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Custom Quiz ListSchool: Volusia SchoolsMANAGEMENTLEXILE READINGLEVELPOINTSSadler, Marilyn2701.61P.J. Funnybunny's Bag Of TrickSadler, Marilyn4302.41P.K. Pinkerton / Petrified ManLawrence, Caroline7504.616P.O.W.Cooper, Candy J.8105.35P.S. I Loathe YouHarrison, Lisi6704.211P.S. I Really Like YouKrulik, Nancy6603.57P.S. Longer Letter LaterMartin, Ann M.7506.17Pa Lia's First DayEdwards, Michelle3903.42Pablo CasalsGarza, Hedda12108.68Pablo NerudaBrown, Monica9705.61Pablo Neruda: Selected PoemsNeruda, PabloN/A915Pablo PicassoBeardsley, John10707.56Pablo PicassoScarborough, Kate10507.85Pablo PicassoLowery, Linda5402.83Pablo Picasso (Buell)Buell, Janet7004.92Pablo RemembersAncona, George9204.12Pablo's TreeMora, Pat4102.12Pacific CrossingSoto, Gary7506.19Pacific Ocean (True Book), ThePetersen, DavidN/A4.33Pacific Ocean, TheTaylor, Leighton7505.53Pacific Odyssey To CaliforniaLawlor, Laurie6203.311Pack 109Thaler, Mike2501.82Pack Of Liars, AFine, Anne8105.59Pack TripBryant, Bonnie7705.19Pack Your PajamasMcCloskey, Susan4701.91Pack, TheCarbone, Elisa7505.49Pack, TheLorentz, Dayna7804.714Pack, The (Pow)Pow, Tom8505.213Packet Of Seeds, AHopkinson, Deborah5902.42Pact, TheDavis, Sampson9408.317Pact, TheMcKayhan, Monica7504.613Pact, The (Picoult)Picoult, Jodi8206.934Paddington At LargeBond, Michael11606.67Paddington BearBond, Michael4202.22Paddington Bear & Bee CarnivalBond, Michael4802.62Paddington Bear & Christmas.Bond, Michael6404.82Paddington Helps OutBond, Michael8905.17BOOKAUTHORP.J. Funnybunny Camps OutPrinted by: Mary EllisCopyright Scholastic Inc. All rights reserved.Page 1 of 81Printed on: 07/08/13v 1.14

Custom Quiz List (Page 2)MANAGEMENTLEXILE READINGLEVELPOINTSBond, Michael8505.57Paddle-To-The-SeaHolling, Holling Clancy8404.53Paddock:-Praise of the EarthNorman, Lilith5703.92PaddywackSpinner, Stephanie3001.81Pagan In ExileJinks, Catherine5307.114Pagan's CrusadeJinks, Catherine5604.712Pagan's ScribeJinks, Catherine6004.715Pagan's VowsJinks, Catherine5404.714PagePierce, Tamora7306.415Page FourKlass, Sheila SolomonN/A4.510PageantLasky, KathrynN/A7.19Pageant Perfect CrimeKeene, Carolyn6904.39Pages Of MusicJohnston, Tony4703.92PagooHolling, Holling Clancy9406.16Paige The Christmas Play FairyMeadows, Daisy6902.45Pain & WastingsMac, Carrie6804.28Pain And The Great One, TheBlume, Judy6802.52Pains And StrainsSilverstein, Alvin9205.73PaintKim, Benjamin5605.22Paint Brush Kid, TheBulla, Clyde Robert3002.84Paint By MagicReiss, Kathryn6604.916Paint My Room!Carr, Roger3201.91Paint The WindRyan, Pam Munoz7804.510Paintball (Torque)Wendorff, Anne8703.71Paintball BlastMaddox, Jake5903.34Paintball InvasionMaddox, Jake5603.24Painted Bird, TheKosinski, Jerzy980917Painted DreamsWilliams, Karen Lynn5603.82Painted HorseBryant, Bonnie5906.28Painted House, AGrisham, John7806.925Painted Lady ButterfliesSchaffer, Donna6802.52Painter And UglyBlake, Robert J.8804.72Painter Who Loved ChickensDunrea, Olivier3802.92Painter, TheCatalanotto, PeterBR1.71Painters - Caves (Anthology)Lauber, Patricia9004.22Painters Of Lexieville, TheDarrow, Sharon8805.610Painters Of The CavesLauber, Patricia8604.23BOOKAUTHORPaddington Here And NowPrinted by: Mary EllisCopyright Scholastic Inc. All rights reserved.Page 2 of 81Printed on: 07/08/13v 1.14

Custom Quiz List (Page 3)MANAGEMENTLEXILE READINGLEVELPOINTSPeters, Kimberly Joy9206.411Painting Dreams: Minnie EvansLyons, Mary E.9005.85Painting Gorilla, TheRex, Michael2101.91Painting That Wasn't ThereBrezenoff, Steve4402.54Painting The BlackDeuker, Carl6706.910Painting The Wild FrontierReich, Susanna11108.811Painting The WindMacLachlan, Patricia4902.53Painting With Face PaintsHenson, Paige9204.92Painting With TemperaHenson, Paige9404.92Painting With WatercolorsHenson, Paige9504.93Paintings From The CavePaulsen, Gary8805.79Pair Of Red Sneakers, ALawston, Lisa9603.52Pair Of Socks, AMurphy, Stuart J.4401.51Pair Of Wings, ASinger, Marilyn8905.53Paisano, The RoadrunnerDewey, Jennifer Owings10205.83Paisley Hanover Acts OutTuttle, Cameron6504.719Paisley Hanover Kisses AndTuttle, Cameron6204.522Paiute Princess: The Story OfRay, Deborah Kogan10108.64Pajama Party!Poploff, Michelle4202.72PakistanDonaldson, Madeline6302.53PakistanSimmons, Walter8105.32PakistanSonneborn, Liz10608.57Pakistan (2004)Heinrichs, Ann8905.67Pakistan (Fiesta!)Dore, LesleyN/A4.43Pakistan In Pictures (c.1989)Lerner, Geography Department117095Pakistan in Pictures (Sec.Ed.)Taus-Bolstad, Stacy11609.56Pakistan: WorldfocusClayton, Elspeth9907.93Pal And Sal's New FriendHerman, R.A.1501.41Pal For Pugwug, AJenkin-Pearce, Susie4802.51Pal Goes To The FairHerman, R.A.2001.41Pal Saves The DayHerman, R.A.3001.61Pal The PonyHerman, R.A.2701.51Palabras de piedraHenkes, Kevin7105.17Palace BeautifulWilliams, Sarah DeFord6804.212Palace Of Laughter, TheBerkeley, Jon10207.621Palace Of MirrorsHaddix, Margaret Peterson8205.316Palace Of StoneHale, Shannon7404.516BOOKAUTHORPainting CaitlynPrinted by: Mary EllisCopyright Scholastic Inc. All rights reserved.Page 3 of 81Printed on: 07/08/13v 1.14

Custom Quiz List (Page 4)MANAGEMENTLEXILE READINGLEVELPOINTSShan, Darren8705.612Palace Of Versailles: France'sTagliaferro, Linda6403.73Paladin Prophecy, TheFrost, Mark7005.329Pale Assassin, TheElliott, Patricia8405.520Pale Horse, TheChristie, Agatha7008.111Pale MaleSchulman, Janet10309.23Pale PhoenixReiss, Kathryn6805.111Paleo BugsBradley, Timothy J.11606.54Paleo SharksBradley, Timothy J.10906.54Paleontology: The Study OfGray, Susan H.8605.63Palm Of My Heart, TheAdedjouma, DavidaN/A2.81Palm TreesFreeman, Marcia S.4902.11Palomino Horse, TheStewart, Gail B.8003.53Pamela CamelPeet, Bill10703.52Pan y mermelada para FranciscaHoban, Russell4702.72Panama (True Book)Rau, Dana MeachenN/A4.53Panama CanalWinkelman, Barbara GainesN/A7.73Panama Canal, TheMann, Elizabeth10105.93Panama Canal, TheDuTemple, Lesley A.10007.17Panama In Pictures (2nd ed.)Streissguth, Tom114096Panama In Pictures (c.1987)Lerner, Geography Department117095Pancakes For BreakfastdePaola, TomieN/A1.11Pancakes For SupperIsaacs, Anne9606.42Pancakes, Crackers, And PizzaEberts, Marjorie1901.91Pancakes, PancakesCarle, Eric6702.52Panda & Polar BearBaek, Matthew J.4002.31Panda (Wild Bears!)Leeson, Tom And Pat9704.62Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What.Martin Jr., BillN/A1.81Panda BearsHelmer, Diana Star7703.82Panda KindergartenRyder, Joanne10007.51Panda PatrolHatkoff, Craig7102.81Panda PictureErnesto, LouisaBR1.31Panda Puzzle, TheRoy, Ron4503.44Panda: A Guide Horse for AnnHansen, Rosanna9104.83PandasTeacher Made, Sugar MillBR3.82PandasMason, KimberleeBR1.31PandasBaggaley, Ann10208.64BOOKAUTHORPalace Of The DamnedPrinted by: Mary EllisCopyright Scholastic Inc. All rights reserved.Page 4 of 81Printed on: 07/08/13v 1.14

Custom Quiz List (Page 5)MANAGEMENTLEXILE READINGLEVELPOINTSZeiger, Jennifer7704.73Pandas (Nat Geo Kids)Schreiber, Anne8104.31Pandas (Nature's Children)Switzer, MerebethN/A4.53Pandas And Other EndangeredOsborne, Mary Pope8805.74Pandas' Earthquake EscapePerry, Phyllis J.5802.31PandemicsCunningham, Kevin9106.33PandemoniumWooding, Chris4603.55PandemoniumOliver, Lauren7604.622Pandora Gets HeartHennesy, Carolyn8305.414Pandora Gets JealousHennesy, Carolyn8405.514Pandora Gets LazyHennesy, Carolyn8805.714Pandora Gets VainHennesy, Carolyn8605.614Pandora Of Athens: 399 B.C.Denenberg, Barry9906.87Pandora The CuriousHolub, Joan6503.79Pandora's Box (Anthology)Rockwell, Anne7204.11Pandora's Box (Marzollo)Marzollo, Jean4802.53PanicDraper, Sharon M.6104.414Panic In PompeiiPeacock, L.A.3402.25Panic In The Pig PenFriend, Ronda8305.45Panic On Gull IslandDixon, Franklin W.7706.17Pankration: The Ultimate GameBlacklock, Dyan8205.710Pantheon, TheDuTemple, Lesley A.10307.46Panther GladeCavanagh, Helen7405.67Panther In The SkyThom, James Alexander1070957Panther Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler5503.46Panther: Shadow Of The SwampLondon, Jonathan3403.11Pants On FireCabot, Meg8505.516Papa And MeDorros, Arthur2501.11Papa And The Pioneer QuiltVan Leeuwen, Jean5102.71Papa GattoSanderson, Ruth8204.22Papa LincolnNeufeld, David5004.82Papa Lucky's ShadowDaly, Niki8204.31Papa PapaMarzollo, JeanN/A1.51Papa Tells Chita A StoryHoward, Elizabeth Fitzgerald4503.12Papa's MarkBattle-Lavert, Gwendolyn4302.13Papa's SongMcMullan, Kate5202.21Papa, Do You Love Me?Joosse, Barbara6803.71BOOKAUTHORPandasPrinted by: Mary EllisCopyright Scholastic Inc. All rights reserved.Page 5 of 81Printed on: 07/08/13v 1.14

Custom Quiz List (Page 6)MANAGEMENTLEXILE READINGLEVELPOINTSMcDermott, Gerald7805.12Paparazzi PrincessCalonita, Jen7505.617Papaíto-piernas-largasWebster, Jean9306.48Paper (Material World)Llewellyn, Claire7803.92Paper (Threads)Dixon, Annabelle8604.52Paper Bag Princess, TheMunsch, Robert7403.51Paper Bag TrailSchreiber, Anne3601.91Paper Covers RockHubbard, Jenny9206.413Paper Crane, TheBang, Molly7903.51Paper DaughterIngold, Jeanette8006.314Paper Dragon, The (Anthology)Davol, Marguerite W.7905.32Paper FunTemple, AnnieBR1.21Paper HeartArrington, Aileen5703.36Paper House, ThePeterson, Lois6503.76Paper LanternsCzernecki, Stefan7203.92Paper Princess Finds Her WayKleven, Elisa6602.52Paper Princess Flies AgainKleven, Elisa6002.52Paper Princess, TheKleven, Elisa2802.52Paper ProjectsNielsen, Nancy J.6305.82Paper Shoes, TheGabriel, Nat1801.91Paper TownsGreen, John8505.520Paper TrailBrocker, Susan7804.63Paper ValentineYovanoff, Brenna9707.619Paper, Paper EverywhereGibbons, Gail8002.91PaperboyKroeger, Mary Kay5101.82Paperboy (Holland)Holland, Isabelle5906.19Paperboy, ThePilkey, Dav5303.51PaperQuakeReiss, Kathryn7007.317PaperwhiteWallace, Nancy Elizabeth3201.71Papillon: Monsieur ButterflyMarkovics, Joyce L9205.43papá de David, ElMunsch, Robert4503.22Papá Oso vuelve a casaMinarik, Else Holmelund3302.22Parable Of The SowerButler, Octavia E.7107.116ParachutingFreedman, Leora7905.221Parachuting Hamsters & Andy.Adler, David A.5604.55ParadeCrews, Donald2903.11Parade Day: Hunchback Of.Cristaldi, Kathryn3503.52BOOKAUTHORPapagayo The Mischief MakerPrinted by: Mary EllisCopyright Scholastic Inc. All rights reserved.Page 6 of 81Printed on: 07/08/13v 1.14

Custom Quiz List (Page 7)MANAGEMENTLEXILE READINGLEVELPOINTSWhelan, Gloria9707.617ParadiseAlexander, Jill S.6705.215Paradise Trap, TheJinks, Catherine6603.816Paradox Of JamestownCollier, Christopher1120106Paragon Prison, TheBenz, Derek6203.517Paraguay In Pictures (c.1987)Lerner, Geography Department124095Parakeet Girl, TheSadler, Marilyn3802.52ParakeetsJohn, Katie9507.44Parakeets (Nature's Children)Hirschfeld, RobertN/A4.93ParalegalQuinlan, Kathryn A.6405.53Parallel JourneysAyer, Eleanor H.10506.514Parallel Universe Of LiarsJohnson, Kathleen Jeffrie6405.513ParalyzedRud, Jeff6703.79Paramedics To The RescueWhite, Nancy10608.53ParanormalcyWhite, Kiersten5804.318PararescuemenHarasymiw, Mark A.10609.53Pararescuemen In ActionSandler, Michael7004.32Parasite PigSleator, William7505.413Parcel Of Patterns, AWalsh, Jill Paton12306.813Pardon Me, You're Stepping.Zindel, Paul9606.816paredes hablan, LasKnight, Margy Burns95052ParentsSaunders-Smith, Gail4001.31Parents In The Pigpen, Pigs.Ehrlich, Amy5104.62Parents' NightCampoy, F. IsabelBR1.21Parents' Night FrightLevy, Elizabeth5203.53ParisStein, R. Conrad8306.93Paris In The Spring With PicasYolleck, Joan8404.52Paris Pan Takes The DareLiu, Cynthea5003.714Paris, Peewee, And Big DogGuy, RosaN/A4.66Park Bench, TheTakeshita, Fumiko3701.91Park For Parkdale, AMoynahan, Patty2701.61Park NaturalistDawson, Jim7603.53Park's QuestPaterson, Katherine7106.610Parker Penguin & Winter GamesChardiet, Jon3702.42Parker Penguin, Big Brother BlChardiet, Jon4602.82Parker Pyne InvestigatesChristie, Agatha5907.58Parkinson's DiseaseLandau, Elaine1250126BOOKAUTHORParade Of ShadowsPrinted by: Mary EllisCopyright Scholastic Inc. All rights reserved.Page 7 of 81Printed on: 07/08/13v 1.14

Custom Quiz List (Page 8)MANAGEMENTLEXILE READINGLEVELPOINTSHill, Lee Sullivan6502.92Parliament Of Blood, TheRichards, Justin6705.219Parmele (Anthology)Greenfield, Eloise9005.62Parque JurásicoCrichton, MichaelN/A7.820Parrot In The OvenMartinez, Victor10007.110ParrotfishSchaefer, Lola M.5202.81ParrotfishWittlinger, Ellen7904.615ParrotfishRustad, Martha E.H.5403.21Parrotfish (Nature's Children)Giles, BridgetN/A4.53ParrotsRauzon, Mark J.10706.23ParrotsMcDougall, Jennifer9607.54ParrotsBjorklund, Ruth9407.33Parrots (Nature's Children)Switzer, MerebethN/A4.43Parrots (Smart Animals)Fetty, Margaret7805.43Parrots And Other BirdsSchulte, Mary3001.61Parrots And Parakeets As PetsLandau, ElaineN/A5.13Parrots Around The WorldRauzon, Mark J.N/A5.13Parsifal's PageMorris, Gerald7605.413Part Of MeHolt, Kimberly Willis7704.611Part Of Me Died, TooFry, Virginia Lynn8805.810Part Of The Dream, ABunting, EveN/A3.83Part Of The Sky, APeck, Robert Newton6405.36partido de fútbol, UnMaccarone, GraceN/A1.11Parties & PotionsMlynowski, Sarah4503.519Parting, TheBannister, Art3103.13Partly Cloudy: Poems Of Love ASoto, GaryN/A5.76Partner, TheGrisham, John7907.119Partners In CrimeHarrington, Kim5803.38Partners In The SeaRhodes, Mary Jo7903.83PartsArnold, TeddN/A3.51PartyBaca, Marian5103.62Party GirlEwing, Lynne7405.58Party GirlJames, Sabrina5704.317Party In Ramadan, AMobin-Uddin, Asma6102.42Party LineBates, A.6403.56Party PoopersStine, R. L.5003.15Party PrincessCabot, Meg8705.215BOOKAUTHORParks Are To SharePrinted by: Mary EllisCopyright Scholastic Inc. All rights reserved.Page 8 of 81Printed on: 07/08/13v 1.14

Custom Quiz List (Page 9)MANAGEMENTLEXILE READINGLEVELPOINTSStine, R. L.5404.47Party!Gallagher, Diana G.4302.45Party's Over, TheCooney, Caroline B.6106.111Party, AMiranda, AnneN/A1.11Party, TheReid, Barbara1802.11Parvana's JourneyEllis, Deborah6405.510ParzivalPaterson, Katherine9305.25Paseaba por un caminitoBarchas, Sarah E.1301.41paseo de Rosie, ElHutchins, PatBR11Pass It Down: FiveMarcus, Leonard S.9306.65Pass It OnHudson, WadeN/A4.32Pass The Fritters, CrittersChapman, CherylBR1.51Passage To Freedom.Mochizuki, Ken6704.22Passage To India, AForster, E.M.9508.221PassagerYolen, Jane8604.24Passenger To FrankfurtChristie, Agatha7508.516Passenger TrainsLassieur, Allison6401.51Passenger Trains (Trains)Stone, Lynn M.9003.92Passin' ThroughL'Amour, Louis8306.912Passing Of The Buffalo, TheDavidson, Avelyn8604.83Passing The Music DownSullivan, Sarah8004.31Passing Through Ellis IslandBrooks, Frank7805.32PassionKate, Lauren7305.521Passion And PoisonDel Negro, Janice8305.46Passion For Victory, ABobrick, Benson122010.68PassoverMarx, David F.4402.21Passover (True Book)Sanders, Nancy I.7203.93Passover Journey: A Seder.Goldin, Barbara Diamond9906.13Passport To DangerKeene, Carolyn8005.110Passport To ParisMullin, Penn3602.13Password To Larkspur LaneKeene, Carolyn6606.410Past ForgivingMiklowitz, Gloria D.5404.85Past Lives, Present TenseScarborough, Elizabeth Ann8708.122Past PerfectSales, Leila7205.417Pasta FactoryMachotka, HanaN/A5.32Pastuer's Fight - MicrobesBirch, Beverley6904.23Pastwatch: The Redemption.Card, Orson Scott9708.926BOOKAUTHORParty SummerPrinted by: Mary EllisCopyright Scholastic Inc. All rights reserved.Page 9 of 81Printed on: 07/08/13v 1.14

Custom Quiz List (Page 10)MANAGEMENTLEXILE READINGLEVELPOINTSBeck, Ian8805.714Pat Cummings (Anthology)Cummings, Pat7904.92Pat Of Silver BushMontgomery, L. M.9907.123PatchEarhart, Kristin4302.41Patch Of Blue, AKata, Elizabeth5007.113PatchesMiles, Ellen5703.35Patches And ScratchesNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5603.25Patches Lost And FoundKroll, StevenN/A2.82Patchwork House, TheFitz-Gibbon, Sally6704.22Patchwork Path, TheStroud, Bettye6803.73Patchwork Quilt, TheFlournoy, Valerie5203.52Path Of BeastsTanner, Lian7204.417Path Of Math, TheBurgan, Michael10005.62Path Of Names, TheGoelman, Ari6804.220Path Of The PronghornUrbigkit, Cat110010.52Path On The Map (Anth)Marzollo, JeanBR1.11Path To My African EyesMoodley, Ermila6904.311Path, TheShapiro, DebbieBR1.21PathfinderCard, Orson Scott9206.438Pathki NanaThomasma, Kenneth5805.48Paths To PeaceZalben, Jane Breskin11509.54PatienceRaatma, Lucia5001.51Patience Wright: America's.Shea, Pegi Deitz10108.63Patience, Princess CatherineMeyer, Carolyn10307.411Patient, ThePalmer, Michael8607.223Patiently AliceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds8104.812Patricia Ryan NixonFeinberg, Barbara SilberdickN/A8.46Patrick Doyle Is Full Of.Armstrong, Jennifer6203.53Patrick Henry: Liberty Or DeatGlaser, Jason6203.43Patrick Makes A ShotHogan, Samantha3301.81Patrick Roy: Champion GoalieHughes, Morgan9206.24Patrick's DinosaursCarrick, Carol5403.32Patrick's Dinosaurs - InternetCarrick, Carol3103.52Patrick's WishMitchell, Karen6002.42Patrick: Patron Saint Of.dePaola, Tomie7004.92Patriot GamesClancy, Tom770940PatriotismRaatma, Lucia4801.51BOOKAUTHORPastworldPrinted by: Mary EllisCopyright Scholastic Inc. All rights reserved.Page 10 of 81Printed on: 07/08/13v 1.14

Custom Quiz List (Page 11)MANAGEMENTLEXILE READINGLEVELPOINTSMyers, Walter Dean2803.12Patron Saint Of ButterfliesGalante, Cecilia7604.619Patsy And The DeclarationMassie, Elizabeth7105.55Patsy's DiscoveryMassie, Elizabeth7305.16Patterns EverywhereDalton, Julie4302.11Patterns Of LoveHatcher, Robin Lee7407.114Patterson HeightsPride, Felicia7105.413Patty CatdeRubertis, Barbara4801.51Patty Dillman Of Hot Dog FameWojciechowski, Susan8405.311Patty Reed's DollLaurgaard, Rachel K.10405.97Patty's Pumpkin PatchSloat, TeriN/A2.11Paul BunyanTeacher Made, Sugar MillBR02Paul Bunyan & Babe.(Anth)San Souci, Robert D.11504.92Paul Bunyan & Other Tall TalesMason, Jane8203.95Paul Bunyan (Español)Kellogg, Steven8405.22Paul Bunyan (Kleinhenz)Kleinhenz, Sydnie Meltzer4502.51Paul Bunyan Moves OutClark, Destin4502.82Paul Bunyan Vs. Hals HalsonBateman, Teresa8704.61Paul Bunyan,.Them All (Anth)Osborne, Mary Pope9505.42Paul Bunyan: A Tall TaleKellogg, Steven10303.82Paul CezanneHarris, Nathaniel10307.45Paul Cezanne (Life & Work Of)Connolly, Sean6202.92Paul CézanneVenezia, Mike9205.53Paul GauguinVenezia, Mike8305.73Paul GauguinAnderson, Robert10507.85Paul Goes To The Ball (Anth)Kimmel, Eric A.2802.21Paul Harvey's-Rest Of-StoryHarvey, Paul Jr.9007.511Paul Kariya: Hockey MagicianSavage, Jeff9505.24Paul KleeVenezia, MikeN/A4.83Paul KleeLaidlaw, Jill A.10607.85Paul Klee (Life And Work Of)Connolly, Sean4702.62Paul Klee For ChildrenVry, Silke8405.55Paul RevereSullivan, George7404.34Paul RevereSutcliffe, Jane6603.53Paul RevereSakurai, Gail9705.63Paul Revere (Mara)Mara, Wil3501.81Paul Revere's RideNiz, Xavier5303.23BOOKAUTHORPatrol: An American Soldier InPrinted by: Mary EllisCopyright Scholastic Inc. All rights reserved.Page 11 of 81Printed on: 07/08/13v 1.14

Custom Quiz List (Page 12)MANAGEMENTLEXILE READINGLEVELPOINTSLongfellow, Henry WadsworthN/A5.12Paul Revere, Boston PatriotStevenson, Augusta5104.27Paul Revere: Midnight RiderDreyer, Ellen8604.62Paul RobesonGreenfield, Eloise8105.34Paul Robeson: A Voice.McKissack, Patricia and Fredrick5203.62Paul The PitcherSharp, Paul3101.81Paula AbdulZannos, Susan8404.83Paula BunyanRoot, Phyllis10608.52Paulie Pastrami Achieves WorldProimos, James3901.31Pavement Picasso (eReads)Azzara, Kristen71002Pavilion Of WomenBuck, Pearl S.8008.328Paving The Way (eReads)Scholastic82002Paw And OrderDale, Jenny6003.54Pawn Of ProphecyEddings, David9006.917PawnsRoberts, Willo Davis7705.911Paws And ClawsFarber, EricaBR1.51Paws Off, Cheddarface!Stilton, Geronimo4403.64Pay It ForwardHyde, Catherine Ryan6307.518Pay the PiperYolen, Jane7506.310payaso de la clase, ElHurwitz, Johanna6403.74Payback TimeDeuker, Carl7505.616Paying Taxes (2002)De Capua, Sarah8504.63Paying Taxes (2012)De Capua, Sarah8505.53país que yo perdí, ElHuynh, Quang Nhuong10606.87Países del mundoWilliams, Barbara8907.32países tienen banderas, LosSteele, PhilipN/A43Pea Patch Jig, TheHurd, Thacher5502.82PeaceShaw, Tucker11207.17Peace And BreadMcPherson, Stephanie Sammartino9205.55Peace And QuietLuciani, Brigitte2102.52Peace At LastMurphy, Jill3202.11Peace Begins With YouScholes, Katherine8405.23Peace Breaks OutKnowles, John9808.512Peace Corps - Making A.Donev, Mar

Pankration: The Ultimate Game Blacklock, Dyan 820 5.7 10 Pantheon, The DuTemple, Lesley A. 1030 7.4 6 Panther Glade Cavanagh, Helen 740 5.6 7 Panther In The Sky Thom, James Alexander 1070 9 57 Panther Mystery, The Warner, Gertrude Chandler 550 3.4 6 Panther: Shadow Of The Swamp London, Jonathan 340 3.1 1 Pants On Fire Cabot, Meg 850 5.5 16

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Volusia Blue Spring Basin Management Action Plan, June 2018 Page 11 of 88 Nitrogen Source Identification, Required Reductions, and Options to Achieve Reductions DEP adopted nutrient total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) for Volusia Blue Spring and Volusia Blue Spring Run in 2014. The TMDLs established a monthly average nitrate target of 0.35

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VOLUSIA COUNTY IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER Personnel Division Revised January 2007. Employee Handbook VOLUSIA COUNTY GOVERNMENT PERSONNEL DIVISION 230 North Woodland, Suite 262, DeLand, FL 32720 Phone Numbers: File Size: 456KB