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Eaton’s Pump and Motor ProductsCatalog

Table of ContentsEaton’s Char-Lynn Motors.4Eaton’s Vane Pumps and Motors.6Eaton Gear Products.8Open Circuit Piston Pumps. 10 edium Duty Closed Circuit Piston Pumps and Motors.12MHeavy Duty Hydrostatics.14 Eaton’s Hydrokraft Pumps and Motors.16Standard Packaged Systems.18Piston Pump Controls.20Remanufactured Products.222EATON Power Products M-HYOV-MC003-E1 February 2013

Eaton PackagedSystems*Eaton ControlProductsEaton Piston PumpControlsHydrokraftPumps & MotorsEaton Heavy DutyHydrostaticsEaton Med. DutyClosed Circuit PistonPumps & MotorsEaton Open CircuitPiston PumpsEaton GearProductsVickers VanePumps & MotorsChar-LynnMotorsProduct and ApplicationMatrixLogistics & ConstructionHighway Constructionxxxxxx xxRailroadxxxxxx xxPorts / ShipbuildingxxxxxxxxCommercial Constructionxxxxxx xxDistribution CentersxxxxxxxxxAerospace (Ground Support / Tugs)xxxxxxxLift trucks / TelehandlersxxxxxxxxAerial work platformsxxxxx xxCranes / WinchesxxxxxxxAgricultureHarvestors / Combinesxxxxxx xxTractors xx xxImplements / Attachmentsxxxxxx xxConstruction & Earth MovingPavers / Finishersxxxxxx xxCompactorsx x xx xxSkid Steer LoadersxxxxxxWheel Loaders xxxxx xxMotor Gradersxxxxxx xxDozers xxxxx xxConcrete Placementxxxxxx xxUtilityAerial / Boom TrucksxxxxDigger Derricksx x xxForest Productsxxxxxx xxLumberx xxx xxxPaperx xxx xxxPackagingx xxx xxxMining & AggregateCoal Shears x xxxxxRock Crushersx x xxxxxTunnel Boringx x xxxxxTransportationFan Drives xxxx xxSalt / Sand SpreadersxxxxxRefuse xxx xxSwing / Knuckle Booms / LiftsxxxxxxMachine Tools xMetal Cutting & FormingxxxxxxxxxPaper Mills xxx xxxxxMoldingPlastic Injection, Rubber, & Die CastxxxxxxxxPrimary MetalsSteelworksxxxx xxxxAutomotiveEngine & Transmission plantsxxxxxxxxEnergyPower Generation x xxxxCoal Reclaim, Transfer, PulverizingxxxxxThero, Hydro, Wind xxx xxxxPort MachineryShip to Shore Cranes & Container HandlersxxxxxxxxxxFood & BeveragePackaging Equipmentxxxxx xxxFood Processingxxxxx xxxEntertainmentMotion Systemsxxxxxxxxxx* North America OnlyEATON Power Products M-HYOV-MC003-E1 February 20133

Eaton’s Char-Lynn MotorsWith decades of proven reliability and performance, lowspeed, high-torque hydraulic motors help you build areputation for dependability. Our motors are designedand manufactured (speeds up to 2000 rpm and from 270192,410 Nm [200-142,000 lb-in] of torque) to exceed thedemanding requirements of the mobile and industrialindustries.Known throughout the industry for being a fast and flexiblesupplier, Eaton produces spool valve, disc-valve and highperformance motors for original equipment manufacturers(OEMs) and distributors.Features and Benefits:Spool Valve Motors B road range of applicationspecific solutions andoptions I ndustry-leading motorlife with very highperformanceOptional FeatureValve-In-Star (VIS)Motors H igh torque output in asmall package for tightmobile applications U ses patented ValveIn-Star (VIS) technologyfor superior efficiencies athigh pressureBenefitDisc Valve MotorsME Series Motors World’s most completerange of low speed hightorque motors I ndustry leading motor life;built to withstand thermalshock Many options andfeatures to fit the specificneeds of your applications H igh efficiencies andstarting torque; smoothrotation at extremely lowspeedsOptional FeatureBenefit2 Speed Motors Allows motor to have two displacements(higher speed has lower torque)Shuttle Valve Redirects a portion of low pressure oilfor increased cooling in closed loopapplicationsSeal Guard Prevents physical damage to shaft sealfrom foreign debrisCase Port To increase lubrication and flushing ofthe motor and reduce case pressure,extend seal lifeHigh pressure Shaft Seal More robust shaft seal that can withstand high case pressure spikesEnvironmental Protection Epoxy coating for demanding applicationin harsh environmentIntegrated Parking BrakeSpring applied hydraulic release brakeMechanical Disc Brake Bolt on caliper brake for wheel motorapplicationsFree Running Option Improved mechanical efficiency athigh-speed / high-flow conditionsSpeed Sensors To collect speed and / or directioninformation from a motor and provideelectric signal4EATON Power Products M-HYOV-MC003-E1 February 2013Internal Check Valves Relieves the case pressure to the lowpressure portLow Speed Valving For better efficiency and smooth runningat low speed conditions ( 200 RPM)Vented Two-Stage SealExtends shaft seal lifeViton Seals For higher temp. Or chemical resistanceapplicationsIntegral Cross Over Valving Cost effective design that limits the differential pressure across the motorMetric Shafts, Ports, & MountsEU specific threadsReverse Rotation Allows clockwise shaft rotation with Bport pressurized

Eaton’s Char-Lynn MotorsSpool Valve MotorsValve-In-Star (VIS) MotorsDisc Valve MotorsME Series MotorsSpool valve motors transmithigh torque at low speedsby means of a cylindrical valve and a geroter orGeroler , special drive members that turn the outputshaft.High performance VIS 30,40 and 45 motors deliverhigh torque in a compactenvelope.Disc valve hydraulic motorsare designed with a flat,disc-shaped valving system.They use Geroler exclusively,are effective at very lowspeeds, and are reversible.These double swash plate,opposed-piston, low-speed,high-torque hydraulic motorsoperate smoothly at lowspeed within the maximumratings and cause very littletorque ripple.Options include a varietyof output shafts: straightwith Woodruff key, splined,tapered or straight withcross holes; plus othermountings, displacementsand ports.SpecificationsSpeed Range: Up to 2000rpmTorque Range: Up to 565Nm (5000 lb-in)Patented design reducesleakage by incorporating aflexible, pressure-balancedwear plate.SpecificationsSpeed Range: Up to 500rpmTorque Range: Up to 5085Nm (45,000 lb-in)Options include a widevariety of shafts, mountings,ports, displacements, speedsensors and bolt-on valves.Two-speed models areavailable in Series 2000 and10000.SpecificationsSpeed Range: Up to 900rpmSpecificationsSpeed Range: Up to 1000rpmPressure Range: 248 and276 bar (3600 and 4000 psi)Torque Range: Up to 16136Nm (11,900 lb-ft)Torque Range: Up to 3390Nm (30,000 lb-in)EATON Power Products M-HYOV-MC003-E1 February 20135

Eaton’s Vane Pumps and MotorsEaton’s Vickers products are known for high efficiency fixedpumps with low noise. These products have been optimizedfor both mobile and industrial markets. Their modulardesigns allow for flexibility in displacement, mounting, andport options. A cartridge kit design feature allows for easyrepair and interchangeability between pumps.Other manufacturers may produce pumps that look likeEaton’s Vickers products; that’s intentional. But none ofthem can match their endurance, reliability, warranty orperformance.Features and Benefits:V10/V20 SeriesV/VQ SeriesVMQ SeriesVane Motors Low displacement/lowerpressure Medium to highdisplacement withdouble / triple pumps andmedium pressures H ighest potentialdisplacements andpressures in portfolio Economical alternative topiston technologyfor medium to lowpressure industrial applications C ompact and economicalfor both mobile and industrial applications I ntegral valve options helpreduce size and cost B alanced pressure-inducedradial loads leads to longerbearing life E fficient designproduces extrahorsepower for yourinvestment6 I ndustrial (V series)and Mobile (VQ)applications C artridge kit design forease of repair The industry standard Cold start capabilityEATON Power Products M-HYOV-MC003-E1 February 2013 M obile and industrial applications Cold start capability C artridge kit design forease of repair N oise and efficiency benefits over gear motors displacement products Heavy duty bearings

Eaton’s Vane Pumps and MotorsV10/V20V/VQ SeriesVMQ SeriesVane MotorsTime proven dependable,durable, quiet and mosteconomical vane pumps.They are the premiumfixed pump choice as themain system pumps forsmall industrial and mobileequipment or as pilot andauxiliary pumps for complexsystems.The V series vane pumps arethe pioneers of cartridgedesign vane pumps. Theyare well known for longoperating life, outstandingefficiency, flexible configuration and easy serviceability.The VMQ series of vanepumps is the pump that cando it all. Used in both mobileand industrial applications,the VMQ is designed forthe highest pressure anddisplacement systems.The M2U, M2-210 andM vane motor series arestandards in the industry.The proven reliability andthe available cartridge kitdesigns make for uptimeeasy cations S peeds: 1800 for V,up to 2700 for VQ Speeds up to 3000 rpm Speeds up to 3600 rpm P ressures up to 293 bar(4200 psi) (size dependent) P ressures up to 155 bar(2300 psi) (size dependent) Three frame sizes (25, 35,and 45) F our frame sizes(25, 35, 45, and 50) D isplacements rangefrom 10 to 268 cm3/(0.61-16.3 in3/r) Torque range: 118-850 Nm(1050 to 7500 lb-in)Specifications Speeds 2400-4800(size dependent) P ressures up to 172 bar(2500 psi) (size dependent) D isplacements:V10: 3-23 cm3/(0.18-1.40in3/r)V20: 23-41 cm3/(1.40-2.5in3/r) P ressures up to 210 bar(3000 psi) (size/type dependent) F our frame sizes(20, 25, 35, and 45) D isplacements range from7 to 193 cm3/(0.4-12 in3/r) S ingle, double, andthru-drive pumps S ingle, double, triple,and thru-drive pumps H eavy duty shaft bearingavailable Double pump capableEATON Power Products M-HYOV-MC003-E1 February 20137

Eaton’s Gear ProductsEaton’s Series 26 & L2 products are small in package sizeand length, a variety of options and configurations areavailable and have reliable performance in the field. EatonGlobal Gear Products are high efficiency, high performanceand are extremely quiet.The size and shape of the wave created in a gear pumpdepends on the way the gears fit together. By refining thefit of teeth between gears, Eaton has reduced the size ofthe wave. That reduces vibration and airborne noise.Gear pumps are used in drive trains, hydrostatictransmissions, open and closed circuit piston applications,and charge pump applications. These products are integralto most construction, agriculture, lift trucks, fork trucks, bus,and material handling equipment.When you specify a gear pump, look for more than output.For high performance with reduced vibration and noise,choose gear pumps from Eaton.Features and Benefits: H igh efficiency gearprofiles 1 2 & 13 tooth low noiseand pressure ripple geardesign Meets ISO 9001 standards S ingle and multiple sectionpump optionsLow Noise Pressure ChartMeasured in a low noise room to ISO 4412, part 1.Distance of noise sensor to pump 1 m (3.2 ft).,ISO32 fluid @ 48C (120F) B road range of shaft andport options C ommon and separateinlet options R elief valve and prioritycontrol valve options Auxiliary mountingcapabilities Field reversability7674727068666462605856545250600Eaton Series GGP A AL16 cc Displ., 3000 psi** 6 dB(A) is TWICE as loud (sound pressure)8001000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 2200 2400 2600 2800Pump Speed (rpm)8EATON Power Products M-HYOV-MC003-E1 February 2013Average Noise Pressure Level dB(A) S AE, DIN, & ISO flange,shaft and porting styles O ptions for applicationsrequiring separate fluids orreservoirsAverage Noise Pressure Level dB(A) C ontinuous operatingpressures to 4000 psi

Eaton’s Gear ProductsS26 PumpsS26 MotorsL2 PumpsGGP A-Aluminum PumpsSAE A mount aluminumpumps with many shaft andporting options. Meets SAEand metric standards. Singleand multiple sectionsavailable. Optional integral relief and flow valvessimplify system designand installation. Easy fieldreversability.SAE A mount aluminumbi-directional motors in awide range of shaft andporting options, meetingSAE and metric standards.Optional integral relief andcross-over valves simplifysystem design and installation.SAE B mount aluminumpumps with many shaft andporting options, meetingSAE and metric standards.Single and multiple sectionoptions. Optional integralrelief and flow valves simplify system design andinstallation.SpecificationsSpecificationsSAE A mount aluminumpumps with a range of shaftand porting options, meetingSAE and metric standards.Single and multiple sectionoptions. Optional integralrelief and flow valves simplify system design andinstallation. Permits easyfield reversability.SpecificationsDisplacements from .43 cid[7,1 cc] to 31,8 cm3/r(1.94 in3/r)Displacements from 1.3 cid[21,3 cc] to 55,2 cm3/r(3.37 in3/r)Speed Range (max.):3000-4000 rpmSpeed Range (max.):2250-3500 rpmRated Pressure: to 207 bar[3000 psi]; intermittent to241 bar [3500 psi]Rated Pressure: to 248 bar[3600 psi]; intermittent to276 bar [4000 psi]Displacements from .4 cid[6,6 cc] to 30,6 cm3/r(1.87 in3/r)Speed Range (max.):3000–3600 rpmRated Pressure: to 207 bar[3000 psi]; intermittent to241 bar [3500 psi]SpecificationsDisplacements from .32 in3/r[5,3 cc] to 33,4 cm3/r(2.04 in3/r)Speed Range (max.):2100-4000 rpmRated Pressure: to 276 bar[4000 psi]; intermittent to305 bar [4400 psi]EATON Power Products M-HYOV-MC003-E1 February 20139

Open Circuit Piston PumpsAt the heart of every hydraulic system is a pump, whichsupplies force and motion to the components. Open circuitpiston pumps offer the flexibility needed to drive a broadrange of fluid power systems; they maximize energy savingsat high power densities.Eaton currently offers three lines of these versatile products.Including the PVM, PVH, PVE, and PVQ series pumps.These are based on time-tested designs, with countlesshours of use in automotive, agricultural, and constructionequipment.Our newest designs, the Eaton 420 Series, are created toprovide higher pressure and more efficient operation, givingour customers a competitive advantage.Features and Benefits:420 SeriesPVM SeriesPVH SeriesPVQ Series Smaller envelope sizefor compact mobileapplications Q uietest mediumpressure pumpavailable: Up to 10 dBAquieter than most dualusage pump products andnoise levelssignificantly lower thanother pump brands Versatile design includessingle pumps, thru-drivearrangements, and avariety of drive shaft andcontrol options that willadapt to any applicationand provide the most costeffective installation P VQ model optionsprovide quieter noiselevels during operationover the standard PVBmodels at industrialconditions R educes need forexpensive soundenclosures or inlinepulsation dampers Variety of controlsincluding pressurecompensator, flowcompensator and torquecontrol S washplate angle feedback and integrated speedsensors allow interfacewith engine controlcomputers for efficientsystem operation10 F eatures like gauge portsand adjustabledisplacement comestandard with each pumpEATON Power Products M-HYOV-MC003-E1 February 2013 F unctions well onalternate fluids like waterglycol andenvironmentallyfriendly fluidsPVM131Industrial Conditions, 1800 RPM, 120 F95Average Noise Pressure Level dB(A) C onfigurations availableto fit popular transmissionand PTO packages908580PVM131 FF75PVM131 CO706560** 6 dB(A) is TWICE as loud (sound pressure)050100150200System Pressure (Bar)250300350

Open Circuit Piston Pumps420 SeriesPVM SeriesPVH SeriesPVQ SeriesHigh operating pressuresand small envelope size forcompact applications. Idealfor mobile applications,featuring both clockwise andcounter-clockwise rotationdrives.Quietest medium pressurepumps available—up to10 dBA quieter than mostdual usage pump products.High operating pressures.Designed for industrialapplications with clockwise(right hand) rotation drives.Made for industrial andmobile applications, withboth clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. Availablewith a wide range ofcontrols including torquecontrols. Widely used inconstruction equipment.Designed for industrial applications, with both clockwiseand counter-clockwise rotation drives. Small displacements fit design of compactpower applications. Allowshigher efficiency than fixeddisplacement Displacements: from18cm3/rto 141cc (1.09–8.60 in3/r)Displacements: from 57ccto 141cc (3.48–8.60 in3/r)Displacements: from 10ccto 94cc (1.08–5.7 in3/r)Speed (max.): 2400 rpmSpeed (max.): 1800 rpmRated Pressure: Up to 250bar [3600 psi]; intermittentto 280 bar [4000 psi]Rated Pressure: Up to 210bar [3000 psi]SpecificationsDisplacements: 41-80 cm3/r(25–4.8 in3/r)Speed Range (max.):3000–3600 rpmRated Pressure: Up to 280bar [4000 psi]; intermittentto 320 bar [4600 psi]Speed (max.): 1800 rpmRated Pressure: Up to 280bar [4000 psi]; intermittentto 320 bar [4600 psi]EATON Power Products M-HYOV-MC003-E1 February 201311

Medium Duty Closed Circuit PistonPumps and MotorsFirst known as MD-CC products, Eaton medium duty closedcircuit piston pumps and motors have been in productionsince the 1960s. Together, the pump and motor are generally referred to as a hydrostatic transmission, or HST. Theyare best suited for applications requiring mid-range power ( 85 HP engines) and system pressures ( 380 Bar/5500 PSI).An HST can provide continuous rotary motion at a remotelocation from the power source, which meets the uniqueand demanding requirements of off-highway vehicles.Eaton MD-CC products are used to form the pump/motorhydraulic system for fans drive in engine cooling systems,and for driving small concrete transit mixers. They can alsopower auger/trenching auxiliary type circuits. Customers inconstruction markets use MD-CC components in skid-steerloaders, pavers, compactors, trenchers, truck mounted lifttrucks, compact wheel loaders, telescopic booms, and railroad maintenance equipment.Features and Benefits:70160 & 70360 SeriesManual Pumps72400 Series Servo Pumps L ow component weight,reducing energydemands and increasingperformance E ase of installation, witheasier routing for hosesthan mechanical linkages Low operator effort, lownoise and vibration L ow control arm efforts,reducing operator fatigue Durable cast iron design C ompact package size, fitsinto tight places S quare control shaft fortight linkage Trunnion shaft seals R obust housing andswashplate control forreduced noise and vibration12 M ore charge pumpdisplacement flexibility L ower charge pressuresrequired and lowerparasitic losses Industry benchmark forprecision and controllability Servo controlEATON Power Products M-HYOV-MC003-E1 February 201374XXX Series Fixed &72450 Series VariableMo

Pumps & Motors Eaton Piston Pump Controls Eaton Control Products Eaton Packaged Systems* 4 EATON Power Products M-HYOV-MC003-E1 February 2013 . Gear pumps are used in drive trains, hydrostatic transmissions, open and closed circuit piston applications,

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the combined weight of the motor and pump. Use a minimum of two chains or straps to lift motor/pump assembly. Each chain or strap must have a capacity in excess of the combined weight of the motor and pump. MOTOR / PUMP LIFTING PROCEDURE: motor up tight against the motor feet, and the second chain or strap under the pump bracket between the

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