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THESONGROOMFundraising for The SongRoom is a fun, social andrewarding way to bringmusic and the arts to thelives of disadvantagedchildren across Australia.Whether you choose to fundraise as aworkplace, school, community group,as an individual or with a group offriends, every dollar you raise will go tobringing the joy of music and the artsto Australian children who are currentlymissing out.Here at The Song Room we rely onmany different sources of fundingin order to deliver our programs, andyour assistance in raising both fundsand awareness will ensure that wereach more children facing long termdisadvantage due to their socioeconomic or cultural background,geographic isolation, or health issues.This Toolkit is here to help and guideyou through your fundraising activity. Itwill assist you to raise funds and outlinesyour responsibilities as a fundraiser toensure both you and The Song Roommeet all the relevant requirements.In order to comply with Governmentregulations, The Song Room mustapprove and authorise all communityfundraising activities that directlyraise money for our organisation. Eachapplication will be assessed to ensurecompliance with The Song Room’sstandards of conduct.

THIS KIT'YOU LL FINDƪƪ Step by step instructions for settingup your fundraising activityƪƪ Fundraising ideasƪƪ Information about how yourfundraising will help kids in needƪƪ Certificates of Appreciationƪƪ Posters to display at your event oraround your school or workplaceƪƪ Buttons and other novelty itemsƪƪ Tamper proof collection tinsƪƪ Social media posts to support youractivityƪƪ Helpful fundraising tips and tricksƪƪ The Song Room’s FundraisingGuidelinesƪƪ An Authority to FundraiseApplication Formƪƪ A Fundraising Summary Formƪƪ A Donor Receipt FormMost importantly, don’tforget we’re here to help!If at any time you needadvice, all you have to do iscontact The Song Room’sFundraising Team on03 9521 3990

3RUNNINGSTEPS TOASUCCESSFULFUNDRAISERRunning a fundraiser canbe heaps of fun. Here’s astep-by-step guide to helpyou manage your event toget the most out of it!CHOOSEYOURACTIVITYƪƪ Decide what kind of activity or eventyou and your team would like tohold. Give yourself plenty of time toget organised. If you need advice,just give us a callƪƪ Review this Toolkit and The SongRoom’s Fundraising Guidelinesto ensure you understand yourresponsibilities as a fundraiser forThe Song Roomƪƪ Complete the Authority toFundraise Application and send itthrough to us by mailPLANANDPROMOTEYOUR ACTIVITYƪƪ Enlist others to help with thefundraising. This will really help youextend your network to reach yourfundraising goalƪƪ The easiest way to manageyour fundraising is througheverydayhero. Check out the linkbelow to The Song Room’s page toget oomƪƪ When setting up your fundraisingpage, make sure you think carefullyabout the story you want to tell.Set yourself and your team anachievable targetYour support will help kidsget a better educationthrough music and thearts. They’ll enjoy it - andso should you!ƪƪ Let people know about yourfundraising activity and askthem to support you. Make sureyou always include a link to youreverydayhero pageƪƪ Use your social media networksespecially Facebook, Twitter andInstagram. Email your friends, tryto reach at least 30. Let your localpaper know about your efforts too.Follow us at:Facebook: @thesongroomTwitter: @thesongroomInstagram @the songroomƪƪ Make sure your team helps spreadthe word. Ask your friends to shareyour everydayhero page with theirnetworks, and ask your employerand local businesses to support youƪƪ Tip: It helps to ask for a specificamount. For example, “Pleasedonate 50 to enable one childfrom a refugee background toparticipate in music and artsprograms in their school for 6months”BUILDTHEMOMENTUMƪƪ Keep the posts coming. Thankpeople for supporting you. Let yoursupporters know how you are goingwith your event preparation. Funphotos and videos are great forkeeping people interested in whatyou’re doingƪƪ Share the posts and thank youmessages from your everydayheropage to Facebook and TwitterDONT FORGET.ƪƪ Thank your supporters. Use youreverydayhero page to let themknow how their contributions willhelp The Song Room. Provide themwith photos, certificates, posters,t-shirts, buttons or think of otherfun ways to thank themƪƪ Have heaps of fun!!

FUNDRAISINGIDEASAIRGUITARSTAGETHECHAMPIONSHIPS ULTIMATEKARAOKE NIGHTƪƪ One for the guitar heroes!ƪƪ Dig out your old bandana and yourfavourite band t-shirt and rock outwith your friendsƪƪ Inspire your guests in the lead upto your event with YouTube clipsfrom the world’s best Air GuitarchampionsHOLD A GIGƪƪ Support your local music sceneand give the benefits of music todisdvantaged children at the sametimeƪƪ Donate proceeds from ticket salesor the cloak roomƪƪ Collect donations on the nightƪƪ Auction off music items likerare vinyl records or musicalinstrumentsƪƪ Get those A-grade backing tracksout and warm up your vocal chordsƪƪ Donate to performƪƪ Auction off your favourite karaokenumbersDRESSLIKEAROCK STAR DAYƪƪ A great event for school kidsƪƪ Collect gold coin donations to dresslike your favourite rock star for thedayƪƪ Have a ‘rock parade’ with prizes forthe best dressedPrefer to fundraise withouthosting an event? Noproblem! We’ll applaudyou for your armchair airguitar or singing in theshower efforts too!Head to to get involved!

HOWYOURFUNDRAISINGWILL HELPMusic and arts educationis proven to lift academicperformance, schoolattendance and social &emotional wellbeing.By fundraising for TheSong Room you can helpsome of Australia’s mostdisadvantaged childrenget a better start in life.

TIPS AND TRICKSLet’s face it, often the hardest part of raising money is themost important part - asking people for donations. Here’sthree things to keep in mind:ƪƪ WhatAsk for a specific donation amount,say 50. Often your friendsand family just don’t know howmuch to give and sometimes thisuncertainty can actually stop themfrom donatingƪƪ WhyTell people why you personallycare about The Song Room.Your passion for our cause iscontagious. People are far morelikely to donate if they understandwhy our cause is close to your heartWE CAN HELPAt The Song Room we appreciateall your fundraising efforts and ourFundraising Team are here to help youalong the way.We can send you posters, buttons,stickers and Certificates ofAppreciation. Remember, we’re only acall or an email away.ƪƪ HowLet people know what will beachieved by The Song Roomthrough your support.3 out of 4 Australian childrendo not have access to specialistmusic education at school, despiteirrefutable research that kids whoparticipate in music and the arts atschool have better numeracy andliteracy skills, attend more and arehappier. That’s why we do what wedo!SOWAITINGWHAT AREYOUFOR?With your support we can brightenthe futures of children right across thecountry by sharing a love of music andthe arts to enhance their education,personal development and communityinvolvement.

THE FINE PRINT1.All constituent details of the approvedfundraising activity are the soleresponsibility of the applicant, as set outin the Authority to Fundraise form.2.The organiser must comply withobligations imposed by the CharitableFundraising Act and applicable State/Territory laws and regulations.3.All relevant permits and licenses for theactivity must be secured by the eventorganiser.4.Any and all promotional material andcollateral produced in conjunction withthe proposed fundraising activity mustclearly state that this event is ‘raisingfunds for The Song Room’, as opposed toa Song Room-managed event.5.Any use of The Song Room logo is tobe approved prior to publication by anauthorised representative of The SongRoom.6.The Song Room alone is authorised toissue a tax-deductable receipt for fundsraised and donated to The Song Room.Please note that the Australian TaxOffice has ruled that donations are nottax deductable if the donation involvesthe exchange of money for goodsand/or services (such as raffle tickets,competition or event entry tickets).7.Funds raised must be reconciled with TheSong Room no later than 10 working daysafter the event or activity.8.Funds raised and not processed viaEveryday Hero can be deposited directlyinto The Song Room Public Fundbank account, mailed in as a cheque,or donated via the application on ourwebsite.The Song RoomBSB: 063 353Account number: 1006 54459.Whilst The Song Room is unable toprovide publicity support for your event,we are able to provide you with a publicitykit with guidelines, templates and tips.10.The Song Room is unable to provideinsurance of any kind, including publicliability, for your event. The Song Roomcannot be held responsible for anyaccident or injury sustained over thecourse of your event.11.The Song Room reserves the rightto refuse or cancel the Authority toFundraise if it is decided the activity is notin the best interests of the organisation.03 9521 hesongroom

ITN H C I L S U K DE I D T I N YOU ' LL FIND ƪ Step by step instructions for setting up your fundraising activity ƪ Fundraising ideas ƪ Information about how your fundraising will help kids in need ƪ Helpful fundraising tips and tricks ƪ The Song Room’s Fundraising Guidelines ƪ An Authority to Fundraise Application Form ƪ advice, all you

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