the largest country in mainland Southeast Asia. 8 3 7 There is a big underground electronic dance music (EDM) scene in Yangon, and there are many young, talented artists and musicians emerging from Myanmar. The stunning Shwedagon Pagoda is said to house strands of Buddha’s hair and many other holy relics. Teach English in Myanmar 4 8 The yellow paste from the bark of the Thanakha tree is used as a cosmetic by many Burmese people. It serves as both a moisturizer and effective sunscreen. There are more than 10,000 Buddhist temples, pagodas, and monasteries in the Mandalay region of Myanmar. premiertefl.com

FAQ I’ve already completed a TEFL course, can I get a discount? Yes! So long as you’ve completed comprehensive TEFL training, you’ll be eligible for a further discount. Contact us to find out how much extra you’ll save. You should book flights to arrive into Yangon International Airport (RGN) on your specific internship arrival day, for airport pick up and orientation. How do I get from orientation to my placement? At the end of your five day orientation, you’ll travel by public transport to your placement location (if outside Yangon) and a representative from your school will meet you on arrival. You’ll be reimbursed for your travel ticket too. Will I be placed with other interns? There will be native English teachers placed in towns nearby one another. The number of interns placed in a locality depends on their size and need. You’ll get to know each other during orientation so it will be easy to plan meet-ups with fellow teachers - you’ll be joining a great community of around 30 English teachers! 9 Teach English in Myanmar Your 1,240,000 - 1,420,000 Myanmar Kyat (US 700- US 800/ 600- 730/ 533- 610) monthly allowance will be paid in cash around the 10th of the month. Experienced teachers can expect to earn the upper pay scale. You should budget to have enough spending money to cover your six weeks in Myanmar until you receive your monthly allowance. We recommend around US 800 (in addition to your housing deposit if you plan to rent an apartment). TIP: Our previous interns say your first month can often be when you spend more - excursions, socialising and getting settled in. We recommend you try to budget a little extra per month for trips and then an emergency fund / credit card for unexpected events. Who will I be teaching? You’ll typically be working in a language institute or a private school, and your students will be aged between three to 16 years. Can I be placed with a friend? Yes, you can request to be placed with a friend or as a couple. You’ll have a spot on your application form to mention who you’re traveling with. premiertefl.com Myanmar How long before my start date should I arrive? How much will I get paid?

Note: placement together is dependent on availability and can’t be guaranteed. Where will I be located? You will be located in Yangon or Mandalay. You will be asked to nominate your preference of placement (NB. due to availability preference can’t be guaranteed, so it’s best to be flexible and apply early). What will my housing be like? Myanmar You’ll have full accommodation guidance to arrange your housing. During orientation you’ll share a dorm with fellow newly arrived teachers, the best way to get to know your new best friends! You’ll have full flexibility for housing during the rest of your stay in Myanmar, many interns choose to stay in their Yangon hostel for a discounted rate around US 100 - US 200 monthly. Alternatively you can plan to share a local style apartment, budgeting US 250- 300 per month. TIP: For those seeking an apartment, keep in mind a deposit is usually required of 6 months’ rent in Yangon (although it is possible to find housing where this is negotiable). I have dietary requirements, will I manage okay? Yes, previous interns with both gluten and dairy free requirements as well as vegetarians have managed well with advice from our in-country team. What extras do I need to pay for? - Doctor’s letter (to say you’re fit and well) - Criminal record check - Comprehensive health & travel insurance - Visa (reimbursed once you begin teaching) - Flights Can I book a one-way flight? Yes, you can book a one-way flight to Myanmar, however immigration may wish to see proof of your planned exit. We advise interns to book a flexible ticket (or two one-way tickets) so you have the freedom to make travel plans while you’re there. Your business visa will be valid for 2.5 months (70 days), and you’ll make one visa trip out of the country to renew it. We recommend you take full advantage of the travel allowance from your school for this and plan a memorable mini break! Combined with new-found friends you’ll have the perfect recipe to explore more of Myanmar or Southeast Asia for the ultimate postteaching adventure. Is there a chance I won’t be accepted? As with any internship your spot isn’t guaranteed. Your application is subject to local school and visa approval. If your application is not approved by our partner schools you’ll be refunded all of your internship fee plus 50% of the value of your included TEFL course. Essentially, you’ll get TEFL trained at half price. We’ll also guide you on other internship options or independent job searches. 10 Teach English in Myanmar premiertefl.com

info@premiertefl.com www.premiertefl.com Internships. Want to talk more? We’re here to make sure you have the best TEFL experience and get you living the life you’ve always dreamed of abroad! Contact us with any questions - we’ll help you get there. We’re available to chat Monday to Friday UK US ROI 44 (0) 1273 782 869 1 (415) 800 3961 353 (0)24 81 816

square miles, Myanmar is the largest country in mainland Southeast Asia. The stunning Shwedagon Pagoda is said to house strands of Buddha's hair and many other holy relics. There are more than 10,000 Buddhist temples, pagodas, and monasteries in the Mandalay region of Myanmar. Myanmar 8 Teach English in Myanmar premiertefi.com

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Myanmar language. · Moreover, it translated laws into English and published in three volumes as "Myanmar Laws( 1988-1989)", "Myanmar Laws( 1997)" and "Myanmar Laws( 1998-1999)". This issue "Myanmar Laws(2000)" is the·con inuation of the publication mentioned above. "Myanmar Laws(1990)"

PwC Myanmar is located at: PricewaterhouseCoopers Myanmar Co., Ltd Room 9A, 9th Floor, Centrepoint Towers, No. 65, Corner of Sule Pagoda Road and Merchant Road, Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar Jovi Seet Senior Executive Director PwC Myanmar Office: 959 440230 341 jovi.s@mm.pwc.com Jasmine Thazin Aung Director PwC Myanmar Mobile: 959 .

2.5 High School English Teacher Academic Qualification 34 2.6 The role of English Teaching in Myanmar 39 2.6.1 Current view on English in Myanmar 39 2.6.2 Myanmar EFL Teaching and Learning Situation 40 2.7 Overview of English Teaching Problems 42 Chapter III: Research Methodology 48 3.1 Participants 48

English-Myanmar Bidirectional Machine Translation System Proceedings of Fifth TheIIER-SCIENCE PLUS International Conference, Singapore, 08th November 2014, ISBN: 978-93-84209-62-9 91 IV. ENGLISH-MYANMAR BIDIRECTIONAL TRANSLATION SYSTEM Fig. 1. System Architecture In this paper, English-Myanmar Bidirectional Translation System is implemented.

Figure 5. Localized web interface to Myanmar language 12 Figure 6. Master data file with 227,903 records uploaded to CSO SBR system 12 Figure 7. Business counts per thousand populations by state/region 16 Figure 8. Localized web interface to Myanmar language 21 Figure 9. English to Myanmar Language Translation 22 Figure 10.

Distribution within Australia of Myanmar-born: 2016, 2011: 2 Number of Myanmar-born by Top Twenty Local Government Areas and their Major Suburbs, Victoria: 2016 . 12 Proficiency in Spoken English by Top Twenty Local Government Areas, Myanmar-born, Victoria: 2016: 13 Religious Affiliation (Top Twenty), Myanmar-born and the Total Victorian .

Not only that, language teachers professionals come to Myanmar to teach and give English language training or seminar to Myanmar universities as part of educational development. As stated by Paw (2013), assistance in English language teaching provided by Myanmar governments come from different part of the globe, for example, Brunei

ASME marks is documented and traceable to the entity authorized by ASME to use its marks. All data reports and certificates of conformance shall be retained for a period established by the appropriate code or standard. 21. CAP-21 CRITERIA FOR REAPPLICATION OF AN ASME CERTIFICATION MARK 1 After an item has been certified under an ASME standard, if the ASME certification mark (e.g. Code Symbol .