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GraduatesAddison Betances Maurosa 4, 6, 8, 18Sonny Asbel Moretta 3, 6, 8, 9, 13, 14Jesse Matthew Lee Briley 9, 18Kenya Elizabeth RoweZoe Mariel Joan Smith 3, 7, 8, 11Garrett E Brockman 3, 5, 7, 9, 18Alivia Yasmeen Cowin 3, 6, 7, 8, 9Alden Fidel Somayire 3, 6, 7, 8, 9Belissa Victoria Etienne 4, 6, 8, 10Niklas Karsten Steinbrunner 6Nyia Sennie Joyce TaylorVincent Odell Harris, Jr. 18Peter Douglas Thomsen 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 17, 19Anthony David Johnson 4, 6, 8Phong Thanh Tran 3, 6Yi Kao 3, 6, 7, 8, 10Brenda Leitao Keppke 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 15, 16,18 Matthew Benjamin Waite 6, 18Ani Cristina Botelho Klein 6, 10Lily Marie Wheaton 6, 9, 11Chang Liu 6Charles Joseph Rowan Wilkins 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 18Alexander Jason Mahn 4, 8Taylor Michelle McLemore 6, 10, 11, 18Jarell Dejuan Christopher Moore ValedictorianSalutatorianHigh Honors—Gold CordHonors—Silver CordHonors DiplomaCollege Preparatory DiplomaPresident’s Education AwardNational Honor SocietyTwelve-Year Student at Spring Valley Academy—Green CordFour-Year Student at Spring Valley Academy—Black CordSecond-Generation Spring Valley Academy Graduate—White CordTwelve Years in Seventh-day Adventist Schools—Royal Blue CordPatrick S. Gilmore AwardWoody Herman Jazz AwardJohn Philip Sousa AwardLouis Armstrong Jazz AwardNational School Choral AwardBlood Donor—Red CordNational Merit Commended Scholar47th AnnualGraduation ExercisesSpring Valley AcademyEstablished 1968May 27-29, 2016

GraduatesDear Family & Friends,The vast knowledge and wisdom thatSpring Valley Academy has given us thesepast thirteen years are sure to be strongbuilding blocks for us in the future. All thetime invested, sacrifices made, and loveand care will benefit and sustain us as wemove forward in life.We are confident that, because of yourhelp and support, we will become successfulin the future. We have found courage,strength, and wisdom in your faith in us, aswell as from our class text:“Be on your guard; stand firm in thefaith; be men of courage; be strong.”— I Corinthians 16:13Love, The Class of 2016Niklas SteinbrunnerNyia TaylorPeter ThomsenPhong TranMatthew WaiteLily WheatonAim“In our hands we hold today; in our dreams wehold tomorrow. In our faith we hold forever.”-UnknownMotto“Some have a story; we have a legacy.”FlowerBird of ParadiseColorsPurple, Black and SilverC.J. Wilkins

GraduatesConsecrationMay 27, 2016—8:00 p.m.Centerville Seventh-day Adventist ChurchProcessional . SVA ChoirTake My Life—John W. PetersonPrincipal’s Remarks. Mr. Darren WilkinsWelcome . Alden Somayire, Class PresidentInvocation .Zoe SmithAni KleinChang LiuAlexander MahnScripture . Anthony JohnsonIntroduction of Speaker . Addison Betances MaurosaConsecration Address . Dr. Lloydston BurtonAllegheny West Conference Family Life DirectorSenior Response .Ani KleinClass PastorTaylor McLemoreJarell MooreSonny MorettaTrumpet Solo .Sonny MorettaHis Eye is on the Sparrow—Gabriel & MartinWinner of the Patrick S. Gilmore AwardWinner of the Woody Herman Jazz AwardParent Acknowledgments. Home & SchoolIntroduction of Tributes. Alivia CowinClass HistorianFamily Tributes . Class of 2016Benediction. Vincent Harris, Jr.Recessional: My Tribute—André CrouchKenya RoweZoe SmithAlden SomayireThe congregation is requested to be seatedduring the recessional of the Class of 2016.Choir Director: Ms. Cristy DoriaChoir Accompanist: Madison TifftCONSECRATIONPiano Solo . Brenda Keppke, Class Vice PresidentThe Prayer—C. Bayer & D. Foster

GraduatesSabbath SchoolMay 28, 2016—10:20 a.m.Kettering Seventh-day Adventist ChurchSong Service . Belissa Etienne, Ani Klein,Alex Mahn & Peter ThomsenWelcome . Phong TranScripture Reading.Nick SteinbrunnerInvocation .Nyia Taylor, S.C. RepresentativePiano Solo . Peter Thomsen, S.C. PresidentJoyful, Joyful—arr. Melody BoberJesse BrileyGarrett BrockmanAlivia CowinBelissa EtienneVincent Harris, Jr.Anthony JohnsonYi KaoBrenda KeppkeWalking With Christ . Mr. & Mrs. Michael Macomber,Mr. & Mrs. Doug Thomsen, Mr. & Mrs. Tubal WaiteMission Spotlight .Mr. Darren Wilkins, PrincipalBenediction. Jarell MooreAccompanist: Mr. Wayne JohnsonBaccalaureateMay 28, 2016—11:30 a.m.Kettering Seventh-day Adventist ChurchPrelude . SVA Band & Sonny Moretta, TrumpetSolemn Hymn—Jerker JohanssonAmazing Grace—arr. James SwearingenMansions of the Lord—Glennie-Smith, arr. RickettsProcessional .SVA BandTrumpet Tune—Purcell, arr. Stephen BullaWelcome . Taylor McLemoreCaring Heart Award .Mr. Darren WilkinsGRADUATESAddison Betances Maurosa

Special Thanks to Senior Class OfficersPresident. . .Alden SomayireVice President . Brenda KeppkePastor . . . Ani KleinSecretary. .Lily WheatonTreasurer . .Yi KaoHistorian .Alivia CowinSponsors . .Ms. Erin Galloway & Ms. Vicki BrileySenior Student Council OfficersPresident . . .Peter ThomsenSC Class Representative . . .Nyia TaylorSponsors .Mr. Don Shull & Dr. Ernie StevensHymn No. 12: Joyful, Joyful We Adore TheeInvocation . Matthew WaiteScripture: I Corinthians 16:13 .Garrett BrockmanAnthem . SVA ChoirThe Ground—Ola GjeiloPrayers of the People .Jesse Briley(The congregation is invited to kneel or sit with bowed heads.)Children’s Story .Sonny Moretta(Children are to collect the Education Dollars as they come forward.)Offertory Anthem .SVA BandFlight of Valor—James SwearingenIntroduction of Speaker . Belissa EtienneBaccalaureate Address . Mr. Ken KnudsenOhio Conference Superintendent of EducationAnthem . SVA ChoirGive Us Hope—Jim PapoulisBenediction. C.J. WilkinsRecessional .SVA BandBattle Hymn of the Republic—arr. John HigginsBand Director: Mr. Donald HuffChoir Director: Ms. Cristy DoriaOrganist: Dr. Devon HowardChoir Accompanists: Madison Tifft & Monte WilkinsAfter the benediction, please beseated as the graduates leave the sanctuary.The classes of 2018 & 2019 are hosting an invitation-only dinnerin the Fellowship Hall in honor of the graduates and their families.BACCALAUREATEClass trip sponsors and parents, Ms. Erin Galloway, Ms. Vicki Briley,Pastor Jeremy Wong, Mr. Taylor Bartram and Mr. & Mrs. SteveBrockman, for accompanying us on our class trip and keepingus out of trouble.Mr. & Mrs. Doug Thomsen for opening their home for us onmultiple occasions and helping us set up for cookouts and games.We thank them for being with us each step of our high school journeyand reminding us of the good old times with the multiple picturesthey have taken.Ms. Cristy Doria, Mrs. Laura Grodrian and Mr. Donald Huff forputting together an array of songs that showcase our classtalents.Mrs. Vicki Swetnam for formatting our graduation program andtaking part in the design of our class theme.Ms. Erin Galloway and Ms. Vicki Briley, phenomenal classsponsors. Without you both, none of this would have been asuccess.Many others for all the time and support they have given usthroughout the years!Introit . SVA ChoirOceans and Stars—Amy Bernon

Class NightMay 28, 2016—9:15 p.m.Spring Valley Academy GymnasiumInvocation . Mrs. Shona MacomberArt Teacher/Junior Class SponsorJunior Processional: Viva La Vida—ColdplaySenior Introductions .Ms. Erin Galloway & Ms. Vicki BrileySenior Class SponsorsCommencementMay 29, 2016—10:00 a.m.Spring Valley Academy GymnasiumProcessionals: .Kettering Praise OrchestraJuniors—Rigaudon—André Campra, arr. Eric OsterlingSeniors—Pomp and Circumstance—Edward ElgarWelcome & Invocation.Mr. Darren Wilkins, PrincipalValedictorian’s Address . Brenda Keppke, Class Vice PresidentChairman’s Remarks .Dr. Roy Chew, School Board Vice ChairClarinet Solo: Pie in the Face Polka—Mancini . Brenda KeppkeWinner of the John Philip Sousa AwardWinner of Louis Armstrong Jazz AwardTribute to Sponsors .Alden Somayire, Class President &Brenda Keppke, Class Vice PresidentIntroduction of Speaker . Alex MahnSponsors’ Remarks .Ms. Erin Galloway & Ms. Vicki BrileyCommencement Address . Mr. Jerry MahnKettering Health Network Human Resources FellowPiano Solo .Brenda KeppkeOne Moment in Time—Albert Hammond & John BettisClass President’s Response .Alden SomayireMulti-media Presentation.Alivia Cowin, Class HistorianVocal Solo: Corner of the Sky—Stephen Schwartz .Peter ThomsenWinner of the National Choral AwardPresentation of Class Gift. Yi Kao, Class TreasurerRecognition and AwardsAcknowledgments . Kenya Rowe & Chang LiuVocal Solo .Belissa EtienneThese Are the Special Times—Diane WarrenBenediction.Mr. Trevor RossScience Teacher/Junior Class SponsorRecessional: A Thousand Miles—Vanessa CarltonAccompanists: Ms. Cristy Doria & Mr. Calvin EtiennePresentation of Candidates . Mrs. Kathy Burns, RegistrarPresentation of Diplomas .Mr. Darren Wilkins, PrincipalAlumni Acknowledgment . Ms. Angie Peach, Alumni DirectorPrincipal’s Remarks.Mr. Darren WilkinsBenediction. Mrs. Kate Baldwin, Vice PrincipalRecessional: .Kettering Praise OrchestraThe Throne Room—John Williams, arr. BrubakerKettering Praise Orchestra Director: Mr. Donald HuffAccompanist: Madison TifftCOMMENCEMENTVocal Solo .Matthew WaiteHigher Ground—J. Oatman Sr. & C.H. Gabriel

Choir Director: Ms. Cristy Doria Organist: Dr. Devon Howard Choir Accompanists: Madison Tifft & Monte Wilkins After the benediction, please be seated as the graduates leave the sanctuary. The classes of 2018 & 2019 are hosting an invitation-only dinner in the Fellowship Hall in honor of the graduates and their families. Special Thanks to

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