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Leica GeosystemsOriginal AccessoriesMaterial mattersOriginal AccessoriesCatalogue 2015

Copyright: Joseph S. Martin/ARTOTHEKUnhappy with copies?There is only one original!Benefit from the quality, precision and reliability ofLeica Geosystems Original Accessories – perfectlysuited for Leica Geosystems measuring equipment.You’ll recognise Original Leica GeosystemsAccessories by the security label with an unique codeand colour-shifting logo, found on either thepackaging or additional leaflet. The genuineness ofyour accessory can be verified by entering thesecurity code at: www.myworld.leica-geosystems.com/validate or by scanning the QR code.2

Verify the genuinenessfor your safety and benefitLeica GeosystemsOriginal Accessoriesnow come withunique securitycodes that guarantee that what you boughtis truly a part of the Leica Geosystemscomplete solution. No other accessoriescompare to those developed and producedby Leica Geosystems and you’ll experiencethe difference: truly integrated with yourLeica Geosystems measuring equipmentand enabling optimised performance.You place great importance on accurateresults and the quality of your deliverables.By validating your accessory security code,you will be 100 % sure you bought LeicaGeosystems Original Accessories.The excellent results you experience byusing the Leica Geosystems OriginalAccessories will convince you that there’sno substitution for the very best.3

To be precise:Every detail countsAs far as the eye could see, there was nothing. Then came the surveyprofessionals. Today an entire city district stands where earlier fields andmeadows were. Measurement experts work as pioneers for the realisation of thevisions and plans of others. The results of their work are essential. Their meaninglies in the truth upon which the others trust. It is with this consciousness that Leica Geosystems designs its instruments. It is from this standpoint thatLeica Geosystems builds accessories that have been meticulously aligned to theinstruments. Every detail counts, when visions are to become reality.COMSA EMTE offersMario Studer is Manager ofcomprehensive services inEngineering Surveying at BSFrailway infrastructures andSwissphoto, a company ofhas gained worldwidethe internationally activereputation. Jesús GimenoSwissphoto Group. The thirtySamperiz, Survey Projectexperts work in large projectsManager of the Technicalsuch as airport, railway andDepartment at COMSA EMTE:tunnel measurements,“In our working environmentdeformation measurementswe use high-end surveying equipment. We would neverand naturally construction measurements. Mario Studer iscompromise on quality. In order to achieve maximumconvinced: “A very good measurement quality withperformance of our measurement equipment, we areprecision instruments can only be achieved when theabsolutely convinced that only the quality of originalaccessories fulfil the same quality criteria.”accessories can provide the required accuracy andreliability.”4

Valuable accessoriesFor valuable resultsThe term “quality” is quickly and easily said, as long as one is not talking about concreteresults. But it is only results that count: for the professional user, the measurement result.For Leica Geosystems, the satisfied customer. And that is over years and decades.The quality of the originalFor about 90 years, Leica Geosystems has given theterm “quality” concrete substance. It covers not onlythe mechanical and optical quality of the accessories,but also, in the last decade increasingly important, theelectronic quality with the criteria data integrity anddata security. This comprehensive quality is the resultof a unique process with clear guidelines andmeticulous controls: starting with the qualifications ofthe supplier, to the testing, processing and refining ofthe materials, from the assembly of the componentsup to the tuning of the accessories to the instruments,and the accompanying tests for compliance to allspecifications.The precision of the originalPrecision can only be defined as the accuracy of the instrument and accessory system as a whole. Speakingwith the experience of the professional: “The best instrument is worth less when the accessory is not perfectly aligned to that instrument.” The value ofthe original can be recognised when accessories with descriptions such as “Leica-like” are offered. This onours us, but does not help our customers further,hbecause these products neither match the quality thecustomer expects from original Leica Geosystemsaccessories, nor are they as perfectly aligned to theLeica Geosystems instruments.The reliability of the originalJust as the expert sometimes has to perform tasks in minustemperatures, so must his equipment always functionsmoothly, even in extreme conditions. And just as thetechnician works for many years, so should his equipmentgive him many long years of service, like the originalaccessories from Leica Geosystems.The guarantee of the original1. The exchange guarantee during the warranty period ofone year means that you promptly receive a new, identicalproduct or a repaired product, should your accessory exhibitmanufacturing defects.2. The replacement parts guarantee means that during theproduct’s lifetime, and according to the accessory series(see pages 4/5), even after the discontinuation of a product, Leica Geosystems will have replacement parts available foryou.5

Transparent choiceFor your individual requirementsAll our customers are experts in their fields. All have the need for professio nalaccessories of outstanding quality. Many of them quite simply want “thebest”, and therefore the accessories of the “Professional 5000 Series”.Based on their daily work and requirements, some make the products of the“Professional 3000 or 1000 Series” their choice. Whatever the case may be,it is a decision for quality.6

Three Original Accessory seriesFor your benefitQuality always remains quality. But not every user needs extremely low measurement tolerances or works under extraordinary climatic conditions. That is why Leica Geosystemsoffers its original accessories in three series for differing requirements. There is a lower limit, through which quality is defined. There is, however, no upper limit, because our customers’ demand for maximum performance rises continually.professional 5000professional 3000professional 1000Price/ PerformanceThe Professional 5000 Seriesmeets the highest demandsfor precision, reliability,longevity and service.The Professional 3000 Seriesmeets high standards in exactness, function,consistency and service.The Professional 1000 Seriesreliably fulfils allrequirements of the mostcommon surveying tasks.AccuracyYou achieve the best possiblemeasurement accuracy withthese products. We recommendthem for highest accuracy classinstruments. ÙÙÙÙÙThe Professional 3000 Series isconceived for all applicationswhere a positioning accuracy of3 mm and more is sufficient.ÙÙÙFor applications with requiredposition accuracy in 10 mmrange. ÙEnvironmentalSpecificationsFor use even in extremeconditions of –20 to 50 C.ÙÙÙÙÙFor use even in extremeconditions of –20 to 50 C.ÙÙÙFor use only in normal to demanding conditions of–10 to 40 C. ÙSpare PartsAll working parts remainavailable years after product isdiscontinued. ÙÙÙÙÙThe most important workingparts remain available yearsafter product is discontinued.ÙÙÙSpare parts available only forselected products. ÙLifetimeThe chosen materials guaranteea maximum lifetime, even underthe most extreme conditions.ÙÙÙÙÙThe materials used providea long lifetime, even underdifficult conditions. ÙÙÙThe material selection ensuresa long lifetime under normal conditions. Ù7

Original TripodsFor stabilityThe most important criterion for a good tripod is its stability, quite explicitly,the torsional rigidity. With that, a very valuable, but not the only, argumentfor the original tripod from Leica Geosystems has been named. Othersubstantial benefits are the height stability under load and the minimalhorizontal drift. Also not to be underestimated are advantages such as longlife, optimal vibration dampening, water resistance, outstanding behaviourin solar radiation and their weight in relation to load-bearing capacity.8

Transparent choiceThe best tripod for your requirementsLeica Geosystems offers you a large selection of high-value tripods for all surveyinstruments and applications. The right tripod choice is decisive if the indicatedaccuracy of an instrument is to be reached. The classification “heavy duty” and“light duty” is widely based on ISO Norm 12858-2. They differ through thestability requirements and instrument weight.professional 5000professional 3000TripodHeavy duty The Professional 5000 Seriesconsists solely of heavy dutywooden tripods providing higheststability. Best height stability, maximumtorsional rigidity and minimalhorizontal drift over long timeperiods. Suitable for instruments up to15 kg. Recommended for the highestangle accuracy of 3" and less. Due to vibration dampeningcharacteristics of the carefullyselected beech wood, this seriesis highly recommended for usewith motorised TPS instruments. With its height stability, thisseries perfectly complementsthe Leica DNA03 digital level.TripodLight duty The Professional 3000 Seriesconsists of high value, light dutytripods. Suitable for instruments withweights of under 5 kg. Optimised for maximum lifetimein most difficult of operatingconditions. Available in either wood oraluminium, according to application. GST05 wooden tripod suitable fornon-motorised TPS instrumentswith angle accuracy from 5" to 7".Ideal tripod for mobile GNSSReference Stations as well as staticobservations. GST05L aluminium tripod. Suitablefor short-term prism stations oncontrol points or as a light tripodfor GNSS measurement campaigns.The stability of the originalLeica Geosystems tripods are manufactured solely fromwood or aluminium. Wood, especially the beech andbirch used by Leica Geosystems, offers the beststability values, measured on vertical movement andhorizontal drift over time. Wood also exhibits optimalvibration characteristics and therefore deliversprofessional 1000TripodAll-round The Professional 1000 Seriesconsists of heavy and light tripodsfor demanding applicationconditions. The GST101 heavy wooden tripodis made from birch and provesitself for precise backsights andcontrol points. The GST103 aluminium tripod isparticularly suitable for automaticlevelling as well as for prismstations with reduced accuracyrequirements.substantial benefits, especially in the use of motorised TPS.The surfaces of the wooden tripods are sealed several timesto prevent moisture absorption and to maximum longevity.Aluminium tripods are robust and save weight, their range ofapplication is however limited.9

Original TribrachsAccuracy through torsional rigiditySimilarly to the stability of the tripod, that of the tribrach is a significantfactor in measurement accuracy. The torsional rigidity, the most importantcriterion of a tribrach, is constantly controlled and tested during itsproduction. The maintenance-free foot screws of the Leica Geosystemstribrach provide movement that is always smooth and free of play, evenafter years of use. The precise alignment of the support area to the baseplate of the instrument assures extremely accurate forced centring. Theoptical plummet is so robust that the need for adjustment during the entirelifetime of the tribrach is practically unnecessary. Its constructionpredestines the tribrach for all applications, including extreme temperaturesand high dust and humidity.10

Transparent choiceThe ideal tribrach for your applicationAll original tribrachs comply with the strict specifications and quality standardsof Leica Geosystems. Your choice should ideally be made according to your individual accuracy requirements.professional 5000GDF321GDF322 The hysteresis of the Professional5000 Series tribrachs is guaranteedto a maximum of 1" (0.3 mgon) orbetter. The foot screws are maintenancefree and ensure a movement thatis smooth and free of play, even inthe most severe environmentalconditions. The tribrachs in this series arerecommended for all tasks thatrequire angle measurements ofunder 3". Due to the minimal hysteresis, werecommend use of the Professional5000 Series for all motorisedinstruments.professional 3000GDF111-1GDF112-1 The hysteresis of the Professional3000 Series tribrachs amounts toa maximum of 3" (1.0 mgon). The foot screws are maintenancefree and have a larger diameter.This allows for fine adjustments,even when wearing work glovesunder difficult environmentalconditions. These tribrachs are suitable fornon-motorised TPS instrumentswith angle accuracy from 5" to 7"and GNSS antenna stations as wellas backsights and control points.professional 1000GDF101GDF102 The hysteresis of the Professional1000 Series tribrachs amounts toa maximum of 5" (1.5 mgon). The GDF is a cost effective tribrachwhich proves itself in use undernormal environmental conditions. These tribrachs are suitable fornon-motorised TPS instrumentswith angle accuracy of 7" andsingle frequency GNSS antennastations.The torsional rigidity of the originalThe accuracy with which a tribrach returns to its starting position once theinstrument has stopped, is called torsional rigidity or hysteresis. This hysteresis isthe relative movement between the top plate and the base plate of a tribrachthat occurs through the rotation of a TPS instrument. The hysteresis has directinfluence on the angular accuracy of the instrument – and that speaks for theoriginal. To optimise the hysteresis as Leica Geosystems has done is complex andcalls for the highest precision: a movement of the upper plate to the lower plateof 0.3 µm corresponds to an angle error of 1". Especially motorised instrumentswith their high acceleration and brake power require tribrachs with very high torsional rigidity.11

Original PrismsMaximum accuracy and rangeThe range of a prism results from, among other things, its coating and theglass geometry. A number of original prisms from Leica Geosystems have aspecial coating on the reflective surfaces – the Anti-Reflex Coating, and acopper coating on the reverse side. Without these, the range of distancemeasuring, ATR and Powersearch would be reduced by up to 30 %.The workmanship and the durability of the copper coating are decisive fora long life. The glass dimensions, the position in the holder and with it thespatial orientation, are important for measuring accuracy.Leica Geosystems prisms are manufactured from glass of the highest qualityand furnished with optical coatings so that even under the most extremeenvironmental conditions, a long lifetime and maximum range of the highestaccuracy can be achieved.12

Transparent choiceThe optimal prism for your applicationLeica Geosystems offers a transparent selection of prisms in various sizesfor different areas of application.professional 5000professional 3000Highest AccuracyThe prisms distinguish themselvesthrough a centring accuracy of under 1 mm and the best possiblebeam deviation of 2" to achievethe maximum range. Standard ReflectorsFor the most common applications.All prisms have an anti-reflexcoating to provide highestlongevity as well as to minimisemeasurement errors in close ranges. Special ReflectorsFor highest precision withingenious technology such as aprecison metal housing, or thosewith carbon fibre strengthenedprism axis. Mini ReflectorsHigh value, small format prismsfor highest accuracy at close tomedium range.MaximumLifetimeOptimised for common operatingdistances, these prisms exhibit abeam deviation of up to 8". Thespecial working of the optical coating, unique on the market,provides an above average lifetime. Standard ReflectorsAll-rounder prism with integratedtarget plate for standardapplications. Special ReflectorsOptimised for long-term monito ring applications. The special anticondensation construction with apatented filter guarantees reliablemeasurement ranges in difficultweather conditions. Choice ofhigh-precision reflective tapes.professional 1000CostEffectiveMeasuringDespite its attractive costperformance ration, the 1000series fulfils the strictLeica Geosystems process controlsas well as users’ high demandsregarding lifetime. Standard ReflectorsRound prism with optional targetplate. Special ReflectorsOptimised for monitoringapplications with high demands onthe relative measurement accuracy.Robust metal bracket for simpleand flexible assembly. Mini ReflectorsEasy to handle and light totransport mini prisms.Centring accuracyMeasurement errors occur if original prism holders arenot used. Substitutes are not configured according toLeica Geosystems criterion and often exhibitdisplacement between prism, holder and mountingstub.RangeThe beam deviation of a prism defines the maximumrange. The smaller the beam deviation (measured inangular seconds), the greater the directly reflected signal strength to the sender optic.LifetimeIn contrast to many conventional prisms, the reflective coppercoating on the reverse side of original prisms consists of anadhesive coating, a copper coating, a protective coating andan overlying coat of lacquer. Working together, the coppercoating and the lacquer increase the life of the prismsignificantly. An additional anti-reflex coating on the sensitivefront surface provides a tough resistance to scratches.Measurement AccuracyMeasurement errors occur frequently at close ranges whenprisms without anti-reflex coating are used, as the front of aprism always directly reflects a certain percentage of a signal.13

Original data communicationSecure data storage and transferLosing data after a work-filled day is frustrating and expensive. Theelectronic accessories from Leica Geosystems comply with a higher standardthan the commercially available accessories that meet consumer or even industry standards. The storage media and other data transfer productsfrom Leica Geosystems are qualitatively of extremely high value and reliability.14

Storage mediaLeica Geosystems storage media are perfectly matchedto Leica Geosystems instruments and sensors.Compared to conventional devices on the market, thatread or write single data, these instruments have adifferent functional principle. The TPS or GNSSinstruments crea te a database on the memory card andswitch cons tantly between different open files.Standard memory cards are unable to manage thisrequired multi-tasking function. This leads to problemsin data communication and is one of the main causesof data loss. Furthermo re, the original storage mediaalso function with highest reliability in extremetemperatures, handling shock and high humidity.CableThe Leica Geosystems accessory program includes datatransfer cables, power tension cables and antennacables of the highest quality. For data transfer,Leica Geosystems offers serial and USB data cables. Thedata transfer over the cable from and to the instrumentis therefore extremely reliable and secure, even inextreme heat, cold, snow and rain.All Leica Geosystems cables are equipped with LEMO plugs for outdoor use. The precision connections ofrecognised market leaders are found not only atLeica Geosystems, but also in other applications wheresimilar quality demands are made, such as aviation,aerospace and medical technologies. A furthersignificant quality component of the Leica Geosystemscable is its casing. It is constructed so that the cablecan be stored at temperatures from –40 C to 70 Cand functions reliably at operating temperatures from–20 C to 55 C while remaining elastic in handling.Last but not least, although not visible from theexterior, it is the cable material that determines thesecurity of data transfer. The original cable containsonly high-value cable casing, tested shielding andhighly conductive copper litz wires. In other cables,such as “Leica-like” replicas, quit

Leica Geosystems Original Accessories – perfectly suited for Leica Geosystems measuring equipment. You’ll recognise Original Leica Geosystems Accessories by the security label with an unique code and colour-shifting logo, found on either the packaging or additional leaflet. The genu

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