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A new type of bridge is created with the next generation material. The Sakata Mirai Bridge Project involves the construction of a 50 meter span pedestrian bridge in. Sakata City Yamagata Prefecture using the ultra high strength concrete material This. project was jointly undertaken by Taisei Taiheiyo Cement and Maeta Concrete Industry. Characteristics of the Sakata Mirai Bridge,which utilizes Ductal. 5cm 8cm Ultimate thickness top slab 5cm web 8cm,5 1 Significant weight reduction. 1 5 the weight of conventional concrete bridges,No reinforcing bars used. Sophisticated design taking advantage of Ductal s high flowability. 10 10 cost down through weight reduction,General View. Bridge Length 50200,50 Girder Length 50100 50,375 Span 49350 375.
12515 30 7010 30 5450 30 5450 30 7010 30 12515,700 1050 3L 2L 1L 1R 2R 3R. 5 0 2 5 2 5 5 0,H W L Clearance 0 6m,A1 Move A2 Fix. The silhouettes of girders The balustrade which varies its. and the facial line of curb silhouette based on viewpoints. The bridge will add a new dramatic scenery to residential. living space in Sakata City A design esteeming monotone colors and silhouettes of Sakata. The Sakata Mirai Bridge will be a part of living space for residents The bridge and balustrade shape are designed based on the. and provide a stage supporting the activities of many people who design motif Create an impressive bridge in Sakata which has. enjoy crossing the river talking with friends walking jogging or many beautiful historical structures with monotone colors and. just sitting the bank graceful silhouettes,Cross sectional View Unit mm. Ultimate member thickness realized in the design,At middle of span. Creating a beautiful bridge form, Making the best use of the flowability unsurpassed strength and durability.
of Ductal the bridge is designed with circular openings in the webs This. 80 bridge provides a unique form to the landscape of Sakata. 475 406 640 Results of FEM analysis for web,At support. No reinforcing bar is required,in prestress anchorage zone. Ductal eliminates reinforcing bars not,only in the web and slab but also in. the prestress anchorage zone Such,zone is useally packed with re bars if. 475 605 605 475 conventional concrete is used FEM, 120 120 Results of FEM analysis for prestress anchorage zone.
High strength,High flexion High durability,Ultra high performance. Ductal High ductility Fine texture, Various experiments carried out to achieve a superior level of safety. High flowability Designing the bridge with Ductal and taking the maximum advantage of its superior performance Block production under high quality control. various experiments such as full size casting loading experiments were carried out The desired The pre cast blocks were produced under strict quality. margins of safety is consequently verified and the completely rational design is conducted and accuracy control in a concrete manufacturing plant. Although the Ductal Ductal,Registered Trademark is a Ductal Full Premix. cement based technology it,realize the performance of one 3L 3R. rank higher in all respects Steel form for 3L 3R blocks. when compared with concrete 1L 2L,Steel form for 1L 2L blocks.
Special steel fibers Ductal premix special water reducing agent. Physical properties of Ductal FM Experiment for prestress. anchorage performance, Example of a bending stress displacement curve data based on 4 x 4 x 16 cm specimen Shear experiment for joint. Ductal possesses superior toughness,under stress A B Ductal mixing. C Loading experiment,FM of the actual size girder,Ductal FM Ductal casting. 25 Loading experiment,of the actual size girder with joint. N mm2 conventional concrete,Deflection D,ASTM C1201.
Its chloride ion diffusion coefficient of Ductal is. Resistance to salt attack 1 10 1 50 that of conventional concrete. Ductal possesses superior resistance to salt attack 10 8cm2 s. Pre cast blocks,1 1 0 6 0 022,Comparison of physical properties. on Ductal and Conventional concrete,Ductal FM Conventional concrete. N mm2 kgf cm2 210 2100 36 360,Compressive strength. N mm2 kgf cm2 45 450 5 50,Bending strength,N mm2 kgf cm2 9 90 3 30. Tensile strength, kN mm2 kgf cm2 50 500 000 25 250 000 Analysis with FEM.
Static modulus of elasticity,50 600 800,Drying shrinkage. STEP1 STEP2 STEP3 STEP4 STEP5 STEP6,3L Introduce tensioning for main cables. Old bridge s girder,Temporary steel girder 1L,Installation of handrail. 2R Casting Ductal, Construction Procedure in situ for joints Removal of old bridge s piers. Old bridge Maeta Bridge,STEP4 STEP6, Joint works with Ductal Installation of handrail Removal of old bridge s piers.
Removal of old bridge s slabs and girders,Completion. Introduce tensioning for main cables,Construction of new abutments. Installation of temporary steel girders,Erection of Ductal precast blocks. Outline of project Construction Schedule,Sakata Mirai Bridge Project. 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10, Location Sakata city Yamagata prefecture Sponsor TAISEI.
TAIHEIYO CEMENT MAETA CONCRETE INDUSTRY Owner Yard preparation. 11 1 1 19 49 35 MAETA CONCRETE INDUSTRY LTD Constructor Joint Venture. 2 4 1 6 TAISEI CORPORATION MAETA CONCRETE INDUSTRY LTD Removal of old bridge. Construction period 2002 May October,0 55 1 56 Construction of new abutments. Structural dimensions,Ductal block precasting, 14 5 10 Type of structure Single span prestrest concrete box girder. Erection of Ductal precast blocks, bridge with all external cables Bridge Length 50 20m. Amount of major materials Span 49 35m Width 2 4m total width 1 6m effective Installation of handrail. Girder Ductal 20 8 Compressive Strength, 3 width Girder height 0 55m at support 1 56m at middle of. 20 8 3 200N mm2 span Erection method Precast block erection method Removal of old bridge s piers. 200N mm2 Prestressing steel wire 3 5t,3 5 Substructure Pile foundation.
Remedial work, The Sakata Mirai Bridge was built to span the Niita River that flows. through the urban area of Sakata City Yamagata Prefecture. Many beautiful historical structures and gardens still remain in. Sakata city Those such as the Sankyo Storehouses and the. Honma s Residence show picturesque monotone contrast between. the white walls and the dark colored Shonai roof tiles Zelkova trees. give elegant silhouette to such historical area,Sakata city Map. the Mogami River station,the Sea of,Sakata Mirai Bridge. Sakata city,Sankyo Storehouse,Histrical Museum,Museum of Photography. Shonai roof tiles, Construction Joint Venture TAISEI CORPORATION MAETA CONCRETE INDUSTRY LTD.
1 25 1 163 0606,TEL 03 5381 5297,1 25 1 Nishi Shinjuku Shinjuku ku Tokyo 163 0606. TAISEI CORPORATION Bridge Section Design Dept Civil Engineering Div. 8 1 104 8518,TEL 03 6226 9107, St Luke s Tower 8 1 Akashi cho Chuo ku Tokyo 104 8518. TAIHEIYO CEMENT CORPORATION Ductal Project,6 7 998 8611. TEL 0234 23 5115,6 7 Kamihoncho Sakata shi Yamagata ken 998 8611.

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