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employment outlook in landscaping and turf management careers. Summarize the : interpersonal, business, and technical skills: needed for a career in landscaping or turf management. Develop a resume for a selected occupation that includes documented development of : industry-related sk

Trees Landscaping for the Coast Why Native Plants? Plant Hardiness Zones Shrubs Grasses Vines . landscapes that are beautiful, functional, manageable and environmentally friendly. LANDSCAPING FOR THE COAST 1. 2 WHY NATIVE PLANTS

The Ponzani Landscaping Company . Equal Employment Opportunity Policy It is the policy of The Ponzani Landscaping Company, that applicant’s for employment are recruited, selected, and hired on the basis of individual

than these interim guidelines. 1. Follow Section 1013: diagram A1 for slopes flatter than 3:1 whether privately or publicly maintained. 2. Follow Section 1013: diagram A2 for slopes between 3:1 and 2:1 whether privately or publicly maintained. Drainage ponds for non-residential development may show pond seeding, landscaping, and stabilization on the landscaping plan that will provide an .

life. Trees, plants and grasses as well as other . 18 3.4 Visibility Triangle . 3 Appendix E - Tree Planting, Preservation and Replacement.8 . Special Treatments . Landscaping Guide: Special Treatments Page 1 of 2 December 2002 Introduction It is the a

Landscaping at the Water’s Edge is a valuable resource for anyone concerned with the impact of his or her actions on the environment. This book brings together the collective expertise of many UnH cooperative Extension specialists and educators and an independent landscape designer. L A N D S

1. Lighting in lighting zones 3 and 4, solely for uplight-ing structures, building facades, or landscaping. 2. Lighting in lighting zones 1 and 2, solely for uplight-ing structures, building facades, or landscaping pro-vided the applicable lighting power densities do not exceed 50% of the lighting power allo

grow quickly, and spread to the point of disrupting plant communities or ecosystems. When planning your landscaping, if you cannot work entirely with native species, it is critical that you avoid the dozens of invasive plants that are still popular in trade, such as burning bush, Callery pear, and wintercreeper.

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50,000-lb., 2-inch anti-back flex chain for tooth pattern versatility to support many soil types and conditions Works with: Landscaping Attachments TILLER Leave a tractor behind and conquer job site leveling, soil mixing, and seedbed prep with this heavy-duty tiller. Working widths of 52 to 78 inches (overall width 67.8 to 94.8 inches)

Protecting Against Cold Module Contents Tailgate Safety Training for Landscaping and Horticultural Services, AEX-192-07 . Chain Saw Safety Chock and Block Gas Welding Safety Lockout and Tagout Power-Take-Off (PTO) Shielding . Greenhouse Specialist; and Thomas Bean, Agricultural Safety Specialist. Modules were developed with funding from the .

patios, walkways, edging, and walls that form the basis of outdoor rooms. Other products such as outdoor heating elements will also post strong gains. Dominant residential market to grow the fastest The residential market is the largest for landscaping products, accounting for