Leading Manufacturer Of Fiberglass Process Systems, FRP .

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Leading Manufacturer ofFiberglass Process Systems,FRP Pipe, Duct, Dampers, Tanks,Odor & Filtration Vessels,Stacks, Towers, Abrasion-Resistant Pipe,Oil & Gas Exploration Tanks,Separators, Recycling, andSalt Water Disposals

BELCO Affiliations include: ASME, ASTM, ACMA, NACE, AMCA and APIBELCOAFFILIATIONS &ACCREDITATIONSBELCO Accreditations Include: ASME RTP-1, AMCA, ASTM D2996/2310(Product has been tested and qualified to ASTM D2992 Standards), andQuality-Assurance ProgramThe AmericanSociety of Mechanical EngineersC E R T IF IC ATE OFA U T H O R IZ AT IO N *ACCREDITEDCERTIFICATESINCE:NUMBER:October 2004RTP-014*Representation of ASMECertificate ofAuthorizationwww.belco-mfg.com

WELCOME TO BELCO MANUFACTURING, INCORPORATED“We have been custommanufacturing FRPproducts for more than35 years and thecustomer always comesfirst at BELCO.”—STEVE MACYPRESIDENTSALESPROJECT MANAGEMENTENGINEERING & CAD DESIGNFABRICATIONSHIPPINGBELCO HAS BEEN DELIVERING QUALITY PRODUCTS AND CUSTOMERSATISFACTION FOR MORE THAN 35 YEARSASME RTP-1 certified, Belco Manufacturing, Inc., has been a custom manufacturerof corrosion-resistant, fiberglass reinforced products including tanks, vessels, pipe,duct, dampers, scrubbers, towers, and abrasion-resistant pipe since 1980. Belcocapabilities include in-house structural and mechanical engineering as well as CADdesign for custom fabrications. Belco also manufacturers a full line of oil & gasexploration storage tanks, separators, and salt water disposal tanks.HIGHLY MOTIVATED AND DEDICATED BELCO EMPLOYEES ENSURECONSISTENT, HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTSThe Belco team is a highly motivated group of professionals providing dependable,cost effective, corrosion-resistant solutions for municipalities, chemical processing,pulp and paper, water/wastewater, metal and mining, electronics, power generating,and oil & natural gas production industries. Our core belief is that commitment isa two-way street, and that commitment to our employees helps to ensure qualityproducts and services to our customers. An affirmative action/equal opportunityemployer, Belco provides to each employee, full health and dental coverage, agenerous 401K plan, quarterly Gainsharing of company profits, and rigorous Safetyand Hazardous Materials Handling programs.BELCO HAS BEEN A DENALI INCORPORATED COMPANY SINCE 1999Denali is the world’s largest supplier of custom engineered, corrosion resistantfiberglass reinforced composite, corrosion resistant fluid handling products.Denali has facilities throughout the United States, Canada & Chile; manufacturinga variety of critical fluid handling products including above and below ground— both factory built and field wound — FRP tanks and vessels, stacks, towers,hoods, scrubbers, piping systems (including abrasion resistant), duct, dampers,dual laminate vessels, pipe and duct systems and oil/water separators.

BELCO TANKS & PROCESS VESSELS Helically-wound,chop-hoop and handlay-up construction Vertical, horizontal,flat-bottom, dish-bottom,cone-bottom, and slopebottom configurations Polyester, vinyl ester,fire-retardant and specialtyresins with MEKP orBPO/DMA cure systemsBelco manufactures tanks and process vessels to meet virtuallyany storage requirement. FRP tanks and vessels are lightweight,corrosion resistant and essentially maintenance free. Certified to carry ASME RTP-1 label Highly-resistant to a variety of chemicals, corrosiveenvironments, and ultraviolet light Provide excellent thermal insulation with low heatloss when insulated Manufactured to national standards includingASME RTP-1, ASTM D3299, D4097, ANSI/AWWA D120, andmore, as applicable Wide assortment of fittings, configurations andaccessories available Tank design features include:— Full in-house CAD design and engineeringcapabilities for custom design— Available with FDA approved or NSF-61certified liners— Available with abrasion-resistant liners— Insulation and heating systemsODOR CONTROL & FILTRATION VESSELS:Odor-control system suppliers choose Belco as a leading sourceof scrubber vessels, carbon adsorbers, and biofiltration vessels forodor control market applications. Available in 1-foot to 20 - footdiameters for wet or dry systems.BELCO STACKS, TOWERS & HOODSASME Qualified Fabricators andSecondary BondersBELCO is ASME RTP-1Certified and qualified to meetthe industry’s moststringent quality standard forstorage tanks and vesselsBelco stacks and tower package systems offer chemical resistanceand are lightweight for easy handling and installation. They areweather resistant and easy to maintain with a long-lasting gel-coatexterior and UV protection.BELCO IS A TOTAL SYSTEM SUPPLIER:Pipe, Stacks, Towers, Hoods, Odor and Air Filtration Vessels,Tanks, Duct and Dampers.

BELCO DUCT & PIPEBelco designs and manufactures custom, pre-fabricated FRP duct and pipeand Stopline-G2TM abrasion-resistant piping systems to minimize fieldfabrication and installation costs.BELCO delivers via contractcarrier or BELCO’s fleet oftrucks and specially-designedtrailers. Up to 12 foot diameterAbrasion resistant piping for FGD power market applicationsHand lay-up or helically wound up to 250 psig pressure orFull vacuumMultiple resins to handle a variety of corrosive environmentsFire retardant resins to achieve Class 1 flame spreadDesign engineering, calculations, CAD designCompleted ASTM D2992 testing to achieve ASTM D2996 andD2310 HDB Category U rating of 12,500 PSIBELCO FIBERGLASS CONTROL DAMPERSUsed to regulate air flow or shut off and isolate a system, Belco AMCAlicensed fiberglass dampers are corrosion resistant and designed to matchoperating conditions of the duct system. Premium vinyl-ester resins areused throughout the damper. Fire retardant resins are also available for aClass 1 flame spread.DUCT & DAMPERAPPLICATIONS: Municipal Odor-controlSystems Emergency ChlorineScrubber Influent DuctSystems Air-handling Systems Fume Scrubbers/Strippers Available in 4 inch thru 120 inch standard sizes, round Dampers with or without actuators Licensed to bear AMCA seal. (Models 203 and 204) Models available for balancing or isolation Available with:— Standard locking-quadrant hand lever with316SS bracket and handle— Worm-gear actuators with or without chain wheel drive— Electric or pneumatic actuators— 316SS or vinyl-ester shaftwww.belco-mfg.com

THE BELCO ADVANTAGE:BELCO Manufacturing Company is one of the largest manufacturers of fiberglass reinforced plastic vessels ranging in size from1 foot to 20-foot diameter, as well as producing miles of duct and piping systems to the U.S. Municipal and Industrial Markets.BELCO offers dependable, high-quality, corrosion-resistant solutions for the chemical processing, pulp and paper, water andwastewater, metal and mining, electronics, power generating, and oil & gas production industries. Highest quality products meet stringent QC requirementsASME RTP-1 certified vesselsASTM 2996 classified pipe includes ASTM 2992 HDB testingAMCA licensed dampersWBE CertifiedEqual Opportunity EmployerHigh Employee Retention Higher Quality WorkmanshipUse only premium, qualified raw materialsIn-house Engineering (PE) and CAD designManufacturing Capacity up to 20 ft. ØProfessional, experienced sales and estimating departmentswww.belco-mfg.com

BELCO DELIVERS TWO LARGE FRP COLUMNS TO WOODWARD IODINEBelco Manufacturing delivered a stripping tower and an absorber tower toWoodward Iodine Corporation (WIC) for its iodine production process. Eachpacked column is 13.5 feet in diameter and 65 – 68 feet tall, weighing in atmore than 37,000 lbs a piece! The stripping column, which operates near140 F (60 C), is where the iodine is blown out overhead as a gas. The vaporis channeled through 60 feet of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) duct andthen captured in the absorber tower which extracts the iodine as iodineliquor. Both units run at an acid pH of three or less. The resulting iodine liquoris further processed to convert it to elemental iodine.The two companies were first introduced in the mid 1980s when WIC wasupgrading its facility. At the time WIC was looking for a new tank to replace afailing acid-proof brick tank. Replacing the tank with the original brick materialwas prohibitively expensive so WIC turned to Belco, who recommended anFRP tank made with Ashland Inc.’s HETRON 197 resin. According to GregMitchell, General Foreman at WIC, “Stainless steel wouldn’t last 30 secondsin this environment. This tank holds some of the nastiest products and there’snot one leak on it with HETRON resin.”BELCO manufactured two, 68 foot tallFRP columns for Woodward IodineMitchell was so impressed with the performance of FRP in this applicationthat he ordered two more acid tanks from Belco in 1998 - this time fabricatedwith Ashland’s DERAKANE 470 epoxy vinyl ester resin. Mitchell went on tosay, “The Belco guys are very easy to work with. When you find a manufacturerwith this level of caliber and commitment from the engineering departmentto the CEO, everything just runs fine. If I need another tank, they’re the firstpeople I’m going to call.”Belco felt much the same way about WIC. According to Doug Preston, P.E.,Belco Engineering Manager, “WIC understands what it takes to do a projectlike this. We went there and visited them twice. And they came here and metwith us twice. Communication was the key.”Belco is very well suited to this kind of custom fabrication. The company hasmore than 100 years of combined FRP experience amongst the operationsstaff – including Preston’s 22 years experience in designing FRP vessels forcorrosion service. Preston points out, “Belco has complete computer-aideddesign (CAD) and finite element analysis (FEA) capabilities on-site along witha number of PE’s for design.” Steve Macy, Belco President, adds, “Belco isalso accredited to carry the ASME RTP-1 label. Our company can handlelarge projects like this without disruption because of a large labor force (160people) that possesses a real can-do attitude. Our crews are very experiencedand people can readily be shifted to where they are needed.”www.belco-mfg.com

MANUFACTURING CO., INC.2303 Taylors Valley RoadP.O. Box 210Belton, Texas 76513-0210Phone: 254-933-9000Toll Free: 1-800-251-Tank(1-800-251-8265)Fax: 254-939-2644Sales Fax: 254-933-3159E-mail: sales@belco-mfg.comwww.belco-mfg.com 2015 Belco, Inc. All rights reserved. “Belco” and the Belco logo are registered trademarks of Belco, Inc.Pub. No. All-Products - 07-2015, 1M, USA

Completed ASTM D2992 testing to achieve ASTM D2996 and D2310 HDB Category U rating of 12,500 PSI Used to regulate air flow or shut off and isolate a system, Belco AMCA-licensed fiberglass dampers are corrosion resistant and designed to match operating conditions of the duct system. Premium vinyl-ester resins are used throughout the damper. Fire retardant resins are also available for a .

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