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Landscaping projects can either be new installations of landscaping, or existing landscaping updated to benefit . biodiversity. Landscaping projects stand apart from most habitat projects in that they have a formal, defined and often manicured appearance. Most commonly, landscaping projects will consist of formal gardens.

IMPORTANCE OF LANDSCAPING Student Learning Objectives The primary objectives of this problem area are to: 1. Develop an understanding of the reasons for landscaping. 2. of landscaping. 3. How does landscaping increase property value? The

Hard Landscaping: Hard landscaping refers to all of the structure within a garden or grounds and does not include the plants. Hard landscaping most often refers to the boundaries such as walls and fencing, and is inclusive of pathways, walls, decking, paving and patios. Soft Landscaping: Soft landscaping is pretty much, the exact

Landscaping Guidance for Improving Air Quality near Roadways (Landscaping Guidance), which focuses on the Sacramento region and aims to translate information from the EPA Recommendations for local use. The goals of this landscaping guidance document are to: Provide guidelines for evaluating a potential vegetation barrier site;

native landscaping projects will be ecologically sound, sustainable, and attractive within a reasonable timeframe. Consultant and landscaping firms without experience and expertise in native systems can often mislead organizations seeking to implement native landscaping and restoration projects which can lead to project failure loss of investment.

The Green Landscaping requirements: 5% permeable surface: 5% x 16,240 s.f. 812 s.f. 5' deep perimeter landscaping strip 5' x 360' 1,800 s.f. One on-site tree per 5 parking spaces One on-site tree per 20' frontage 5' landscaping strip at 360 perimeter approx. 1650 sf (after curbcuts, corners) 812 sf of permeable surface

landscaping approach. Conservation Landscaping . According to the Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council, a coalition of individuals and organizations working to promote sustainable landscapes in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, a conservation landscape displays eight essential elements. A conservation landscape:

Small Yard Landscaping Guide Author: Sarah Hutchinson Subject: Discover six strategies for landscaping a small backyard. See examples of landscapes that make the most out of a small space. Keywords: small yard landscaping strategies guide Created Date: 3/26/2013 9:14:45 AM

landscaping, petitioner shall provide required landscaping in other areas of the lot. Decorative masonry and metal fencing separates pedestrians from the parking area (2) no No perimeter landscaping is provided to screen cars from the public view(1) 2 The parking lot has not incorporated canopy trees or any perimeter landscaping treatment (2)

Landscaping should provide a transitional area between different uses and help define the property boundary. Limit evergreens to 25 percent of trees provided. Limit ornamental trees to 25 percent of trees provided. Within the Parking Lot Landscaping should visually break up large areas of paving. Landscaping should provide shade in the summer .

The Ponzani Landscaping Company . Equal Employment Opportunity Policy It is the policy of The Ponzani Landscaping Company, that applicant’s for employment are recruited, selected, and hired on the basis of individual

Trees Landscaping for the Coast Why Native Plants? Plant Hardiness Zones Shrubs Grasses Vines . landscapes that are beautiful, functional, manageable and environmentally friendly. LANDSCAPING FOR THE COAST 1. 2 WHY NATIVE PLANTS