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www.navneet.comwww.youvaworld.comAUGUST 2019HOT TOPICCSR Leadership AwardWith immense pride and gratefulness, we are happy to announce that we have recently received the OrganizationupdatesNewProduct LaunchEventsNavneetYounite 2019DomesticStationery andeSense product launchA run through of allthe exciting eventshappened under theNavneet umbrella

THE CHRONICLES NAVNEET AUGUST 201901CONTENTS02 Organization updatesNavneet Younite 2019030814Achievers for themonth of July 2019A run through of all theexciting events happenedunder the NavneetumbrellaThe New Firm041115Domestic Stationery andeSense product launchA walk down to all thecelebrations, celebrated atNavneetWinner Announcement &News contest0613Friendship day campaignMr.Hemant Shah(Unit Manager, NEL-Dantali)AchievementsNew Product launchDigital CampaignEventsCelebrationEmployee StoryManagement LessonContest

THE CHRONICLES NAVNEET AUGUST 2019ORGANIZATIONALUPDATENavneet Younite 2019The Navneet Younite event kicked off on 9th August, from 9.30 am and continued till 10th ofAugust, 6.30 pm at the Taj Lands’ End, Mumbai. The objective of the off-site was to buildprime business orientation, increase interaction amongst different sections of the Navneetgroup, build a sense of fellowship and bring about a commonness of purpose amongst all.Through this initiative the group looked at the past, present and future in a more open,constructive, participative and forward-looking manner.The off-site included a mix of senior management addresses, SBU intensive sessions,team-building games, motivational speakers, external expert guest speakers and so on.02

THE CHRONICLES NAVNEET AUGUST 201903ACHIEVEMENTSChampion of the month winner list-July 2019ProductivitySr.DivisionGroup All IndiaWinner WinnerStateName of SR1Gujarat1Jaimin Shah - VadodaraSBU32Gujarat1Ravi Ramnani - BardoliSBU33Gujarat1Hiren Rana - ValsadSBU34Gujarat2Nikhil Solanki - BhavnagarSBU35Gujarat2Vijay Raval - HimmatnagarSBU36Gujarat2Brijesh Nirmal - JamnagarSBU3 7HaryanaRinku Sharma - HisarSBU3 8MadhyaPradeshBhanu Pratap Pal - SagarSBU3 9MadhyaPradeshVijay Ware - UjjainSBU310PunjabSunny Kumar - LudhianaSBU311Rajasthan Yogendra Mahavar - Kota12Rajasthan Roshanlal Choubisa - Udaipur SBU313UttarPradesh1Rohit Singh - LucknowSBU314UttarPradesh1Sandeep Kumar Yadav GorakhpurSBU315DelhiAkhilesh Kumar KaushalSBU316AndhraPradeshDevadi Shankar VishakhapattanamSBU3 17BiharHrishikesh Singh - PatnaSBU3 18BiharAshish Chandra - PatnaSBU319Karnataka Chandan D C - BangaloreSBU320Karnataka Chandrashekhar S. - BangaloreSBU321Mah 1Sunil Dubey - MumbaiSBU322Mah 1Amit Mohale - MumbaiSBU323Mah 2Sandeep B. Yadav - KolhapurSBU324Mah 2Nilesh Thombre - SataraSBU325Mah 3Vilas Kumbhare - NagpurSBU326Mah 3Rajesh Taravate - PuneSBU327Mah 4Amardeep Sonawane - Malegaon SBU3 28Mah 5Sangameshwar Bardale - LaturSBU3 29Mah 5Gangaram Khemade - BeedSBU330OrissaUtkal Sahoo - AnugulSBU3SBU3Range SellingSales ValueAll IndiaAll IndiaAll IndiaGroup All IndiaGroup All IndiaQtrQtrQtrWinner WinnerWinner WinnerWinnerWinnerWinner

THE CHRONICLES NAVNEET AUGUST 2019NEW PRODUCTLAUNCHDomestic StationeryFriendship seriesEvery year, world over, the first Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship Day. On this day,people celebrate the bond which brings all kinds of people together. To celebrate this very specialday, Youva from Navneet Education Limited has launched a series of 12 long books called the“FRIENDSHIP DAY SPECIAL EDITION LONG BOOKS”. This elegant series of long books has beendesigned with each book cover being dedicated to the bond between people and animals. Animalsare the most loyal companions anyone can ever have. Their presence is comforting and their loveis unconditional. It is a kind of friendship that wonderfully transcends all barriers of judgement,language and benefits. Pets are playful beings; spending quality time with them is known to betruly therapeutic.04

THE CHRONICLES NAVNEET AUGUST 201905eSenseE-Sense: MHT-CET Generate PaperAt eSense, we are happy to launch the new product in the Month of August 2019 under theMHT-CET product list which is Generate Paper for MHT-CET. By use of this product, theschools/classes and students can benefit to improve their practice on papers of MHT-CET. TheeSense team is creating awareness among the schools, classes and students about this productby giving them a live experience of the product at their venue. The product is receiving a goodresponse and has managed to bag orders from various institutions.Unique Features1. Technology2. Administration» Mobile App and Web portal» Professor Controlled» Online and Offline Exam» Feel of actual exam» Extremely user-friendly» 360-degree Analytics3. Content» MHT-CET relevantquestions only» 25,000 question bank(No repetitions)» Entire MHT-CET syllabuscovered

THE CHRONICLES NAVNEET AUGUST 2019DIGITALCAMPAIGNFriendship Day Videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v mYVie6MNrlwTo celebrate Friendship Day, Youva created a video which gives a little throwback to the schooldays for everyone. From passing chits in the class to celebrating birthdays- this video hascaptured the essence & innocence of students & their friendships.06

THE CHRONICLES NAVNEET AUGUST 2019Navneet Digest Campaign07

THE CHRONICLES NAVNEET AUGUST 201908EVENTSMasterstroke 2019Youva Masterstroke witnessed a participation of 1455 students across 3 schools as till date.The schools which participated in the Masterstroke competition are:SCHOOL NAMESCHOOL NAMESCHOOL NAMEShri Vittal MadyamikVidyalaya & Jr.CollegeBhikobanagar, Tal-BaramatiShri VittalPrathmik VidyamandirShri VittalEnglish Medium School» No of students participated: 861» No of studentsparticipated: 293» No of studentsparticipated: 301» Group B: 293, C-568» Group: A-208, B-85» Group: A-264, B-37» Name of drawing teacher:Mr.Shingare R.G» Name of drawingteacher: Mrs.Shinde A.K» Name of drawing teacher:Mrs.Shinde R.M

THE CHRONICLES NAVNEET AUGUST 2019Independence Day at Silvassa and Khaniwade plantOn the 15th of August, employees from the Silvassa and Khaniwade plants CelebratedIndependence Day in an unique manner. Employees dressed in tri-colour clothes followed by acelebration and flag hoisting in each of the plants.09

THE CHRONICLES NAVNEET AUGUST 2019Jeev Daya conducted at the Dantali plantAt the Dantali plant Jeev-daya is held regularly where the animals and birds are fed andalso taken care of.10

THE CHRONICLES NAVNEET AUGUST 2019CELEBRATIONNag Panchami at the Dantali plantEvery year on Nag-Panchami, pooja, aarti and darshan is conducted at the Shree Bhathiji Maharaj& Goga Maharaj Temple which is inside the NEL Dantali Campus. Surrounding the Dantalicampus around 10 village devotees attend the darshan followed by a toy & food stall mela.11

THE CHRONICLES NAVNEET AUGUST 2019Rakshabandhan celebrationKeeping the tradition on going Brahma Kumari Hemnaben & Kailasben from Brahma KumariCenter, Khoraj came to celebrate Pre - Rakhshabandhan.12

THE CHRONICLES NAVNEET AUGUST 2019EMPLOYEESTORYMr.Hemant Shah (Unit Manager,N.E.L.-Dantali)I was responsible for managing all theend-to-end solutions for Book Production i.e.production & planning, pre-press, paperdivision, sheet off-set, WEB off-set, binding,packing & dispatch, logistics and also thegeneral administration.I have been in constant co-ordination withI started my career with Navneet in 1982 atGomtipur, Ahmedabad. I began the journeywith Production division as a Supervisor,headed by Shri Navinbhai Shah. I HemantShah, Diploma in Printing Technology byworkers, supervisor, staff and the managementfor production appraisal. In 2005, a successfulImplementation of SAP was held forproduction & planning in the Dantali Plant. Itook the opportunity to explore new sets ofeducation, completed my studies in the yearlearning and develop new system.1978.I retired on 31st May 2018 and in June, 2018 II have been in good relations with vendors forreceived an opportunity to continue as a Unitall the printing work concerns across theNavneet groups.I have also worked with Mr. Ashok Pansare forgoing through the paper division andpublication division.In 1992 I was appointed as ProductionManager at the Dantali Plant. The journeywouldn’t have been smoother and significantwithout the guidance and support from ShriShantibhai Gala & Shri Navinbhai Shah. I valuetheir vision of cultivating team building cultureacross the organization. After five years in1996, I was promoted by Shri Navinbhai Shahas a Unit Manager at Dantali Plant.Manager from Shri Anilbhai Gala & ShriRajubhai Gala. My 37 yrs at Navneet Grouphas been absolutely blissful and an eventfuljourney. The successful journey of mine waspossible only because the management, teamand colleagues believed and trusted in me.I express my special thanks to everyone. Ibelieve, there couldn’t be a better start to mycareer at such an early stage and will alwaysremain thankful to the Gala Family, my teamand all my co-employees. I have gainedknowledge from everyone at Navneet whichhas enhanced my skill and helped me do betterat my work.13

THE CHRONICLES NAVNEET AUGUST 2019MANAGEMENTLESSONLet us honestly and transparently reflect what we are doing.Else, we may end up in the following situation.THE NEW FIRMA young businessman had just started hisown firm. He rented a beautiful office andhad it furnished with antiques. Sitting there,he saw a man come into the outer office.Wishing to appear the hot shot, thebusinessman picked up the phone andstarted to pretend he had a big dealworking. He threw huge figures around andmade giant commitments.Finally he hung up and asked the visitor,“Can I help you?” The man said, “Yeah, I’vecome to activate your phone lines.”14

THE CHRONICLES NAVNEET AUGUST 201915TIME FOR SOME FUNALERTNSANSWER THESE QUESTIO21When didChandaryaan-2launch?What was themoral of themanagementlesson of theJune-July 2019Newsletter?her fun contestGet ready to be a part of anotonand do share your [email protected] are:The winners of the June & July conteAmrutaParabSanjayPanchal

E-Sense: MHT-CET Generate Paper At eSense, we are happy to launch the new product in the Month of August 2019 under the MHT-CET product list which is Generate Paper for MHT-CET. By use of this product, the schools/classes and students can benefit to improve their practic

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1. A brief outline of the Company's CSR policy The Company's corporate social responsibility ("CSR") Policy obligates the Company to undertake specific CSR projects and programs, as approved from time to time by the Company's CSR committee, in accordance with the CSR Policy's pre-established categories. To

leadership and CSR, the limitation of transformational leadership instead of ethical leadership to forecast CSR is recognizable because ethical leadership more openly evaluates the ethical assets of leaders rather than transform

Simulator 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is a . to another location and different cars Dec 02, 2020 · Csr racing 2 2. hello excuse me could update CSR2 to version 2.10.0 thanks . I really like your page? -1. Jump to Download CSR Racing 2 Mod Apk — CSR Racing 2 MOD APK Version History. CSR Racing 2 v1.19

The Annual Report of the Company include a section on CSR outlining the CSR Policy, CSR committee, CSR initiatives undertaken by Company, the CSR spend during the financial year and other information as required by the prevailing law. Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Date:24.04.2014

o The Board of the Company shall constitute a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee o The Board shall approve the CSR Policy of the Company recommended by the CSR Committee o The Board shall ensure that the administrative overheads shall not exceed five percent of total CSR expenditure of the Company for the financial year.

CSR –ISO 26000 CSR is a concept,while ISO26000 is a guidance for implementation of CSR/SR CSR is seen different depending on type and size of the organization ISO 26000 with industry specific guidance –effective implementation

Does corporate social responsibility (CSR) create shareholder value? Exogenous shock-based evidence from the Indian Companies Act 2013 1. INTRODUCTION Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is now mandatory in India. According to the Clause 135 of the Companies Act (mandatory CSR rule, hereafter), passed by the Indian

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) di Indonesia Waryanto, (2010) Sama-sama membahas mengenai hubungan CSR dan GCG. -Judul ini hanya mengungkapkan mengenai laporan tahunan CSR perusahaan-perusahaan di Indonesia sedangkan skripsi penulis membahas program CSR dan laporan keuangan yang dilaksanakan satu

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a very common term in the corporate and social sectors these days. CSR has become so important that many organizations have re-branded their core values to include social responsibility. CSR is broadly grounded in an understanding of business being part of society.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR), or the responsibility corporations have for their impact on society and the environment, has become commonplace in business. Virtually every Fortune 1000 company has some type of CSR initiative and policy, and smaller companies are becoming increasingly active in CSR. CSR

robust governance structure to oversee the implementation of the CSR Policy, in compliance with the requirements of Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013. Board-level CSR Committee – The Board level Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSR Committee) of the Company shall be responsible for monitoring the CSR Policy from time to time.

Apparel Group CSR Annual Report 2015 1 About This Report Welcome to the Apparel Group CSR Annual Report 2015.This report is an update on our CSR performance for the year 2015. The various initiatives undertaken give an insight into our strategy and direction as we move forward.

stakeholder and social dimension of CSR (Dahlsrud, 2008). Therefore it is necessary to involve the stakeholder theory to the CSR practice. First alternative models and theories of CSR interconnecting CSR, Corporate Social Performance, stakeholder management and s

detachment (CSR/RPED) resulting in visual field defect. CSR/RPED was reported in 25% of patients treated with BALVERSA, with a median time to first onset of 50 days. Grade 3 CSR/RPED, involving central field of vision, was reported in 3% of patients. CSR/RPED resolved in 13% of patient

translate CSR into practice and to identify some of the factors that affect the implementation process. However, before going into an analysis of how companies make the abstract term of CSR operable, the article will briefly introduce the stakeholder approach to CSR and presen

This is evident in the Bank’s balanced scorecard approach to management, which integrates CSR elements into strategic planning and performance evaluation processes. Scotiabank’s CSR report complements the Bank’s Annual Report and is a high-level summary of the Bank’s CSR strategy and priorities. Scotiabank’s CSR website,

The CSR Steering Committee uses our CSR scorecard as a tool to manage, review and validate our progress in each of eight key areas we have defined for CSR activities. The table below shows some of the values behind Nissan’s present activities in these areas and the indices used in the scorecard to gauge our performance.

In May 2015, CSR and Boral formed a joint venture, Boral CSR Bricks Pty Ltd, which combined their brick operations along the east coast of Australia. This partnership brought together the best of Boral and CSR’s brick offering under the one brand of PGH Bricks & Pavers . In November 2016, CSR acquired Boral’s interest in the joint venture.

Corporate Social Responsibility 14 CSR Policy CSR Policy CSR Policy of the company shall include the following: List of projects or programs which the company plans to undertake as per Schedule VII of the Co. Act Specifying modalities of execution of such project or program Implementation schedules for the same

Approve CSR policy, causes that the company proposes to support, programs to be undertaken by the company, modalities of operation and the budget for the activities. Ensure that the activities included in CSR Policy of the company are undertaken by the company, although primary responsibility lies with the CSR task force.